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Living in the modern era means no time for personal care. We often find ourselves busy trying to juggle multiple tasks at a time that we forget about our own health. Whether it’s about covering long shifts at the office or walking in a nearby park, we are less likely to give ourselves the attention and care that we deserve. Our bodies, especially our feet, go through a lot when our job requires working long hours. As working individuals with challenging job requirements, we need to make sure that our feet are healthy and comfortable enough to excel at work. Otherwise, trying to be productive and handling workload while feeling fatigued cannot provide the best results.

In order to keep your feet healthy and pain-free, you need to select the most comforting nursing shoes. Footwear that is made of a premium-quality material provides more breathability and comfort when you’re standing or walking. Some of the features present in the best shoes include comfort, arch support, breathability, traction, and other features that make the feet feel relaxed. Not to mention the durability that good-quality shoes provide to last long. Comfortable shoes do not necessarily offer stylish and trendy designs. However, some famous brands do offer a beautiful blend of comfort and style. On the other hand, wearing uncomfortable shoes has a number of disadvantages including long-term health conditions. Sometimes, you won’t even realize and small diseases, such as bunions, corns, and spurs start developing. To protect your feet from such hazardous outcomes, you should consider buying high-quality nursing shoes. We have shared useful information about the nursing Toms shoes that might be helpful. Buying premium nursing shoes and saving your feet from long-term severe issues is a lot better than ending up being sorry.

Toms Women’s Classic Canvas Shoes:

TOMS is a California-based footwear brand that was founded in 2006. This brand is famous for designing footwear along with other accessories including eyewear, handbags, and apparel. Toms always aim to improve lives through their products. They have an amazing approach to help people in need. The founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, introduced its famous One for One model in 2006. According to this model, one pair of shoes is donated for every purchase. This brand also claims to donate ⅓ of its profit for providing support to needy people.

TOMS Women’s Alpargata Loafer shoes offer a unique slip-on design along with a combination of lightweight fabric and vibrant prints. As per the sellers, these shoes contain elastic canvas, a material used for manufacturing shoes. It can be a good option for long-hour workers such as nurses, doctors, teachers, and other similar professions. Their sole is made of rubber and they offer casual slip-on. Furthermore, these TOMS shoes are fashionable and comfortable enough to keep your feet relaxed and stress-free.



The material of your footwear determines its quality, durability, and efficiency. Furthermore, the colors, design, and shape of a shoe also often depend on the material being used. If a material is not up to the mark, the shoes won’t be able to provide the required level of comfort. However, good-quality footwear constructed with premium material will keep your foot healthy enough to work efficiently.

When it comes to the material used in these TOMS shoes, they are manufactured by using leather and canvas. The footbed is made of leather to provide the utmost comfort and health. As comfort is among the essential reasons to buy nursing shoes, these leather footbeds provide good results. It is a much-needed feature for professionals, especially healthcare workers to keep their feet relaxed. Shoes with a leather sole can even provide breathability and keep your feet cool. The other noteworthy material used for manufacturing the upper is Canvas. Initially derived from hemp, the canvas is used in the manufacturing of sneakers. Numerous brands, including TOMS, have adopted the use of this material due to its versatile performance. Footwear made by Canvas is easy to clean and quite accommodating to dyes. That’s why these shoes offer you beautiful vibrant colors so you can jeep with the trend.


These shoes are among those designs that offer cuttle design with an adequate comfort level. Being lightweight, stylish, and supportive, these shoes offer the basic features that should be available in good-quality nursing shoes. If you like to follow the latest trends and go to work with unique outfits, these shoes might be worth giving a shot at.

Available Colors:

The style of a shoe is incomplete without colors. The shoes with vibrant and funky colors can add a spark to your day-to-day outfits and make them interesting. That’s why TOMS has included the following in these classic canvas shoes.

  • Red
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Ash

Available Sizes:

The available size of these shoes depends on the color you want. You can research online to find out if your favorite color of shoes is available in your size. However, make sure to research thoroughly about the accurate size. These shoes might not be true to size for your feet due to which you would have to suffer. Hence, it’s better to be certain before placing an order rather than wasting your money on the wrong sizes.


Stylish and Comfortable:

These shoes can be a great option for working individuals who spend most of their time walking and standing. However, in order to complete an already stressful job, wearing something interesting and unique would be exciting. One does not have to forget the trends and fashion just to comply with workplace policies. You can be great at your job while satisfying your inner fashionista with up-to-date outfits and accessories. That’s why picking these shoes can.be a wise choice for your workplace. Besides, they are too groovy to be kept limited to the workplace only. You can enjoy wearing these shoes whenever you go out with your friends or family.

Easy Slip-On:

As per the sellers, these TOMS shoes provide easy slip-on, giving you another reason to give these shoes a shot. Healthcare workers working under pressure need to be extremely fast in completing their tasks. Facing emergency situations where running and long hours standing at work is a normal routine in the hospitals, that’s why getting slip-on shoes is extremely useful. It can save you from endless fatigue. The Slip-on feature is essential for you if you want to run through the hospital floor, hit the gym, or even take your pet to the park. These easy-to-wear shoes not only provide you with convenient walking, but they will also save your time. You can easily pop these shoes on and off as per your feasibility.

Lightweight Construction:

TOMS Women’s Classic Canvas Shoes are known to weigh very lightly, leading to speedier running performance and improved biomechanics. Due to this property, these shoes let you run faster and thus, perform better at work.


Not True to Size:

While some individuals praised these shoes for being perfectly fit, some users raised an issue regarding their size. As per the complaints, these shoes were not true in size. Some of these complaints were regarding the shoes being “narrow” and “small fit”. It indicated that one must be very very conscious about the size while buying these TOMS shoes. Reading customers’ feedback and reviews in detail would be helpful. You can also ask the seller of manufacturers about your recommended size. Your feet won’t feel the joy of being comfortable and free of pain unless they fit the shoes perfectly. No matter how comfortable the shoes are and how famous the manufacturer is, the wrong size of shoes will eventually end up hurting your feet even more.

No Padding:

Padding refers to foam that is included in the shoes to provide extra thickness or cushioning. However, one of the issues raised by the users was about padding. According to the complaint, these shoes did not provide much padding, resulting in an uncomfortable walking experience. It even stated that the experience of wearing these shoes felt like”walking on a wood sandal”. Another complaint stated that the shoes were not worth the money. As per the user, the shoes were not comfortable, and that the price was very high according to the features.

No-Slip Resistance:

When you spend most of your time in the hospitals where you are required to walk fast, slip-resistant shoes make your life easier. Unfortunately, these TOMS shoes do not feature slip resistance. Even though they offer many impressive features including comfort and design, it would have been great if slip resistance was included too. If this feature matters to you, these shoes might now be the best option for your day-to-day work. However, if you think that slip resistance is not your priority, you can consider buying these shoes.


After going through the above-mentioned information, it might have become easy for you to decide if you want to proceed with the purchase. However, having confusing thoughts and queries is normal after thorough learning. Hence, we have included some of the questions asked by users that might have popped up in your head too. If they did, reading the FAQs would be helpful for you to find out the answers and clarify your confusion.

Are these shoes medium blue or true navy?

These shoes are true navy.

What is the material used for the sole of these shoes?

These shoes are made of leather and their upper is made of canvas.

Do they provide water resistance?

No, they are not water-resistant. It indicates that you have to be extremely vigilant while walking on the wet floor

Do they provide arch support?

Yes, these shoes do provide good arch support.

Are they comfy enough for walking?

Yes, absolutely. They are quite comfortable and you can enjoy walking with your friends or at work thanks to the remarkable features that are added.

Are these shoes good for pregnancy?

Due to their extra comfort and support, these shoes can be an excellent choice for pregnant women.

What is the material used for a footbed?

The footbed is made of Suede leather.

Our Verdict:

TOM has been one of the well-known footwear brands in the industry with a large fan following. These shoes manufactured by TOMS can be a good choice for you to wear while working long hours in a stressful environment. While working under pressure, your body can end up feeling lethargic, tired, and fatigued. In such conditions, having painful feet would only worsen the problem. By selecting these shoes for work, you can give your feet an opportunity to heal from never-ending stress and pain.

In order to keep up with up-to-date fashion, you are no longer required to sacrifice comfortable shoes. By selecting these TOMS shoes, you can get a variety of features that include both style and fashion. Hence, if you are looking for a set of groovy and comfy footwear to add a spark of style to your everyday outfit, these TOM shoes can be a good choice.


To put all the given information in nutshell, we would highly recommend you to throw away your uncomfortable and painful footwear collection and start buying easy, supportive, and comfortable nursing shoes. They will keep your feet cool and calm, thereby saving you from long-term trouble. When it comes to hours-long standing, your feet require exceptionally well comfortable shoes that give them the required care. Hence, buying shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear should be a top priority of every healthcare professional.

We often spend huge amounts of money on luxurious items that add beauty and aesthetics to our lives. We don’t think much before getting our hands on the new gadgets or equipment that make our lives easier. Yet we end up ignoring our own happiness, health, and comfort. Being a healthcare worker, your health is the top priority. You should be the healthiest one to heal others. Hence, it would be best if you start taking your health seriously and invest in good-quality comfortable shoes rather than pretty but painful footwear. Even if you don’t get your favorite color or style, if the shoes are comfortable enough, they are worthy of your money.

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