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Klogs nursing shoes: Why you need to wear these shoes

With everyone keeping an eye on their wallets, buying shoes that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with the job is a better option. For today’s healthcare workers, you want stylish shoes without compromising on comfort and support, and Klogs nursing shoes have a wide variety you can choose from.

Klogs’ nursing shoes have a wide variety of shoes that are designed to meet the required on-job safety standards while still being comfortable and stylish clogs, sneakers, or Mary Janes that can easily transition from work to weekend wear. As a nurse, safety is a top priority, and these shoes are designed with an upper that you can easily wipe clean and slip-resistant outsoles so that you’re safe and stable when walking on any floor surfaces. And since mostly you’re on 12-hour shifts, you require shoes that offer padded footbeds that are essential for providing cushioning and support for your feet all day.

Klogs are specially made for people who are always on the move and require shoes that will provide superior comfort and support throughout the day. They’re designed with innovative technology that ensures the shoes deliver a great fit, superior comfort, and support when you’re on your feet for hours every day. When you’re comfortable, you’re able to be more productive and efficient in your duties without having to worry about your aching feet or back. Investing in comfortable and supportive shoes can help in minimizing the stress on your back, feet, and knees as well as provide enough protection.

Features of Klogs nursing shoes

Klogs shoes are fashionable and love shoes by nurses and also people suffering plantar fasciitis. These are some of the features that you should look for in these shoes.

Comfort and support

If you’re a busy person who is always on the move, you will love these shoes and all their benefits they give you in terms of comfort. They’re constructed with high-quality materials that give them a lightweight feel, which makes it easy to stand or walk in them throughout your shift. Their roomy toe space is also another great feature that increases your comfort levels and ensures your toes aren’t squashed in the shoes, which can increase the stress on your feet and lower body.

Arch support

Most of these shoes support even people with high arches from the elevated heel and platform, providing adequate support, which helps to reduce the pain in your arches and feet. This improves your comfort levels, especially if you’re going to wear the shoes continuously over a long period. The footbed is super soft for enhanced comfort, which you can also replace with orthotic inserts if your feet need special attention in case you’re suffering from foot problems like plantar fasciitis. The deep heel cups and arch support ensure a secure fit, which helps to prevent back, feet, and leg pains.


These shoes have been thoroughly tested in various environments to ensure that they protect your feet from slips and falls. The outsole is made with a polyurethane sole that provides you with maximum stability and helps to keep you firmly on your feet at all times. This helps to reduce foot fatigue from spending long hours on your feet. The outsole is flexible and lightweight, which makes it easy to walk or run, and the non-marking grip and traction treads add to your protection when walking on wet, oily, or slippery floors. The roomy toe box protects your toes from falling objects and accidental spills from hazardous chemicals or bodily fluids and also allows your toes to move, so you’re more stable.


The design of the shoes makes them safe to wear because you’re assured that you’re stable on your feet at all times. This is thanks to the cushioned wide heel that gives you a solid grip when walking and the non-slip outsole. You remain stable and are less prone to accidents. It’s flexible, so it molds nicely to your feet to prevent your ankles from rolling, which can lead to sprained ankles and other injuries.


It is made with a polyurethane material that is very good at absorbing shock and flexible to make it easier to walk or stand. This provides excellent support and stability. The bottom part of the shoes has anti-fatigue rockers, so you don’t need to worry about getting tired after wearing them for long periods. Also, the outsole is lightweight and durable and provides decent traction over slippery floors.

Different types of Klogs nursing shoes

Product Heel and platform inches Amazon link
Naples leather closed-back clogs 2 inches

1 inch

Women’s mission clogs 1.25 inches

0.75 inches

Unisex Boca clogs 1.5 inches

0.75 inches

Austin clogs 2 inches

1.0 inches

Cali clogs 2 inches

¾ inch

Imperial leather clog 1.5 inches

0.5 inches


Naples leather closed-back clogs

Whether you work in healthcare or hospitality, these Klogs shoes are a great option to provide your feet with extra comfort and support during your long hour shifts. These nursing clogs are made with upper leather with a smooth, shiny finish, which makes it easy to clean. They’re water-resistant, which helps to increase their durability and ensure they remain clean and looking new.

The anti-slip outsoles are made with polyurethane that added to your comfort as well as providing grip and traction on wet or slippery floors. The removable insoles add to your comfort and arch support, and you can replace them with customized or orthotic inserts of your choice. These clogs have a low-top shaft for arch support with a 2-inch heel and a 1-inch platform that help to keep you stable and make it easier to propel yourself forward as you walk without using a lot of energy.


  • Extremely comfortable and easy to walk or stand-in for hours
  • The elastic band at the top of the shoes accommodates people with high arches
  • Excellent for people with plantar fasciitis
  • Provides good heel support


  • The color fades quickly
  • Sizing may vary


Great clogs to wear to work if you’re going to spend most of your time on your feet. They offer great support, protection, and comfort, all the things your feet need to stay healthy and happy throughout the day.

Women’s mission clogs

These are great shoes for healthcare professionals, hotel workers, busy mums, and other people who have to carry out their work on their feet for a long period. These mission clogs are not only comfortable; they have a simple design that appeals to many people and is also stylish so you can wear them at work and on your off days. They have a closed-back design so that your feet stay in place and offer protection.

The padded collar and side goring add to your comfort and also help to accommodate any feet swelling throughout the day. The high-quality leather upper makes the shoes breathable, which keeps your feet cool and dry, and the non-slip polyurethane outsole helps with shock absorption and grip on different surfaces. The anti-fatigue footbed provides extra cushioning for the long hours you’re standing or walking around. The 1.25-inch heel and .75 inch platform are excellent for your arch support.


  • The soft insole is very comfy
  • Very easy to clean
  • Effective slip resistance
  • Has a more professional look


  • They’re expensive
  • Some users have received one shoe more significant than the other


Simple shoes that have a more professional look that is comfortable and supportive with soft insoles that will keep your feet happy and relaxed throughout the day.

Unisex Boca clogs

Apart from people in the healthcare industry, restaurant workers like chefs also spend most of their working hours moving around in the kitchen. This is why they need shoes that will provide maximum comfort, protection, and support for their feet. Boca clogs are designed for the demanding work environment that chefs and other restaurant workers work in every day.

They’re made to offer comfort and arch support while the closed heel ensures that the shoes have a perfect fit. The removable insole is made with an anti-microbial treatment that helps to keep away odor so that you don’t have to worry about having smelly feet, especially from all the heat in the kitchen. The outsole is made with a lightweight material that gives you excellent grip and traction. The clogs have a synthetic material that is oil-resistant so you can easily clean them with soap and water.


  • You can replace the removable inserts
  • Durable and very comfortable insoles
  • Helps to reduce foot fatigue
  • The skid-resistant sole is very effective


  • The coloring flakes of after some time
  • Not suitable for people with high arches


Excellent and straightforward clogs that are made for people working in the hospitality industry like chefs and restaurant workers who also spent the majority of their time on their feet. They have adequate cushioning and support to prevent foot fatigue and protect your feet from grease and oil spills.

Austin clogs

If you’re looking for clogs that will be comfortable on your feet while at the same time make you feel like you’re walking barefoot, then these Austin clogs fit the bill. They’re designed with the soft suede material with embroidered details that give them a unique and classy look. These clogs have a slip-on design that is very convenient if you’re in a hurry or your work involves changed shoes often like in the operating room or theater.

This also helps to ensure that your feet stay intact in the shoes, which helps to prevent you from twisting your ankles. The upper part of the shoes is covered to protect your toes, while the roomy toe box provides ample space for your toes to move freely. The synthetic sole is slip-resistant and nonmarking, so you don’t leave marks on the polished hospital floors.

  • Come in a variety of attractive colors and patterns.
  • Offers excellent support even for high arches
  • Has a wide width that doesn’t put pressure on our instep
  • Comes with a replaceable insole



  • They’re expensive
  • Sizing may vary


Supportive shoes for all foot types with a comfortable and removable insole with excellent arch support. They come in attractive colors and patterns that you can wear both to work and at home.

Cali clogs

Cali clogs are stylish but straightforward slip-on clogs that are very cushiony with a beautiful design on the upper part of the shoes. The leather upper has an embossed design that gives the shoes a unique style with an adjustable buckle strap to provide you with a comfortable, customized fit to prevent too much movement of your ankles that can lead to injuries. The soft and smooth synthetic lining in the insole and lightly cushioned footbed add to your comfort by keeping your feet dry and help to alleviate aches and pains from all the hours standing and walking.

This also provides arch support while the synthetic outsole for proper heel support, which helps to reduce the pressure applied on your heels, which can lead to a lot of discomfort and pain. The synthetic outsole is excellent for making sure you don’t slip and fall on wet or slippery hospital floors. The roomy toe box area keeps your toes free to wiggle, and wide width can accommodate wide feet.


  • Have a very roomy toe box which is good for wide feet
  • Well-constructed with a wide width
  • The removable footbed is comfortable and can be fitted with customized orthotics
  • The adjustable straps ensure you have a comfortable fit


  • The width may run wide than your normal size
  • Doesn’t provide enough arch support


Cute and durable clogs that have ample room in the toe box for your toes to freely move and an adjustable buckle strap that you can use to achieve a comfortable and perfect fit. The slightly raised lip at the back will keep your feet securely in place to prevent your feet from slipping.

Imperial leather clog

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and are looking for the best pair of nursing shoes that provide superior comfort to help reduce the discomfort you’re going through every day, the Imperil clogs can be of great assistance. These shoes’ upper parts are made using genuine leather and have a stylish yet professional look that you will love. They have a roomy toe space to allow your toes to move freely and to give you a relaxing feel. The shoes are constructed using quality and lightweight materials that contribute to their durability and make it easier to walk in.

The high-end sole is designed to provide excellent grip and traction on wet, oily, or slippery floors while at the same time providing excellent shock absorption to help reduce foot fatigue. The heels are padded for extra comfort and to provide your feet a softer landing when walking or to run and also for more flexibility when moving your feet. You can replace the removable insoles with your customized inserts or when they start to stink or get worn out, which will save you a lot of money instead of buying another pair of shoes.


  • You can replace the insoles with your inserts
  • The width of the shoes is perfect
  • Has a very comfortable footbed
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Has a great design


  • The prints start to peel after some time
  • The shoes are too big


These are lightweight shoes that you can wear all day and not feet tired or fatigued at the end of your shift. They have a beautiful design, a roomy toe space, a grip-resistant sole, padded heels, removable insole, and a slip-on design that makes these shoes versatile and a good investment.


Klog’s nursing shoes are an excellent choice for anyone who is always on your feet. They provide superior comfort, excellent traction, adequate support, and protection to ensure that your feet are healthy and happy throughout the day.


Are Klogs comfortable?

Klogs provide you with excellent and long-lasting support and comfort throughout the day, and they’re durable and easy to clean.

Where are Klogs made?

Klogs are comfortable men and women shoes made in the U.S. They’re designed in American styles and constructed in Sullivan, Missouri.

Are Klogs good for plantar fasciitis?

Klog shoes are made with a removable insole that you can replace with a customized orthotic insert if your feet need special care and extra support due to a foot condition like plantar fasciitis. These shoes have impressive arch support to help relieve pain and give you great comfort.

What is the fastest way to cure plantar fasciitis?

You can take pain relievers like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to help with the inflammation or doing exercises like stretching your calves, Achilles tendon, and the bottom of your feet to help strengthen the muscles in your lower legs and feet.

How are Klogs supposed to fit?

When you wear Klogs shoes for the first time, it’s normal to feel your heel being lifted and down as you walk. Also, you will feel some stretching of the leather upper.

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