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best waterproof shoes for nurses


Every profession is different from one another. Pieces of equipment and lifestyles also change with the type of job. If a job requires sitting all day and do works on computers or files that don’t need much attention on shoes, but a job that involves running moving, and walking hours after an hour, then shoes are essential for them.

The nurse spends a day walking, lifting heavy objects, moving around, and running, which can affect feet, knee, and back. Wearing the right kind of shoe is very important for nurses as a bad kind of shoe can increase the pain and stress in the lower extremities such as joint pain, achy arches, and many more foot-related problems.

If the shoe is not waterproof, it can cause many problems as the nurses need to work in any condition, and shoes can be easily wet. Supportive shoes not only make you comfortable, but they also minimize the pain and stress of the foot and lower body and excellent protection from all sharp objects that can be easily found in hospitals or nursing homes. There are many kinds of nurses’ shoes available to choose from. Each one of them is very protective; also, some of them are waterproof.

Important Factors While Choosing best waterproof Nursing Shoes

There are many types of nursing shoes available online or in any offline market. But for a different need, there are different types such as:

Stability and support

Some nurses prefer shoes with stability and support because nurses have to work long hours. Excellent back and ankle support is the main focus in this type of shoe to eliminate the chance of back pain foot itchiness. Shape, height, design, and material, these things have great importance on how the comfort and support of the shoes. So when buying a shoe, consider these facts carefully, and trying different combinations can help you select which features you want in shoes. Supportive shoes are very good for health and also great at giving support.

Design and Construction

Many different nurse shoes come with very different designs. Clogs, athletic shoes, crocs, tennis shoes are the most popular shoes in the nursing field. Depending on feet type, medical condition, each of the shoes has unique benefits. Some of the nurses might not want to compromise the design of the shoes; for them, many shoes come with unique designs and comfort. Many of them prefer leather as the material is strong, and also the leather can be used to create many designs. Different colors can also give a unique look to the shoes.


Another quality to look for, which is very important for every nurse. This one is the most common choice among all the other types. All the nurses are very aware of this fact because mostly all the floors in the hospital are very slippery. Slip resistance helps to prevent the slip with the help of extra grip. The environment throughout the day around nurses is mostly wet and filled with liquids. To prevent any kind of hazard, slip-resistant shoes are essential.

Weight and Comfort

Wearing shoes every day for long hours can be very hard if the shoes are overweight and uncomfortable. Overweight shoes can harm work as well as health. If the nursing shoes create any discomfort in the workplace productivity might be affected. Comfortable socks help blood circulation and minimize the swelling that is often created by wearing shoes for a long time.

Heel free shoes

Wearing a shoe with heels throughout the day can be very painful sometimes. There are many nurses out there with plantar fascitis conditions; in this condition, pain is caused around the heel or feet. One out of three people feels this pain in the morning when taking the first step, and eventually, it increases as the day goes on. For these people, there are shoes without heel and contains cushioning to relax the feet.

Types of Waterproof Nurse shoes

There are different types of features for various types of nursing shoes. Some of the popular types and their features are:


Clogs are a popular choice of nurses among all the other types of shoes. Many healthcare professionals prefer clogs over other shoes. The features of clogs are:

  • Clogs are very open compared to other types of nurse shoes, and it helps the air to pass in the shoe causing less sweating and overheating. Sweat-free feet are crucial for comfortable work and decrease the chance of fungal infection when wearing for too long.
  • Laces are good in normal shoes, but for nurses, it can be a distraction or an extra thing to worry about. While assisting in surgery, nurses have to be extra careful around sharp instruments, and laces can cause an accident.
  • Clogs are waterproof, which is very important because nurses commonly work around wet places containing liquids and spills. Wet shoes can cause discomfort and also reduce the speed of moving around.
  • Clogs are very easy to clean as they are made of rubber. Medical spills, blood, chemicals can easily splash and damage your shoes, and cleaning them can get quite hard. But with clogs, these are not the things to worry about.
  • Wearing a shoe, which you don’t have to use your hand to remove, is very good for nurses. Because working in a hospital means being extra careful about touching anything by which the spread of germs and infections can be prevented.

Clogs can be made of many different types of materials, such as leather, rubber, and others. Most of these materials are waterproof, which helps nurses very much in everyday work. As they work around liquids and wet environments, waterproof material is essential. They have a wide toe box, which can help in long hours as the nurses have to stand long hours during duty time. It helps to expand the feet naturally to stand all day pain-free. Clogs are very durable for their leather or rubber quality; also, they are very light in weight, so wearing them throughout the day is very comfortable. Clogs come with a slip-resistant sole that can help keep the nurses running all day without worrying. Slipping while walking is very hard as injury can happen at any time, and also, they can make them slow by watching their step every time.

Pros and Cons


  • Accommodates custom orthotics
  • Slim profile
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Easy to slip on
  • Plenty of color options and patterns
  • Patent leather
  • Water-resistant material
  • Good support
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Snugly on wide feet and tend to fit small


Dansko is very well known for its comfortability and focused material on reducing pressure points. Some of the other features of Dansko are:

  • Removable components – Some of the Dansko shoes have a removable component that is designed to help with cleaning and customizing. Throughout the day, nurses who need to wear orthotics are very commonly found with these shoes as the parts can be removed to accommodate for inserts.
  • The layer between the inner and outer sole is called the midsole, which provides shock absorbency. Midsoles are made to be anti-fatigue and lightweight to provide the essential power of absorbing shock.
  • Dansko is very well known for its use in healthcare facilities. They are very well performed on surfaces such as dry, moist, and oily. Dansko soles are slip-resistant and also waterproof.
  • Dansko is known for its anti-fatigue rocker bottoms, which are very useful for walking all day without feeling fatigued. Nurses have to move all day long from place to place, and Dansko is very useful to keep them running without fatigue.

Dansko Shoes are also known for roomy toe box that helps to expand the toe naturally to reduce the pain while standing all day. A comfortable layer of cushion that allows the feet to stay pain-free. Some people do not like hard soil as the pain is increased by it while standing all day. A comfy cushion can make the standing less free and also sweat absorbent. Other specifications are very important for shoes that are antimicrobial lining that helps to reduce the odor that comes from wearing shoes all day long. The midsole of the Dansko shoes is known for its shock-absorb nature.

Pros and Cons


  • Leather
  • Slip-resistant soles
  • Waterproof material
  • Room for custom orthotics
  • Variety of color options with sparkly choices
  • Stylish sporty look


  • Expensive
  • Tend to fit small
  • Laces too short to double knot

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are also ubiquitous among nurses. The most important feature is this type of shoes are, they are straightforward to wear and remove, they are slip-resistant and also water-resistant, which is a significant factor in health facilities.

Tennis shoes are ubiquitous among all the other nurse shoes. These shoes are known for their comfort. To give extra comfort than the other shoes, these shoes use a dual-dense footbed, which is made of N5 contour technology. It provides support all day long to heels and arches. It also features a cooling line that keeps the foot dry from sweat and moisture. They can be used without socks.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy slip-on style
  • Good support
  • Wide variety of colors including white
  • Easy to wipe down
  • Leather
  • Water-resistant


  • The sizing is not correct
  • Expensive
  • Exteriors tend to crack


One of the perfect shoe choice for the nurses are sneakers. These shoes are highly cushioned and come with a design that helps to get the feet sweat-free. Memory foam is also very common in sneakers and one of the key features which help to keep the feet cool and increase flexibility. Many color options are available for these shoes, and being lightweight, it comes with fashionable looks.

Sneakers are known for their durability. They also have some other specifications that make this type of shoe a perfect choice for nurses. They are waterproof, so wearing them in a hospital can make you worry-free about getting your feet wet. They also have memory foam insoles that help reduce sweating and swelling. Non-slip rubber soles that make the shoe slip-resistant.


  • Easy to wear
  • Leather
  • Removable inserts
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Nice color and pattern choices
  • No laces


  • Soles are not slip-resistant
  • Problem with sizes


Crocs are a widespread choice of nurses. It is known for comfort and back support, which is very important for nurses. Mostly the materials used to make crocs are solid foam. Crocs have Crocs come with an optional rear strap to use as per need. A common feature that is seen in crocs is a closed vented air portal, which helps the air to pass to prevent sweating. It comes with Low heel designs. These shoes have removable space for orthotics. Crocs are mostly waterproof and without vents for medical usage along with slip-resistant.

Crocs are made of foam or resin material, which makes them easy to wash in case of liquid spill stains or other stains. Also, these materials are well known for providing flexibility and comfort. Crocs come in a variety of colors and sizes, such as white, red, brown, etc.

Pros and Cons


  • Covers the whole foot protecting it from injuries.
  • Slip-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Material
  • Removable part for Orthotics
  • Provide comfort and support
  • Different color and pattern choice


  • Some crocs can be expensive
  • Comes with laces

Some other types include women’s slip-on, women’s mule, etc.

Conclusion best waterproof shoes for nurses

There are many different shoes to choose from that are water-resistant. You need to choose the type which goes with your needs. Some of the shoes have removable parts to insert orthotics; some of them have an extra cushion for less sweating. But among all the different things, waterproof and slip-resistant are very important for every nurse’s shoes.

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