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Clinic Nursing Shoes

When you belong to a profession where standing for long hours in the ER and running alongside a gurney is normal, you cannot compromise on your feet’ health. Standing on your feet throughout the day causes a lot of stress to your lower extremities. Not to mention a list of long-term foot-related health conditions that can be caused because of the poor choice in footwear. Therefore, if you are suffering from never-ending discomfort and fatigue due to wrong shoes, consider switching to comfortable footwear as soon as possible. From joint pain to achy arches, your feet can develop numerous severe health conditions that will eventually start negatively impacting your performance. Luckily, there are several options for comfortable clinic nursing shoes created especially for healthcare professionals to feel stress-free while excelling at their jobs.

When you think about the best shoes for nurses, you could think of numerous factors that determine their quality. For some people, the best shoes would be the ones with the most stylish designs, vibrant colors, and trendy vibes. While on the other hand, some people would say that the best shoes provide maximum comfort, support, and breathability. Most healthcare professionals would say later because, during a stressful and exhausting job, the style would be the last thing that nurses need. Such requirements are not limited to the healthcare sector, numerous other professions including teachers, waiters, etc also need to wear shoes with maximum comfort to perform their job well. If you are among these core hard workers, we have good news for you. You can consider Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Nursing Shoes as they are among the finest nursing shoes with extra comfort.

Hawkswell Women’s Lightweight Nursing Shoes Comfortable Work Shoes:

Hawkwell shoes belong to the Wanchang intl group that was founded back in 2006 and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for multiple brands, including YONEX, DIADORA, FILA, and DISNEY. Being among the group’s brands, Hawkwell is determined to create an entire line of footwear that includes school uniform shoes, athletic shoes, soccer shoes, nurse shoes, chef shoes, and more. As the brand claims, it manufactures selective styles along with high quality to ensure excellent customer service and reasonable pricing. Hawkwell Women’s clinic nursing shoes also represent their quality material and innovative design. Being a nurse or doctor, these shoes will ensure your feet feel happy and stress-free.


Relying on the feet to get the job done means trying on the quality of shoes every day. That’s why the material of any nursing shoe is a crucial element. Hawkswell uses high-quality material to produce footwear with additional comfort. The outside of these nursing shoes gives you a sleek look and is made by using stain-resistant full-grain synthetic leather upper. This material is used so the shoes can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, these shoes feature removable memory foam footbeds to provide the support and comfort that your hardworking shoes require. The irresistible comfort is ensured by including a padded collar along with the lace-up system to keep the fitting accurate. All in all, these nursing shoes are great for hard-working individuals who can wear them in a medical environment, office, park, or anywhere else with ease.


Due to an impressive build, these shoes have a brilliant design. These shoes feature a classic slip-on design combined beautifully with a synthetic tumbled leather upper to ensure the supply of the required amount of comfort and durability. The synthetic leather contains stain-resistant properties for keeping the fresh look on the shoes. Even after being used for shifts after shifts, these shoes will maintain their classic appearance.

Available Colors:

If you are looking for shoes with a decent design and no fancy style, these Hawkwell nursing shoes might be your best choice. They are available in two colors i.e. black and white. These shoes are a great option for people who prefer simple and classic designs over bright, vibrant, and fancy looks. Even though the design is simple, it is elegant and can add a shine to your outfits.

Available Sizes:

When it comes to the shoe size, one has to be extremely careful, especially while buying online. A wrong size, even if slightly tight or loose, can never provide maximum protection to your feet. On the other hand, the comfort level for your feet will be maximized if you manage to order an accurate size. As per the sellers, these shoes are true to size. It indicates that you should select your normal size while buying these shoes. However, you should research the size in detail to be certain before ordering. Reading online reviews would be helpful for research. As for the size, these shoes are currently available in the following sizes:

  •  5
  • 6
  • 6.5
  •  7
  •  8
  • 9
  • 10


All-day Comfort:

These shoes can be an excellent choice for you to enjoy working without feeling lethargic. You don’t have to suffer from never-ending discomfort and pain just because of the wrong choice in footwear. By wearing these shoes, you can give your feet a chance to feel comfortable enough to continue your job well. Furthermore, you can also search the reviews of satisfied customers online who enjoy these shoes every day at work and everywhere else. Comfort is one of the unique features of these nursing shoes. Having said that, the manufacturer has ensured the utmost comfort and security in these nursing shoes. Even if you have a long-hour duty that requires frequent walking or running, you should treat your feet with maximum ease and comfort.

Easy to Clean:

As important as it is, being hygienic can also be challenging for healthcare workers given their job requirements. Being a doctor or nurse, you might find it difficult to take out time for cleaning your shoes. As a result, the shoes will surely end up getting dirty and eventually losing their charm. However, hygiene issues are less likely to occur in these Hawkwell nursing shoes. They are designed to be easy-to-clean shoes for users’ convenience. You won’t have to go beyond your way or waste your time just to keep your shoes well-maintained. With these clinic nursing shoes, you can focus on your actual job rather than being busy with never-ending maintenance.

Neutral Arch Support:

Arch support in footwear is becoming important day by day. The reason behind it is that the human foot is not designed to walk on a flat surface. Many footwear available in the market doesn’t provide the adequate arch support that is needed for healthcare workers. That’s why you should consider buying these clinic nursing shoes. They will ensure your feet get the optimum level of arch support to be able to work efficiently at your job.


Extra Support Required:

Even though these shoes provide great support and comfort, extra support would’ve been wonderful. Some users complained about hurting their feet after a long-hour shift. The main purpose of arch support is to reduce the pressure points that are found on the heels and balls of the feet. When arch support is not present, that pressure won’t be able to spread throughout the arches of feet. As a result, only the balls and heels would have to deal with all pressure, thereby feeling hurtful. These shoes contain numerous amazing benefits, ranging from easy slide and lightweight. However, when it comes to supporting feet, this feature received some negative reviews. While on the other hand, the shoes are praised by the customers as well due to their support. You can search for further reviews and feedback online for further clarification. If you prioritize arch support and don’t want to take risks, you may try other options.

Unpleasant Appearance:

Another issue that was raised by some consumers is about the appearance of these shoes. According to them, appearance is cheap, making the shoes look unattractive. For a large group of people, the appearance of footwear matters a lot. It can also impact their decision of buying shoes even if they are perfectly comfortable. However, the appearance is totally up to the users’ perception. Not all people raised this issue. Many users loved this cute design with lovely aesthetics. One of the possible reasons behind the shoes appearing to be dull is the lack of colors. They are only available in two colors. While the colors were selected by considering the potential customers i.e. the healthcare workers, they were not appreciated by all customers. People want to invest in footwear that looks as good as it feels. Regardless of its elegant and decent design, many people complained about the overall appearance.


Do these shoes offer arch support?

Yes, these shoes contain arch support.

Are they available in 9 ½ sizes?

No, these shoes are not currently available in this size

Are these shoes good enough to withstand vomiting and blood?

Yes, they are. Since these shoes are designed for healthcare professionals, they can withstand vomiting and blood.

Do the shoes contain mesh material?

No, they don’t contain mesh material. Nevertheless, they are created to provide excellent support and comfort to the users.

What is the heel height of these shoes?

The height of the heels is 1.5 inches

Is the insole removable?

Yes, these shoes contain a removable foam insole.

What are the dimensions of these shoes?

The dimensions are 11.2 x 7.55 x 4 inches

How much do these shoes weigh?

Their weight is around 15.87 ounces. Note that this is the weight of a single shoe

Our Verdict:

These Hawkwell nursing shoes offer a wide range of features that make them among the best clinic nursing shoes. If you are a hardworking individual with a difficult workload and stressful job, these should give you an element of relief. By wearing these shoes, you can treat your feet the way they require. The best thing about these shoes is that they can be worn at work, college, and restaurants. You can flaunt these shoes with most of your outfits as their design and color can easily match your look. These shoes provide multiple qualities such as slip resistance, additional comfort, and arch support to fulfill customers’ needs. Their lightweight design along with ½” heels offer perfect fitting.

When you depend on your feet to perform efficiently at work, you have to ensure they are healthy and happy. If you choose to wear low-quality nursing shoes or ordinary shoes with stylish design, your chances of getting long-term diseases will start increasing gradually. Hence, avoid wearing any other kind of shoes and prioritize comfort over style. Clinic nursing shoes will take care of your feet by providing them the comfort they need with the style that suits your personality. While searching for these shoes, you need to be sure regarding your actual size. Numerous individuals complained about not being able to get perfect fitting because the shoes were either too wide or too narrow. As a result, they couldn’t feel and experience the comfort that they were supposed to feel to work with maximum efficiency.


When it comes to footwear, we often tend to forget about its importance. We don’t pay attention to our feet’ health and end up buying shoes with fancy colors and ornaments that perfectly match our dress. Wearing inappropriate shoes can increase the risk of developing severe health conditions related to the feet, including bunions, calluses, spurs, and plantar fasciitis, etc. They can further affect your overall health if not taken care of early. Therefore, picking up the right kind of shoe with standard quality is extremely important, especially for healthcare workers.

Convenience should not necessarily be chosen over style. Not all brands would ask you to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. Some amazing brands offer shoes with high-quality material for sufficient comfort and brilliant design. Such shoes can be a win-win for users who want to feel rested and relaxed while having cool designs and funky colors. On the other hand, the design doesn’t always mean vibrant colors. Even black and white shoes can have unique designs and catchy aesthetics. Finding such shoes can be hard but not impossible. You must keep looking for them to keep your feet away from long-term health conditions. Being one of the most important body parts, our feet deserve the very best care.

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