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shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis

best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis

The truth is the majority of the shoes in the market today will make your heel pain worse. That is why selecting the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis is an essential step if you want to rectify this condition.

It’s important to know that wearing the best supportive shoes alone won’t cure plantar fasciitis. Being a nurse isn’t an easy job. You have a lot of responsibilities that require a lot of devotion, and working 12-16 hours shifts can take their toll on your feet. That’s why it’s essential to wear comfortable and quality nursing shoes, especially if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis. This is a common condition among medical professionals who spend most of their time standing or walking.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a very common medical condition that causes you to have pain in your heel. It’s an inflammation of your thick fibrous band tissue that connects your heel to your toes, runs across the bottom of your foot, and supports the muscles and your foo arch. You often feel a stabbing pain when you take your first steps in the morning. When you get up, your muscles start to move, and the pain decreases for some time, but it returns after standing for a long time or getting up after being seated. These two situations are a common routine in a nurse’s workday, which is why you have to pay more attention to the shoes you wear.

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best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis

Alegria women’s Debra slip-on

Alegria Debra slip-ons are great nursing shoes that are designed with stain-resistant leather. They’re lightweight and offer excellent cushioning around your heels to avoid slipping and blisters on your feet. The shape of the thick sole will help reduce the pain in your heels or foot and make it easier for you to glide effortlessly and still keep you stable as you walk, so you don’t have to use too much effort.

It’s a shoe for plantar fasciitis that is sturdy and well made, which will serve you for many good years before you have to replace it. To provide adequate arch support, it offers you the option of adding orthotic inserts. If you’re a stylish and fashionable nurse, you can choose different colors and patterns of this shoe that will match your uniform.


  • Provides good arch support
  • Comfortable and well structured
  • Very helpful for people with plantar fasciitis
  • Helps to reduce foot and leg pain
  • Extra cushioning helps to prevent blisters
  • nursing shoes for plantar.


  • A bit pricey
  • They can stretch after wearing for some time


Well constructed slip-on with excellent cushioning for your heel and feet. The thick sole keeps you stable while still providing excellent arch support when you’re on your feet for long hours.

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Skechers sports-loving life memory foam sneakers

memory foam sneakers cushioning system

For nurses who want a shoe that combines comfort, style, and fashion, then these sporty sneakers would be the ideal choice. These cute slip-on shoes provide great cushioning, memory foam, and a durable rubber outsole that is the best nursing shoes and helpful if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The upper part is made of a soft and breathable mesh fabric with a durable rubber sole that will help in absorbing shock.

The insole might be a bit stiff wearing it the first time, but the memory foam contours with your legs to provide maximum comfort. The outsole has flex grooves that provide arch support while at the same time offering plenty of air circulation. Although the slip-on feature and the bungee cords are very colorful instead of laces are great features for a nurse who is busy up and down, they prevent you from properly securing the sneakers on your feet.


  • The memory foam contours nicely with your feet
  • They’re lightweight and comfortable
  • You can clean them in a washing machine
  • Excellent arch support


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet
  • The sizing isn’t quite right
  • Inadequate heel support


Stylish and cute sneakers whose insole is made with memory foam contours with your feet to provide excellent arch support. The mesh fabric in the upper part of the shoes helps air to circulate while the rubber outsole absorbs the shock as you walk on hard surfaces.

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Alegria women’s Paloma flat

If you’re looking for a shoe that will give you happy feet, then you have found them. The Alegria women’s Paloma flat is a loved shoe by many women because it provides you with everything you need in a shoe. This top-quality shoe is made with a durable print leather material, so you don’t have to keep replacing it. It has superior arch support that keeps your feet well supported, dry, and happy.

Its footbed and clog design provide all-day comfort for your feet while standing or walking. The rocker outsole is designed to help you walk naturally without applying too much pressure on your feet. You can replace the removable footbed with your favorite pair of orthotic inserts, especially if you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis.


  • Super comfortable
  • Has enough room for your toes
  • Provides great arch support
  • Helps to reduce foot pain after standing for hours


  • The leather can be a bit stiff
  • The sizes may differ


Super comfortable and cute shoes that provide all-around comfort and support. It provides a perfect fit with extra space for your toes to move around freely.

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Dansko women’s professional mule

Dansko professional mule is a comfortable clog that is designed to provide your feet with all-day comfort and support. It has a stylish hand staple construction that makes the shoe attractive and durable, which means it will take long before you think about getting a new shoe. If you spend hours on your feet, this clog should provide you with the comfort, arch support, and protection your feet need the entire day.

The toe box has ample room for your toes to feel comfortable while it keeps your feet protected from any spillage, falling objects, and harmful chemicals. You can easily slide your feet into the clog, which is a great feature if you work in the operating room, and you have to keep changing your shoes. You can easily clean the leather with just a cloth and soapy water. The polyurethane sole will give you maximum stability and protection to ensure that you stay on your feet on any surface, whether you’re walking or standing.


  • Has a good arch support
  • Help to relieve foot pain
  • Ample toe space
  • Easy to slip in


  • The leather can crack
  • Sizing can be an issue


Very comfortable clogs that you can wear to work without feeling fatigued or in pain in your feet. They have a very roomy toe box that keeps your toes very happy and a comfortable heel that keeps your feet stable.

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Kunsto women’s leather casual loafer shoes

Kunsto casual loafers are convenient shoes you can wear, and they offer an easy slip-on and a lace-up design for both indoor and outdoor activities. This casual loafer is designed with nubuck leather lining to provide maximum comfort to your feet, and you don’t need to wear socks to feel comfortable. The flexible sole is not only durable; it’s comfortable to walk or stand in for a long time without experiencing any foot pain.

The edge-tied shoelace design helps to keep your feet securely tightened. The non-marking slip-resistant outsole massages your feet as you walk and provides good traction and grip on any surface. This protects you and keeps you stable at all times. The lightly padded insole and footbed add to your comfort while the unique leather upper is comfortable, breathable, and absorbs moisture to help keep you dry all day.


  • Very comfortable and reliable
  • Excellent feet support
  • Incredibly soft and cushioning
  • Lightweight to walk in for hours


  • They can become loose
  • Lack of enough arch support


Very cute and incredibly comfortable loafers that you can wear anywhere and at any time without having to worry about foot pains and fatigue. Flexible with a good grip on the outsole to provide stability and protection.

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New balance women’s 1080 running shoes

running shoes

A new balance is a running shoe that is designed to offer maximum cushioning and comfort. It’s designed with a mesh upper that is breathable and cushioning around the collar and footbed so that you’re comfortable wearing the shoes while walking, running, or standing. Apart from the cushioning, it has an asymmetrical heel counter that ensures your foot is securely in place and protects your foot from slipping.

The shoe will hold your foot in a healthy position and cushion it from shock produced with each step you make and prevent your heel from getting hurt. The design of the sole will evenly distribute the shock on your foot so that it doesn’t only impact your heel. This makes this shoe a great choice if you have plantar fasciitis.


  • Very comfortable when walking
  • Provides great cushioning
  • Excellent shoes for people with foot problems
  • Easy to clean
  • Great if you have wide feet and high arches
  • shoes for plantar fasciitis


  • The insole wears out quickly


This shoe is very comfortable to walk, run, or stand in for long hours without feeling the need to change into other shoes. It provides great support for your heel and even distribution of shock so that your heel doesn’t suffer. Your foot is well protected in the front and back and secured in place by the cushiony collar and laces.

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Alegria women’s Keli professional shoes

professional shoes

These are professional work shoes that would suit nurses who spend most of their day moving up and down hallways and patient rooms without having to worry about having problems with their feet. They’re made of leather, a slip-resistant polyurethane outsole, a removable footbed made of latex and cork, and memory foam to offer maximum comfort and support. They’re lightweight and comfortable with a 1.5-inch heel that is plantar fasciitis friendly.

The outsole is designed to protect you against slips and also absorb shock as you walk. The slip-in design is great when you’re in a hurry, and its good ventilation will prevent your feet from sweating. It has a comfortable, supportive, and removable insole that you can replace with a customized insert to help foot problems. Your heel will easily slip in and out of the shoes, which is a significant advantage if you’re in a hurry.


  • Help to reduce foot and leg pains
  • Light and very comfortable
  • Excellent for people with plantar fasciitis
  • Your feet don’t hurt even after a 12-hor shift
  • nursing shoes for plantar


  • Can be a bit stiff at the beginning
  • The outside wears out quickly


Lightweight, comfortable shoes that have excellent heel support and a convenient slip-on design. It has good breathability to keep your feet cool throughout and a removable footbed that you can replace with a customized one of your choice. Although it offers decent motion control, it can be a bit stiff at first.

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Klogs Naples leather closed-back nursing shoe

This Klog maple shoe is very popular with nurses and people with plantar fasciitis. It’s made with leather and a slip-resistant outsole that offers excellent comfort, arch support, and flexibility for your muscles and ligaments. It has a very roomy toe box, so your feet are always comfortable, and they don’t swell up after a long shift. Also, a removable insole that you can switch with an orthotic insert for better support.

The height of the heel is perfect for helping your posture, and the elastic part gives it a better fit. Both the insoles and outsoles are durable and provide additional comfort and support, which is great if you’re on your feet all day. The anti-slip outsoles provide excellent grip on wet or slippery floors, so you don’t have to worry about falling as you walk.


  • Very comfortable even for people with flat feet
  • Adequate arch support
  • Is very roomy for your toes
  • Excellent heel height


  • It takes some time to break them in
  • Can be a bit slippery on wet surfaces
  • The elastic can become lose


If you’re looking for a shoe that is simple yet comfortable, then this is the right shoe. It is comfortable, supportive, and durable, with added cushioning to keep your feet happy throughout your long shifts. However, the shoe can be a bit stiff in the beginning before you break it in.

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Nurse mates dove slip-on loafer

slip-on loafer

Nurse mates dove is a shoe made specifically for nurses and also suitable for people dealing with plantar fasciitis. It’s a comfortable shoe that offers excellent support for your feet and body with unique leather that is stain resistant and steel shanks to provide stability and protection when you’re walking. For support, this shoe has an upper foot and padded collar and a cushioned insole while the steel shanks provide lateral stability and the comfort that your feet need, which makes it ideal for plantar fasciitis.

It has a well-contoured footbed that will cradle your feet to give you the best feeling ever. The footbed is removable, which you can replace with an orthotic insert of your choice. You can easily clean the blood, liquids, or any other dirt from the stain-resistant finish, so your shoe isn’t left with any blotches. The slip-resistant outsole is also another great feature as it provides a good grip, so you don’t have to walk around worrying about falling or slipping on wet or slippery floors.


  • Excellent stain resistant finish
  • Very comfortable to walk in
  • Affordable nursing shoes
  • Ample room for your toes


  • They don’t breathe well
  • A bit stiff and tight for some users
  • Their arch support isn’t that good


This shoe is specifically designed for nurses to provide their feet with enough comfort and support to help reduce foot problems like plantar fasciitis. The toe box is very roomy for your toes to freely move while the upper part protects your feet and offers support. A very comfortable and stable shoe that you can easily clean, and with the help of the stain-resistant finish on the leather, your shoe will remain in top condition all the time.

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What causes plantar fasciitis?

If you have healthy feet, the plantar fascia plays the role of absorbing shock when you move and also supports the arch of your foot. But when there is a lot of tension and stress applied to the fascia from either excessive walking, running, or standing, there is a small tear that occurs. And if there is continuous stretching and tearing daily, the plantar fascia becomes irritated or inflamed.

Although plantar fasciitis may occur without cause, some factors may cause it to develop. These include:

Type of footwear

If you’re used to wearing heels, worn-out shoes, or shoes that have thin outsoles, they might cause problems for you down the line.


You can develop plantar fasciitis because of your age. This foot condition is most common in people who are between the ages of 40 and 60 years.


If you have added excess weight, the extra pounds will put more pressure on your feet, which can cause plantar fasciitis.


Professions that keep you on your feet

People who work in professions like nursing, teaching, factory workers, hairdressers, and other professionals who spend most of their time standing or walking on hard surfaces are at a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis.

Type of footwear

There are certain types of shoes that you wear that can cause excess pressure on your feet. High-heels, worn-out shoes, and those with thin soles might cause problems for your feet in the future.

Some particular exercises

When you’re involved in activities that put an excess of pressure on your heel and plantar fascia, they can lead to the early development of plantar fasciitis. Activities like ballet dancing, long-distance running, aerobic exercises, and ballistic jumping activities apply more pressure on your feet.

Foot mechanics

If you wear shoes that have very little cushioning and very little to no arch support, it could further damage your fascia. Also, feet with high arches, flat feet, unusual foot position, tight heel cords, or even certain patterns of walking could put more pressure on your plantar fascia, which could lead to fasciitis.

How to treat plantar fasciitis


These are devices used to hold your foot at a flexed angle. This helps to relieve pressure off the tears in the plantar fascia. These devices are commonly worn at night, together with orthotics. Podiatrists recommend a combination of these two before using any other invasive procedures.


This is the second line of prevention and the first line of treatment. The main aim is to provide the best heel and arch support to your feet. Orthotics are mostly customized to fit each person’s feet needs. You can also get them over the counter as a prevention, but they won’t be of much help as a treatment.


If the pain is still present after using the splints and orthotics, the doctor can recommend cortisone injections into your heel. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but it helps to significantly reduce the pain, especially when in combination with the above two treatments.


This is the last option of treating plantar fasciitis. This is a rare procedure because it affects the normal functioning of your foot. However, it’s sometimes necessary in extreme cases of plantar fasciitis.

What to look for in the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis

Heel support

For better comfort and to relieve pain, your shoes should have cushioning to support your heels. Your heel should always be stable, it shouldn’t slip up, down, back, or forth and it should be well contoured by your shoe. Also, you should check the heel drop or incline of your shoe. That is how much your heel is raised from your toes. If your shoe has a zero heel drop, it means your heel and toe are on the same level, and your whole foot is on a flat line.

Motion control

Plantar fasciitis is a matter of motion control, especially if you have flat feet. Shoes that have good motion control are rigid, durable, and they prevent overpronation. These features have elevated parts that help to align your foot with the rest of your body in a healthy, natural condition. The shoe should also be comfortable and stable, and since you’ll be walking a lot, the midsole must be shock absorbent. The ideal shoe should be made with leather or rubber or a combination of the two.

Enough arch support

Whether you’re using orthotic insoles to improve your arch support or not, shoes with excellent arch support are vital if you have plantar fasciitis. This will help to reduce the stress on your joints because more stress can cause more pain and further damage. Also, if you work in a station like the ER or ICU where you have to sometimes react quickly and run, the shoes you wear should have padding at the front.

Slip resistance

Shoes with slip resistance and excellent grip are features that can help keep you safe when walking on slippery floors from spills and liquids.


The best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis should be lightweight to avoid adding more pressure on your feet, which can cause fatigue, which can affect your productivity and performance at work.

Toes box

This is an often overlooked part, but it’s also important. For plantar fasciitis, you want a shoe that has a wide toe box, which will allow your toes to be evenly spread out for balance and impact distribution when you walk. If the toe box is too narrow, your toes don’t spread out much, which strains your feet, weakens your toes, and makes plantar fasciitis worse.

Removable insoles

The shoes you get should have removable insoles, whether it’s the ones that come with the shoes or the customized ones. This will allow you to change them when they wear out or if the requirements of your condition change. If you can’t remove the insoles of your shoes, the shoes are of no use to you.

Final thoughts

The best shoe for nurses with plantar fasciitis is Alegria women’s Debra slip-on because it has all the features you’re looking for in a good plantar fasciitis nurse shoe. It’s comfortable, has excellent heel and arch support, and has removable soles, although it has an old-fashioned design. Before buying any shoe, make sure you try it on.

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