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On Running Cloud Terry Review


Being a nurse, if your job requires you to do anything from workouts to standing for long periods of time in the operation room, the correct shoes are essential for you. As a nurse, you’re on your feet all day, which puts a lot of strain on your legs and feet. So if nurses are wearing unsupportive shoes on a regular basis then it could lead to joint pains, aches and many other problems. There is a great variety of comfortable footwear that will help those people who stand all day and thus allow them to focus fully on their work.

By wearing proper shoes, nurses will be protected from the slippery floors of the hospital. They also get protection from pain in their hips, knees and ankles, during their working hours. Sturdy shoes with leather soles that absorb tremors easily managed to wipe surfaces, breathable woollen fabrics that keep feet cool, and excellent cushioning are just a few of the features that nurses look for in all-day comfort sneakers. I’m going to give you a review of the best shoe on the market, the On Cloud Running Terry.

Introduction Of On Cloud Running Terry

In the new On Cloud Terry, the iconic structure of the On Cloud running shoe is upgraded. With the addition of new elements and upgrades to existing characteristics, this road running shoe is brought to the next level in terms of comfortability. One’s highest running shoe, the Cloud Terry, is a new addition to the On Cloud series featuring a unique feature: Cloud Terry sneakers are composed of vegan leather, making them an excellent choice for vegan athletic shoes. It was made to be as light as possible. Terry is a trendy vegan running shoe that comes in a variety of colour combinations.

The On Cloud Terry has a terry fabric tongue, which is also the shoe’s most distinctive characteristic. It comes with a structure made of two different textures of vegan leather. These details come together to form a coherent and consistent entire.

Design of Cloud Terry

The upper section of On Cloud Terry is special not only because of the vegan-friendly material properties used but also because of its appearance – the most noticeable thing is the Terry-fabric tongue, which feels like cotton but is partly made of technical materials.

The Cloud Terry, which feels like cotton but is partly made of technical components, is made of two types of vegan leather.

The Cloud Terry is made of two different types of vegan leather smooth on the sides and pierced on the sole. The Cloud Terry is an excellent shoe for dry days, especially between the seasons of Spring and Fall – and all year if you have hot feet though in the wintertime. An inner sock joins the tongue to the sides of the upper on Cloud Terry. This maintains the tongue in place and prevents irritation inside the shoe.

A Cloud Terry features a finger loop at the back that, when paired with the iconic Cloud flexible laces, makes putting them on and taking them off a cold wind. The Cloud Terry seemed tighter at the lacing region than any other On Cloud running shoes.

Size of Cloud Terry

If you have broad feet, adjust the stretchy laces to enable more space around at the upper side of the shoe, as they came with tighter lacing than the normal On Clouds shoes, which on the other hand, can appear loose for some persons.

Cushioning In Cloud Terry

The midsole isn’t too cushioned, but it’s adequate for an all-day activity or walking, whether at work, the gym, short runs, or all of the above. This is ideal for wearing comfortable shoes, as it keeps them light and non-bulky.

Outsole Of Cloud Terry

The On Cloud Terry’s unique CloudTec foam outsole is designed to provide cushioning that adapts to the wearer’s activities, whether it’s all-day use or active preparation time. CloudTec has minimal friction toughness and works with the idea of support without enormous pressure, thanks to its “zero-gravity” composition. It is designed to provide an ultra-soft sensation and cushioning because it is a foam unit. CloudTec is made out of snuffed pods that allow for increased softness and elasticity. Its goal is to give the runner extra speed. Rubber pads encircle the bottom of the outsole, providing the necessary stability and durability for jogging on road surfaces.

Drop of Cloud Terry Shoe

The Cloud range of shoes has a 6mm drop from head to foot, which is typical. 6mm is a great quantity for street jogging and casual wear, in my opinion.

Weight of Cloud Terry

The Cloud Terry weights 223g (7.87oz), making it slightly lighter than the Cloud (230g (8.11oz) – weights are for men’s sizes; smaller women’s sizes weight often less. It has a medium-width toe.


  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has an attractive design with different colours.
  • Most people said that it reduces their foot pain.
  • Its stretchy slip-on structure is ideal for everyday use as well as travel.
  • It has a springy midsole.


  • It has not long durability like other shoe editions.
  • Laces are required for adjusting your feet.

Final Words

The Cloud Terry is more like a comfortable shoe than a competition running shoe, but you can easily break into a jog in the city when you need to. Because parts of the cloth used in its manufacture aren’t especially water-resistant, it’s best for days when the temperature isn’t too hot. Although the shoe is comfortable to run in, there are other On Running shoes that are better suited for longer runs, such as those lasting more than thirty minutes. The On Cloud Terry is a really adaptable active lifestyle sneaker, so you should be covered for whatever you decide to do with them during the day. As a result, this shoe will undoubtedly bring comfort to the nurse, allowing them to perform their duties without suffering.

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