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Best Brooks Shoes For Nurses

Nurses are very important personnel in today’s times. With the pandemic hitting the globe at a massive scale, the paramedical staff, nurses, and other frontline healthcare workers are seen next to God. However, they take very little care in ensuring that they stay healthy and use the right equipment to stay safe and sound. Anything that hurts your foot ultimately ends up creating a mess in your head. Nurses’ feet are the most important tools for making them work to their fullest.

The nurses spend a lot of time with the patients when compared to the patients spending time with the doctors. The patients also feel very comfortable voicing out their requirements to a nurse more than with a doctor. This clearly shows how important a nurse is to running a hospital. Some extra effort has to be taken definitely to buy the right nurse shoes.

Why Brooks Shoes for Nurse Shoes

Brooks is one of the top brands for making nurse shoes. The kind of shoes which a nurse demands performing your duties diligently takes a lot of precision and accuracy. The brand Brooks is known for making nurse shoes taking all of the criteria into consideration.

The nurse shoes made by Brooks help the nurses to maintain the proper posture. This helps in the prevention of back problems as a nurse spends his/her complete time of the day standing and helping outpatients. Anything that plays a significant role in relieving the stress of the nurse caused due to standing is one of the major points.

The nose shoes made by Brooks provide the right arch support which ensures that the nurses don’t have. an aching foot after her work timing.

The anti-skid features incorporated in the nurse’s shoes Brooks ensure that the nurses don’t fall and face any accident. The Brook shoes provide speed and comfort both at the same time. These are the reasons why the nurse shoes from the Brooks brand is preferred over the nurse shoes from other brands.

How do we pick the best Brooks shoes for nurses?

Brooks has a variety of nurse shoes to choose from. However, about 7 nurse shoes out of which 5 women and 2 for men are chosen after extensively researching every model of shoe. The major factors for picking the nurse shoe are taken into consideration while listing the nurse shoes.

The shoe models provided below are rated very high by various buyers on Amazon. After reading the reviews, the shoes that receive the highest positive reviews and are approved by many buyers are only listed.

How Brooke shoes are better than other companies?

There are several reasons why Brooke shoes are better than other companies.

Different types of shoes are preferred for nurses. The nurse’s shoes should be very light and easy. This increases speed and flexibility. This is very important when the nurses are working long shifts.

Different types of shoes like slip-on shoes are manufactured by Brooks. When the nurse is required to change her shoes for a particular purpose, then these slip-on shoes are the ones to prefer. When the floor is slippery and fast-paced, then sneakers like shoes are preferred by nurses. These are manufactured by Brooks in some of the best possible procedures.

They are much suited for running and help in maintaining proper stability. Clogs are one of the popular types of Brooks shoes made for nurses. They are very specific in providing comfort levels.

Product reviews

Here we are mentioning some of the best Brook shoe ideals for nurses.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe 

Amazon.com | Brooks Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoe | Road Running

This is one of the sleekest and modern shows to be out from Brookes. They seem like a beauty but works like a beast. They are very light supportive and comfortable as they are designed using synthetic materials and mesh. They are very light in weight. The mesh used in the making of this shoe makes it very breathable that allows the flow of air in and out of the shoes.

This also allows the shoes to leave out the smell of sweat and any odor emanating from them. When there is proper inflow and outflow of air and other odor, this prevents the growth of bacteria in the shoes. These shoes are made with an excellent cushioning effect.

The BioMoGo DNA technology is deployed for providing cushioning support. The shoe is very responsive and provides the best energy returns. It makes you feel like you are having a walk on the clouds even if you have walked for hours together or have stood for many hours. This shoe has excellent shock absorption capacity. The outsole of the shoe is made using rubber of high traction so that the nurses don’t fall while walking on wet floors.


  • Excellent mesh and other material used in the making
  • Best traction to avoid slipping.
  • No requirement for breaking


  • The toe box is very narrow.

Price: $119.95

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Brooks Women’s levitate 4 running shoe

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The Brooks women’s levitate 4 running shoe has a unique color wrap. This is an excellent pair of nurse shoes who are looking for a stylish outlook with a great functional capacity. The shoe has two tons of looks to it. It is available in many colors from neutral to bright Shades and casual shades of colors are also available. There are different color combinations available for the nurse shoes.

One could avoid getting hurt by walking for long distances due to the inclusion of the Achille Guard. This protects the Achille Tendons. There is a pull tab on the rear side that helps in easy wearing and removing the shoes. The shoes have different types of arch support to provide comfort levels to nurses who have foot problems. The rubber sole made of crystal included in the shoes ensures that the nurse doesn’t slip and helps in avoiding accidents. The tread used in shoes is shaped in a narrow structure that makes walking much easier.


  • Unique Color Wrap
  • Rear Pull Tab
  • Achille Support for Achille Tendons


  • Small Size

Price: $192.72

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Brooke’s Revel 4

brooks revel 2 mens cheap online

When the nurse shoes have a proper upper mesh, it allows for a good flow of air both in and outside of the shoes. The mesh upper makes the feet of the nurse breathe freely when he or she is working for a longer time. This also prevents sweat smell emanating from the shoes.

The breathability of this model of the shoe ensures that one stays fresh throughout the day.

The midsole of the shoe is made using the BioMoGo DNA technology. This gives you comfort as you keep walking around. The non-slipping nature of the outsole in the shoe ensures that you don’t slip even while walking on wet floors.


  • There are 10 different colors
  • Excellent comfort and support
  • Great traction with wet floors


  • The ripping off of upper material

Price: $129.99

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Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17

Amazon.com | Brooks Women's Glycerin 17 | Road Running

The cushioning for the midsole is very vital to provide comfort to the person who is wearing the shoe. If a person tends to spend more than 12 hours at a stretch, then it is suggested to go for another shoe that has proper midsole cushioning.

This is one of the most ideal models of nurse shoes for those who are looking out for high quality. Though they come in a variety of colors, the most preferred one is the simple black and white combination where the outsole is white. The upper mesh construction ensures proper breathability. There is cushioning effect in the midsole of the shoe. The snug fit design provided for swift movement across different places. The shoes are very light in weight and they are very much slip-resistant.


  • Available in a range of different colors
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Excellent cushioning


  • Narrow size

Price: $150


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Brooks Women’s Launch 6

Brooks Launch 6 Womens : Brooks * Dr. Martens US online sale | Studioalex-bg.com

If proper padding is not provided at the back of the nurse’s shoe, this leads to blisters being created on the sole of the feet. So, one could feel a soaring pain after walking hours together using the shoe, when the ankle of the feet is constantly rubbing the shoe which is not padded. This friction leads to blisters. You need not worry about this in the case of Brooks shoes.

The best part about this nurse shoe is that it comes in neutral colors. If you are working in a very strict environment, then you need to prefer nurse shoes that are not very flashy. The snug fit and 3D fine print are some of the highlights of this particular model of shoe. The spring design leads to proper responsiveness.


  • Slip resistance
  • Excellent responsively
  • Minimal design


  • Slim fit
  • Small size


Price: $154.41


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Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Brooks Men's Ghost 12 Running Shoes | Olympia Sports

All the previous models of shoes were suggested for the female nurses. The feet of males differ drastically from that of females. So, the brand Brooks has taken specific account of the requirements placed forth by the male community. Taking all of this into account, they have designed the shoes in such a way that they feel very comfortable while using these shoes.

It has very good finishing and offers great support. The BioMoGo DNA technology provides the much-needed cushioning. The snug fit makes running with this shoe like a cakewalk. The midsole cushioning along with the arch support helps in shock absorption.

The entire body gets properly aligned only when the feet are properly aligned. When the feet are not properly aligned, the person tends to feel very uncomfortable. So, this is why you need to prefer buying nurse shoes that give you the right arch support. The poor arched support leads to problems like a sprain in the ankles, tightening of the calf muscles, and the muscles in the hip region, back, and knee. When there is sufficient arch support provided, this proves to be very helpful for those with flat feet.


  • Great cushioning
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Comes in all sizes
  • No breaking in


  • Non-waterproof,
  • Very narrow toe box.

Price: $130


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Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20

Amazon.com | Brooks mens Adrenaline Gts 20 | Road Running

The designated in the front portion of the shoe holds the toes. When the toe box is wide, it helps the person to wiggle the toes that leads to proper blood circulation. Also, they can feel comfortable when the toe box is wide.

The insole of Brook’s shoes could be removed which again serves as a very advantageous factor for those with flat feet.

If you are looking for a classy lightweight and good-looking shoe, then Brooks men’s Adrenaline is the one you need to go for.

The only issue with this model of shoe is that it doesn’t have a wide toe box. However, owing to the excellent design, the shoe can be preferred by those who have a narrow toe. The holistic support system provided by the shoe helps in providing alignment. Also, it focuses largely on areas like the knees.


  • Slip Resistant
  • Offers excellent cushioning
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Small toe box
  • Streamlined design

Price: $150


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Buying guide

There are a lot of models for Brooke shoes available for nurses in the market. You tend to get confused with the umpteen options available for Brooke shoes. You could make use of this guide to check if the nurse shoes which are planning to buy fit into the category.


A lot of people buy smaller-sized shoes so that they could fit in well, even if it breaks in.

Breaking in is the process of the shoe getting enlarged in size when the person is constantly wearing the shoe? This is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding the nurse shoes. The best part about buying Brooks Shoes is that they don’t break in at all. This is due to the excellent quality of material used in the making of the nurse shoes. So, you need not worry about the size getting altered after constant wearing as the shoes don’t break in.

There is a size that suits the needs of everyone. If you buy shoes, which are small in size, this leads to discomfort in the sole and causes blisters as well.

Wearing the wrong sized shoe also leads to improper blood circulation, which in turn leads to numbness in the toes. The size of the shoe if big makes it very challenging to even walk leave aside running.

Design and build of nurse shoe

The design of the shoe is one of the most important factors to be taken into account while making a choice on the shoes for nurses. Certain qualifications sanctify for a proper design which is completely satisfied by the models of shoes sold by Brooks.

Slip resistance

The nurses usually have to run around to attend to the patients, during times of emergencies. So, they have to look out for shoes that do not lead to slipping. A shoe with a rubber sole creates traction with any type of flooring. This ensures that the person doesn’t slip even if the floor is wet.


The work environment of the nurse is very shabby. So, the nurse’s shoes must be waterproofed. This would protect the feet of the nurse from all kinds of harmful elements like urine, medication, blood, body fluids, fecal matter, etc.

Also, the waterproof in the nurse shows helps in the cleaning process. One could easily clean the nurse’s shoes with the application of soap along with splashing off a little warm water. This could be cleaned with a clean cloth and disinfected later for further usage.


You cannot wear very heavy shoes and keep running around. One should ensure that the weight of the shoe does not correlate with the quality. When you prefer nurse shoes from Brooks, the material is structured and placed in such a way that the entire weight is not too heavy.


Do Brooks nurse shoes come in different colors? 

Yes. Brooke’s shoes come in different colors. However, most of the shoes are in line with the color standard specified by the hospitals.

Are Brooks nurse shoes available in different sizes?

Yes, one could measure their shoe size and get the right size shoe without any changes in the fitting.

Is the Brooks nurse shoe priced very high?

No. The Brook’s nurse shoes are priced very less. One could get these high-quality shows at lesser prices during the sale season.

Are Brooks shoes available for both gender?

Yes. Brooke shoes are available for both genders separately.

Are Brooks Shoes suitable for those with the flat foot?

Yes. The best part about Brooks shoes is that the insole could be removed and fitted with other types of cushioning that are suitable for flat feet.


Based on all of the models, suggested above one could make their choice while buying nurse shoes from Brooks. Legs are one of the most vital parts of the human body. The feet carry the heaviness of the leg which in turn carries the entire weight of the body. So, investing in the right equipment like shoes to protect your feet is not a luxury, but a necessity. You can prefer buying without any second thought a great pair of shoes from Brooks brand, which helps you focus on your nursing career in a much better manner.

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