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Top 10 best black leather nursing shoes

Every nurse knows the importance of black leather nursing shoes. It is the most mandatory equipment that is pair of leather shoes. The right pair of leather shoes provide comfort and support every day.

However, wearing the wrong pairs will make your feet sore and tired feeling. The accurate pair allows nurses to focus more on patient care.

Moreover, searching for the right pair of black leather nursing shoes is sometimes scary. Since the duty of the nurse is hectic. Nursing-duty shifts evolved continuously 12-hour a day. So, it is vital to buy premium quality shoes that offer comfort.

However, there are a variety of comfortable nursing shoes available. It comes in different solid and dependable clog styles. These shoes are lightweight and sporty sneakers.

How do nursing shoes differ from other shoes?

Although nursing shoes are of a very similar glance to any other sports shoe. But there is some major difference between them.

However, there is a misconception that a good pair of running shoe work like a nursing shoe. Some features recognize nursing shoes from other athletic shoe.

Nursing shoes are lightweight. It is just because their job demands more walking. Moreover, it may look like a small thing, it is not. It can impact more on feet at the end of a hectic schedule.

Nursing shoes with waterproof and sturdy material are the best choice. These shoes are useful for nursing staff.

The sole of nursing shoes has gripped it is slip-resistant. It protects from injury from slippery tiles.

In the nursing shoe, soles have added arch and cushioning support. However, cushioning is necessary to reduce the stress over the knees, ankles, and spine.

Many nursing shoes come with slip-on and off traits.

However, if laces or ties are there. Those who stay for style rather than functional.

Moreover, the nursing job requires extra effort. That is why it is a must to wear perfect footwear. That provides both support and comfort.

Variety of black leather nursing shoes

Here in the article, we discuss the best black leather nursing shoes. This list will help to find out the best top-marked shoe styles. Moreover, It is suitable for nurses who look for shoes for style, comfort, and durability. The black leather shoes are comfortable for long-time support.

Timberland Pro Renova Slip-on nursing shoes

Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip Resistant Slip-On

These pairs of shoes are more soft and gentle to wear. This comes under high-quality nursing work shoes. The upper material used is leather. There are no rips or tears.

However, you can buy this pair of shoes from any reliable online shop. The price range is around $ 41.29.

The shoe material is packed in wooden boxes to avoid damages. Moreover, you will get shoe pair, look exactly like in the photos. Make sure to check the proper size before purchasing.


  • The material of the shoe is soft and slip-resistant.
  • Furthermore, it has features like breathability, cushion, and more comfort.
  • The pair of shoes is available in black color.
  • It is smoke-free.

Dansko black leather nursing shoes

This type of shoe comes with a front clog. However, heel shoes are also available. You can walk freely with more comfort.

This feature will add accommodate in both high & low steps. This shoe model is available in closed-toe with a heel. However, available in black color with leather material.

It is a casual type of nursing shoe. Moreover, wear for daily use. The price range will start from $19 only. However, It is less costly as compared to other brands.


  • Eva midsole- the sole of the shoes having pure leather. the sole of the shoe is synthetic. The platform is around 0,75 inches. The natural arch provides stabilization. Moreover, the footbed of the shoe is removable. However, the Eva midsole of the Dansko shoe is easy to wear.
  • Comfortable- the Dansko nursing shoes are comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is a better fit for your feet.
  • Clog style- Moreover, Dansko’s black leather nursing shoes provide closed-back styles in nursing work shoes. Furthermore, buckles and elastic in the back as design features.


  • It is available in an abundance of shoes styles and design
  • However, the leather shoes have easily clean
  • The Dansko shoes have natural arch technology.
  • It is easy to carry and gives more benefits.

Sanita Professional Nursing Danish clogs women’s shoes

Sanita Danish Nursing Clogs Black Green Professional Shoes Womens 41 10.5/11 | eBay

This brand offers black leather nursing shoes in a different style. The seller does not accept the product returns. However, this item has a money-back guarantee from eBay.

This brand offers comfortable nursing shoes for both men and women. This brand shoe starts from $29.

The shoe item is from Montana. It is an international item. So you have to pay some additional fees and processing charges.


  • It is available in different sizes and colors.
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It is available in black color with flower patterns on top of the edge.
  • These shoe pairs have the finest quality leather material.
  • Easily accessible in stylish patterns on any eCommerce platform.

Clog woman shoes

Amazon.com | G Med Women's Nursing Clogs Lightweight Comfortable Medical Nurse Shoes(SH-MED, BLK-7) | Mules & Clogs

This brand of woman nurse shoes is built for durability. Furthermore, the material used is pure leather. Moreover, A clog is an excellent option for work. This will necessary to take care of the daily activity.

These clog shoes are great for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professional women. However, your feet will feel relaxed and breathable during a hectic schedule.

These clog shoes are suitable for daily indoor and outdoor activities. Place your order for just $25.89.


  • The brand offers more comfy shoes. It is a roomy fit.
  • having High quality and premium grade polyurethane material
  • This brand of woman nurse shoes is easy to slip on and extremely lightweight.

SafeTstep Women shoes

This brand of shoes is perfect for daily workers. Including medical, teachers, and restaurant workers. Moreover, with thick high heel padding and easy-to-slide-on and off features.

The shoe carton is wrapped in a bubble envelope carefully.


  • It has other features like slip-resistant rubber soles with full shoes
  • However, the shoe has a durable upper sole.
  • This pair has an oil-resistant outsole.
  • It is available in smooth texture.
  • It is easy to clean and wipe off.
  • This shoe has comfort insoles and a durable midsole.
  • Lightweight to wear

Klogs women’s slip-resistant black leather nursing shoes

KLOGS Footwear Dusty - Slip Resistant Nursing Clog | Slip resistant shoes, Clogs, All black sneakers

This brand offer shoe with great customer care. Furthermore, the shoe comes from Annandale, Virginia. However, this company provides international shipments.

There would be additional charges and processing fees attached with the shipment. Moreover, nursing shoes are available in all sizes. The purchasing price starts from $39.


  • Features are slip-resistant, non-marling, and nursing clogs.
  • It is available in black color.
  • Furthermore, the upper material of the shoe has pure leather material.


  • Shielding heel counter platform
  • Comfortable foam for support lower leg
  • Synthetic sole, comfortable to carry

Algeria Black Loafers Shoes

Womens nursing shoes by Algeria “Keli” Black Embossed (Size: 37 | USA 7/7.5) | eBay

These are the best black leather nursing shoes in front of you. Must add this black nursing loafers/shoes to your shopping cart. Moreover, you can buy this item from any reliable online site.

You can make payment by using a maestro card, visa card, etc. the price of Algeria’s black loafers starts from dollar 54. However, customers have to pay additional shipping charges.


  • This woman nursing shoe is available in a solid pattern.
  • The upper shoe material is using pure leather.
  • It is designed with slip-on closure.
  • This pair is suitable for comfort types.

Dromedaris shoes

Gray Dromedaris Womens Shoes - Walmart.com

It is a popular type of black leather nursing shoe. However, It is delivered from Europe. These shoes are made by using pure leather material on the upper side and inside. Moreover, This brand shipped its products in polybags. It is anyhow costly. Price ranges from $99 to $500.


  • These shoe pairs are Anti-slip- and Anti-rustic
  • It is fairly breathable leather and rubber insoles
  • Moreover, it is available in unlimited sizes and colors.
  • Furthermore, the outsole of the shoes is anti-static and anti-slip.


  • Available color: black, blue, and white.
  • The shoe pair comes with high heels options.
  • Returns are acceptable within 14 days of shipment.

Jeffco clogs for women shoes

Women's Slip-Resistant Shoes & Nursing Clogs | allheart

This shoe is perfect to wear anywhere. Look stylish yet comfortable. These can be must-have shoes for working professionals. The clogs having shoes offer same-day delivery to their valuable clients. These pairs have premium material of pure leather. More useful for daily wear, office wear, etc.


  • It is available in multiple colors, styles, and sizes.
  • The shoe pair is breathable with EVA material.
  • It provides better ventilation and comfort throughout the day.
  • However, buy in bulk quantity to get a special discount.

Spring Step Professional black clog shoe

Spring Step Clog Black Comfort Shoes for Women for sale | eBay

This shoe is available in different fabric and butterfly patterns. Price – $39 + $21 shipping charges. The type of shoe has flat with a round toe shape. The material used is standard leather.

However, it is the most recommended shoe for working professionals. This pair of shoes buy from a reliable online store. It is the best buying shoe pair option for working ladies.


  • This pair is Slip-resistant
  • The inner sole is more Breathable
  • These pair look so Stylish, however, it is comfy


  • Lower buying rates.
  • Lightweight shoe to wear
  • Premium quality leather material is used.

Features of premium black leather nursing shoes to know


It is a crucial factor while buying premium quality nursing shoes. Well, prefer a nursing shoe with a breathable inner sole. However, It will prevent your feet from sweating.

It is because you have to wear leather nursing shoes for 12-14 hours a long day. You should go for waterproof pair of shoes.

This will not allow contact with unsanitary liquids and body fluids. However, faux leather or pure leather shoe will be the right choice.


It is an aspect to consider while going to buy a leather nursing shoe. Your shoe must provide proper support and cushion. You should check out insole foam and moisture absorbing midsoles.

For extra suggestions, take your healthcare advice. Always consult with the doctor, confront any problem.


Check out the sole part, before going to buy a shoe. however, these pairs have more contact with the floor. Your shoe sole must be stable and can deal with slippery and smooth hospital surfaces.

Moreover, the Read feature that offers slip-resistant and traction in shoe pairs.


Here, it is not about outer aesthetic appealing. Ask for all necessary details before buying. Must check out footwear that offers extra comfort to your feet.

It should have a wide-toe box and some heels. It is easy to fit and take off. You can prefer slip-on to lace tie-up designs.

Arch support

Your leather nursing shoe must have different types of arches. It can be round-up, flat, etc. it is made using natural technology.

How to pick comfortable black leather nursing shoes?

Looking for black leather nursing shoes online? If yes, check out the list of nursing shoes that comes with different features and styles.

You must buy the most comfortable shoe. However, premium quality nursing shoes offer the right balance of support, durability, comfort, and cushion.

Furthermore, lightweight footwear with a removable insole is perfect for a wide foot. Moreover, pure leather shoe padded inside collar is suitable for flat feet.

The black leather nursing shoes have two unique varieties. Including clog-style and athletic style nursing shoes. In the Clog-style, nursing shoes provide better support to the back and knees.

It is mandatory not to avoid back and knee pain. It is also beneficial for older people. However, a clog is easy to place and take off. You can use clog as per the need.

This can be good for the long run and beg low –maintenance. moreover, You can take a few tries before buying the perfect style.


You will get detailed information about which nursing shoe you should buy. Furthermore, black leather nursing shoes are available at the best buying rates. However, carry a good quality nursing shoe. It can make your foot relaxed and happy.

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