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The 15 Best Crocs for Nurses

Crocs are perfect for recreational activities and professional use. They are available in several colors and designs. Moreover, provide you an unforgettable experience.

They are made up of rubber produced by adding sulfur, plastic, and carbon. Crops are soft, fire, and water-resistant. Moreover, used in various industries because they are strong enough to decompose.

They are also environmentally friendly and they worth their cost. Crocs are stylish and good for your feet. For ventilation, some nurses are not in favor of wearing socks with crocs. On the same token, some nurses like to wear socks with crocs. So, wearing it or not depends on your comfort level.

10 Reasons why crocs are the best alternative for nurses-

They are designed for hard-working nurses because crocs are capable to eliminate pain. These light-weighted shoes are recommended for patients with foot problems. In addition to nurses, crocs are a perfect alternative for diabetes patients. This is because they have low circulation in their feet.

In the nursing profession, an individual is required to spend his majority of time on his feet. It puts a lot of load on the back, hips, feet, and calves. So, to get rid of this pain a majority of nurses use crocs.

They are slip-resistant, provides great support, comfort, and durability. Imagine, if a nurse removed her shoes and she got an emergency call. How much time will be wasted in wearing the shoes again? Crocs can be worn in a few seconds. Consequently, it can save you valuable time and effort.

In addition to it, they are slip-resistant and help the nurse to reach them faster and freely. They have the seal of APMA that highlights they are good for ankle care.

  • Cushion –Its cushion base is promising and loved by nurses. The material is soft, straight up, and secure. As a nurse, you are required to carry and support your patients. Wearing unsupportive shoes can give you extra stress. For nurses, they are perfect because they provide excellent support and protect their feet and spine.
  • Comfort – Don’t you think that your footwear must be comfortable while working on a 12-hour shift? Yes, and only support crocs are capable to provide you this comfort. In brief, they are a mixture of both comfort and support. On the one hand, you appreciate comfort. On the same token, your feet appreciate the support.
  • Back pain – A majority of nurses suffer from injuries because of carrying heavy equipment or patients. In 2011, the US hospital reported more than 16000 cases of musculoskeletal injuries. Wearing appropriate footwear like crocs can avoid back pain and several other health issues.
  • Breathable – As compared to boots they are open and protect your feet from becoming overheated. Having an overheated foot increases the risk of numerous infections.
  • Durable – As stated above they are made from quality rubber, so they last for longer. They are durable and don’t lose their smart appearance with time. Moreover, can retain their shape for longer.
  • Easy to clean – Contaminants damage the appearance of your footwear. As they are made up of rubber you can clean them easily. While working in a hospital, nurses can splash liquid or water on their crocs. Cleaning rubber is not a big deal. You can do it with a wet cloth and it will dry in a few minutes.
  • No laces – This is the biggest perk why they are preferred by the nurses. During surgery, you can’t see whether your laces are tied or not. Consequently, it can give birth to any big accident. Crocs because of this feature make you feel free during your duty.
  • Easy to wear and kicked – The nurses need to remain extra careful regarding what they are touching with their hands. For avoiding germs and infections, wearing crocs doesn’t require the support of your hand. Similarly, after giving your duty you can kick them in a locker without touching them.
  • Protection – They are opened to keeping your feet cool. On the same token, packed from the front for protection.
  • Reducing stress –Your stress level is reduced by wearing supportive, comfortable, and breathable footwear. Nevertheless, nursing is a stressful occupation where it’s essential to reduce stress.

Final Thoughts –

In the workplace environment of a nurse, it is essential to have dependable shoes that ensure your comfort while you are on the job. Fortunately, crocs are a possible solution, but you also need to consider other alternatives in case they do not work for you.

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