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This section features nursing shoes product information, ratings, and reviews

How long do nursing shoes last?

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It’s always easy to buy shoes, but when they’re for a specific purpose, you’ll need to consider a lot of different factors depending on the kind of shoes you’re looking for. With all the nursing shoe options available in the market, it can be a challenging process finding the right …

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How to walk in Dansko clogs


Wearing the right nursing shoes can make all the difference during your long shifts in the hospital or healthcare facility. As a nurse, you spend most of your long shift hours working in hazardous underfoot conditions, and wearing shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and protective is very vital for all …

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Why are nursing shoes white?


The first color that comes to mind when you think about nursing shoes is color white. Most of the medical schools require clinicians and nurses to wear white shoes. However, keeping white shoes clean can be very difficult, especially if you’re working in an environment where you will come into …

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Nursing clogs vs tennis shoes


Just like an athlete running a marathon, nurses also run their daily marathon, and wearing the right shoes is very important to a nurse’s health just as it is to a marathoner. You may argue which shoe is the best, but ultimately, the best shoe is one that has a …

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Why do nurses wear clogs?


Nurses always have a busy day from the moment they start their shift, so they need to stay fit and healthy. But unlike other professions, nurses do their work while on their feet, which means you need to invest in a good pair of shoes to keep you comfortable throughout. …

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How to clean nursing shoes


When you’re on your feet all day, you want to be wearing comfortable shoes that offer proper support to your feet. You also need to know how to clean nursing shoes so that these shoes can last longer and serve you for a long time. Nurses spend most of your …

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All about Men’s Nursing Shoes

What are Nursing Shoes? Shoes with immaculate non-slip technology, good grip and adhesion, and supreme comfort levels are imperative components of nursing shoes. They need to provide comfort and cushioning to your feet for as long as you stand on your feet since there are multiple hours of standing and …

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