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Colorful Nursing Shoes

If you are searching for comfortable shoes, you might have just landed at the right place. Looking for comfortable shoes online brings a lot of challenges because you only get to see their visuals as opposed to touch, feel, or wear them. But the challenges are beyond just finding the right shoes. Sometimes, it is also about choosing between comfort and style. People tend to buy shoes that are trendy and stylish than comfortable ones. But when it comes to work, especially the one that requires constant walking or running, comfort cannot be ignored. For instance, professions like doctors, nurses, educators, etc require to be on their feet all day long. If they compromise their feet’ health over style, they might not be able to perform well.

Choosing the wrong pair of shoes can also bring several long-term diseases related to the feet. Preferring fashion and trend over comfort may cost you more than you think. As confirmed by Dr. Miguel Cunha, one of the finest podiatrists in New York City, a wrong pair of shoes may potentially cause several health conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, lower performance, runners’ knee injury, and early-onset arthritis. You wouldn’t like to suffer from so many problems just for the sake of fashion.

We understand that being a healthcare worker means working under tremendous pressure with no time to rest. However, you can only do your very best work when you feel comfortable enough to work. Relaxed and healthy feet would make you work with extra dedication and efficiency. That’s why you should go through the below-mentioned information about one of the best colorful nursing shoes that you can add to your collection.

ASICS Women’s Noosa Tri 13 Running Shoes:

Best Nursing Shoes to Express Your Personal Style – Footwear News

ASICS is a Japan-based shoe manufacturing company that is well-known for shoes especially for a wide range of sports. The designers take extra care about maximizing comfort level with stunning designs. The name ASICS is an acronym that represents a famous Latin saying “Sound mind in a sound body”. The shoes produced by this brand have recently been ranked among the best footwear available in the market. So, let’s learn the details about Women’s Noosa Tri 13 shoes.

Smart, comfy, and full of colors; are the main qualities that make these shoes unique. They can keep you up to date even while being at work. No matter how stressful your job becomes, you can give your feet comfort along with the boosted confidence by buying these shoes. Available in numerous states and designs, ASICS Women’s Noosa Tri can be a wonderful addition to your collection if you love stylish shoes.



These shoes are made for nurses and other similar professions so they can work without feeling stressed due to the lack of comfort. Its sole is made of rubber with an upper of breathable fabric mesh and supportive overlays. To ensure your feet fit the shoes well, this footwear item is equipped with a lace-up closure. Advanced technology such as GUIDESOLE and FLYTEFOAM technology are used for utmost comfort.


When it comes to appearance, these ASICS shoes are the real champs. They appear to be extremely fresh and trendy along with maximum comfort level. These are the kind of shoes that you can wear at work, restaurants, and get-togethers. You can also wear them all year thanks to the incredibly vibrant color combination.

Available Colors:

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The color combination of these shoes is the distinctive feature that sets them apart. These colorful nursing shoes are available in the following colors:

  • Black/ Pearl/ Pink
  • Black/ Pure Gold
  • Digital Aqua/ Hot pink
  • Black/Lilac Opal
  • Hot Pink / Sour Yuzu
  • Blue / Red Alert
  • White / Periwinkle
  • White / Blue

By manufacturing multiple designs with unique color combinations, the designers have given users more opportunities to sel1ect the shoes that fit their personality perfectly. Not to mention these shoes can easily boost your wardrobe with such pretty colors.

Available Size:

The seller claims that these shoes are true to size and that you should go for your usual size. The size chart is available online for users’ feasibility. The available sizes in these shoes include:

  • 5.5
  • 6
  • 6.5
  • 7
  • 7.5
  • 8
  • 8.5
  • 9
  • 9.5
  • 10.5,,
  • 11

Size is a crucial element when it comes to buying shoes online. A wrong size would only waste the time and money that you have invested to find the perfect shoes. Whether the size runs larger or smaller, you won’t be able to experience the utmost comfort that you’re meant to feel. Hence, do thorough research and only proceed to order when you are certain about the accurate size.


Advanced Technology:

The engineers have manufactured these shoes using advanced technology to maximize the comfort level. That’s why this footwear item is made by using GUIDESOLE and FLYTEFOAM technology. Guidesole technology has been tested to improve the efficiency of users and lessen fatigue. In addition, the patented FLYTEFOAM Lyte technology can help deliver extremely functional and lightweight cushioning. This FLYTEFOAM technology can provide nearly 76% better cushioning and make the shoes up to 55% lighter, as per the sellers.

Effective Shock Absorption:

Shock absorption is among the primary factors that lead to comfortable shoes. Shoes with good shock absorption can make your feet feel less stressed and more comfortable. These colorful nursing shoes by ASICS are offering you a great opportunity to give your feet the treatment they deserve. Due to effective shock absorption, you will be less likely to get hurt or feel uncomfortable.

Comfort with Style:

Even though comfort is extremely important, many users would love the idea of comfortable shoes with more creative designs and eye-catching color combinations. When it comes to style, these shoes are available in eight impressive designs. They are designed to have a blend of multiple colors in each shoe. You can easily wear them at work or elsewhere because these shoes can compliment pretty much any kind of outfit. The available color combination is suitable for everyone. Whether you want vibrant and noticeably cool or want to keep it simple with decent colors, you have the choice to pick the shoes according to your choice.


Running Small in Size:

Although the seller suggested ordering a regular size as the shoes were true to size, this might not be true for many people. As per the reviews and feedback, these shoes might run small on your feet, leaving you with a hurtful and uncomfortable situation. While some customers complained about feeling discomfort in the toe area due to the design, others complained about the tightness in their structure. If you buy these shoes, we suggest doing a thorough research and satisfying your heart before placing an order. In case of receiving the wrong size, you would have to return them which you certainly wouldn’t like to do.

Poor Traction:

Traction is another setback of these colorful nursing shoes. Despite all the great features included for users’ comfort, there are some limitations in these shoes as well. One of such drawbacks is the lack of traction. These shoes are not certified for slip resistance which would’ve been great if they were. Lack of slip resistance indicates that people living in inclement weather might struggle to find traction and may slip around. Wearing such shoes can be even more difficult for healthcare professionals given that they can encounter wet floors almost every day. Therefore, if you are okay with lesser traction and you think that it won’t impact your performance, you can proceed to buy this product. However, if slip resistance is among the primary features of the right shoes, you might want to think about other options.


Do these shoes have the Chinese language written on them?

The language is not Chinese. These shoes have the Japanese language written so please avoid confusion between the two.

Can I use them for an occasional train run?

You can use them since they are runny shoes, they can be helpful.

Is it good for nurses?

These shoes are exceptionally well for nurses. You Only have to be careful about the accurate size. Once you sort it out, wearing these shoes would be a great experience. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can buy these shoes.

Can I wear them without socks?

Yes, you can. Although these shoes can perform as fine without socks as they do with the socks on.

How much do these shoes weigh?

The weight of these shoes is 6.5 oz or 183 grams. Note that this weight is for a single shoe.

How high is their heel?

The heel featured in these shoes is ½ inch to inch.

How is the arch support of these shoes? Can I use them for jogging?

Yes, you can use these shoes for jogging. Since their weight is quite light, you can enjoy jogging with less effort and more comfort.

Our Verdict:

These ASICS NOOSA colorful nursing shoes come with a bold statement of color scheme that’ll remind you of the 90s. These shoes combine vibrant colors with additional comfort by providing a firm midsole so you can have an enjoyable ride. They are super lightweight, as per customers’ reviews. They are the best choice for people who like to stand out in the crowd. Their loud colorway would be the first thing that your friends and colleagues will notice. Hence, brace yourself for some exciting praises and compliments that might turn into confidence boosters for you. Furthermore, these shoes will give you an outstanding rigidness, ensuring an amazing riding experience for every user. The FLYTEFOAM midsole used by ASICS represents their “less is more” strategy. Even though the material is quite firm, the overall performance of these shoes has a sufficient amount of cushion. These shoes also absorb shock properly and smoothly lift off. The bearable and light material lets you enjoy walking even during hot and humid weather. They also contain sock liner so you can wear them without socks.

All these features make these shoes one of the finest colorful nursing shoes available online. They can be an excellent choice for people who want to have a fine balance between style and comfort. If you need fast walking and running around due to your job, these shoes can be your best bet. As you can observe, they feature numerous bells and whistles for runners. Although they offer stunning features to make you a better worker and efficient employee, these nursing shoes are not great when it comes to traction. So, if you require slip resistance, they might not be a good choice. However, if you can look past traction issues and focus on the available features, adding them into your footwear collection might turn out to be one wise decision.


Let’s be honest, finding the right pair of shoes that stays secure without being hurtful, offers long-term comfort, and has pretty colorful designs is not easy. When it comes to buying shoes, wearing a comfortable pair never goes out of style. However, ideal shoes are the ones that offer a blend of comfort and fashion. Investing in nursing shoes with your time and money is a wise idea, especially for people with long-hour standing jobs. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who likes to walk every day or a nurse who has to cover long-hour shifts, wearing nursing shoes can be beneficial for everyone. With these amazing shoes by ASICS, you don’t have to sacrifice the style anymore. Why should you pick dull and boring shoes when you can get eye-catching designs with maximum comfort? For people who are passionate about their footwear, the best pair of shoes provide versatility. They are stylish enough to be picked with day-to-day outfits with sufficient comfort to easily slip on. These are some key elements that you can search for while buying the shoes. Even though it is hard to find the perfect pair of shoes, it is not impossible. You can order these above-mentioned shoes online after double-checking for your size accuracy. Some of them might seem a little expensive, but given the excellent performance with remarkable comfort, we’d say it’s worth giving it a shot.

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