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Best Thong for Nurse


Nurses in the hospital always work have to work long shifts and they are the ones who take care of all the patients in the hospital. Nurses are always on the go so they need to wear what makes them extra comfortable. Nurses should be wearing extra comfortable thongs under their scrubs. Thongs are usually soft and friction-free. Also, a nurse needs to know that they should wear those thongs which are invisible and cannot be seen.

However, have you been looking for the comfortable and best thongs for a nurse? We are sure that you will find some of the best thongs in this article which you can wear to your long day shifts. Below we have mentioned some of the best silky, invisible, leak and sweat-proof thongs for you that you can wear in your everyday life too. We have listed down every kind of thong for both men and women nurses.

Further in the article, we have mentioned the buying guide for thongs as well which will make choosing the best thongs easy for you. We have mentioned some of the top brands that you can look up to when purchasing a thong for yourself. Now without wasting a minute let us move further with the article.

Best Thong to Nurse

VOENXE’s thong

The number one on our list is Voenex. This thong is one of the best thongs for nurses. These thongs are made with a combination of material called nylon mesh and elastic. This thong does not feel irritated on the skin and it is extremely comfortable and can be worn in everyday life. Moreover, the crotch area of this comfortable thong is made with cotton which allows your lower body to breathe even in hot weather. The cotton fabric of this thong also protects your skin without making the area itchy.

However, this thong is made with excellent material keeping in mind the long-hour shifts that the nurses have to go through. These thongs would feel invisible under your scrubs and would feel fluffy. This particular product comes in five different colors that you can easily choose from. And always make sure that Voenxe’s thongs are made to feel you comfortable and any part of the day.

Calvin Klein

The next on our list is thongs from Calvin Klein which are made from cotton and somewhat elastane which will provide nurses with the perfect amount of easiness. This thong comes in three different colors and is perfect for everyday use.

These Calvin Klein thongs are a must-have for every nurse who wants to feel comfortable every time. The band of this thong is made with elastic which the adjustments easy. It feels seamless on your skin and provides you with enough air so that your skin can breathe while you are on the go. The detailing on this thong is perfect which makes this product a long-lasting one.

Olikeme Thongs For Nurse.

Olikeme might not be a household name, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. This underwear’s quality is equivalent to that of well-known branded brands. This underwear is constructed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is soft, comfortable, and breathable. Each bundle contains five items in a variety of neutral and non-neutral colors.

The name of these things might feel a little weird to you but hey! It doesn’t mean that it is not worth it. So, Olikeme thongs are one of a kind, they are just as good as any other famous “branded” thong is. The material of this thong is cotton and somewhat spandex. This thong is both extremely flexible and comfortable. Every bundle of these things comes with neutral colors and colors that are non-neutral.

This thong is perfect for your everyday life and perfect for your busy life of being a nurse. It is made of thicker material which prevents your thong from leaking and showing stains on your scrubs.

However, the little disadvantage we would say here with this thong is that the elastic of this thong might feel a little tight to you when you are going through your bloated days or when you are on your periods.

But hey! Don’t worry! This is a problem that can be easily solved. What you can do is get one size larger than what you get usually and wear it on that day when you feel bloated or are on your periods.

Warner’s Women’s Thong

The duty of the nurses can sometimes be a lot hectic and they have to be active throughout the day to look after the patients in the hospital. However, it is always important for a nurse to go for a thong that is highly comfortable and is made with soft materials. This Warner’s thong is one of a kind. It is made with extremely durable and soft materials that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

This incredibly soft thong is made with polyester and spandex which makes this comfy thong soft and lightweight. Also, as it is made with polyester it can be breathable too for your skin and can also keep your lower body fresh throughout your busy schedule.

This women’s underwear is designed in such a manner that its line-up will never be apparent after wearing it beneath scrubs.

This design of this thong is made in a way that if you will wear it under the scrub it won’t be visible at all. This underwear is high-waisted and also can help your belly look a lot thinner than it actually might be.

This comfy thong is also available in a variety of sizes that you can easily choose from and also this thong is available on Amazon too. One of the main advantages of having this thong is that it is machine washable and also is available in different colors.

Boody Organic Bamboo Thong

During the hot summer months, the Boody Organic Bamboo Thong is a great way to remain cool and comfortable. This underwear is constructed from 100 percent organic bamboo and has a natural, antibacterial, and antimicrobial fabric that wicks away sweat and dries rapidly.

This underwear is ideal for all-day wear thanks to its wide waistband and plush waistband. These underpants are ideal for all-day use, keeping you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

They are most well-known for their bamboo thong, which is also their most popular type. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are allergic to synthetics or just want to wear organic materials.

The bamboo fabric is also resistant to shrinking, so the underwear will remain the same size for the duration of the garment. This style is available in five different hues, so there is a color for everyone.

QOVOQ’s Thong for Nurses

This is a thong for women that is made with edges that are laser cut which helps the thong with its invisible lines that can help you with the exercise. It is made with a fabric called mesh combining nylon and spandex which will keep your skin dry even on your busy days.

This thong is extremely comfortable and flexible that will not make your skin itchy. Moreover, this thing is machine washable and also dries quickly. It also has a lining that is made of cotton which prevents your skin from getting damaged from overheating. It is also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Women’s Thongs by Reebok

Reebok Women’s Thongs are a must-have item for any woman’s wardrobe. Reebok’s women’s thong is the ideal balance of elegance and comfort. There is a thong for every lady, available in a variety of colors and designs. Reebok has a thong for everyone, whether you want a high-waisted thong or a thong with lace back.

They are available in a variety of colors and designs to match your individuality. The cotton lining of these panties provides comfort and elasticity for a great fit. They are machine washable for convenience.

These thongs are an excellent complement to your training outfit. The synthetic leather top is both breathable and lightweight, and the fabric inner wicks moisture away from your feet to keep them dry. These are a must-have for any lady who wants to be comfortable and fashionable while working out.

Pmrxi’s G-string thong

This thong has beautiful colors and is also available in different sizes. It also comes with a lace design. This thong comfortably stays on your hips because of its durable waistband which is made from spandex and nylon. However, the lacing of this thong is made with nylon which makes it easier to say on your hips without making your skin feel itchy or irritated.

It is a lightweight thong that you can wear under your scrubs even on your busy days. Also, you can wear this thong under any dress.

Barely Women’s Microfiber Thong

The Barely Women’s Microfiber Thong will become your new favorite thanks to its super-soft and sumptuous microfiber fabric.

The Barely Women’s Microfiber Thong is the ideal underwear for confident and gorgeous women. It’s constructed of a nice lightweight microfiber fabric that won’t show through your clothes.

It’s also designed to be attractive and seamless, giving it a natural appearance. The thong is made to give maximum coverage while also allowing for a comfortable stretch.

This underwear has a cheeky back and a low-rise, fitted design with smooth lines. The broad elastic keeps this underwear in place thanks to the low-rise waistband that sits comfortably below the navel. The thong’s top is fitting and seamless for a seamless appearance beneath clothing. The panty is made of stretchy, super-soft microfiber fabric for a comfortable fit. It comes in a variety of hues and is suitable for everyone.

Women’s Calvin Klein Underwear Sleek Model Thong

This thong is extremely stretchy and doesn’t make your skin feel itchy or irritated. It is made with nylon and spandex which makes this thong a lightweight. This particular thong is available in many different colors including white.

This thong can be worn under your scrubs or even when you are doing yoga. This thong feels soft and silky on your skin. The spandex material of this thong makes it even a comfortable. It will keep you and your skin dry all day. You surely can’t go wrong when purchasing this product.

Women’s Seamless Thong by VOENXE

Women’s Seamless Thong by VOENXE. Your life’s constant companion. Let’s face it: underwear is the most overlooked aspect of our wardrobe. Putting on clean underwear is generally the last thing on your mind, whether you’re in a rush to go out the door or you’ve just woken up. This can lead to some embarrassing situations.

As a result, VOENXE devised a method to make your life easier. For a more comfortable and elegant experience, the VOENXE Women’s Seamless Thong features no seams or tags. This seamless thong may be used as underwear or as a swimming suit bottom because it doesn’t have an elastic waistband.

The thin fabric is composed of high-quality cotton that is gentle on the skin. You’ll always feel at ease and confident, no matter what you’re doing.

Jockey Thong

This thong is the ultimate of men’s underwear. You’ll never have to worry about that unsightly bulge with this underwear. Because it’s constructed of cotton and spandex, it expands to accommodate every body type. Because the cotton is soft and breathable, you’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Because the waistband is extremely flexible, it will fit any waist size. This underwear will look great beneath your outfits. It won’t show through and is so comfy that you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. It’ll look great in your drawer of underpants.

Best Thong for Nurse-Buying Guide

Not all underwear styles are appropriate for wearing underwear scrubs. Because many types of underwear reveal a line-up when worn with scrubs, which is humiliating.

Anyway, we’ve previously shown you some of the finest underwear to wear with scrubs in this post, and they’re all invisible. And now, in this section of the essay, we will discuss what you should consider before purchasing scrub underpants.

Choose Underwear That Isn’t See-Through

Thongs that can are visible even under your scrubs can be a little uncomfortable so always go for thongs that are not see-through. Moreover, seamless thongs are made from extremely comfortable material that would not feel itchy or irritated on your skin even if you are having long shifts you will still be comfortable when choosing the thong that isn’t see-through.

Go For a pair of thongs that is sweat resistant.

Nurses always have the toughest and the busiest job. They are always on the go, always looking after patients in the hospital so they need to purchase a thong that does not make their skin sweaty even under their scrubs.

Wear Thong That Doesn’t Leak

It is always important for a nurse to wear a thong that does not leak. Most importantly female nurses should wear thongs that are leakproof on their period days because nurses hardly get to get the washroom breaks. So, nurses should always wear a leak-proof thong so they can prevent accidental leaks.


As you know that your thong is the product that is the closest to your skin. So, it is always important for you to wear thongs that are comfortable and flexible. Thongs are something that you might wear on daily basis under your scrubs so it is always important to make a wise purchase. Always go for breathable and skin-friendly thongs.

The fabric cotton and spandex are both suitable choices for daily usage. However, lace thongs might be very appealing to you but sometimes they can feel a little irritated or itchy on your skin. Never go for a lace thong if your skin is sensitive down there.

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