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OOfOS Nursing Shoes

Being a nurse is all about getting many jobs done without feeling comfortable. The entire day of a nurse is filled with walking, climbing the stairs, and taking the elevators. Even though the fatigue comes with this demanding job, some shoes can reduce it. You can say that the level of comfort for nurses highly depends on the shoes they wear. A comfortable pair of shoes can relax the feet that need to walk around the entire day. Some shoes are made especially for nursing and other professions like them.

If you are a nurse or belong to any other similar profession, you’d know the importance of good shoes. They don’t have to be fancy or full of colors. The only requirement is that they should be comfortable. An impractical and hard shoe is considered the worst enemy of a nurse. How does spending your entire day on heels feel? That’s how painful and uncomfortable shoes can be for nurses.

OOFOS Nursing shoes have been made especially for the nurses’ comfort. Since they are always on the go, these nursing shoes ensure that their feet feel relaxed and comfortable. A pair of top-notch nursing shoes can bring a lot of positivity to nurses’ day. Let’s learn some essential features that fine nursing shoes come with.

OOfOS Unisex OOCloog – lightweight Recovery footwear:

OOFOS Shoes USA 2021

We are going to review the nursing shoes launched by Oofo that are quite suitable. Oofos is a world-famous footwear brand that was founded in 2011. This innovative footwear company has pioneered a new category of shoes called ‘recovery footwear’. It aims to provide relaxing and light shoes for everyone who needs special footwear for intense walking/running. We have mentioned below some of the exciting features of these OOFOS nursing shoes.


Support: First, a nursing shoe should provide fine arch support. The arch of the nurses’ foot should be rested while walking or even running. The other major quality is lightweight due to constant walking or running. Remember, the protection of nurses’ feet should be a top priority.


The material of nursing shoes speaks a lot about their quality and durability. OOFOS nursing shoes are made of 100% smoother leather, as claimed by the creators. It has a rubber sole to provide ultimate comfort and ease. Many customers’ stated that they felt like ‘walking on the clouds’ while wearing these shoes. This pair of shoes will provide the ultimately pleasant walking experience that every nurse deserves.

Available Colors:

OOFOS OOmg Low Shoe Reviews - Trailspace

Undoubtedly, nurses cannot walk around in fancy sandals and heels. But that doesn’t mean they get to wear boring shoes with no color! For this reason, OOFOS nursing shoes are available in different colors. The available colors include a black, matte finish, latte, and brown.


Users cannot feel maximum comfort unless the shoes perfectly fit their feet. These shoes are offering an entire size chart for fitting.

Versatile Performance:

The overall impact of these OOFOS shoes is quite versatile. They offer unmatched comfort and reduce stress from the feet.

OOfoam Technology:

As per the creators, the OOfoam technology used for making these shoes is revolutionary. It can absorb up to 37% more impact than typical footwear. As a result, the stress is reduced from your joints, feet, and back. Additionally, you can easily wash this closed-cell foam in the machine without worrying about the damage.

Great for Recovery:

These shoes are made to heal the healthcare professionals who heal the world. The feet and joints of the nurses are not translated to fatigue or pain. Instead of slowing down, healthcare professionals, especially nurses, can perform even better with these shoes.

Backed by Science:

As per the creators, research revealed that OOFOS nursing shoes decrease compressive forces, reduce load, and support foot mobility. They are far more effective than competitor shoes that are available in the market.

Patented Footbed:

This pair of shoes support arches and decreases energy exertion with the help of its patented footbed. As compared to the competitor shoes, up to 47% of the energy exertion is reduced with OOFOS shoes. Hence, this item assures quick recovery and easy walking/running.


Do you know any nurse who deserves these shoes? Do any of your loved ones work as a nurse? If you’re thinking about buying them a gift, look no further. There’s no better gift to a nurse than an easy-to-wear pair of shoes. Not only will your loved ones appreciate your gesture, but they’ll also remember you as a genuinely caring friend. When in doubt, just gift relaxing shows to your beloved nurse.


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Customer’s Satisfaction:

The customers’ reviews and feedback tell us that these shoes are amazing. They have a perfectly balanced structure that’s neither too big nor too small. Furthermore, you will get great arch support and warmth by buying this product.

Easy Walking:

Walking around in the hospital becomes extremely easy and pleasant. You don’t have to worry about the foot problem because these shoes will ensure you feel minimum pain in your body. Some customers even wear it outside the hospitals.

Variety of Choice:

Another great quality of these shoes is their beautiful design and color. This brand allows users to select the color of their own choice. Hence, even nurses who are doing the most serious job can have some fun with these shoes. These shoes have numerous designs and colors so you can have more freedom.

Brand Commitment:

These are some essential pros of buying these pretty and relaxing shoes. The brand is committed to the recovery of its customers. Due to these features, this feature is listed among the best OOFOS nursing running shoes. You can buy it if you think these pros match our features. It can also work as a gift from a thoughtful person.


Amazon.com | OOFOS OOahh Sport Flex Slide - Lightweight Recovery Footwear - Reduces Pressure on Feet, Joints & Back - Machine Washable - Hand-Painted Graphics | Sandals

Simple Design:

Even though there are 68% positive reviews, there are negative ones too. One of the common complaints is about the design. Some customers didn’t like the design despite it being super healthy for feet. If you are a bag fashion enthusiast, this feature might be a turnoff for you.

Sweating Feet:

Another complaint about customers is their sweaty feet. Even though these shoes feel heavenly in terms of comfort, they can make your feet sweat. The key is to wear socks all the time. Be careful, though; there’s not much room. Hence, your socks should be thin enough to be worn under these shoes.

Tight for Wide Feet:

Everyone has different kinds of feet, and that’s okay. While buying this product, you need to make sure that you’re ordering the right size. In some cases, particularly people with wide feet, the normal size might not fit perfectly. One of the users pointed out her shoe being tight even though the size was correct. Hence, we suggest researching thoroughly before placing an order. It would be best if you order a size-up one for the safe side.

Temporary Non-Slip Function:

Even though the performance of the shoe is amazing, some features might not last long. For instance, according to feedback, the non-slip feature wore out very fast. Even if your floor is slightly wet, it would be very slippery. So, if you are planning to buy this, make sure not to use it carelessly. Otherwise, it will only create further new problems for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are these OOFOS shoes more effective than Crocs?

Even though there is no comparison between the two, these shoes serve therapeutic needs. The level of support and comfort of these shoes is unmatched. You can wear them all day. Their patented and unique foam will not make you feel tired.

Do these shoes provide slip resistance?

Despite being super comfy, these shoes are not certified for slip resistance. They provide great arch support, but they won’t help if the floor is too wet.

Are these shoes true in size?

Yes. For many users, the size of these shoes was a perfect fit. However, exceptions are always there. People with wider feet are advised to get a larger number (size one up) to avoid any potential mishap.

Can I wear socks with these shoes in my normal size?

Wearing socks with these shoes becomes challenging if the socks are thick. You can try putting on light socks, but it would also create the same issue if your feet are wide. However, people who don’t have wide feet can even wear cotton socks while enjoying the same comfort level.

Do these shoes run in the same size as flip-flops?

It depends on the feet’ size and type. Some users may find them being the same size. However, many users also shared that their flip-flops are slightly smaller in size than these shoes.

Can I use these shoes as office wear?

Yes, absolutely! These shoes have a decent design that you can wear at work. It is also a good option for a walk, thanks to the health benefits and simple design. It is a wonderful combination of both.

Our Verdict:

After researching these shoes thoroughly, we can safely say that they are superb! Everything from impact to performance is great. With a huge range of health benefits, these shoes can be your top choice.

While wearing these shoes can be a little tricky without socks due to sweat, they provide many exciting features. The manufacturers claim that they can help reduce the pain from the back, feet, and joints. It means that nurses can perform long-hour duties without feeling fatigued or discomfort. That’s why this brand refers to the OOfoam technology as revolutionary.

Despite being manufactured for nurses specifically, these shoes can be worn by anyone. Comfortable fashion should be enjoyed by everyone. You can use these shoes for daily routine, walking, or as office wear. However, make sure not to wear them on the wet floor. As mentioned earlier, these shoes are not certified non-slip. Even though this feature is included in this product, it might not last long.

Before placing an order, we suggest doing in-depth research to know more about these shoes. Read the FAQs given in this review carefully. They might clear up any confusion in your mind. While doing the research, make sure to order the right size. You wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money and end up buying.


Your feet are one of the essential parts of your body. They are a sort of foundation for the entire body. You must ensure that the foundation is solid and is getting the required support. We all spend most of our time wearing shoes and change them often once we get bored of the previous ones. But do we pay attention to the health of our feet?

The purpose of footwear is beyond stylish appearance. It needs to be supportive and comfortable to your feet. Wearing painful shoes might cause different health issues in the long term. That’s why you should be very vigilant while buying yourself a new pair of shoes.

People who are suffering from different kinds of body pains would know the importance of preferring comfort over style. For a huge number of people, uncomfortable footwear has been the main reason behind their pain. You need to ensure the maximum protection of your feet through such shoes.

Another group of people who need shoes with excellent support is athletes. Shoes that reduce the chances of being injured should always be the top priority. Once you ensure the maximum protection and best support, you can check for other features like appearance.

We all want to look good from head to toe. The color, design, and style are important factors that everyone wants to consider. However, you need to understand that these factors are not essential. Your overall health is the highest priority which is why you should always opt for supportive shoes.

To conclude, the world wide web is full of amazing shoes. All you need to do is make a list of the important features and search for the desired shoes. Don’t forget that your feet are your foundation, and a foundation should always be robust.

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