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On Cloud X Review

Nurses have a difficult job. And we’re not only talking about the numerous challenges of trying to save patients’ lives. Nursing is not only an intellectually demanding career, but it is also a physically demanding one. Nurses, and other healthcare professionals, are routinely on their feet for long periods of time, after all, a regular nursing shift at a hospital might last up to twelve hours.

When you’re on your feet all day, racing between patient rooms, rushing into the operating room, or standing for hours during operation, having comfortable, supportive shoes is necessary. We’re going to provide you with a review of the best shoe, On Cloud X, today.

Introduction About On Cloud X

The latest all-around training shoes from the company, On Cloud X, are everywhere. Cloud X is an unexpected one in the company’s ever-growing line-up of training shoes. The Zurich-based company usually makes footwear for runners. These sneakers are more focused on regular fitness, trying to handle everything from weight training and High-intensity interval training to Workouts and short sprint races. They use the same technology found in On’s race footwear to put it to work in shoes designed for all exercise types. The Cloud X is a one-of-a-kind device that offers a lighter, smoother, and more comfortable ride than its rivals. These shoes were so powerful that they placed first in our group and received a high total rating.

Design of On Cloud X

When it comes to the unique yet original design, there’s no doubting that On Cloud knows what it’s doing. That’s why On Cloud company is making their company different from others. As a result, the Cloud X sneakers are designed in the same way. The materials utilized in the shoe’s construction are of excellent quality, particularly in the tongue and insole counter designs. The CloudTec sole, on the other hand, really sparkles here. This sole, made of Zero-Gravity foam, has been specifically engineered for an increase in intensity in all dimensions. Its unique foam composition also keeps the weight of the shoes to a bare minimum while providing a wide range of flexibility.

It’s primarily designed to be comfortable during mixed-sports activities, which makes a significant difference in comfortability during longer daily workouts – particularly runs – when scratching and scorching would normally occur.

Features of On Cloud X

The On Cloud X shoe is a dream to wear. The only thing missing from this shoe is the sense of various floor textures that we get with different shoes. With these shoes, we can’t feel the surfaces. It’s ideal for short runs. Easy runs are relatively simpler with these shoes and running in them is super comfy. They are the best racing shoes on the market. Because it is appropriate for long runs so if you want to feel at ease you should try On Cloud X.

Cushioning of Cloud X

Due to the added cushioning, it still feels flexible and quick. It’s simple to change directions with it and run at a fast speed for quite some time. These aren’t the quickest shoes available.

Durability of Cloud X

After a total walking distance of 150 km, they still seem as new and fresh as the day of purchase.

Sole Of Cloud X

The sole of the Cloud X has a higher speed board, which improves reactivity enough to decrease sink on strike and add some more bounce at toe-off.

Similar to the On Cloud flow running shoes, the On Cloud X shoes include a great small sock that connects the tongue to the forefoot portion. This keeps the foot secure in the shoes and prevents the tongue from falling out. You will not feel any discomfort from rubbing items because of this sock. All stitches on the inside of the shoe seem to be nicely covered, which is very beneficial.

Tongue of Cloud X

The tongue of the Cloud X sneakers is very light and comfortable, but it also includes a significant amount of cushioning to let people feel like they’re running on clouds. A lot of praise is needed for On Cloud company

Laces of Cloud X

For this shoe, On Running has significantly increased its laces. On Cloud X has the length and needs only one tie to tighten the knot.

Heel of Cloud X shoe

On Cloud X shoes have long and thin heel support with inside heel-lock cushioned pads that keep your skin firmly in place.

The heel cushioning of the Cloud X shoes is both strong and sleek, as well as soft and comforting to the feel.

The ankle-wall height of the On Running Cloud X is just great for everyone, it is providing comfort to everyone’s feet to comfortably fit above while still receiving support.

Toe Box Of Cloud X shoe

The toe box region has a medium breadth, in my opinion. They are a perfect shoe for those who have an average-sized foot. In any case, I’m betting that the new stretch mesh will accommodate practically any size foot.

Drop of Cloud X

The Cloud X running shoes have a 6mm heel-to-toe drop, which is a common element in their footwear. 6mm is a good middle-ground for runners who are shifting to a more simple aesthetic of running, which I highly suggest.


  • It is very lightweight.
  • It has breathable material.
  • It has a different variety of colors for both men and women.
  • Its outsole doesn’t pick stones.
  • It’s spring cloud pods help you to run fast.


  • It doesn’t feel barefoot.

Final Verdict

This is demonstrated by the Cloud X’s. They aren’t the finest distance running shoes because of their limited energy return, but they are the best “overall” shoes because of their excellent ease, lightweight, and durability. So, whether you’re a speedrunner, a gym addict, a city worker, a streetwear enthusiast, or all four, these are the shoes for you. Running in them is much easier than running with different shoes. The Cloud X shoes are very comfortable to wear. Furthermore, you will notice a reduction in strain on your feet after wearing these. So if nurses want to wear comfortable shoes during their long hour’s duty to avoid pain in their feet then they should buy Cloud X shoes.

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Hi my name is Rachel; a registered nurse. I graduated from one of the best nursing programmes and have been working in the medical field for 10 years. As a licensed practical nurse, I understand the plight that comes with the job. While I enjoy taking care of patients, I understand the long working hours that nurses have to deal with. We spend majority of the shifts walking around the medical centre making sure all patients are taken care of and this requires a lot of work and energy on the feet. https://bestnursingshoes.net has been created to help nurses from different parts of the world find the perfect shoes to reduce the strain on your feet and posture and make the job much easier.

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