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Skechers healthcare shoes

Skechers has been one of the most trustworthy brands in providing healthcare accessories for mainly the medical profession for decades. Still, it has now expanded into the commercial market and has made its products available to a wide range of customers.

The specialty of Skechers has always been to produce a variety of comfortable and medically active footwear. Most of the nurses and medical professionals avail the selection of healthcare footwear provided by Skechers for maximum efficiency in their works.

Skechers is popular due to its ability to mix trendy with professional. The brand has been known to make colorful shoes with the best sporty designs and meanwhile being equipped with comfortable soles and padding to provide the wearer with the most comfortable experience while working.

After learning all this, it was quite irresistible for me to try one of them. Skechers was primarily a company for providing accessories to medical professionals only. Still, their products have now become universal and can be used by anybody who performs a great deal of walking around the clock. The special healthcare shoes range offered by the Skechers promises to provide the most comfortable walking experience for our feet, and so it was time for me to put them to test.

Details about the product

The details given below are of the item purchased by me, and the specifications may be different for different items.

  • Dimensions: 9*6*0.5 (inches)
  • Material: Textile (100%)
  • Sole made of synthetic material
  • The textile material is breathable to prevent sweating
  • Water repellent and stain repellant material
  • The grips are slip-resistant, and the insides are made of memory foam
  • Serves nursing purposes for concerned individuals
  • Top arch at the front
  • Color options available: Black/white/multi/pink/blue/charcoal gray/gray/light blue
  • (The number of available color options differs for different sellers)
  • Laceless design with provisions for attaching a lace

Usage experience

To be true, the shoes were very comfortable to wear, and the size was a perfect fit. The sole is very comfortable and provides a smooth sensation without being too soft. It is handy for people who experience pain from wearing shoes for uninterrupted long time.

However, a fair warning to all the first time users is that the memory foam present in the shoes requires breaking into. This means that you need to wear it for a few days at least before the sole takes up your shape. But once the memory foam is set, the shoes will provide an all-around comfortable experience not only for your feet but your ankles as well.

The shoe originally comes as a laceless design to reduce the pressure inserted on foot, but if you are uncomfortable wearing such shoes, then you can attach any external lace. It is advisable to attach a lace if you are working in a crowded space to remove the risk of slipping out of the shoe.

Since the design of the shoes is athletic, it is very much well equipped for long walking around for any professional. Also, it adds the much-needed style quotient on these shoes, which are mainly regarded as ones for the patients.

For starters, the name says, these are healthcare shoes and make no mistake because that is the truth. You can even gift these to someone elderly in your family who are experiencing walking pain in their feet, and the results will be visible in a short time.

As for me, my job requires me to walk around a lot, and wearing these shoes has helped me get rid of the extreme pain that my feet had to suffer while I was using my previous sneakers.

Skechers provide slip resistance, so the grip on wet surfaces is pretty great and comes in extremely handy during the rainy season.

For its medical comfort, these shoes are often referred to as nursing shoes. The main reason for this terminology is that medical professionals mainly used these shoes. As a result, the healthiest shoes from Skechers are available only in black and white.

Also, Skechers is one of the cheapest brands to make quality products and is easily available in almost everyone’s budget.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular products of Skechers in this field.

Skechers Sport Memory foam sneaker

Amazon.com | Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Original Non-Memory ...

As mentioned at the very beginning, Skechers has always been known to provide the most comfortable shoe wearing experience, especially for those who have to use their feet for long hours every day.

The memory foam in the shoes ensures that your feet are adequately supported and comfortable without being too squeezy on your feet.

Pros and Cons


The various Pros of these shoes are listed below:

  • The lace-up design helps in providing a firm grip on your feet.
  • The slip-resistant material ensures that you do not slip on wet or slippery surfaces in extreme conditions.
  • The insole is made with memory foam that helps in providing the most efficient fit for your feet.
  • The padded collar supports the feet very well and reduces any kind of ankle pain.


 The various cons of the shoe are listed below:

  • The memory foam in the shoes needs breaking in.
  • The lace-up design might feel a little too tight for some people.
  • The shoes might feel a little wider in the middle section.

Skechers Sport Women’s sneaker

Amazon.com | Skechers Sport Women's Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker ...

This is a special item offered by the Skechers, designed especially for women. The main attraction of these shoes that makes it stand out from others is the Bungee lace system. This system ensures that you have the security of laced shoes and reduces the risk of the laces getting loose and you tripping on them.

The shoes come with slip-resistant rubber soles and a breathable upper mesh that gives much comfort during long hours of usage and prevents any germ accumulation on the feet.

Pros and Cons


The pros of these shoes are listed below:

  • The outsole is made of unique flex groove design to accentuate the curvature of your feet.
  • The insole is made of memory foam for greater comfort.
  • A slip-resistant rubber sole.
  • Breathable outer material.
  • Bungee style laces for greater efficiency.


The various cons of these shoes are listed below:

  • The memory foam requires breaking in.
  • The Bungee style laces might feel uncomfortable for some people.
  • Some people may not like the flex groove.

Skechers Sport Slip-On sneaker

Amazon.com | Skechers Sport Women's Energy 2 - Flings Slip-On ...

This is another dominant offering form the Skechers brand and is specially designed for people who work at places where they have to take their shoes on and off frequently. The soles come with a shock-absorbing material.

The shoes are extremely light-weight, and the padded tongue and collar increase the comfort level of the shoe manifold.

Pros and Cons


The pros of these shoes are listed below:

  • The shoes are designed in a slip-on style, thereby providing you with a hassle-free experience.
  • The heels of the shoes are made in a special design to provide air-cushioning.
  • The upper body of the shoes is made of leather to provide durability to these.
  • The front panel of the shoes is stretchable to offer more toe space.


The cons of the shoes are listed below:

  • The special heels may be uncomfortable for some people.
  • Many people do not like the slip-on style.
  • Does not offer protection against any kind of spill from liquid materials.

Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip-Resistant Shoe

A professional-looking, durable shoe offered by the Skechers brand. These shoes are perfect for people involved in hazardous medical work. The leather material of the shoes makes it more durable.

The shoes are highly protective of your feet and also repel any kind of liquid or chemical spilled on it. The specially designed midsoles also ensure that you do not experience any pain or foot fatigue.

Pros and Cons


The pros of the shoes are listed as follows:

  • The memory foam insoles provide the maximum level of comfort to your feet.
  • The solid leather material increases the durability of the shoes.
  • The material of the shoe’s upper body is fluid-repellant and offers the maximum protection to your feet.
  • A top stretch panel on the shoes also offers protection from any kind of electrical hazard.
  • The shock-absorbing midsoles reduce foot fatigue.


The cons of the shoes are listed as below:

  • The hard leather body may feel too firm on some people’s feet.
  • The laceless design is not popular among many people.
  • The sole may be damaged in the rainy season and develop cracks.
  • The hard heel may be uncomfortable for some people.

Skechers for Work Men’s Balder Slip Resistant Clog Work

Amazon.com | Skechers for Work Men's Balder Clog, Black, 7 M US ...

These shoes are specifically designed for men who have to spend their work hours, either standing or walking, especially in the medical field. The main attraction of these shoes is the extra padding available that makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

These shoes also come with specially designed ventilation ports along the side of the shoes for the breathability of the feet and reduce sweating or any kind of infection from spreading.

The soles are made of 100% slip-resistant rubber soles and a removable PU insole for the maximum level of comfort.

Pros and Cons


The pros of these shoes are as follows:

  • The side ventilation makes these shoes extremely comfortable for use and reduces any kind of discomfort arising due to sweating of the feet.
  • The presence of shock absorption soles increases the performance of the shoes during grueling work hours.
  • Extra padding ensures that it feels soft on your feet at all times.
  • The slip-resistant quality makes it safer for you to walk on slippery surfaces without any fear of falling.


The cons of these shoes are as follows:

  • The outer material may not offer that much protection against any chemical or fluid that may be spilled on it.
  • The laceless design may be uncomfortable for some people to wear.
  • The heels of the shoe may be depleted with rough usage.
  • The soles of the shoes are not very well attached to the shoes and may come off only after a short period of usage.
  • The size of the shoes is a little bigger than the standard sizes and may come off as uncomfortable for some users.

Overall Verdict for Skechers Healthcare shoes

So after careful consideration of all the aspects of the shoes, we can conclude that the Skechers healthcare shoes are actually equipped with all the promised features and can even cure some significant problems concerning the feet and the ankles. But it is evident some of the models have been known to suffer through a similar set of problems, and some of them are especially concerned with the insole and the memory foam.

However, a majority of the users found the shoes very comfortable and even helped them relax from some feet and ankle pain. These shoes are a good bargain because they are considerably cheaper than the other brands that offer healthcare shoes. Many professionals use Skechers’ footwear for long working hours that are especially stressful for their feet and have submitted positive feedback. It appears that the major problem arises when it comes to contact with rough surfaces, and there are some issues with the fitting of the shoes.

An important thing that should be noted that the shoes are available only in black and white at the stores, and the color options are mainly available at online retailers.

So obviously the shoes are not perfect but if you can overlook the problems faced by you can go for the buy and make your money worth it.

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