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On Running Cloudflow Review

Perhaps you’re a trail runner who has to incorporate road running into your training, or perhaps you’re a nurse who must stand for long periods of time, or perhaps you simply enjoy running quickly on the roads. For all of you, the On Running Cloudflow is ideal. Your feet will appreciate the added comfort, and we are pretty sure that you’ll notice a buzz of new personal bests once you start jogging in them.

This pretty recent shoe company’s On Cloudflow is a lightweight performance sneaker. This shoe is marketed as On’s range racer, and it performs admirably as a racer or tempo shoe. This comprehensive On Running Cloudflow review examines the main characteristics of these running shoes as well as how well they function when running.

On Running Cloudflow Review

If you’re unfamiliar with On shoes, you’ll notice how unique they are from the competitors right away. It is extremely lightweight, adaptable, and quick. We wouldn’t suggest the Cloudflow if you’re a big heel striker. Similar On shoe styles with extra support may be seen here.

The Cloudflow running shoe is a standard neutral shoe, made for athletes that like a quicker cadence and smaller stroke, as well as flexibility. The latest version features a revised heel counter, and the fit is fantastic. You’re not conscious that you’re wearing something on your feet, like socks or gloves. In addition, recycled polyester makes approximately 70% of the top components. Isn’t that incredible?!

The new Helion Superfoam technology and 18 re-engineered Cloud components give significantly more padding than the older version. It’s one of my favorites since it’s still flexible and light, but it’s also more light and comfortable to wear for long lengths.

As a midfoot hitter, the quantity of cushioning is ideal for me — it’s really receptive. For longer runs, we like something a little heftier, but it’s our go-to for more than 10kilometres.

On Cloudflow Sizing and Fit

If you are acquainted with On running shoes, you’ll know that they’re typically comfy straight out of the box, and the On Running Cloudflow is no different. The warm inner layer of the top provides a lot of comforts.


To begin, the outsole of the On Cloudflow features Cloudtec. This is On’s flagship innovation, which consists of 18 honeycomb-shaped pieces known as “clouds.” To keep them more abrasion-resistant, they are wrapped in a layer of rubber. By enhancing the platform’s padding, this configuration hopes to give a more pleasant ride. In addition, when it rains, the outsole provides excellent grip on city streets. On Running also said that they updated the tread design in response to user input. Small pebbles were trapped readily in the Clouds in the initial iteration, according to numerous runners. The outsole of this road variant is also equipped with Speedboard technology. It’s a solid layer that seeks to distribute pressure evenly throughout the platform for improved comfort.


Helion cushion technology is used in the midsole. It is indeed a lightweight, organically springy latest version “superfoam” released by On Running in 2020. It works in combination with Speedboard and provides an excellent blend of stiffness and suppleness. It also cushions impacts throughout the run to provide the best possible comfort.


The On Cloudflow’s upper is made of a Swiss-engineered mesh that is meant to keep the foot in place while training for maximum comfort. It also has holes to allow your feet to breathe, preventing it from becoming too heated throughout the exertion as the speed increases.

Helion Foam

The sole includes a groove across the length of it, essentially separating it into two halves, allowing the shoe to bend more readily. It has 18 On’s signature hollow ‘pods’ that line the length of the sneaker (nine pods on each side). It sports a curved heel and is built of the brand’s unique Helion foam, which should provide for a better foot strike for heel strikers. It provided an excellent blend of padding and agility, which testers praised. When users went off-road, the pods seemed to accumulate a lot of muck and grit, thus they are strictly road shoes.

Cloudflow Weight and Drop

The On Cloudflow is 3 grams heavier than the old iteration, but the change is so slight that you won’t really feel that it is still an incredibly light running shoe. The fall from heel to toe is 6mm, but it seems closer to 4mm. We are not sure why, but sometimes it just does.

The On Cloudflow offers moderate running stability, which indicates it will feel fine on most users. However, there is a slight degree of arch assistance in there, that seems more evident than other On’s, but we still appreciate how it cuddles your feet.


“Firm,” is one of the many words that appear to connote a bad connotation when it refers to a shoe ride. The Cloudflow gives a secure ride that is solid in nature, however in a manner that is ideal for individuals who like a very stable ride. The shoe contains a soft toe spring that allows for a gentle, sliding transition between the pods. We experimented with various foot swings and discovered them to be generally smooth. The Speedboard in the Cloudflow acts a little like the Adidas tension system to add a bit of responsiveness on the run, similar to the Adidas Boston series. The Cloudflow does not provide anything groundbreaking, but it’s a reliable workhorse for people who prefer a sturdy, lightweight shoe that goes in the reverse way of many shoes’ maximum cushioning.


The Cloudflow’s Speedboard, like the Cloudswift 2.0’s, provides enough rigidity combined with the rather firm Helion foam bounce to let the shoe feel quite responsive. The perforated groove that runs through the center of the shoe, identical to the Cloudswift, helps give some light guiding.

On landing, the strong midsole provides enough firmness to retain the shoe support. The shoe’s comparative lightweight also contributed to the impression of control during the run. The Cloudflow felt sturdy throughout thanks to the strong cloud tec components, and the Helion foam appears to be giving something beyond adequate protection and comfort for daily runs and longer endeavors.

Is On Running Cloudflow Good for Nurses?

To be a nurse can be extremely demanding and stressful, especially for your feet. You always have to be on your feet, rushing from one patient to the next and calling out to people who want assistance.

Because you’ll be on your feet all day, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the greatest shoes possible. Long hours and standing all day can put a strain on your feet.

However, with the On Cloud running sneakers, you may feel more at ease when on your feet.

With this pair of shoes, you may gain efficiency and service quality at the same time as a nurse. The mesh upper and rubberized sole provide the finest combo for keeping your feet comfortable and fresh.

The top side’s breezy fabric, and also the soft lining, provide exceptional comfort.

The mesh top is created and intended to provide excellent support while also adapting to the requirements of the wearer’s foot. The insole is detachable and extremely supportive, thanks to all of the paddings and cushioning.

With innovative CloudTec cushioning tech, this is undoubtedly one of the finest On Cloud footwear for nurses. When your feet hit the ground, this function is active. This shoe’s revolutionary and lightweight foaming mechanism is very wonderful.

The nicest thing about these nursing shoes is that they have an EVA foam sole and a Zero-Gravity function. You will not want to tread on the hard floor if you do this.

Actually, it will seem as though you are walking on clouds.


  • One of the lightest cushioned shoes available
  • Flexibility creates a natural experience
  • ‘Hugging’ form ensures a great fit for the foot
  • Cushioned, but yet sensitive!
  • Elegant design
  • Now available in a wide-fitting version


  • The outsole shows signs of wear rapidly.
  • The “Clouds” in the sole’s design tend to trap tiny


It’s getting increasingly difficult to find shoes like the On Cloudflow that delivers a straightforward, no-frills running pleasure with a lot of ground contact sensation in this age of maximum cushioned shoes. Nurses and healthcare workers should give Cloudflow a serious look since it is light, quick, and proactive.

The shoe falls somewhere between a compact regular trainer and a racing shoe: it is low-profile, lightweight, and responsive enough to be used for quicker running, however with just enough padding to make it acceptable outside of a race setting, such as hospitals.

Furthermore, these shoes are ideal for a neutral runner seeking speed and reactivity. The Cloudflow seems lighter than air, and everything else seems too heavy after you’ve become used to it.

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