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Comfy Nurse Shoes

Many people have a passion for their careers, but there is always that one thing that will try to throw you off balance, either the night shifts or dealing with a manager who is in the habit of reaching your last nerve. Now for nursing, it is the constant standing and walking hours, don’t have much choice, and with time they get used to it.

But how does the human body get used to being tired, and how do you get used to someone hitting your last nerve day in day out, for the night shifts there off that you will use to recover your sleep. So, in life, we always try to find a solution to some of our most pressing needs. Therefore, if your line manager keeps up with the annoying habit, the HR can square it out, and if you continuously suffer from fatigue due to standing for long hours, you could get some nice comfy nurse shoes.

The lunch and coffee breaks are the times that nurses can relax their feet and body, but here we are providing you with an option that will ensure unnecessary pain at the knees and back are obliterated. Standing for extended hours can hurt your lower back and cause pain on parts of your feet and legs. But if you utilize some nice comfy nurse shoes daily, then you will be one productive and happy nurse by the end of the day.

Characteristics of Comfy Nurse Shoes

11 Best Comfortable Nursing Shoes for Men & Women 2020 | Nursing ...

Comfortable shoes are characteristic of a cushioned insole, and a durable upper part made of either leather or a synthetic material. The collar and tongue have to be cushioned for stability and support, and the outer sole has to have the right grip (rubber sole) to sustain you on slippery or wet nurse’s nurse’s shoe has to have the properties to repel water and other body fluids that nurses come into contact with while at work.

Breathability is also essential because once your feet start sweating, then it will be uncomfortable and unpleasant to work while wearing the right shoes. The midsole cushioning should offer balance, and a dense sole enhances comfort and stability during motion. Comfy nurse shoes should provide a snug fit and have a large toe box, don’t want your toes squished together the whole day.

Nursing shoes also have to be easy to slip in and out; this is because there are some standard protocols in the hospitals that require the removal of shoes when entering sensitive rooms like the ICU or the theater. Shoes with laces are not very common, but in case you love them, then depending on your daily routine, they would be a great option given their functionality.

We will, therefore, review some of the comfy nursing shoes with the above characteristics, complete with some of their downsides, and let you pick one that suits your needs.

Comfy Nurse Shoes

Name of shoe Material Used Action Product
New Women’s  WX608v4 Comfort Pack shoe Made of 100% leather Buy Here Image result for New Balance Women's WX608v4 Comfort Pack"
NursWomen’s Dove slip-on Made of Leather Buy Here Image result for Nurse Mates Women’s Dove amazon"
Keen Women’s PTC Slip-On II Work shoe Made with 100% leather Buy Here Image result for https://www.amazon.com/KEEN-Utility-Womens-Slip-Work/dp/B003Z4KQR0"
Natural Women’s lightweight comfortable nursing clogs Synthetic Buy Here Image result for Natural Uniforms women’s light weight comfortable nursing clogs"

Women’s Debra Slip-On

Made of 100% leather Buy Here Image result for Alegria Women’s debra Slip-On"

New Women’s  WX608v4 Comfort Pack shoe

The New Women’s  WX608x4 shoe is made of 100% leather material, now as we all know, anything that is manufactured from leather tends to last long. So when it comes to shoes, they do have the strength to stand the push and pull of running and walking in the hospital corridors.

The shoe has also been equipped with a rubber sole, which is bendable and will, therefore, flex with your feet whenever you are in motion. Rubber soles are wear-resistant, and you can, therefore, expect them to serve you for long. The upper part of the New Women’s shoes is made of leather material while the soles are made of rubber, both of which do not allow water to penetrate to your feet.

The collar of the shoe has been equipped with a dual-density soft foam that will protect and cushion your Achilles while offering support. The footbed women’s WX608 is made from Eva foam that adds comfort whenever you have to stand for long hours. And if the padding is not convenient, there is a provision for swapping the insole with the ones that can offer you proper arch support.


  • The shoe is made from durable leather material
  • Features a flexible rubber outsole
  • The outer sole is made of rubber with grooves that help in traction
  • The padded tongue and lace-up offer stability and comfort


  • Takes time to break-in
  • The toe box is a bit narrow

Nurse Women’s  Dove

The nurse women’s dove is a real charmer and can suffice both as office and casual wear that is to the meetings, and while running errands in the hospital. Nurse mates are a true definition of comfortable nursing shoes that can be used by medical professionals, including students. They have been constructed in an easy slip in and out fashion and are very spacious and comfortable at the toe box.

The comfort that the nurse mates offer is unmatched, given the cushioned collar and the elastic feature on the sides ensure that it doesn’t tear apart because of constant slipping in and out. The outer sole is made of flexible rubber so that you can take long strides without restrictions. They are also slip-resistant whether you are using them on a slippery or wet floor.

The insoles of the NursWomen’s Dove are removable, giving you the option of customizing it to foot ‘sr foot’s What’s. What’s more, is that they are made of lightweight material, so no chance of experiencing chunkiness on your foot when moving. And to obliterate fatigue, the shoe has been equipped with steel shanks that work to improve arch support while also offering stability if you have to stand for extended hours.


  • Are easy to slip in and out of the foot
  • Made with a durable rubber sole
  • Feature a simple and easy to maintain design
  • Are flexible and have been equipped with an arch support feature


  • The shoe offers a tight fit
  • The tongue is a bit uncomfortable

KEEN Women’s PTC Slip-On II Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Women's PTC Slip On II Work Shoe,Black,5.5 M US ...

Since we are out hunting for it’s, it’s best to say that the Keen Women’s PTC slip-on has been equipped with a memory foam that will offer you comfort throughout the shifts. The ergonomics of the shoe enable it to take to the shape of your feet so that when you are moved to don’t get the feeling of being restrained as the shoe will flex with your feet.

The above feature also contributes to stability, even if you have to stand for extended hours. Nurses are always on the move, and the chances of hitting the front part of their shoe are 99%, the keen women’s PTC has, therefore, been made with an extended sole to the toe area (Keen patented toe protection) for durability and to protect the toes. We can, therefore, safely say that the shoe offers all-round protection, with an extended sole for cushioning and to provide the bounce during movement.

The outer sole is made with rubber material and has slip-resistant treads. The keen utility is the perfect nursing shoes because of the simple fact that you can easily slip them in and out of your feet. They don’t have much cushioning, but the shoe is very spacious on the inside, and the binding on the upper part is sure to remain kind and gentle to your Achilles.


  • Rubber outsole has treads for traction
  • Are spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of durable leather material


  • Extra padding makes the shoDoesn’t
  • Doesn’t work for people with high arches

Natural Women’s lightweight, comfortable Nursing clogs

Amazon.com: Natural Uniforms - Women's Lightweight Comfortable ...

Though comfortable, the Natural women’s  Light Weight nursing clogs come to a half size small. They are made of very lightweight material and will flex your feet anytime you are in motion. These particular types of shoes have been adopted by medical practitioners whenever they want to tend to patients in the ICU or theater.

The reason being that they don’t make noise whenever you walk on them and are easy to slip in and out of the feet. And the most exciting comfort feature is that they work well for individuals with high arches. Wide feet, people might not be too lucky with this shoe, but the narrow feet individuals will enjoy the roomy toe box.

The shoe is customizable to accommodate your orthotics, but you will first have to remove the single liners. The latter is soft and comfortable to the feet. However, the upper, synthetic material does not allow air to circulate the feet, but you can always push your feet back a little for some air to get in.


  • Easy to slip in and out
  • Made of lightweight synthetic material
  • Have a spacious toe box
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not breathable
  • The upper part does not flex with the feet

Women’s Debra Slip-On

Amazon.com | Alegria Women's debra Slip-On | Loafers & Slip-Ons

Women’s Debra slip-on features an elastic goring on the side don’t have to bend over every time you want to put on the shoes, but rather slip them on comfortably. Aesthetics on this shoe are on point, first because of the interesting mix of colors on the top part and second because of the contrasting stitches at the edge of the shoe.

The memory foam insole can be swapped with the ones that are comfortable for your feet, and the toe box is spacious enough for you to wiggle your toes when they need a little stretch. So initially, we mentioned the dangerous sloshing fluids wouldn’t want anywhere near our toes and feet, and the Alegria does an excellent job of keeping them away with its upper water-resistant leather material.

From the outside, you can already tell that the women’s Debra slip-on sole are very comfortable; the shoe has incorporated a very supportive footbed that aids in stability and comfort, and the outer sole has been equipped with a slip-resistant material, complete with grooves to prevent unnecessary slipping.

Now the versatility that these shoes offer is unmatched; for starters, the shoes come in a variety of prints so nurses will not have to sacrifice style for comfort. Secondly, there are those Alegria slip-ons don’t have prints and are simply white or black, so whatever your style or if you want a comfortable, professional look, you can go for the plain black. Still, if you are in a celebratory mood, then the fancy colored Alegria will more than suffice.


  • The upper part is made of durable leather material
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Equipped with removable memory foam insoles
  • Come in a variety of prints and plain colors


  • Arch and heel support not very convenient
  • The top part of the shoe is a bit tight and flat


They say limitations only exist in mind, so unless you are tired of buying shoes, then you can never run out of choices. Comfortable nursing shoes abound, so you only need to select one that suits your daily activities. All the above-reviewed shoes have incorporated the necessary comfort features, most of which are easy to slip in and out.

The clogs that are made of synthetic material come with one challenge do they don’t allow the circulation of air, but then again, you can easily push your feet out for comfort and allow some air in. The sneaker type of nursing shoe offers a balance of comfort and functionality, given that they were originally meant for sports; they have thus incorporated all the necessary features that will even enhance your health.

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