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On running Cloudswift Review


The On Running Cloudswift is a unique running shoe that stands out not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of how it feels and behaves when running. Of course, none of this is by coincidence; On has been hard at work with this latest edition of the On Cloudswift to improve on an already remarkable running shoe. This On Cloudswift review examines every aspect of the Cloudswift running shoes, as well as how well they perform and feel when running.

If you’re a runner or a nurse who is always on the go checking on patients and wants a shoe that keeps your foot safe while still providing a solid grip, these are the shoes for you with a steady platform underfoot to land and push off from, you’ve had a hard time recently finding a shoe that meets your needs in a world of thick, squishy midsoles and stretchy uppers.

Cloudswift is here to help! This shoe wraps and holds your midfoot in a strong embrace, while a semi-flexible “Speed board” offers a foundation above midsole loops that collapse slightly just enough cushion to soften the impact while pushing your stride forward.

The Cloud Swift is a sneaker made specifically for nurses. The shoes are lightweight and designed to keep the wearer comfortable when on their feet for long periods of time. The Cloud Swift shoes are composed of a flexible fabric that allows the wearer’s feet to move freely. The shoes are made to help nurses who are on their feet all day by reducing the chance of injury and providing respite.

Who should consider purchasing the On Cloudswift running shoes?



The On Cloudswift running shoes are a wonderful choice for those looking for a model that can handle longer walks, everyday wear, and casual runs of 1-6 kilometers. The CloudTec midsole is a visually attractive component for certain runners and energetic folks, and it is comfortable for all-day usage.

That stated, we believe this model is a fantastic choice for people searching for a shoe to enhance their image and use on a regular basis. We think you’ll appreciate this shoe if you’re on your feet all day and walking a lot during that time. Outside of those niches, this device isn’t going to be the ideal option for serious runners who train outside on a regular basis.

Benefits of Cloudswift

For the more casual runner and energetic athlete, the On Cloudswift running shoe has a few important advantages.

  • It’s ideal for casual in-house training.
  • Comfortable Bootie Style
  • Mobile and lightweight

The On Cloudswift running shoe’s initial benefit is that it is a fantastic indoor-focused runner and athlete. If you’re a runner who prefers to train on treadmills with lower to mid-mileage ranges, the On Cloudswift will be an excellent fit.

It’s a fantastic starting shoe for the casual runner who also wants a shoe to wear on a daily basis, and the tread gives a decent grip on indoor tracks and treadmills. If you work in retail or take a lot of steps during the day, you’ll appreciate the comfort of this model.

The On Cloudswift is a comfortable model for long-term wear in addition to being a good indoor casual running shoe. This shoe’s bootie-style construction is breathable and forms to the foot perfectly. The exterior mid-foot materials create a wonderful locked-down sensation without overdoing the shoe’s overall tightness, so it doesn’t feel oppressive.

The last benefit of this device, which ties in with the previous two benefits, is how light and portable it is. The CloudTec midsole adapts to the shape of the foot and gives a comfortable way to navigate the world under our feet without being too rigid. When walking on uneven ground, for example, this model travels with the foot quite effectively.

The top mesh design breathes nicely, so if you’re prone to overheated feet, especially in hot gym environments, this model should be able to keep you cool.

Fit and Design of Cloudswift Running Shoes

The On Cloud Cloudswift running sneakers provide a tight, pleasant fit around my feet. On’s ‘engineered-mesh sock,’ which is meant to embrace your foot for a precise and breathable fit, makes this possible. This is a first for On, and it enables a slip-on fit that’s just as comfy as the On Cloud sneakers.

When jogging in hot weather, you’ll notice that the top mesh is highly breathable. The upper of the Cloudswift shoes are comprised of a range of materials with different tensile strengths, stretch, and support. The mechanical side-band, which softly supports your feet and has a little elasticity, can be seen at the mid-foot portion of the upper.

Review Of Cloudswift: The Ergonomics

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you slide your feet into the shoes. The shoe’s mouth securely supports your ankle without obscuring the bones. The heels are comfortably seated in the heel counters with no rubbing or chafing, the padding is unobtrusive, and the materials are nice.

The TPU sideband supports the midfoot area, and it is here that the lacing holds the shoes the tightest. The laces have an elastic feel to them, yet they won’t bite into your feet’ bridge owing to the well-padded tongue.

The Cloudswift’s mesh top fabric shines brightest in the toe box. It’s like running in a pair of thick winter socks; you can wiggle your toes about, but your feet don’t slip around in the shoes. It’s also quite pleasant to sit at your business desk.

The soft upper does have one flaw: the eyelets stretch from the bridge into the toe box area of the shoe, but the sidebands help to keep your feet in place in the midfoot region. For persons who have a high-bridged foot, this might cause little pain, especially on extended runs.

During the heel-to-toe transition, the stiffness of the soles is more noticeable. The solid sole means that midfoot strikers will occasionally bash their feet on the ground. We’re guessing that after you’ve had Cloudswift set up, this problem will go away.

The midsole is the last point. Even here, though, it has been a letdown. Although the shoes claim to aid you in long-distance running, this is not the case. The cushioning is quite solid in comparison to other brands and models such as Boston Adizero, Nike Pegasus, Nike Zoom Pegasus, or Saucony Freedom ISO. It is not responsive at all, and so felt more unpleasant over longer durations of 15 kilometers or more, and my knees and arches suffered. This is the point at which we can’t forgive the manufacturer and, as a result, we won’t buy the shoe again.

Sizing on Cloudswift

The On Cloud quick runs true to size, and we believe that most people will find the length and breadth to be ideal for every nurse’s foot. The bootie structure and exterior mid-foot layers keep the foot firmly in place, and no one has ever complained about heel slippage in this style. The mesh top also breaks in quickly after a few runs, so if your model seems a little tight at first, it should loosen up after a few runs. The one limitation to this model’s fit is that On models have a somewhat narrower last and construction, so if you have a broader foot, you might want to avoid it.

The perforations in the side-band that the laces loop through also enable for a quick and simple lace fastening since the laces flow through them with little to no friction when pulled from the top.

The concealed pocket beneath the side-band of the Cloudswift running shoes, which you can’t see in the photographs, is a place to hide your laces once they’re knotted. This decreases lace flap and prevents them from ever untying themselves; it also looks neat! Soft and comfy padding surrounds the heel region. The side walls are also not too high, giving me more movement in the ankle/Achilles heel areas without rubbing. It’s a generally comfortable fit that feels fantastic straight out of the box, with no need for ‘breaking in.’


The initial Cloudswift was a departure for On; not only did it appear different from earlier Ons, but it also had, and continues to have, a distinct sensation when running. If you’ve ever wanted to ‘run on clouds,’ you won’t be disappointed with the Cloudswift. On has done it again with the latest generation of the Cloudswift lightweight running shoes.

The shoe is quite comfortable to wear and feels the same when jogging, even after many kilometers. Even on the warmest days, the permeable top maintains your feet at a comfortable temperature.

There’s also the plush super foam! Because of its unexpectedly good energy transmission when paired with the rocker outsole design and the robust speed board that supports it, this cushioning substance makes running on asphalt a breeze.

For speedwork and logging weekly road miles, the On Cloudswift is now my go-to road running shoe.

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