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7 Best nursing shoes for flat feet

Nursing is a very noble profession, but nurses are the most unappreciated people in the medical profession. You spend long hours on your feet and expose yourself to harmful and hazardous materials. As a nurse with flat feet, you need to wear the best nursing shoes for flat feet that support your feet correctly so that you don’t end up with severe pains from your shoes.

No matter which department a nurse is stationed in, your job can be frustrating, messy, and a strain on your physical body in many different ways. All these things can leave you mentally exhausted with lots of discomforts, especially in your neck, shoulders, and back. To protect yourself, you need to invest in items that will relieve you of the strain, and a good pair of shoes will keep you comfortable and safe. It’s difficult to find the right kind of shoe if you have standard feet, but it can be extra difficult if you have flat feet.

What are flat feet?

Most people relate flat feet with a debilitating condition, while others have many misconceptions about what having flat feet entails. Flat feet is just another word for fallen arches. You can easily recognize this foot deformity in your footprint. You can wet your feet and step on a dry surface if you can see most of your inner soul, you have flat feet. In some extreme cases, the inner part of your sole might even bulge outward. Being flat-footed is a result of having collapsed foot arches which are formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones. This can cause problems in your leg joints because the arch of your foot helps to distribute the weight and force.

There are many reasons why you can be flat-footed. These include genetics where the arch doesn’t develop during your childhood, prolonged stress on your feet, injuries, obesity, illness, aging, or even pregnancy.

There is also another misconception that children born with flat feet should be treated before the condition becomes permanent. While in fact, these children usually develop normal feet naturally as they become adults. If you know your child has flat feet, you should take them to be tested, but don’t treat it like the end of the world. Adults and even children with flat feet can get treated through proper exercise, footwear, and orthotics. In extreme cases, surgery can be used as a last result.

Review: Comparison table for nurses with flat feet

Shoe brandFitBest featureAmazon link
Nurse mate’s women’s dove slip-on loafersWomenComfortable fit with an easy slip-on designAmazon
Dansko professional clogBoth men and womenExcellent arch support and rocker bottomAmazon
Skechers sport women’s slip-on sneakerWomenLaceless sneakers with superior traction and stability on the ground Amazon
Alegria women’s Debra slip-onsWomenSupportive footbed that conforms to the shape of your feetAmazon
Timberland pro women’s Renova pewter clogWomenRocker design for arch supportAmazon
Birkenstock unisex Tokyo super grip slip-resistant work shoeBoth men and womenCork sole for great shock absorption and arch supportAmazon
Crocs unisex bistro clogBoth men and womenSlip-resistant and ease of wear and cleanAmazon

Best nursing shoes for flat feet

Nurse mate’s women’s dove slip-on loafers

slip-on loafers

Nurse mate’s dove is a classic nursing shoe with a simple design that makes a great choice if you have a strict uniform code and is very popular with nurses because of its comfort. This slip-on is made of leather, and you can easily put it on and take it off, and it provides a comfortable snugly fit that has no hard edges or laces.

These shoes are specifically designed for nurses to offer their feet all-around comfort. They’re incredibly lightweight, so you barely feel them on your feet and very supportive. This stain-free shoe has a soft construction on the inside, and the padded collar increases this comfort. To keep your feet stable on all surfaces, this shoe has steel shanks and a rubber sole that is slip-resistant to make sure that you’re safe walking on any surface. The sole also has rubber inserts.

The shape of the shoe and a quality insole offers great arch support, and a heel that is just right for flat-footed nurses as a completely flat shoe will be very uncomfortable. You can easily clean the leather and convenient to wear when at work. It has a stylish look for a nurse who wants to still be fashionable even at work.


A very stylish and comfortable shoe that is lightweight and very easy to slip on and take off without any fuse. Specifically designed to provide your feet with maximum comfort during your long-hour shifts with its padding and cushioning, which helps to prevent joint pains. It has excellent arch support, especially the best shoes for nurses with flat feet with a heel and a steel shank that will help reduce foot fatigue. The rubber slip-resistant sole will protect you from slippery and wet surfaces and keep you stable.


  • The leather protects your feet from falling objects or spillages
  • Very comfortable and light on your feet
  • Very easy to clean
  • Excellent support during long hour shifts
  • Ample space in the toe box to keep your toes from feeling crushed
  • You can easily slip them on and off without the hassle of laces


  • Can be a bit narrow for people with wide feet
  • Problems with durability


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Dansko professional clog

Dansko professional clog is also the best shoes for nurses that many nurses wear despite its slightly high price. It’s one of the most durable nursing shoes available in the market. It’s made of a long-lasting upper leather with a very large toe box for wiggling your toes. This ensures that there is proper blood circulation in your body after standing or walking for several hours.

This clog has excellent arch support, and they’re one of the best nursing shoes for flat feet or people with similar conditions. You also get greater stability because of the wide heel, and the rocker bottom provides better comfort when walking while at the same time absorbing shock. The removable memory foam footbed offers great cushioning and even more arch support. The insole is made of a material that can absorb moisture, so you don’t have to worry about wearing stinky shoes the whole day.


Popular nursing shoes that are very comfortable to wear during your long shifts and made with durable material. This makes this clog an excellent addition to your working shoes as they will last longer than most shoes. The large toe box will keep your toes happy while the excellent arch support will ensure that nurses with flat feet get through their shift with no pains. Although they’re a bit heavy and stiff for some people, it’s advisable to get the right fit as it can be difficult to break them in.


  • Perfect shoes for long-hour shifts
  • Very comfortable to wear the whole day
  • Made with very durable materials
  • Excellent arch support and cushioning
  • Offers great slip resistance


  • Prone to ankle rolling
  • A bit stiff in the beginning
  • The size conversions may be inconsistent.


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Skechers sport women’s slip-on sneaker

slip-on sneaker

You can easily slip into this sneaker without the hassle of tying laces. It’s made with durable leather and an athletic cushion for extra softness and comfort and great ventilation, so your feet don’t sweat. The strong, durable rubber sole provides decent support, and the supportive air cushion in the heel is also an added benefit to your feet. The rubber sole gives you excellent stability and good traction when walking on any surface, and the slip-resistant feature makes sure you’re safe.

The fact that this sneaker is lightweight helps you to use minimal effort when walking or to run so that at the end of your long workday, you don’t feel tired. The breathable lining keeps air circulating to keep your feet dry and cool all day so that there is a chance of sweating or odor. The padded collar and tongue cradle your foot to increase comfort and keep your foot securely in place at all times. The EVA midsole helps to absorb shock, and the air-cushioned heel helps to reduce foot pain.

Although this sneaker is comfortable to wear, there is a break-in period where it can be very uncomfortable. You’ll have to wear it several times to break it in. Even after the leather softens, the collar can still be tight around your ankles, which isn’t an issue if you like a snug fit. Make sure you order a size up your regular sneaker size as this shoe has a narrow fitting.


A very comfortable and durable leather sneaker with extra cushioning for extra comfort and softness. Your feet don’t sweat or have any odor thanks to the great ventilation, while the rubber sole provides good traction and support with a very supportive heel. You can easily slip them on and off and walk on any surface without the fear of slipping and falling. These sneakers can be quite rigid and restrictive around your ankles at the beginning, which can lead to poor circulation. But this isn’t a huge hindrance.


  • Very comfortable and light
  • Easy to slip on and off your feet
  • Great arch support
  • The cushioned insole gives your heel support
  • Great ventilation


  • Small and narrow toe box for narrow feet
  • A bit rigid and stiff at the collar and tongue


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Alegria women’s Debra slip-on

Debra slip-ons

Slip-on shoes are very popular among nurses because there is no need to tie and re-tie your shoelaces every time you need to wear and remove your shoes. Alegria shoes are designed in a way that it has a low top slip-on and an elastic goring stretch on the upper part to allow your feet to slip in and out easily. It’s made with stain-resistant leather on the upper part that protects your feet on the top and sides from your toes to your ankles.

The removable memory foam insole and supportive footbed made of soft polyurethane material cradle your feet to provide comfortable support during the long hours you’re on your feet. The supportive footbed conforms to the shape of your feet to provide maximum comfort as you walk. The lightweight rocker bottom has a nice heel that will ease your movement forward, which will reduce the energy you spend and foot fatigue. The removable outsole has a slip-resistant material and sole grip to help you walk on any surface, increasing your stability and protection.

Although it doesn’t offer much arch support, it’s not very important if you’re flat-footed. For more cushioning, you can get a customized orthotic insole. These shoes have a very roomy toe box, and the synthetic sole, heel, and platform work together to help absorb shock when your feet hit a hard surface.


Comfortable and supportive slip-on that is very convenient to wear, especially if you work in the theater or in a station where you need to protect your feet from slippery floors or falling objects. It’s a great shoe that offers comfort and the right cushioning for nurses with flat feet with support and easy mobility and stability while on your feet.


  • Great shoes for people with foot problems
  • You can wear them all day without having foot pains
  • Has very nice colors and print patterns
  • Very well constructed


  • The print design wears off quickly
  • The shoe doesn’t breathe well.


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Timberland pro women’s Renova pewter clog

Renova pewter clog

This pair of Timberland clogs has amazing stability and support because of its rocker design that provides great arch support for people with flat feet and other foot conditions. The shoe has plenty of space for your feet to move around comfortably, which is good for people with wide feet, and the toe box gives your toes enough room to wiggle around without feeling crushed. It has a slip-resistant outsole that provides great traction on wet or slippery surfaces.

The supportive insole is designed with a unique material that helps reduce fatigue, and the inverted cones have incredible shock-absorbing qualities. This will keep your feet safe and protected from spills, harmful liquids, and falling objects when on your feet for long hours. However, they’re quite rigid, which can make it difficult when breaking them in, and it’s also a good idea to get the right fit to avoid having issues when wearing them.


A good pair of shoes that will provide you with fantastic support, comfort, and stability when you’re on your feet for several hours. Your feet will remain happy throughout your shifts as there is enough room for your toes to wiggle and for people with wide feet. Its arch support makes this an ideal pair of a shoe if you have flat feet and those with other conditions that cause a lowered arch. Although they can be difficult at first to break in, they’re durable shoes to wear if you don’t abuse them.


  • They help reduce foot fatigue after working for more than 12 hours
  • Great arch support and anti-slip bottoms
  • Plenty of room for your toes to wiggle
  • Great cushioning and supportive
  • Good quality shoes


  • A bit heavy
  • Slightly stiff leather
  • Difficult to break-in


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Birkenstock unisex Tokyo super grip slip-resistant work shoe

slip-resistant work shoe

This Birkenstock shoe has a very slim sandal-like look with a cork sole that is very good at absorbing shock and providing arch support. It’s a very comfortable and supportive shoe that requires a few days to break in. But once you’ve worn the shoe for a few days with time, it will conform itself to the shape of your foot to become a very comfortable shoe that you can wear for 12 hours without any complaints.

This shoe has a 0.75-inch heel and a contoured cork footbed that will fit your feet perfectly. The rubber outsole has an excellent grip on any floor type and great traction to protect you and keep you safe. The upper part of the shoe is made with genuine and durable leather, which encloses your foot and toes, protecting them from falling objects or spills. You can easily wipe off any spillage and maintain the leather.

The adjustable strap at the back of your foot prevents your foot from moving around makes sure it’s securely in the shoe to prevent your foot from slipping out as you walk.


Very comfortable and supportive shoe to provide excellent arch support for people with flat feet. There is ample space for your feet and toes, and the cork footbed is great in absorbing shock while at the same time providing cushioning for your feet. The heel and the outsole have great traction and grip to prevent you from falling while walking on a wet or slippery floor. You can wear this shoe not only to your workplace but also during the summer of festivities.


  • You can adjust the straps for maximum comfort
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Great for people with plantar fasciitis
  • Very easy to clean
  • Made with high-quality, durable leather


  • It takes time to break it in
  • The shoe is quite expensive.


View price on Amazon


Crocs unisex bistro clog

unise clog

Crocs are quality shoes that are specifically designed to be worn by different working professionals who include chefs, nurses, and other professions. This is an ideal shoe for people with flat feet whose work entails standing for long hours. The shoe is made with crocs lock technology and a synthetic sole with slip resistance and to increase traction.

Nurses love this shoe because it’s not expensive and it’s easy to clean. It’s not too tight, so your feet have room to breathe, and the massaging nubs in the insole provide great comfort during the long hours you will wear them. The Croslite material allows it to fit as it takes to shape your feet, which is great if you have flat feet or wide feet. You can easily clean the shoes with soap and water, and if they get stains, you can soak them without worrying about damaging them.

Crocs are known to provide comfort, and the contoured footbed helps to reduce foot fatigue, and the heel strap at the back of the shoe keeps the shoe securely on your feet. The synthetic slip-resistant sole keeps you from sliding on wet and slippery surfaces while the 1-inch platform helps to absorb shock as you walk on hard floors. However, these crocs provide very little ankle support, so if you have weak ankles, these shoes aren’t for you.


Very popular and budget-friendly unisex shoes that nurses with flat feet can comfortably wear to work without experiencing foot pain. They have a wide fitting for people with wide feet, and the insole has massaging nubs that keep your feet comfortable throughout your shift. They provide great traction and slip resistance, which keeps you from slipping while the contoured footbed prevents you from feeling tired.


  • The non-slip sole is very effective
  • Don’t require any break-in time
  • Incredibly comfy and durable
  • Very easy to clean


  • Don’t provide the best arch support
  • Tend to stretch in size


View price on Amazon


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Point to consider when shopping for the best nursing shoes for flat feet

Selecting the right shoes for your 12-16 hour shifts can be a daunting task, but not impossible. You just need to know what to look for in shoes to narrow down your list of possibilities. However, if you’re flat-footed, selecting the right shoes can be a bit different than usual. You should look for specific features that will benefit your condition.

Correct shoe size

It can be stressful walking in shoes that don’t fit you well. A good nursing shoe shouldn’t be too tight or too loose and not too stiff in the toes and heel as this can cause painful blisters, bunions, or even serious injuries. This can cause being on your feet for long hours a painful experience.

If you’re a nurse with flat feet, you should get your feet professionally measured either at a shoe store or by a podiatrist before buying a pair of shoes. You may be tempted to shop online because of the wide selection and better prices, but make sure the nursing shoes you buy have a good return policy in case you need to return them if they don’t fit you.


Comfort is one of the most important points if you’re going to be on your feet for more than 12 hours every day. A good nursing shoe should offer you comfort with enough cushioning, all-around support, and flexibility that allows your feet free movement and room to breathe—select shoes with soft insole and footbed.

Excellent arch support

Proper arch support is necessary since flat feet tend to roll or lean inwards, and the only way to prevent this from happening is by selecting shoes with straight insteps, which will give you better footing and more stability. This means your shoe should have a stable and firm midsection and should have a curved shape that prevents the foot from rolling inwards, pushing the arch of your foot upward.

The shoes should also have good heels that can absorb shock, soft but firm insoles that have enough support, and a shoe with a proper shape. With all these features, you should have enough support and stability. Also, look for shoes with extra support or motion control, which means the shoes should support a low arch.

Good shock absorption

The natural arch of your foot can naturally absorb shock when you walk on hard floors. However, when you’re flat-footed, this natural shock absorption is missing, so you need to find shoes that will provide excellent shock absorption just like the real thing.


This is given that your shoes should be durable if you’re going to be wearing them for sometimes more than 10 hours several times a week during your shifts. They should be made with high-quality materials and properly constructed to keep them in proper conditions hour after hour, day after day. This point may be the most crucial because if your shoes aren’t durable, it doesn’t matter whether they have good arch support or excellent comfort; if the shoes wear out too quickly, it’s all for nothing.

If you compromise on the quality of your shoes and opt for cheaper ones, your feet will suffer, which will affect your productivity and ability to perform at work. Nursing shoes made of leather or synthetic material are durable and long-lasting, which will stand the wear and tear that comes with your job.


The best nursing shoes for flat feet must have safety measures like rubber or synthetic outsoles that will offer the right support and safety while you’re running around rooms and corridors with tiled floors that may be wet or slippery. The shoes should be slip-resistant or have a walking grip.

The shoes should also enclose your feet, not like sandals or other shoes that have an exposed heel. This will protect your feet from falling objects or hazardous fluids from spilling on your feet. Make sure that the shoes you select to wear to work are slip-free and fit you properly to make it easier for you to walk. Buy shoes that are lightweight to reduce the pressure on your feet and ankles and to enable you to take steps with ease.

Final thoughts

When selecting the best shoes for nurses, you should go for shoes that have excellent shock absorption and cushioned insoles. They should also have safety features like being non-slip and slip-on qualities. The other factor is a comfort since you’ll be spending most of your time on your feet. The best nursing shoes for flat feet are Nurse mate’s women’s dove. This shoe is specially designed for nurses to provide you with comfort, even those with flat feet. This is a great shoe that is moderately priced that your feet will love wearing.

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