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Pink nursing shoes

As a nurse, you need to spend all day on your feet. You do various tasks with your feet, such as moving around, walking around the nursing home, lifting heavy objects what may create stress on your back, knees, and free. You spend all the day on your feet, so this is worth investing in a good pair of shoes that will keep you in comfort and can give you support all day. Additionally, a pair of comfortable and supportive nursing shoes is not only beneficial for providing a relaxing fit, but also minimizes stress in your lower body.

You can get nursing shoes in different colors and designs. Most people prefer pink color for their shoes as this color is a great combination with any other nursing uniform. If you are also searching for pink nursing shoes, then here the article is for you. But before choosing your favorite colored nursing shoes, you need to know more about them.

Facts to consider before choosing your pink nursing shoe

Comfort is always an important factor, especially when the job is for nurses. For long hours, they need to work by standing as they get very little time for a good relaxing break and physical exertion. In that case, the stress of this job can be easily reduced by providing them eye-soothing colored comfortable shoes. So let’s know about some essential factors that every nursing shoe should have.

What the right nursing shoe can do for you

It cushions your foot: We get cushioning from the mid part of our shoe. But remember that your pink nursing shoe will not be able to reduce the force that normally goes through your body. But it can increase the time that your body needs to apply to you.

It gives support for your foot: When you will be buying a pink nursing shoe for you, then don’t forget to check if it aids the alignment of your foot when it touches the ground.

Gives Comfortableness all day: You will feel comfortable wearing your pink nursing shoe from just the first wear.

It will fit you well: When buying a pink nursing shoe, don’t forget to check if it has at least 1-1.5cn at the end of it or not. You should buy it wide enough and long enough to fit your feet.

How to choose the right pink nursing shoe

Try to buy your nursing shoes from the specialty store. In that case, the staff will help you to choose a shoe depending upon your profession and activity.

  • Try to shop for shoes at the end of the full-day activities. It will help you to decide the comfortless of any particular shoe when your feet are in their most significant.
  • Take the shopper’s assistance to measure your feet every time, because you may have your feet larger and wider as per your age. Sometimes this is also seen that one foot is slightly bigger than the other foot.
  • Make sure to wiggle all your toes when wearing your pink nursing shoes because you need room for your foot to move within your shoe when you are walking or running.
  • Check the comfortless for your shoe by walking or running a few steps in your shoe.
  • As the most critical step, examine your shoe sole thoroughly to make sure that there is nothing sturdy enough to protect you against harmful objects.

These all are the tips that will help you to buy the right pink nursing shoe.

Different types of pink nursing shoe

Nurse mates Dove pink ribbon nursing shoes

Most probably, these are the highest selling nursing shoes in the market. Most of the nurses wear this shoe, and some of them are wearing this shoe for decades. It will give you a seem like there is nothing in your foot. You don’t need to worry about blisters and rubbing tongues. This slip, spill, and the stain-resistant shoe will provide you the best support.

Nurse mates Dove pink ribbon nursing shoes come with US sizing, so you don’t need to worry about its sizing what you are looking for. The material which is used for this shoe is full-grain tumbled floater leather, so cleaning it is extremely easy and quick. It has a padded collar for ankle support what will make you feel easy when slipping on and off.


  • It has a classy and professional look.
  • The leather material is extremely soft and comfortable.
  • The inside padding of this shoe is soft and luxurious.
  • It doesn’t have any sharp or rough pots inside of this shoe.


  • Your feet may get hot inside of this shoe.
  • This is a little bit expensive from other nursing shoes.


As this is stated in the name, nurse mates Dove’s pink ribbon nursing shoe is specially designed for nurses. You can wear it indoors and outdoor both, but remember this shoe is not for walking through snow and mud puddles.

KLOGS footwear slip resistant pink nursing shoe

KLOGS footwear slip-resistant pink nursing shoe is specially designed to give you proper breathability and heel protection. It has a deep heel cup and built-in arch support and contoured grip to provide you the stability to place your foot in place. This footwear is extremely flexible, durable, and the upper part of this shoe is extremely stain resistant, which can be cleaned easily. It also has a removable insole to accommodate customized orthodontics to provide you more pain prevention.

The Perma white technology has made this footwear brighter ten times than the other nursing shoes. The interior of this shoe is antiperspirant and anti-microbial. This is made depending upon the US sizing, so you don’t need to worry here about the proper sizing that you want.


  • This is highly cushioned to give you comfort all day long.
  • It has an extra depth that can protect your foot as per its best
  • It has a removable footbed.


  • Not available for all time in the market.
  • The sizing may not correctly fit you.


The excellent features of this shoe will make it your favorite shoe very soon. Here the great combination of lightweight and pain prevention makes this shoe ideal for most nurses.

Yoan closed pink nursing shoes.

As the company claims, ‘walk 10x smarter in your workplace with Yoan’. Now get trendy, fashionable, and fantastic footwear that is ideal for the nursing profession. This shoe is ultimately hygienic, comfortable, and safe. You can get it in different sizing and different colors. For extra arch support and cushioning, you should first choose this shoe that comes with more interesting features.

The hygienic design has made it easy to clean, and the antibacterial components of this shoe will make you comfortable all day and protect your foot from harmful skin diseases.


  • It has exchangeable footbeds that are suitable for orthotics.
  • The latest technology has made this shoe extremely lightweight.
  • It has a perfect fit for everyone.


  • It doesn’t provide that much slip resistance as another nursing shoe.
  • Price is something high


This shoe is appreciated and accepted for its excellent design and look. It may have fewer features if compared to other nursing shoes. Still, this is great for the nursing profession, especially.

Timberland Pro Women’s Renova slip on

Timberland is famous for its wide range of professional and designer boots. You can also get excellent-looking shoes from this Timberland pro women’s Renova slip-on. This is specially designed for providing comfort for healthcare workers and other professionals. It can give you protection from daily hazards along with excellent shock absorption and all-day comfort.

The outer sole is also featured with a safe grip slip-resistant rubber sole, which reduces the chance of slipping on the wet floor. The shoe material is also designed with a 3M scratch guard protective finish for improving satin resistance. The anatomically designed toe box allows optimal comfort and perfect toe positioning to give you overall satisfaction.


  • It has bi-fit density footbeds, which help in regulating temperature and avoid foot overheating.
  • The rocker heel makes every step easy and smooth.
  • The material is super durable and robust.


  • It creates slight squeaking while walking.
  • It may get worst soon with proper maintenance.


These are specially designed for people who need to be on their feet most of the time. You can wear it indoors and outdoor but avoid stepping on large banks of snow or big puddles. The only complaint with this shoe is that this is a little bit tight if compared to similar other products. Aside from this report, this shoe is no doubt very much cute and stylish to hit the purchase button.

Dansko women’s professional mule

This shoe is no doubt beautiful if you are looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes without compromising their performance. The durable leather material provides a protective rear heel counter for giving you improved comfort and mobility. It has a roomy toe box that provides wiggle room and foot protection while you are on duty. The insole of this shoe is made with leather sock liner what may increase comfort as you walk around.

The outsole of this shoe is made with solid polyurethane, which can give you more durability than another shoe. You can find these clogs which are sold in a wide variety of colors and a wide variety of fancy patterns.


  • The leather is extremely soft.
  • You can find it in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
  • It has an easy slip-on style.


  • This shoe is more expensive than other shoes.
  • It has an enamel exterior that tends to crack


It may not come in a wide fit; still, many women find here enough room inside of this shoe. In that case, if you have a wide foot, then go for Dansko women’s pride Pro XP.

How to care for your pink nursing shoes

Nurses need to walk up all day long. In that case, this is vital to take care of their nursing shoe size in a proper way so that it can give your feet the support that you need for as long as possible. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your pink shoes looking new.

Pay attention to the material.

Sometimes you need to notice your pink shoe’s material and style, and as per its material and style, you should take care of your shoe because every shoe has its approach that should be maintained. As an example, EVA material can be cleaned with a wipe, and the cloth material may need a machine wash. So assume how to care for your favorite pink shoes.

Moisturize leather shoes

Leather shoes are great, and they can also last longer if you can take proper care of them. Leather shoes are prone to cracking, so you need to take good care of it every couple of months. You are suggested to wipe down your leather with a damp cloth, but don’t let the liquid stay on it; otherwise, it can be stained.

Don’t dry it in the dryer.

It can be tempting to dry shoes in the dryer. But putting anything to a direct dryer can harsh the material of this particular shoe. For shoes, the dryer can crush the material sole, and as a result, your shoe can be uncomfortable to wear. Instead of drying shoes with a dryer, put them in a well-ventilated area. In that case, you can take help from a speed fan.

Keep another pair of shoes in your car.

If you only wear your shoes for shifts, then it will last. Many women keep another pair of shoes in their tote bag or car so that they can change their shoes immediately before any particular shift. This also makes good hygiene.

Depending on brand and type, your nursing shoe is a big investment. So take care of your shoes with these tips and get the same care from your favorite shoes for your feet.

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