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Best On Cloud Shoes for Healthcare Workers

The healthcare workers work tirelessly to ensure the right medical services are provided to the patients admitted to the hospital. They are on their feet all day, they keep running here and there to take care of the ailing patients and those who get admitted to the hospitals and reach out for medical help. The healthcare workers can’t keep running around the hospital floors barefoot. It is recommended to buy the right pair of shoes for the nurses and other health care workers to ensure their foot is safe and sound.

The legs are the foundation of the human body. The feet and legs bear the entire weight of the body and you need to invest in the right brand to get the proper footwear for a healthcare worker. When a healthcare worker is working tirelessly to meet the requirement of the patient, he/she should be given the right footwear and other needed equipment.

best On Cloud Shoes for healthcare workers

The reviews of the On cloud footwear brand is provided below. We have jotted down seven models of cloud Footwear, out of which five are meant for women health care workers and two are meant for male health care workers. As the foot structure is different for both men and women, the footwear is designed accordingly.

On running Cloud flyer

On Cloudflyer - Deals (£120), Facts, Reviews (2021) | RunRepeat

That provides you the best comfort and has good performance levels, and then this is the one you need to buy. The shoe has an extended grip pad and the shoe is shaped in the size of a central channel. The cloud-like feature in the sole of the shoe gives you great comfort. The V-shaped heel is one of the latest advancements in shoe design. This helps the healthcare worker to fit the shoe properly into your feet.

The mesh material used on the upper side of the shoe offers excellent breathability. So that the health care worker can use the shoe for a longer duration of time. The insole has molded form that gives you great comfort levels. The shoe is very light in weight, so it gives you protection against injury.

The plush tongue and Cloud Tech cushioning technology give you great stability and excellent comfort.


  • Amazing stability
  • Good cushioning
  • Great comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality material
  • Breathable fabric
  • Rubber outsole


  • No proper arch support

Price: $186

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On running Cloud Swift 

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This model of shoe is built with excellent quality material, and the material used for making the upper mesh is very flexible. This in turn provides proper ventilation and breathability.

The fabric lining used in the shoe has a breathable feature that ensures his feet stay fresh throughout the day.

The outer sole has a rubber offering that provides decent efficiency. The insole is made of cushioned foam that leads to proper comfort and provides excellent support.

On-running Cloud Swift is excellently padded and has a great cushion that ensures stability and comfort. This shoe is very light in weight and is very perfect for usage throughout the day.

One might not feel any hardness on their feet as the usage of helium super form provides bounciness to the shoe. As you walk with this shoe, you would get the feeling of walking on a cloud. The cloud tech technology used in the rubber outsole leads to excellent durability and provides high energy levels for working throughout the day.

Flat feet are one of the most prevailing problems among people of varying age groups. In this particular problem, the entire sole of the feet gets flat. That’s just the ground when you are standing. This problem could develop when the arch of the feet doesn’t develop with time. People having flat foot problems experience a lot of pain in the foot and heel area. People with flat feet would lookout for a pair of shoes that has flexible soles and great arch support.

They are very light in weight and cushioning which is best suited for people suffering from flat foot problems. However, those who are not suffering from flat foot problems could go for shoes that do not have arch support. There are two types of shoes available for healthcare workers from on cloud, both with arch support and without arch support.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Foam cushioning of the insole
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Foam for traction


  • Proper arch support is not provided

Price: $169

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On running Cloud flow 

On Running Cloudflow Review – The Sports Edit

If you wish to get the best efficiency and comfort levels at the same time, then you need to prefer this pair of shoes. The body made of mesh and rubber sole provides the efficiency levels that make your feet feel very fresh and happy.

The fabric on the upper side of the shoe is very breathable and the lining in the shoe delivers excellent comfort levels. The upper mesh is engineered and manufactured in a manner that leads to support and it can adapt based on the needs of the health care workers’ feet. The insole can be removed and it’s very supportive.

The cushion feature and padding along with the cloud tech technology become activated once you keep your foot on the ground. The lightweight foaming and uniqueness of this model of shoes are very amazing.

Another excellent feature of this shoe is that it comes with EVA foam and a zero-gravity feature. You would not feel like walking on the hard floor while making use of this shoe.


  • Removable insole
  • Breathable fabric
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Unique design


  • Not many color options are available

Price: $140

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On running Cloud Terry

Buy ON Cloud Terry online at Sport Conrad

If you are looking for a shoe that offers stability, durability, and comfort for standing for long hours, then you need to go for this shoe. If you are on your feet throughout the day and you feel very tired at the end of your work hours, then you need to go for this model of shoe that comes with Cloud Tech cushioning technology. This particular technology enables the healthcare worker to walk and run throughout the day without facing any issues.

The healthcare worker shoe has breathable lining and mesh on the upper side and is built to provide excellent breathability. This ensures that your feet stay fresh and completely relaxed throughout the day. Though the shoe is padded and has cushioning facility, the best part is that it’s very light in weight. The insole of the shoe is very flexible which leads to easy removal. The heels used in this shoe are perforated which leads to excellent slip resistance.


  • Zero-gravity foam for insole
  • Rubber sole for outsole
  • Great stability
  • Excellent comfort
  • Breathable Texture of fabric
  • Proper flow of air


  • Lace is quite hard to be worn on running

Price: $135

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On Running Cloud X 


If you are planning to enjoy excellent comfort and make avail of the durable feature, then you need to prefer this particular model of shoes. This is an ideal choice for healthcare workers who have back pain issues.

The bounciness and the light feeling of this shoe give stability. Every time you keep your feet on the ground. The insole has a dual-density feature and can be removed. The shoes are designed in a way that it allows for air to flow in and out with much ease.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the common problems that people encounter these days. The plantar fascia of the feet is nothing but the fibrous tissue connecting the toe to the heel bone. When this particular issue gets swollen, it causes intense pain in the heel area.

The on-cloud shoes with critical padding and great cushioning effect could absorb shock effectively. This is one of the top reasons why people suffering from plantar fasciitis should buy shoes from on cloud. The on-cloud shoes have excellent arch support which provides great stability and comfort levels to people suffering from plantar fasciitis.


  • Great durability
  • Excellent stability
  • Excellent comfort levels
  • Light in weight
  • Cushion capacity
  • Great flow of air


  • No anti-skid feature

Price: $126

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On Running Cloud Dip


Amazon.com | On Running Womens Cloud Dip Canvas | Road Running

This particular model of shoes is very durable and is very light in weight. It offers an excellent breathability feature. The shoe comes with a hellion super form that gives a cushion effect. The material used in the making of this form is very sturdy. The rubber sole and mesh used in the making of the shoe are very flexible. The stretchability of the upper mesh and the overlay of the synthetic fabric provides great comfort and longevity.

The breathability feature of the shoe is provided by the inclusion of the inner lining which is perforated. When the breathability of the shoe is high, the feet can feel fresh all the time. The Cloud tech technology used in the outsole of the shoe makes it very light in weight.

Having bounciness and providing a high energy return is one of the top features of the shoe. The shoe provides excellent versatility. This particular model of shoes could be preferred by the healthcare workers who are running all the time.


  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Cloud Tech outsole that leads to the excellent walking experience
  • Best breathability feature
  • Breathable lining
  • Sturdy material


  • No many color options available for this particular shoe.

Price: $165

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On running Cloud stratus

This particular model of shoe has a lot of color options for the buyers. It serves as an excellent option for healthcare workers. All the top features and specifications make this particular model a much preferred and sought-after one the features included in this shoe make the feet feel very much comfortable and provide a relaxing field to those who are wearing it.

The material used in the making of this shoe is vegan leather and the fabric is very breathable and the overlay is synthetic. This particular combination ensures longevity and comfort. To provide extra support and cushioning feel dual-density insole is included. This dual-density insole could be removed if the person is not willing to have it.

If you want to feel very light when you keep your foot on the ground, they need to prefer this shoe. There are certain things that healthcare workers must keep in mind regarding the removable insole. As you spend the entire day, keeping your foot inside the shoe, the insole absorbs, all the sweat and can get smelly. So, when you’re planning to buy a shoe, make sure it has a removable insole.

Also, the company should offer insoles for every model. A particular model of shoe has a different insole when compared to another model. So make sure every model of shoe has the insoles being sold. You can’t use insoles from another brand for this particular brand of shoe. The insole should be customized according to that particular brand and model.


  • Light in weight
  • Flexible
  • Sole provides excellent stability
  • Great comfort
  • Breathable mesh
  • Perforated Heel area


  • Lace could get untied while walking on the floor

Price: $160


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Buying Guide:

These are some of the tips healthcare workers should consider before buying the right pair of shoes. They are the ones who are working round the clock to ensure that the people don’t suffer from the ill effects of a pandemic. That too is hard and tiring times like these, it is much necessary to prefer a model of the shoe which is light on the foot.

Light in weight 

Every time you move your foot across the floor, you are picking up the shoe along with its weight and you keep moving. Ensure that the weight is not too high and it’s very light. Being light doesn’t have a direct correlation with flimsiness. The modern materials used in the design have a very light texture and weight.

Choosing the best fit 

You should not be compromising when it comes to choosing the best fit for the shoe. You could not spend a lot of time standing running and walking if your shoes are not in the right size. The size of the shoe should not be too tight or too loose.

Proper grip 

The shoe with the proper grip means having good slip resistance. Not all the floors in the hospital building have the same friction levels. Some might be smooth; some may be rough. If you have a proper shoe with the right grip, you could avoid getting slipped. There is certain kind of materials where grip matters a lot could be easily made on the surface. The right fit of the shoe enables the healthcare worker to walk very quickly from one place to another.

Easy to clean 

Working in a hospital atmosphere is subjected to a lot of spilling and splashing. The healthcare workers should prefer shoes that can be washed easily. Also, make sure the shoes while purchased have an instruction manual attached to them. Apart from being easy to clean, the shoes should be waterproof so that the inner sole doesn’t get damaged due to water spillage.

Proper protection 

The healthcare worker’s shoes must be properly protected against various environmental hazards. Both the exterior and the interior of the shoe must be safely guarded against damage. It could encounter the shielding and proper crafting of the shoe is a must. The shoes must fall in compliance with the market standards and should not be too heavy. The inner sole of the shoe should be taken extra Care of to check for better comfort levels and to provide the best orthopedic support. The inner soles also have another function of absorbing moisture and reducing the odour. The healthcare workers should also check if the shoe has a replaceable inner sole for the sole could get worn out due to the excessive work it performs in terms of absorbing moisture and odour reduction.

How do we choose the best On Cloud Shoes for healthcare workers?

We have jotted down the list of best shoes for healthcare workers after thorough scrutinization. There are more than a hundred models of shoes available on the website of on cloud. These shoes are craftily designed and specially curated by healthcare workers.

The products provided below are taken only after considering into account the positive reviews provided by the customers. The model of shoes which didn’t receive proper recognition was never taken for compiling the list.

Why Buy On Cloud Shoes for healthcare workers?

On is a footwear brand based out of Switzerland. They are known for their quality footwear. Sports-related footwear and lightweight footwear designed for professionals who are on their feet all the time is one of their top-selling products. The health care workers have to be available all the time. This would require them to climb up the stairs, zoom around the hospital floors by running helter-skelter.

It’s not possible to walk barefoot in such sanitized place. You need to have proper shoes to help you wade through all the disturbances in a very busy place like a hospital. One cannot use their normal footwear for walking around. There are certain technicalities involved in the making of a shoe for zooming around in a hospital.

In case you’re looking for shoes, that would help the healthcare workers, you need to go for On shoes only. These shoes are very comfortable to wear and are very durable. This ensures that you do not have to replace your footwear all the time as it would get don’t get damaged due to heavy usage. The on shows are not very expensive. This is why it is very much preferred by healthcare workers.

How On Cloud Shoes are better than other companies?

As previously mentioned, the On Footwear brand based out of Switzerland is one of the top preferred footwear by healthcare professionals. Their quality is top-notch. Some of the reasons why On cloud shoes are better when compared to the other company brands are listed below.

Excellent quality of raw materials used in the making of the shoe. When you don’t use the right quality material, the shoe doesn’t last long. On the cloud, shoes take care of this particular requirement.

The On Cloud shoes are designed for everyday usage. This footwear is designed in such a way that you want can use them all day without getting tired.

The On cloud shoes offer the best fit for healthcare workers. Their shoe sizes are set to the international shoe size standards that you need not fear whether the sizes of this particular shoe brand would match your usual shoe size.

The raw materials used in the making of this shoe are breathable and porous so that you don’t feel sweaty all the time.


Are the on-cloud shoes priced very high?

No. Different price ranges of shoes are available from the brand on the cloud. However, there is no direct correlation between quality and price.

What should you look for while buying a shoe for a healthcare worker? 

The material, lightness, and longevity are some of the most important factors you need to take into account while buying a shoe for a healthcare worker.

 What kind of shoes must be worn by health care workers?

The healthcare workers must prefer shoes that are light in weight. They can wear tennis shoes, sneakers, but it is suggested to prefer the shoes specifically designed for healthcare workers.


Being a healthcare worker is subjected to a lot of weariness, tiredness, and ache. But you could avoid it if you had invested in the right pair of shoes. There could be a lot of times in the day when you would be spending more hours in the hospital than the designated duty time. Though you would have taken some short breaks to your stay afloat, you would get tired if not for having the right shoes on your foot. The right pair of shoes reduces stress, protects health while you are dedicating your time and energy to protecting the patient’s health. So, taking some time to pick the right pair of shoes would indeed make a big difference in your performance, wellbeing, and career as well.

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