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On Cloud Walk Shoes Review

We went right to the source to uncover the finest shoes for nurses, as nurses, physicians, and health care workers know a thing or two about comfy footwear. Because health-care employees spend excessive time on their feet, we asked doctors for ideas on work boots that are truly comfortable and practical to wear for long periods of time.

On Cloud walk shoes rule supreme in the medical field, whether you require ankle support, slip-resistant rubber outsole, or elevated lace-ups with detachable inserts. So, let’s talk about why they’re the perfect fit for you.

Overview of On Cloud

David Alleman, Oliver Bernhard, and Caspar Coppetti designed On Cloud shoes in the Swiss Alps in 2010.

Their objective was to change the way people felt about running by introducing a new concept: smooth landings accompanied by rapid turn, or ‘walking on clouds,’ as the brand put it.

The brand’s association with elite athletes like Frederik Van Lierde, as well as its commitment to sustainability objectives, are examples of sponsorships. Castor beans are used in the construction of some shoes, keeping them completely recyclable.

If you’re worried about having to change your footwear in a year or so, there’s a membership option in which you can send your worn-out running shoes to the company and get a brand-new pair. I’ll get to that later.

The company’s headquarters are in Zurich, but they also operate a branch in Portland, Oregon.

This On cloud shoe evaluation will now concentrate on the brand’s advantages and disadvantages.


    • A wide range of high-quality and comfortable running shoes and socks to suit a wide range of runner preferences
    • Positive feedback on the brand’s diversity, speed of delivery, and shoe comfort
    • Option to try on at home with a 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Savings and deals on a regular basis
    • When old shoes are worn out, a new pair is given.
    • Footwear recycling is free.
    • Products are sold by a variety of shops throughout the world.
    • Some global shipping is free, and there are no customs fees.
    • Most nations provide free returns.


    • Issues with shipment delays, customer support, and reimbursements

Many here practice on a regular basis in order to preserve our health and strength. Exercise must be done in such a way that is both effective and safe for the entire body.

On Cloud Shoes Fit & Design

The On Clouds, in our opinion, are lovely footwears that display a few of the Swiss design flare that is so well known. From the shiny graphics to the small Swiss flag on the reverse, we adore the small nuances. The top is made up of a variety of materials with different textures and a sophisticated color palette of green tones.

On Cloud Shoes Outer Mesh

The On Cloud’s exterior mesh material is exceptionally airy, does have a little elasticity, and a plastic-covered toe cap provides some insulation. The covered toe cap prevents water droplets from penetrating the shoe from the front, as well as chilly wind striking your toes. There are several spots in the top that were covered with ‘no-sew foil’ bands, which will firmly hold textiles together rather than frayed edges.

On Clouds Inner Sock

Comparable to the On Cloudflow, On Cloud X, and On Cloud ace shoes, there’s also an inner sock that connects the tongue to the forefoot area. This prevents the tongue from sliding out of position and maintains the forefoot security. As there are fewer seams on the inside, the sock should prevent chaffing.

It is indeed worth mentioning that there have been soft rubbery stripes running each side of the footbed that assist hold your foot in position whether walking or jogging.

On Clouds Tongue

Because the tongue is tiny, smooth, and extremely pleasant to the touch, you might wear these uncomfortable shoes if you want. This tongue contributes to the On Cloud shoes’ minimalist and an ultralight feel.

On Cloud Shoes Outsole

The On Cloud shoes have the same outsole as the On Cloud X, which is our absolute favorite shoe for track speed training! If you’ve never tried “Run On Clouds,” We strongly advise you to do so! CloudTec is a technological advancement that always make us move quicker, especially whenever we are putting on a new pair of shoes. The cloud pods contract beneath your weight and deliver a barefoot launch when your foot reaches the ground as well as the pods bounce back, giving you the sense of a soft landing. When you check at the outsole closely, you’ll notice that the ‘clouds’ have already had their inner edges chopped off and are angled outward. This much-needed set of changes prevents tiny pebbles or debris from being stuck in the pods, which was previously a common issue.

On Cloud Shoes Elasticated Laces

The On Cloud has elasticized laces, allowing you to swiftly slide them on and off if necessary. It is one of the causes why the On Cloud was first advertised as a triathlon shoe.

Triathletes of all lengths, including Ironman, will benefit from the ability to swiftly put these Swiss shoes on and use them without socks.

On Cloud Shoes Drop and Support Type

The On Cloud boasts a 6mm heel-to-toe drop, which is ideal for all-day pleasure if you spend too much time on your feet. The Cloud features a balanced support type, which means the replaceable footbed insert doesn’t provide much additional arch support – it will fit most individuals with ordinary feet.


Useful life goes hand in hand with lightweight design. During our testing, we saw no significant deterioration, however, there were a few reports of glue and threads coming loose. In total, the mesh and synthetic overlays stood up to a lot of punishment. The outsole was also exceptionally durable, thanks to the use of carbon rubber in high-wear regions.

On Cloud Toe Box

The toe box is moderate in breadth and feels light and airy, which is vital if you have a busy daily routine. These shoes are likely to be used each day, to the workplace, the gym, and even on spontaneous runs. If the shoe wasn’t as airy as it is, it may start to smell after so much usage.

 On Cloud Weight

The On Cloud is extremely light, weighing only 230g (US M 8.5). If you’ve never touched a pair before, this is definitely the first thing you’ll notice. Because of the minimalist shape, it loses a little padding, but this isn’t an issue for a daily lifestyle shoe.

The On Cloud shoes are available in a variety of colors for both men and women, which is amazing, so make sure to check them out all.

On Cloud Walk Shoes Are Best for Nurses

As a nurse, whether female or male, you are well aware that your work is not simple.

Your feet might become fatigued and exhausted after being on your feet all day.

As a result, owning one of the greatest On Cloud walk shoes for nurses may assist you in having the greatest experience possible. And cloud walk shoes are the best option. Why? They’re ideal for a variety of activities and are exceedingly light. As a result, these are ideal for nurses who perform 12-hour shifts on a daily basis.

Here Are Some of The Reasons Why on Cloud Shoes Are Great:

  1. It’s something that may provide your feet with a lot of support and stability. It provides excellent support thanks to all of the cushioning.
  2. 2. Your shoes’ soles are substantially more elastic than some other pairs thanks to Cloud services. As a result, as you take a step, it adapts to your feet for ultimate comfort.
  3. Cloud technology’s cushioning factor makes the steps seem springy and light.
  4. The cloud softens the shock when you take a step and your feet make contact with the floor. Your feet are not exposed to direct impact and are well guarded in your shoes.


Being a nurse can be extremely demanding and stressful, particularly on your feet. You should always be on your feet, rushing from one person to the next and calling out to people who want assistance. However, with the On Cloud walk shoes, you may feel more at ease when on your feet.

We guarantee that it is the greatest shoe for feeling the ground. They’re easy to slip on for a brief walk and simple to kick off when it’s time to calm down and stretch thanks to the slide-on, slip-off lacing system.

The On Cloud is highly airy and light, giving you a close-to-the-ground sensation that makes you feel swift on your feet. The on-cloud walk shoes may appear to be space-age innovation, but they nevertheless provide the conventional running shoe sensation you’re used to. Each step you take will result in a soft landing thanks to the zero-gravity foam. These are the finest walking shoes for fast-paced treks.

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