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All about good and inexpensive nursing shoes for full-time nurses

Being a nurse is not an easy job. A nurse needs to be on their feet throughout the day with hardly any relaxing breaks in between. With walking, running, and standing for most of their shifts, their legs and feet are the ones that take most of the stress and strain. Therefore, a nurse must choose their nursing shoes carefully. A good shoe can make a nurse’s life much better as their feet will be well guarded, well-cushioned, and well supported. Everything you need to know about the best inexpensive nursing shoes and how to find the best among all of them is discussed below.

Nursing shoes

Usually, nursing shoes have the qualities that make them non-slipping and also provide excellent comfort levels. Comfort becomes a necessity when nursing shoes are considered as nurses need to spend hours working in those shoes. Along with being comfortable, these shoes must also have excellent traction quality.

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A good pair of nursing shoes should be able to provide support to the feet and also should be safe to avoid falling and slipping. When the nurses are busy attending to various patients in a hospital environment, there can be chances of encountering slippery floors. Thus these shoes should be able to avoid any accident. A nurse’s job is not an easy one; they are continually running around to attend to patients and also help the doctors. This all-day job adds a lot of stress on their back and feet. A comfortable pair of nursing shoes will also help in reducing this pressure and stress on their back and feet. With a more relaxed body, they will be able to do their job more effectively.

Because of this stressful job that goes on without a break, proper nursing shoes become the need for that time. A correct pair of these shoes will help the nurses in doing their job more comfortably without causing any damage to their feet and back and also safeguarding them from any accidents.

Features of a good and inexpensive nursing shoe

Choosing a good pair of nursing shoes is essential to be comfortable during job hours. Thus, the following list of features can come in handy when selecting nursing shoes that will be able to serve the true purpose of the shoes, which is comfort and safety.

Proper traction

While working in a busy hospital environment and running around to meet patients, there is a high possibility that the nurses may face slippery or wet floors. Thus, to avoid getting hurt and hurting other people, it is necessary to have shoes that have soles that will help in avoiding such situations with excellent traction quality.


It is essential to check the material that the shoes are made of as they will be worn every day, so they need to be durable and comfortable. The best combination of nursing shoes is rubber soles and a leather body. The rubber sole provides excellent traction, and the leather body will make the shoe durable and is better than any other synthetic material.


Usually, the nurses use these shoes for an approximate 12-hour shift; thus, during this time, they do a lot of running and walking. To withstand this every day, the shoes worn by the nurses need to be durable. The best way to check the durability of the shoes is by reading reviews and checking the material. Buy a pair that has good reviews given by other nurses, and leather is usually a good choice.

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Nurses continuously work with liquid substances. It can be any fluids or blood, and if there is anything of a liquid substance, there are chances of sloshing around. Because of this, it is always better to buy shoes that are waterproof over, carrying an extra pair of shoes. The material of the shoes should be able to repel water and other bodily fluids.


When it comes to ventilation, it is always better to go for leather over any other human-made material. Any other material may provide ventilation but can fail in repelling liquid substances. Thus the safest option is leather as it is breathable, water repellent, and also comfortable for the feet.

Comfort level

A 12-hour shift calls for a lot of leg movement that can, at a certain point, start hurting the feet. The only solution to such a situation to avoid a lot of stress on the feet is comfortable shoes. While searching for comfortable shoes, the nurses can either look for cushioned insoles and proper support to the arch or can choose shoes that have removable insoles to get them customized according to the feet.


There are effectively two types of nursing shoes: slip-on and tennis shoes. The slip-on is also known as clogs. The best thing about clogs is there is no hassle of tying laces. It is easy to pop the feet in, and there are no accidents caused because of untied laces.

On the other hand, sneakers allow proper fitting of the shoes that take the shape of the feet and feels light on the feet. Now the decision rests on the person buying it. They can buy the style that suits them.


The price of the shoes does matter, and as the price range increases, there are better and better options, but there doesn’t need to be any good pairs of nursing shoes at cheaper rates. The buyer can buy according to their budget or can also look out for discounts and sales.

Easy to maintain

If shoes are worn for most of the day, then they will endure a lot. They can get dirty, and that may raise a need to clean them off. Rubber shoes are effortless to clean and are also liquid repellent. A liquid-repellent shoe can also prove to be easy to clean off.


It is always better to buy shoes that are light in weight as the nurses would not want any extra weight causing any hindrance while they help a patient and the doctors around. When it comes to lightweight shoes, sneakers are better than slip-on.

Color choices

The nursing shoes can come in various colors. The buyer can choose according to their needs and rules that they need to follow. If the workplace is strict, then go for white nursing shoes, and if they are lenient, then you can buy any other colors preferred by them. One thing to keep in mind is that nursing shoes should match the rest of the nursing scrubs.

Advantages of nursing shoes

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A nursing shoe is a must-have for all nurses around the globe, not only because they have a stressful job or are standing and walking around the whole day, but also because they need to provide proper support to their feet. Buying any shoe or footwear is not allowed in most of the healthcare centers and is against their regulations. Also, wearing any type of footwear can cause health issues like back pain, knee discomfort, waist discomfort, spinal problems, etc. Some of the advantages of nursing shoes and why they should be bought are given below:

  • Good look: The best deal with a nursing shoe is that it complements the nursing uniform perfectly, and it does not look unattractive. These shoes are designed in a way to be comfortable and to look good in a more professional way altogether.
  • Durable: One of the best things about professional nursing shoes is that they are made of durable material. These materials are specially designed and technologically created to give the proper comfort as well as to increase the life of the shoe so that a nurse will not have to buy them too often.
  • Health benefit: Nurses have a difficult job in which they need to stand for most of the day, and they hardly get much free time to relax. Therefore, it is essential to have proper shoes that can alleviate any type of pain in the legs or feet.
  • Support and anti-slip: Nursing shoes are well-designed footwear that can be worn to avoid slipping on slippery surfaces. Also, these shoes have proper cushioning, which keeps the feet comfortable and give proper support to the spine and back.
  • Work for a longer time: Upon wearing these shoes, a nurse can work for longer shifts, which becomes inevitable in this profession. Standing or walking for too long in a day can lead to fatigue and a great shoe can help with that.

Choosing nursing shoes

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Nurses need to take care of their feet because, throughout the day, their feet undergo a lot of stress and pressure. As there are many options to choose from, buyers should pay attention to the features and regulations while buying. Some of the above tips that can help the nurses buy their perfect pair of shoes are listed below:

Employer regulations

Before buying any type of nursing shoes, it is vital to make sure that the regulations and rules are clear. Almost every hospital or medical institute might have some rules regarding the type of nursing shoes that are allowed to be worn by the nurses. The standards might include coverage, protection, color, style, and design, etc. Find and review the rules and then buy shoes to avoid any kind of complications in the later stages.

Choose light shoes

Walking and running throughout the day can already be very stressful on the feet for the nurses, and on top of that, if the shoes are of heavier quality, then they can tire the feet completely. Lifting the foot during walking means the weight of the shoe or the clog is weighing the foot down. Choosing lighter shoes made up of technologically advanced lightweight materials can reduce this problem significantly. However, make sure the quality of the material is high to get stronger shoes, which can have a longer life and durability.

Clogs or shoes

While buying nursing shoes, the buyer may find two major options to choose from clogs and shoes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages to consider. However, it is seen that the clogs are much more reliable as they provide the appropriate amount of support to the feet and back. As the nurses tend to walk around throughout the day, clogs can reduce the pressure and tension from the feet, which in turn helps reducing knee and back pain. Shoes need to be tied up, and this can cause other suffocation to the feet, which can become uncomfortable while working longer hours.

Right fit

It is something that everyone knows about while buying a shoe. The proper fit is the most needed aspect. Uncomfortable and tight shoes can bite into the feet and can cause discomfort throughout the day, and bigger and loose shoes can make running and walk almost impossible. Choose a shoe that has the right size and is snug yet spacious at the contours of the feet. Other than the right size, at times, the right design and shape of the shoe matter too. Choose shoes that the feet can be comfortable inside.

Shock absorbent

These days, all types of shoes are created with some shock-absorbing kind of technology. While walking or running in nursing shoes, the shoe can fall on harder surfaces with much stronger force. This can cause a shock that can travel up the back and waist, and this can lead to back pain and knee pain. While buying nursing shoes, choose those who have shock-absorbing power in them, which can support and protect the spine from unwanted shocks. Make sure that the shoes have proper cushioning in the soles. The most common ones to look out for are the air-cushioned nursing shoes.

Good soles

Its sole defines a good shoe. While choosing the right shoe, some may focus on the fit, the size, and the style. But they tend to forget about the sole, which will be bearing the majority of the wear and tear and will support the feet. Two things that a good nursing shoe sole should have is electricity resistance and anti-slippery features. A good shoe or clog should not slip while walking on any type of floor or surface. Also, make sure that the soles are anti-static. This means that in case of any type of electrical hazard, the nursing shoes will provide resistance to the person wearing them.


The medical environment can involve any type of hazards, including chemical and physical. There are sharp objects which can cause injury to the foot of the nurses. In such cases, shoes need to have enough guarding, which can protect their feet. Choose shoes with toes caps that are made up of stronger materials like aluminum or steel. These toe caps can protect the toes and can avoid injury. However, make it a point to choose the shoe where the capping is light or else it can increase the weight of the shoes, making it difficult to wear.


There are always chances in a hospital or clinic that something may fall on the shoes of a nurse, which can ruin the color or look irreversibly. Therefore, it is always advised to pick a shoe or a clog that is made up of stain-resistant materials. These materials will make sure that a single swipe or a wash can clean the shoe, making them look new. This way, you can increase the aesthetic life of the shoe and also make sure that you look good every day in clean and polished shoes.

Style and design

Lastly, look for shoes and clogs that work hard and are durable, but along with that, the shoes should also be good looking and properly designed. Nurses have a tough job of running around, but they should also not compromise their look and the way they present themselves. New age nursing shoes should have the proper characteristics to keep the feet comfortable but also look attractive. Choose great brand shoes by reading reviews and testimonials of their customers to get a clear idea about which shoes to pick from the crowd.

Nursing shoes for men and women

Nursing shoes usually are similar for men and women and can be chosen accordingly. However, most men can choose to wear nursing sneakers and clogs, which are not only comfortable but are also sporty. Women can choose to wear nursing belles or shoes which look stylish as well as professional.


Nursing shoes are one of the most needed parts of the nursing uniform and should be chosen carefully. Nursing shoes should be supportive and comfortable so that they can easily wear them throughout the day without tiring the feet and back. Choose good quality shoes that have high-grade soles and are made of good quality materials that will give value for their money.

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