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On Running Cloud Flyer Review


Lately, On Running has been making some changes. They’ve backed some major athletes, released a carbon fiber racer, and are currently working on an entirely sustainable shoe. Despite these changes, On Running keeps doing things their own way.  They come in a variety of upper patterns and styles. The On Cloud flyer is our first On shoe review, and we’re eager to share our impressions on this innovative stability shoe.

The On Running Cloud Flyer is a lightweight, low-drop shoe that is designed for neutral runners. The Cloud Flyer has a seamless upper and flexible construction that provides a comfortable, lightweight fit. The Cloud Flyer also has a heel-to-toe drop of 10mm and a cloud foam midsole that provides a soft, cushioned ride.

These shoes are perfect for someone like nurses as working as a nurse may be tough and stressful, particularly when you’re on your feet. You’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the best shoes available because you’ll be on your feet all day.

Long hours and standing all day can put a strain on your feet. However, with the On Cloud sneakers, you may feel more at ease when on your feet. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud all day if you wear the finest On Cloud sneakers for nurses.

On Cloud Shoes for Healthcare Workers

Nurses work very hard to make very sure that patients that are hospitalized receive the best feasible medical care. In hospitals, nurses work all day and are on their feet the whole day, moving from one place to another to attend to different patients and those patients who need medical attention.

Health workers may no longer keep up with barefoot, especially on hospital floors. Nurses and other health care personnel should invest in a good pair of shoes to protect their feet.

The cornerstone of the human body is the legs. The feet and legs hold the whole weight of the body, therefore choosing the perfect brand of footwear for a healthcare worker is important. When a healthcare practitioner is working hard to satisfy a patient’s needs, he or she should be provided with the appropriate footwear and other equipment.

Long hours and standing all day can put a strain on your feet. However, with the On Cloud sneakers, you may feel more at ease when on your feet.

You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud all day if you wear the finest On Cloud sneakers for nurses. It’s fairly typical to feel perplexed while trying to find the greatest alternative from a plethora of possibilities on the market.

Why Buy on Running Cloud Flyer Shoes for nurses?

On is a shoe company founded in Switzerland. They are well-known for producing high-quality footwear. One of their best-selling goods is sports-related and lightweight footwear for professionals who are on their feet all day. The medical personnel must be available at all times. This would necessitate them climbing the stairs and sprinting helter-skelter around the hospital floors.

Nurses spend a significant amount of hours on their feet, up to 12 hours every day. They don’t want to deal with blisters, so while looking for footwear, they should go for a pair that is both comfy and flexible. The On Cloud shoes are a fantastic choice for nurses.

They have a one-of-a-kind Memory Foam insole for superior cushioning and comfort. For optimal support and blister avoidance, these shoes include a specially designed heel and cushion.

On Cloud shoes have cotton inside that wicks moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry and comfortable. The shoes are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit everyone’s preferences.

What sets On Cloud Shoes apart from the competition?

As earlier mentioned, the Swiss-based On Footwear brand is one of the most popular among nurses. Their quality is excellent. The following are some of the reasons why On Cloud shoes are superior to other firm brands.

The raw materials utilized to make the shoe are of exceptional quality. The shoe will not survive long if it is not made of high-quality materials. Shoes on the cloud take care of this particular need.

The On Cloud shoes are made to be worn on a daily basis. This footwear is made in such a manner that you may wear it all day long without becoming bored of it.

You won’t be sweating all day thanks to the breathable and porous raw materials used in the manufacture of this shoe.

For healthcare personnel, the On Cloud shoes provide the greatest fit. Their shoe sizes are based on worldwide shoe size standards, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the sizes of this specific shoe brand will fit your typical shoe size.

On the Run, How Does the On Cloudflyer Perform?

Running in this sneaker is a blast especially for nurses! It features the same distinctive midsole design as Cloud pods, but we were pleasantly delighted to discover that these pods are actually functional. The ride is really responsive, and it has helped me with my gait cycle.

The heel-to-toe transitions were really smooth. Every step felt like this shoe was urging you to push off properly from the moment your foot impacted the ground through toe-off. To aid in explosive take-offs, the Cloud pod technology, and the SpeedboardTM work together.

The midsole features On’s HelionTM Superfoam, which assists in smooth landings. This foam offers excellent protection and support while being lightweight. We appreciated how this sneaker allowed anyone to quickly crank up the pace.

This shoe’s stability qualities aren’t overbearing, which I appreciate. On expanded the shoe’s forefoot to aid with stability, and the outsole boasts a unique forked shape that helps support the medial side. These may appear to be minor stability characteristics, yet they are useful. While jogging, you could feel your gait being adjusted, which will allow you to go for much longer. Your body will be happy for these stabilizing characteristics at the conclusion of every long run.

Fit and Materials on Cloudflyer

Upper Design

The Cloudflyer’s upper is made of a cushioned designed mesh that is both pleasant and flexible. Furthermore, distinct zones of mesh across the upper provide flexibility, while an open-patterned mesh on the toe box helps to dissipate heat. The midfoot is wrapped in a tighter weave for increased rigidity.

Although the mesh changes from the forefoot to the midfoot, the interior of the shoe is soft and smooth. The shoe’s inner is lined with a soft internal bootie that adds a hint of plushness.

A thick tongue sewn into the bootie keeps debris out while also providing cushioning. The Cloudflyer seems built for comfort from the moment you walk in.

Fit in every way

The Cloudflyer has a comfortable fit from heel to toe, making it ideal for extended runs. The midfoot offers ample shoe breadth, according to reviewers, and the tight mesh weave gives adequate stability for properly locking in the laces. The toe box, like the midfoot, is spacious. There’s ample room for your feet to breathe properly, and the looser mesh design adapts to fit your foot’s specific shape. The length appears to be accurate.

Fit on Heel

The Cloudflyer’s heel is well-structured, thanks to Heel Fit On. A firm heel cup is created by an exterior heel counter that wraps around the rear of the shoe and fits seamlessly into the overall appearance of the shoe; the heel counter provides a clean line with the two-tone midsole.

A solid heel counter aids in the creation of a secure fit. If you have a narrow heel or experience any slippage, On incorporated an extra lace hole at the top of the shoe to allow you to perform marathon lacing (also known as heel-lock lacing), however, one tester said he had no issues with the heel fit.

Ride and Performance of On Cloudflyer

On designed the Cloudflyer using Helion foam, highly calibrated Cloud components, and On’s distinctive Speedboard to provide continuous support and exceptional cushioning.

Helion foam is a light cushioning that provides strong impact protection without being too heavy. When you land, the foam feels protective, but when you take off, it feels firm—not it’s squishy.

The CloudTec pieces, which are a mainstay of On shoes, are sculpted out of the foam, but the parts beneath the Cloudflyer are meant to provide more support. The Cloudflyer has fewer individual pieces than a speed-oriented shoe like the On Cloudflow, and each element is broader. The broader components produce a solid transition that is suitable for both beginner and experienced marathon runners.

Final Words

The upgraded On Cloudflyer is a well-rounded performer that allows you to train in a variety of ways. The Cloudflyer is built with Helion foam for a light ride that protects you from the elements, and it’s finished with a dynamic mesh upper for a stretch in the toe box and midfoot support. Underfoot, On’s CloudTec technology delivers a solid transition and provides a supporting sensation. The On Cloudflyer is a capable and adaptable trainer partner, whether you’re a rookie runner going swiftly through training, a veteran racer with a PR on the line, or a nurse.

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