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We all knew the fact that nursing is referred to as the noble profession that usually demands huge responsibility as well as care and affection from the side of any nurse to her fellow patients. To cope up with all such responsibilities, a nurse needs to provide proper supervision to different kinds of patients at a particular time. For a nurse, it is tough to look for her problems as they get hardly any time to maintain their daily needs. Considering this fact in mind, Timberland has offered a wide variety of nursing shoes that suits the taste, style as well as preferences of different nurses who serve their best effort to make us feel healthy as well as help us to overcome various life-endangering diseases.

Timberland LLC is considered one of the largest producers and retailers of American footwear. The company has also diversified its brand by producing different categories of clothes, accessories for satisfying the emerging trends of both men and women. With several years of experience, this firm has innovated new techniques and designs that may help the firm to produce different products that suit the preferences of different people present across the globe.

Factors that make you choose Timberland Nursing Shoes

There are different factors different from the nursing shoes of Timberland that make the firm unique and different from other competitors present in the market. These features are discussed below:

  • The material used in Timberland nursing shoes: To provide long term benefits, the nursing shoes of Timberland generally made up of high-quality leather. Besides this, the sole of this type of shoes is made up of sturdy rubber. This will help you to provide the scope to use one pair of shoes for more than one or two years. Thus it will help any nurse to concentrate on work without worrying about their shoes.
  • Safety measures: We all knew that safety is the priority of any customer before buying any footwear. For this reason, Timberland generally uses sole having the feature of urethane. This will help you to maintain a proper grip over any oily, slippery, and rough floor. Along with this, the nursing shoes of this company generally include safe grip tread to provide complete support to the feet while walking on any type of surface.
  • Comfort and style: In the case of providing comfort and creating a style icon, Timberland is referred to as one of the top quality brands. It posses different new techniques with unique designs that may help any nurse to have a comfortable day by wearing gorgeous formal shoes. Nursing shoes of this firm have a soft cushion at the base along with comfortable design and shape that ensure complete movement of the feet. Few categories have toe rocker design to adjust with different added facilities that will help to put entire pressure on the foot but not on the arch.
  • Size: There is only one problem that many people face that is regarding the size of the nursing shoe. Nursing shoes are generally covered in nature, and for this reason, you need to buy nursing shoes of Timberland, keeping in mind one size bigger than your actual size.
  • Type of heels used: Timberland has offered you different categories of nursing shoes, including various types of heels like toe rocker heels or others. Even they produced different kinds of flat nursing shoes that will meet the emerging needs and requirements of different people spread across the globe.

Different benefits of using Nursing shoes

To provide full concentration towards the duty, a nurse should need to wear a comfortable shoe that will help them to move in different parts of hospitals to ensure the medical needs of different patients. Besides this, though, nurses need to hurry all the time they have to stand on their feet even throughout the entire day. This may raise serious difficulties like arch pain, discomfort, and rashes on the feet and may restrict them from working effectively. Keeping this fact in mind, a nurse needs to wear a comfortable shoe that will provide the scope of leading a comfortable journey throughout the entire day.

There are some major benefits of wearing good quality nursing shoes:

  • It will help to relax and provide them the comfort to work for long hours during night shifts.
  • It will help to maintain good posture and flexibly generate the speed of work.
  • A good quality nursing shoe will prevent or reduce the scope of accidents as it helps to maintain a proper grip of the floor or the surface.
  • Shoes of any big brand like Timberland are not heated with the increase in the temperature of the day or the floor. This will help a nurse to survive the whole day without affecting the quality of her performance.
  • It will help you to feel lighter and generate a proactive nature within you.
  • Good quality shoes are ample for providing excellent support at the back.
  • It will help you to reduce the possible chance of affecting different problems like a stretch in ligaments, leg pain, and others.
  • It helps you to stay fit and enable you to continue your duty regularly.

Price and warranty of Timberland nursing shoes

The price range of different Timberland Nursing shoes varies according to different styles, colors, durability, and comfort as well, as the materials used for manufacturing the shoe. The price of any good quality shoe will be a little high considering the other shoes present in the same market. However, the price of different nursing shoes offered by the Timberland is seemed expensive to many people.

There is a phrase; “prevention is better than cure” means ones should opt for a quality product before suffering from several issues after investing your money in some general product. Thus a nurse must buy a good quality nursing shoe by investing some extra money for leading a safe as well as healthy life.

The best part of buying a timberland nursing shoes is that the company will provide you the advantages of availing a trial facility of 30 days. In other words, one may use any nursing shoes of Timberland for thirty days (from the date of purchase), and if she feels any problem, she may exchange the product without paying any extra charges. Along with this, the company has offered you an attractive warranty period. This will help you to generate the company.

Best Timberland shoes for nurses

This article will help you to get a brief idea about different categories and varieties of nursing shoes manufactured by Timberland. Different exclusive varieties of Timberland Nursing shoes are discussed below:

Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Being a nurse that it is essential to maintain a steady look that will help you to create your identity. Dansko Women’s Oiled Leather Clog is considered one of the most searched items on the website of the Timberland. The oily leather or the upper cover of the shoe may help any nurse to look professional as well as maintain a presentable look in the hospital. Besides having a proper look, one needs to focus on the health benefits of wearing this shoe. The broad or the box pattern of this shoe helps you to move your feet flexibly. The loose-fitting back of the shoe may help to walk in a comfortable way by moving your steps up and down.


There are different pros of using Dansko Women’s Oiled Leather Clog:

  • It helps you to remain safe while walking in any slippery or rough surface.
  • It will maintain the proper flow of blood within different nerves of the feet.
  • The anatomical design of this shoe provides a perfect mold based on the shape of your feet.

Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker

According to the opinions of different nurses, Grasshoppers are the best thing that they want to wear during their long work hours. Considering this fact in mind, the Timberland has manufactured Grasshopper Janey Leather Lace-up Sneaker. This will help you to work with full comfort because of the adjustable laces that allow you to make your footwear suit your shape. The flat heels of this type of shoe may provide the opportunity to generate the speed of your work during an emergency.


Different benefits of wearing this type of nursing shoe:

  • The pure textile upper material of the shoe helps you to keep your feet nourished and fresh as it will help them to breathe properly.
  • It is the best option for those nurses who have a low level of arches.
  • The flat heel and the soft insole of the shoe help you to provide the best comfort and generate the ability to stand over long work hours.

Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker

There are different benefits of wearing this type of sneaker from grasshopper. The most important feature of this shoe is the quality of the material used for making this type of shoe. This type of shoe is made up of faux leather that will help you to look stylish by availing the features of lightweight shoes.


Some effective benefits of wearing this type of shoe are mentioned below:

  • The stretch areas of this shoe help you to provide easy access to while wearing it. Besides this, it will help you to move your feet comfortably.
  • The soft edge, padded tongue, and soft fabric line provide you the best comfort that will help your feet to maintain its blood flow.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

If anyone wants to look great by wearing Dansko, this company is the best option that offers the best quality and durability. The Timberland is considered as the best manufacturer of Dansko. The high-quality sole is made up of the thick rubber, providing you long durability that will help you to use a single shoe for more than one year. With the presence of a gentle curve in the sole following different contours presents you the opportunity to generate a complete professional look. Besides this, it will enhance the confidence level of different nurses who worked to ensure the good health of their patients.


There are different benefits of wearing this shoe:

  • It will help you to reduce the expense of buying different nursing shoes because this clog shoe is considered as the best choice for regular use of more than one year.
  • The rocker bottom of this shoe is helping you to provide the best grip on the floor while walking on a rough floor.
  • It may help you to generate a professional identity among different co-workers present in the hospital.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip-On

This type of nursing shoe is referred to as the best option for busy nurses who work for long hours. With the use of anti-fatigue technology in insoles helps you to provide the best support while walking on different surfaces. The heel of this shoe will allow you to prevent your feet from getting hurt in hard rock during the time of the walk.


There are different advantages of using this type of shoe:

  • It will help you to maintain proper support while walking.
  • Reduce the pain of wearing heels during work.
  • Protect your feet from hard stones and pebbles present on the floor.


  • The only fault that different customers of Timberland may face is the problem or confusion about ordering the appropriate size required for fitting their feet. According to the review of different nurses, one needs to order one size bigger than the real size of the shoe to get the desired fit.


To enjoy comfortable work hours, any nurse needs to purchase the above –mentioned nursing shoes, produced by the Timberland. This will help you to focus on your work without having any type of problems like leg pain, arch pain by maintaining proper blood flow within different veins present in your feet.

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