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10 best shoes for nurses, according to nurses

Best hoka shoes for nurses


Hoka shoes are famous for their thick and softly cushioned soles. It has a tremendous impressive range of collections with a great level of cushioning at a lightweight, and this is the reason why nurses love these shoes.  The company here uses the most sensitive and durable materials for cushioning Hoka shoes for nurses so that they can easily protect their feet without compromising their daily activities. It has midsoles that are thicker and softer than other traditional shoes. The wide soles of these shoes prevent the shoes from being unstable. This sole may seem thicker from outside than usual.

Hoka was founded in 2009 by French trail runners Nicolas Mermoud and Jean Luc Diard, and soon it became the minimalist running shoe trend this year. You will get some exciting features from Hokas shoes that cradle and cushions runners’ feet. The divisive features of Hoka shoes will make you fall in love with them, and its maximum cushioning features will make you convinced to buy these shoes every time you will need a shoe.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Hoka nursing shoes

10 best shoes for nurses, according to nurses

You may already know that how a lousy pair of shoes can interrupt your daily activities while a good pair of shoes makes everyday tasks smooth. You can find Hoka nursing shoes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs, so it can be difficult for you to choose the right one. Additionally, every shoe has different functions, and thus they can make an impact on your regular works.

To help you in choosing the right nursing shoe, we have put together a list of some essential factors that you should consider when choosing the best nursing shoe.

Weight and comfort

You will be wearing this shoe daily, so when choosing the right footwear, you need to consider its weight. A heavy or clunky shoe can make a huge impact on your overall comfort level, and it can also affect your mood in your workspace. So when you are choosing the right Hoka nursing shoes, then make sure these are lightweight, which will not cause any abnormal discomfort in your foot.

These Hoka shoes are light in their size, and they are more comfortable than traditional shoes. If you want light shoes, then the Hoka Clifton 6 can be ideal for you when it is compared with some other minimalist shoes.

Support and stability

The nurses have to work long shifts, so they need shoes with excellent support and stability, and this is also necessary for health reasons. The nurses should have shoes that offer great ankle and back support during the work shift. It will also reduce or eliminate your back, foot, and leg pain.

All ranges of Hoka shoes provide excellent support to the users so that people prefer to buy this shoe, especially when they are in the nursing profession. You can also find some reports about Hoka shoes that can reduce muscle fatigue.

Slip resistance

This is another essential factor that you should consider when purchasing nursing shoes. Because nursing is such a profession, where the nurses need to work in such an environment where their feet often make contact with liquids in the ground, for added protection, you can buy some shoes that provide grips. Still, this is suggested to purchase shoes that themselves have excellent slip resistance regardless of anti-slip fit.

Some of the best Hoka shoes for nurses provide excellent slip resistance what makes these shoe ideal for the nursing profession. So here anyone doesn’t need to worry about additional gripping or other shoe accessories.

Design and shape

There is a wide variety of nursing shoes that comes with a variety of designs and shapes to accommodate different types of feet. Some of them include crocs, clogs, athletic sneakers, and tennis shoes. Here every shoe has its advantages and disadvantages depending upon the feet, medical condition, and work surface.

In that case, you can ask a podiatrist for discussing the best shoe based on your foot type and other medical conditions. If you want to choose trendy and stylish nursing shoes that look good, then you can go for Hoka nursing shoes what can provide you with a wide variety of shoe choices depending upon your needs.

5 Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses - Nurse Money Talk


You can be offered traction and stability from a tremendous outer sole. The nurses need to work on different surfaces so they should choose a shoe with excellent grip. You can have good traction from the rubber outsole when walking on steep or sloppy surfaces. So this will be better to choose a shoe that has a well-textured outsole.

Hoka shoes provide great protection for the soles. This protection is noticeable on trails where you have to face stones and bumps. Not only for the trails, even on the smoother surfaces, but Hoka shoes can also protect your soles.

Price and warranty

All nursing shoes can be highly influenced by the shoe material, design, construction, features, and brand. You shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little more on a shoe from where you can get enormous benefits. Additionally, a high-quality nursing shoe can last up to 2X or more. So this will be a better decision to buy one shoe instead of two shoes due to a lack of quality and durability.

Hoka shoes may seem expensive to you, but as per many users, it lasts longer than traditional shoes, so here the overall cost is lower. But remember that it may not last as last long as some other minimalist shoes.

These are the essential factors that you should consider before choosing the best nursing shoe.

Best Hoka shoes for nurses

This is painful to stand all day in uncomfortable shoes. Yes, nurses have to stand all day long, or they need to travel a long distance to give care for the patients. In that case, a pair of uncomfortable shoes can be a hindrance to them.

The Hoka shoes are considered the best shoes for nurses because it provides coziness, support, and cushioning for day loans ng shifts of walking and standing.

Hoka one Rincon

Hoka One One Rincon Review | Best Running Shoes 2019

Most probably, these are one of the best Hoka nursing shoes. This is very lightweight, and it can best suit you if you need to walk for miles. This is found with a height of 29mm in the heel and 24mm in the forefoot. It has a lightweight secured mesh, and it helps to lock your foot in the perfect place. For its single layer of mesh, this shoe does not stretch. One of the most significant features of this shoe is that this is highly cushioned, and it can keep your feet happy when you are running or standing for long hours.

The sole of this shoe is wide in the middle area so that it offers an easy climb or ride under challenging terrains.


  • This shoe is lightweight
  • The secure mesh of this shoe will keep your foot in place
  • This is cushioned highly what makes this shoe more comfortable


  • The tongue is short in this shoe.
  • The laces of this shoe come from the top of this shoe.


It can quickly become one of the most favorite shoes of you. The exciting combination of lightweight and over-the-top cushion features of this shoe makes it ideal for nurses.

Hoka Bondi 6

This is another excellent shoe of Hoka. This is specially designed to provide maximum cushioning and comfort to the user when they are standing all day long. It can also reduce sole sores and pain; thus, it releases stress from the feet.

The mesh of this shoe offers a smooth feel inside. You will not feel heavy because it has foam from inside. This is perfect for all types of feet, such as mid-wide and wholly wide. You can also have enough room for your feet to expand and fit.

The foam of this shoe gives a squish to your feet, and you will feel comfortable and protective of these shoes. These are ideal for nurses who need to stand on their feet for long hours. You will get great support and comfort for your legs and back from this shoe.


  • It has a wide toe box that provides enough space even for those who have wider feet
  • This is shoe is surprisingly lightweight
  • This is only designed for trail running, and that means it provides excellent traction and durability


  • There are many complaints about this shoe that doesn’t fit properly. But this is ideal for extended use.


Hoka Bondi 6 comes with some nice up-gradation if it is compared to the previous version of Hoka Bondi 5. The redesigned heel area of this shoe makes the upper of this shoe more comfortable, while a new mesh material makes it slightly less and breathable. No doubt, you can get a pillowy soft, and smooth ride.

Hoka one one carbon x

This Hoka Carbon X is famous for its ultra-cushioned and featherweight feature. This shoe is structured with only a single layer of engineered mesh that wraps around the shoe to give a perfect fit. But you will not get any structure for your midfoot or forefoot. It may also collapse while taking out your foot. The breezy upper of this shoe make this shoe lightweight.

The carbon fiber plate of this shoe helps to maintain the stiffness by making the shoe rigid, and it makes the shoe more stable. This carbon plate also offers a silly smooth roll from heel to toe. It will keep you protected and help you to stand all day long.


  • It only has a single layer of engineered mesh that can give you a perfect fit.
  • The carbon fiber plate of this shoe can maintain stiffness.


  • It has no structure in the mid or forefoot.


This is an extension of your running foot, which will help you to run faster. The carbon-plated machine of this shoe is comfortable for wearing.

Why are Hoka shoes different from other shoes?

Hoka Shoes were produced with only one goal in mind, and that makes running more comfortable. It also has a different look, and you will quickly catch them. With an eye-catching unique design, it aims to stand out from other shoes. Here are some unique features of Hoka shoes that have made these shoes unique from others.

Premium cushioning: Hoka tries to improve its cushioned midsole throughout the year. The cushioning of these shoes is more responsive, lighter, and durable, and it will not leave any effect on the performance.

Low feel toe drop: It refers to the difference between the height of the heel and the height of the toe. It determines how your foot will strike on the ground when you are running or walking on.

As is described in the above section that Hoka shoes have far less heel-toe drop when it is compared to traditional running shoes. This exciting feature of Hoka shoes will make you feel that you are running barefoot.

J-frame: You can find J-frame in Hoka shoes. To provide you stability and comfort, J-frame is installed there. This J-frame gives support and guide to your foot in a proper way, and it also avoids using any rigid or heavy material.

Profile:  You can see that Hoka uses their specially designed dual-density midsoles in their shoes. This midsole provides soft cushioning in the heel and a firm foam in the forefoot area of the shoe.

It makes you comfortable when running or walking or when you will be standing out for a long time.


Hoka shoes are no doubt great for the runners and nursing profession because it has flat feet, wide feet, high arches, or just the normal feet. As per the users of Hoka, the softly cushioning provides the right amount of support to the feet. You will also find different ranges and types of Hoka shoes. Some of them are designed for wide feet, some of which are for narrow feet, and some others for them who want high support in their arches. So this is always the best idea to purchase a Hoka shoe as per your need. Even if you have flat feet, then this is worth investing in Hoka shoes as they will last longer than traditional shoes. Additionally, it will give the perfect support for your flat feet that you always wanted. So choose the right type of Hoka shoe for your feet and enjoy every moment of your footsteps.

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