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Nurse mates Align

Nursemates “Align,” notice that word in bold that is exactly what the shoe does to your foot and body. All professions have challenges, for example, dentists have to contend with back pains because of the procedures that they do while seated for long hours, and nurses are always on their toes caring for patients. Dentists, therefore, have specially designed treatment units and chairs to help counter back problem,s and nurses have the Align footwear.

The latter has been specially designed to collaborate with the natural biomechanics of the foot. If your foot is not placed correctly in the shoe, there bound to be some form of misalignment, which will now force your body to work harder so that it can overcompensate for the incorrect positioning of the foot.

And did you know that the genesis of fatigue is borne from the foot; when your foot is not aligned correctly, the stress is transferred back to your body, and that is when you find yourself having discomforts in the neck, back, and hip areas. We will, therefore, sample the nurse mate align and provide you with certain information about why they should be your go-to work shoes.

Features of the Nursemate Align

Orthotic footbed- Nursemate align is made with a firm and high-density orthotic footbed that has been molded to resonate with the foot’s anatomy. The footbed, therefore, features three functional parts, and the first one is the heel cup that cradles the wearer’s heel, holds it in position, thus improving stability.

There is also the multi-level arch support in the middle part of the footbed that will align the foot into staying in its correct position. The front part of the orthotic footbed has been equipped with a high-density impact form that will not only support your arch but also absorb shock. And to facilitate ease of movement, it has incorporated a firm but very flexible material that flexes with your foot as you walk.

Outsole– The outsoles of the nurse mate align features a slip-resistant material; you can, therefore, walk-on tiles or slippery floor without worrying about slipping or falling. The midsole is also cushioned for comfort when walking, as we all know how uncomfortable stepping on pebbles can be.

Under the orthotic footbed, the align footwear has incorporated a stabilizing composite shank, whose main purpose is to create balance under the wearer’s foot and enable a natural walk. The shank helps in reducing foot fatigue as it absorbs shock from the repetitive ground strike impact.

Moisture wick lining- You must have noticed the breathable mesh on the upper part of your sneakers that you wear; their purpose is to aerate the feet during activity, making them cool and prevents sweating. The nurse mate aligns upper part has been made with a moisture wick lining fabric, whose job is similar to that of the mesh on your sneakers.

The wick lining works by moving sweat to the outer surface of the fabric, and it also ensures that it dries rapidly so that sweat from the feet does not saturate the fabric. The outer upper part is made of a stain-resistant material, which enhances the durability of the shoe when it comes to cleaning.

Product Amazon Link
Velocity Nurse Mate women Eva outer sole, full-grain leather upper or printed polyurethane, wide toe box Amazon
Nurse Mate Women’s Fenton Rubber outer sole, full-grain leather upper, narrow toe box Amazon
Nurse Mate Women’s Faxon Rubber outer sole, full-grain leather upper, small toe box Amazon
Nurse Mates Men Foley Rubber outsole, leather upper, easy slip-on design, wide reinforced toe box Amazon

Velocity Nursmate Women’s

As discussed earlier, the Velocity shoes feature an align corrective orthotic that will alleviate pain from different parts of your body even if you have to stand and walk all day. The upper outside part has been made with a full-grain leather material that is durable though some versions have incorporated printed polyurethane.

The laces can stretch about foot size, so you wouldn’t feel like your feet are being constricted from the upper part. The stretch aspect also enhances movement, especially if you have to run or walk very fast, which is usually the nature of the nursing profession. Under the insole, the velocity footwear has the stabilizing composite shank that enables a natural walk as it offers balance.

The outer sole features an EVA sole, which is usually more flexible because it is much softer than rubber, is light in weight, absorbs shock, is durable, and keeps the foot warm.


  • Easy to clean the leather outer part
  • Easy to slip in and out
  • Stretch laces make the shoe comfortable
  • The stabilizing composite shank enhances alignment of the foot and body


  • Not very durable
  • Upper part peels off in short time


The Velocity nurse mate shouldn’t be your everyday wear because they won’t give you long service; otherwise, you will love its functionality when it is still new.

Nursemates Fenton women shoes

Just because your work is demanding doesn’t mean that you get rid of your fashion sense. The nurse mate Fenton women’s shoes combine both work and fashion in one durable shoe. The Fenton is made of a durable rubber outer sole that will offer you traction, thus slip-resistant.

The stylish upper part is made of soft full-grain leather that flexes with the foot during movement and is easy to clean. The lacing system stretches, so you don’t have to hustle when putting the shoe on your feet. The incorporated padded collar of the Fenton shoe has many benefits because apart from helping you to maintain stability by holding the foot in its right position, they also protect your Achilles.

The align corrective orthotic has also been incorporated in the shoe so you can forget about the possibilities of developing discomfort in the hip, knee, and neck area.


  • Are comfortable and stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • The rubber sole offers traction
  • Stretch laces make them easy to wear


  • Are heavy on the feet
  • The upper part is not breathable

Nursemates Women Faxon

The nurse mate women Faxon shoe is very stylish and versatile, as it will not stand out from your outfit but rather blend with the scrubs or overcoat. The outer sole is made of durable rubber for traction on different floor types or when running or walking very fast. The upper part features full-grain leather that will have you use the shoe for a very long time.

Your Achilles have also been catered for with the cushioning at the color, and the heel is a 1-inch height, so you won’t experience heaviness on the foot as you walk. Medical practitioners are required to think on their feet, and with less bulkiness and more comfort on foot, they are bound to be more productive.


  • Versatile and blends well with the scrubs
  • Features a durable outer sole
  • Easy to clean
  • Made with the align corrective orthotic for stability


  • Takes time to break-in
  • Toe box a little too tight


The Nursemate women’s Faxon is stylish and has incorporated the necessary comfort and health features. Putting them on may have them wear out faster, so you might want to find a durable substitute.

Nurse Mates Men’s Foley

The nurse mate’s men’s Foley is an easy to wear slip-on shoe, no hustling with the laces, the upper outer part features durable and flexible leather that flexes with the foot as you walk. The collar has been cushioned for comfort, and the outer rubber sole enhances traction. The toe area has been reinforced for durability and will, therefore, not give in due to the tension that materializes from forwarding movements.

The male nurses will not suffer discomfort or fatigue on the neck, knee, and hip area because the shoe has also incorporated the align corrective orthotic that works with the biomechanics of the foot.


  • Easy slip in and out design
  • Made with full-grain durable leather
  • Outer rubber sole reduces the chances of slipping
  • The toe box has been reinforced for durability


  • A bit constricting to the feet
  • Not very durable


The nurse mate men’s Foley are comfortable in every sense of the word; they will thus serve you for long but should not be overused. With good care and maintenance, knee, hip, and neck discomfort should be a thing of the past.

Importance of an aligning shoe

Different types of shoes will impact your overall health differently; people with pre-existing conditions may get better or worse. Therefore, the correct type of shoe has to position your foot correctly as you walk or stand, failure to which you will experience discomfort in various parts of your body. You might find that at the end of the day, you can barely walk or have a distorted walking style.

Therefore, with proper aligning shoes, you will be free from neck and shoulder strain, posture or back problems, and knee and hip pain. Muscle and joint fatigue will also be obliterated, not to mention the ankle and arch stability that will be provided by the align shoe. Therefore, people who walk or stand for long hours; the nurse mate aligns is your companion as it will enhance your health in more ways than one.

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