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Spenco vs. Superfeet

Several excellent and reasonably priced insoles are available in the markets; they are ideal for runners and for people who want more cushioning support and stability when running or walking. There are insoles that do just that, and they’re a lot less expensive than orthotics. Spenco and Superfeet are two of the most popular brands on the market. Runners, by definition, have painful feet. To alleviate the discomfort, you might utilize shoe add-ons to help. Some firms claim to be able to make runners feel as though they are running on clouds, with their insoles. However, not all insoles are created equal. When it comes to running insoles, there are generally a plethora of inexpensive and high-quality alternatives. While walking or running, certain people require additional support, cushioning, and stability.

In comparison to costly orthotics, many insoles provide all of these benefits at a lower cost. Superfeet was created in 1977 by two doctors who split out from Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. Superfeet’s premium insoles are based on clinically established podiatric medicine and the founder’s 45 years of expertise and experience working with the foot. Spenco has been a preferred brand of insoles by the American Podiatric Medical Association for over 40 years. Total Support, Spenco RX, and Spenco PolySorb are the three Spenco products they sell.

What are Insoles?

Insoles have a few meanings, but the finest one comes from the Cambridge Dictionary. Insoles are pieces of material that are inserted into shoes to improve the wearer’s comfort and warmth. Some insoles are also recommended to help with medical problems. Insoles can help cure chronic issues like knee osteoarthritis, according to research published by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Arch support, running and sports insoles, plantar fasciitis insoles, and gel insoles are among the several types of insoles available. Some are available at general shops and pharmacies, while others require a physician’s prescription. The insoles used for running and sports are definitely the most crucial for runners. Foam, gel, and other synthetic materials can be used to make these insoles.

Who Needs an Insole?

A good pair of insoles may help almost anyone who puts a lot of stress on their feet. High-impact physical exercise, such as running, fitness walking, and intense training, can cause stress. It can also be caused by standing for lengthy periods of time in jobs like nursing, food service, or retail. Consider utilizing an anti-fatigue mat if you stand in the same position all day. A decent pair of insoles can help you prevent foot, ankle, knee, hip, or lower back discomfort, whether you’re suffering it now or wish to avoid it in the future. Most individuals find that keeping their feet in a neutral posture, which is what most shoe insoles attempt to accomplish, helps them solve and avoid discomfort.

Spenco Insole

Spenco was formed in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence as a healthcare firm. The company promotes the importance of health and offers its insoles to those who are unable to jog due to chronic discomfort or foot pronation. Many of Spenco’s inserts are foam-based and antibacterial, making germs and Athlete’s Footless of concern. The insoles are popular among runners because they are composed of soft materials, endure for more than six months, and contain shock absorption to reduce unpleasant impacts. Spenco’s insoles have shock absorbers, which puts them ahead of several other insole producers. Running is a high-impact activity because it puts 2.5 times the runner’s weight on his or her joints. Spenco insoles are affordable for nearly any runner. The purpose of this insole is to give cushioned arch support. Total Backing Stability, shock absorption, and comfort are all provided by the original insoles. It is advised for anyone who wants to reduce over-pronation by supporting the arch and heel. SpenCore, a layer of cushion that absorbs stress and minimizes friction, has been carefully built into the Spenco RX. The Spenco RX comfort insert provides a thin, flat layer of extra lightweight cushioning. It’s perfect for those who have rigid custom orthotics and want a bit more cushion and comfort.

Superfeet Insole

Superfeet creates insoles based on podiatric medicine concepts and distributes them in a variety of nations across the world. To increase a runner’s comfort, the company features a deep, structural heel cup and foam and other synthetic materials in its shoes. The company focuses on joint pain, with an emphasis on ankle and toe discomfort. Superfeet employs medical specialists and interacts with them in order to provide its customers with high-grade inserts that increase the overall quality of their sports activities. Superfeet has over 40 national and international patents and is proud of its ability to stand out from the crowd. But how does it stack up against other well-known names like Spenco? Superfeet inserts are more costly than many other brands, but they stay longer. A pair of these shoes can be pricey (in comparison to Spenco), but they will generally last a year if properly cared for. Superfeet have long been a reliable insole brand, and they’re one of the finest for flat feet. Superfeet is available in a variety of styles. Consult a Fleet Feet FIT Professional for assistance in choosing the correct insert for your foot.

  • Blue — goes with a wide range of sports and casual footwear.
  • Green— is the most shock-absorbing color.
  • Berry —has a forefoot shock pad and is made to fit the foot of a woman.
  • Orange — a forefoot shock cushion is included for further comfort.
  • Black — narrow cleat Shoes with thin cleat support and a snug fit.
  • Yellow — skates, bicycle shoes, and track spikes are all compatible.
  • Copper — Three layers of memory foam provide support and comfort on top of a solid base. This insert was initially created for diabetics, but it’s also useful for those with sensitive feet or those who work on their feet (construction, police, fire, health care, and teachers)

Spenco vs. Superfeet – Comparison

The Similarities

Superfeet insoles have a shell-like design that outlines the arch and heel while providing solid support. These insoles hold the feet in place, ensuring that the body is in perfect alignment. They feature a small layer of foam on top of the shell for comfort, but they don’t give much cushioning. Superfeet offers little to no cushioning but outstanding stability and support for the heels and arches, making them ideal for runners who want additional support. Insoles from Superfeet give a strong, supportive foundation for the body’s architecture. They have an ESS (Encapsulating Stabilizer System) that supports the heel and allows the foot to move freely throughout its range of motion. The ESS helps to maintain the bone structure and reduces pronation. It also cups the heel fat pad, which improves our body’s inherent shock absorption abilities. Increased shock absorption, a more efficient stride, and improved balance and posture are all benefits of Superfeet insoles. Plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, shin splints, and knee discomfort can all be relieved with Superfeet’s perfect foot alignment. Spenco insoles, on the other hand, provide support as well as comfort. Spenco insoles come in a variety of styles, including rigid arch support and limited cushioning, complete support and midfoot cushioning, little arch support and cushioning, and the PolySorb series, which has maximum padding and excellent cushioning.

To summarize, both manufacturers produce insoles that are ideal for runners and others who want more arch and foot support to maintain stability.

The Differences

As previously stated Superfeet, has a shell-like structure and does not provide much cushioning. Spenco insoles are the way to go if you want more cushioning for your high arches. Extra cushioning may be found in the arch, mid-foot, and forefoot of some Spenco insoles. Other models, on the other hand, have cushioning all the way around the heel. Superfeet is ideal for tighter running shoes or wearing with sock liners since they have a small layer of foam and minimal or no cushioning. Some Superfeet insole types can also be worn with formal shoes. Spenco, on the other hand, maybe used with broader shoes because of its soft cushioning. Superfeet models are ideal for low- to medium-level support, while Spenco models are ideal for medium-to-high degrees of support and cushioning for those who want to increase the comfort of their shoes. Spenco insoles have been proven to provide greater arch support and to be useful in the treatment of chronic problems by runners. Different Spenco insoles feature different cushioning, which may be found in the arch and midfoot area, as well as the heel and forefoot. Some versions have to cushion all the way around the heel. Superfeet focuses on preventing foot discomfort in runners and providing a bit extra comfort for individuals who enjoy light day jogs. Spenco insoles are thick enough to fit inside tight shoes; therefore, some people may have to loosen their shoes when running. Superfeet, on the other hand, manufactures thinner insoles that fit into every running shoe.

Important Features to Consider

Overall support: Optimal support is essential for good foot health. We found that the more stiff pairs of insoles, especially in the arch and heel regions, offered the most overall support. A supportive pair of insoles will once again put the foot in a neutral posture, reducing foot pain and discomfort and/or preventing future difficulties.

Overall convenience: Convenience is also highly essential. After all, the purpose of insoles is to make your feet happy! Of course, this is a more subjective metric than the others because it is dependent on your foot’s demands, but the majority of our testers considered Superfeet to be the most comfortable.

Heel cup: Another region of the foot where many individuals get discomfort in the heel. Some insoles provide a heel cradling action that might help with stability and comfort. Consider the breadth and depth of the heel cradle (if one exists) as well as how well it fits your foot. The most solid heel support was observed in Superfeet.

Cushioning: The amount of padding varies a lot from one insole to the other. Some provide a pretty equal comfort, while others target specific regions of the foot with cushioning. The Spenco insoles were the most cushioned of all the insoles we tried.

Thickness: Shoe insoles are meant to be replaced instead of the ones that arrive with a pair of shoes. Shoes with detachable insoles are often bigger in volume, with some room for a somewhat larger insole. Look for a slimmer shape if you need to fit the insoles into a wider range of shoes.


In reality, both of these well-known insoles companies provide high-quality insoles that may help reduce foot pain and improve the quality of life for many runners and others who suffer from foot, leg, or back pain on a daily basis. Overall, finding an insole that works for you is critical. Comfort is first; therefore, runners should choose one that matches their budget and feels comfortable. It’s also true that Superfeet and Spenco are all far less expensive than bespoke orthotics made by a podiatrist. Finding the finest insoles for your individual needs, foot shape, gait style, and shoes might be a challenge. Plantar fasciitis sufferers and runners with medium to high arches will benefit from any of these brands. Spenco is typically used as a substitute insole for running shoes, although some Superfeet versions may also be worn with fine dress shoes. You should certainly take a closer look at the available Superfeet versions for optimum support and stability. If you want a little more cushioning and comfort, look into the Spenco insoles. You should test the insoles in your running or crossfit shoes, and keep in mind that everyone’s foot shape and gait are different, so you should take it into account while choosing the most comfortable insoles.

Overall, there is no correct answer to the issue of which Spenco or Superfeet insoles are the best and most suited. It all relies on your unique circumstances and requirements. They’re all great insole brands that are both inexpensive and high-quality, so whichever one you select, you’ll be happy.

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