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Dangerous by Big Data - Big Data Shoes (Fictional but bad a**)

Big Data Shoes


Dangerous is a song by Big Data, from their first EP 1.0 (2013) and studio album 2.0. (2015). It includes Daniel Armbruster, the lead singer of the American indie rock band Joywave, on vocals. Steve Madden, a legendary footwear company, generously designed and provided the fashionable Big Data Shoes.

It is focused on two shoe designers who create an athletic sneaker that encourages the wearer to engage in violent behavior. The two designers first observe a group of shackled inmates wearing the shoes and walking in circles until one of them collides with another, resulting in one inmate violently headbutting another, splattering blood on the testers. After being pleased with the results, a marketing meeting is held to develop shoe advertising.

The remainder of the film alternates between pitches for advertising concepts and live demonstrations of such concepts. The video begins with a lady sprinting along a street in two-piece running gear, followed by another woman jogging in a similar outfit. Closed captioning reads sexual breathing while the camera moves from their sneakers to their breasts and faces also, as you listen to the song, closed captions at the bottom of the screen repeat commercial material.

“Now you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be with Big Data Shoes.” This is a straightforward message that may be found on nearly any modern product. We are frequently persuaded that purchasing a product would empower us as if a few bucks can solve all of our issues.

The Soles of Your Shoes and Big Data

There has been a lot of drama spilled in the name of Big Data in recent years. So much of the massacre is acceptable because Big Data represents a tremendous generational change in how we imagine data and its impact on every element of our private and professional relationships.

However, it is believed that most people are unaware of this. Most people are unable to grasp Big Data because it is both large and abstract. To many, it appears to be just another label for the 30-year-long technological arms race.

Big Data Shoes

In some way or another, most marketing tactics prey on customers’ desire to improve themselves. However, a new music video satirizing the advertising business shows what would happen if a product was designed for individuals who wanted to be even worse.

Big Data, the electro-music group that brought us the Facehawk project, which animated information gathered from its members’ Facebook profiles, has released a new video called “Dangerous.” While that endeavor highlighted the ease with which individuals are ready to pass up their personal information, the music video for “Dangerous” highlights the people who work hard to abuse that information.

The film is an insightful send-up of advertising culture in the guise of a false advertisement for “Big Data Sneakers,” directed by Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci. The introduction of this fictitious shoe is followed by viewers from the product development process through the real TV commercials, as well as all the meetings in between.

The only difference between this and real life is that the product encourages users to headbutt unsuspecting victims, causing their brains to rupture into geysers of disgust, and the marketing team is linking its aspirational campaign to a life of blatant immorality. “The notion was inspired by the idea of ‘lifestyle marketing,’” explains Alan Wilkis, the producer behind Big Data, who collaborated on the song with Joywave’s Dan Armbruster. What would happen, more precisely, if the lifestyle being promoted alongside a product was both overtly and fundamentally evil? That’s what attracted people in at first, and the tale evolved from there.”

It’s difficult to get a huge captive audience these days, and the customer is more distracted than ever. As a result, companies must be more clever in order to enter their typical consumer’s awareness, according to Wilkis we all are living in an era of data-driven marketing, which allows advertisers to be hyper-specific and hyper-targeted. Marketers may use the freely accessible information, social networks, and online behavioral patterns to predict exactly the types of items and services they’ll respond to, frequently in ways people don’t even realize.

Big Data Shoes Paranoia and Exploitation

It would empower us by making us “dangerous” if we bought these shoes. It’s conceivable that we’re already dangerous as a result of our acceptance of such behavior, as our cynical reaction suggests. We are the paranoid individual if we wake up to reality and realize this condition, but we are likely unaware of how far we have gone.

When the song’s message is combined with the video’s message, the audience is presented with a number of options: paranoia causes us to believe we are being used; we are “dangerous” because we know we are being exploited, or a mix of the two.

The song’s ambiguity over who is spying on whom is mirrored by the visual, which condemns exploitation by depending on exploitation. Similarly, the singer’s (in)ability to defeat the government scheme through hidden information is analogous to the singer’s capacity to put a stop to excessive violence.

Within the song video, there are no suitable relationships because each character exists simply for themselves. Even the mantras used throughout the advertisement in the film indicate a sort of individualism that dismisses the need to go beyond a self-serving perspective on life. The phrase “stronger in mind, body, and spirit” in particular connotes the potential to annihilate random individuals rather than something really empowering.


These shoes are very normal and can be used in everyday routine. These shoes can do surprise you in many ways, but they do have some kind of side effects too. The marketing strategy used for the shoe advertisement is also very unique. The device inadvertently encourages users to headbutt unsuspecting victims, causing their brains to rupture in geysers of disgust, and the marketing team is linking the product’s aspirational pitch to a life of blatant immorality. This advertising highlights the individuals that work tirelessly to exploit this data.

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