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Z-coil shoes for nurses

Are you aware that an average person on Earth walks around 2.5 to 3 miles daily? Isn’t it a lot of walking! However, if you are a nurse, you would probably be walking even more. You will have to go around checking patients, you will have to carry out all the instructions of the doctor, and you may even have to bring medicine for the patient. A nurse has to do a lot of physical work as well. According to a recent survey, on average, one nurse walks around 4.5 to 5 miles on a 12-hour shift.

Nurses’ feet have to walk a lot. They have to endure a lot of torture. The impact of your walking is more than two times your body weight. If you do not take care of your feet now, it can cause severe problems in the future. With so much work, your bones start to lose calcium. This, in turn, makes them vulnerable to fractures.

So a nurse needs a very comfortable pair of shoes. A shoe that is not only comfortable in wearing but also ensures that your body can endure the required pain. This is where z-coil shoes come into the picture.

What are the z-coil shoes?

Z-coil shoes are made, taking into account your comfort and well being. They have an innovative design that can provide your leg with all the necessary comfort. It takes care of the fact that your legs are getting damaged because of too much walking. They have a steel-spring at the heels that can absorb all the shock on your legs. It reduces the impact of your body on the legs.

These shoes are specifically designed to take care of the fact that nurses have to walk a lot in their shifts. They are provided with some extra cushioning to make your walking more comfortable. Moreover, it is provided with orthotic support. These shoes have around four times more cushioning than standard shoes. It can provide relief from leg, back, and foot pain.

Why do nurses prefer z-coil shoes?

As already discussed, nurses have to walk a lot. They walk 4 to 5 miles daily. This is too much walking. To reduce the impact of these walking nurses need a pair of shoe that is comfortable as well as stylish. Z-coil shoes give this comfort while taking care of the health of your shoes. They are famous for alleviating foot pain. They are ideal for all those people who have to walk a lot, like factory workers and nurses. Once you use this shoe, you will immediately notice a difference.

No one wants to reach home with an aching knee. Z-coil gives you your most comfortable walk. No shoe stands in competition with this shoe. It makes sure when you arrive home. You will not feel pain in your leg, feet, back, or any other body part. Moreover, it takes care of your leg and does not even compromise with your style.

How Z-coil stand out from the crowd?

Z-coils shoes are specifically designed to provide you with a more comfortable walking, standing, or running. If you are the one whose job is to be on their feet, this is the shoe for you. If you are having a problem walking for long hours, this is the shoe for you. If you are a nurse, a factory worker, or anyone who has to walk a lot during their working hours, this shoe is for you.

These shoes are specifically designed for people working as a nurse. If you are someone who is suffering from Achilles tendon and have a problem walking around, this shoe is for you. This shoe assures you to remove all the pain that you were experiencing before. Moreover, it is very cheap, considering the money spent on surgery. This is a must-have shoe for you.

Let me share my experience with one of my friends. Almost five years ago, his feet hurt so badly that he was hardly able to walk properly. He went to one of the leading Z-coil dealers in the market. When he wore a pair of Black Freedom just for a demo, he felt miraculous. He did not feel the pain in his feet. He was trying these shoes for the first time, and even then, it worked reasonably well. He also walked for a while because he was not sure of this change. He was taken aback by this instant, pain-relieving formula. Some of his friends who have been wearing these shoes for a while now warned him that he would be hooked for these shoes forever. They were true. Even today, he doesn’t want to part with his shoes! You will be surprised to know that he wears these shoes for every occasion: casual, formal, semi-dress, and even at home.

You can visit the nearest z-coil shoe dealer for yourself and find out how many customers use them and why they use them. Some chiropractors use these shoes for themselves. These doctors even suggest these shoes to their patients who are suffering from leg pain. Various nurses use it to relieve back, leg, and knee pain. If you have to stand in your work most of the time, then this shoe is for you. These shoes can help you relieve almost all types of pain in the body.

There are many people from different backgrounds who use these shoes. Restaurant waiter, factory worker, and other people who have to work on their foot use these shoes. According to them, these shoes helped them get rid of most of their body pain. Some people use these shoes just to protect their feet from any future pain.

However, you should understand that a healthy lifestyle is essential for your overall well being. These shoes cannot help you alone. A perfect combination of a healthy lifestyle, and these shoes can help your body tackle almost every type of body pain. Make sure you get enough sleep in a day. Seven hours of sleep is optimum for an adult. Make sure you take small breaks during your working hours. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Eat lots of vegetables, especially green ones.

If you are suffering from severe pain in your heel, you can try these shoes. I assure you, you will feel the difference in the first use itself. If you cannot walk properly and has to walk tiptoe, this shoe can be of great help. You can visit your nearest z-coil dealer and try these shoes for yourself. You can ask for demo wear before using your hard-earned money to buy them. I assure you once you wear these shoes, there is no chance of your feeling the pain from bone spurs.

Moreover, z-coil has varieties of shoes. You can always find one that suits your needs. You can get a shoe that is designed for formal wear, and at the same time, you can get a shoe that is designed for casual looks. You will have the option to buy semi-formal shoes as well. You can buy sandals to wear at your home. In simple terms, z-coil takes care of all your needs.

Once you try these shoes, you will be thankful to the inventor of z-coil for designing such low-impact and marvelous technology.

If you are working for a 12-hour shift, I would tell you to try these shoes as well as regular walkers like Nike, Addidas, etc. you would observe for yourself that with these regular walkers, your legs would start hurting within 6 hours or even less. Still, our z-coil promises to give you comfortable working even for 12-hours. Remember, if you do not listen to your legs, then you may have to deal with severe issues in the future. You may have to go through heel spurs or surgeries as well.

These shoes cost just two hundred bucks. This amount is nothing compared to orthotics, shots, or surgery that you may have to go through if you do not use these shoes. These shoes are provided with about four times more cushioning as compared to regular shoes. This allows less pain even in your first wear. Some customers reported that their pain was cured within just seven months of regularly using these shoes. I would not like to talk like a salesperson, but the truth is this shoe help.

Pros and Cons


  • Z-coil has four times more cushioning than regular shoes that give you a comfortable walk.
  • Z-coil comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste. You will not have to sacrifice your style for the sake of comfort.
  • You can get formal, semi-formal as well as casual shoes so that you can wear them on any occasion.
  • Z-coil also manufactures sandal that you can wear at home.
  • These shoes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with these shoes, you can get a 100% refund.


  • It does not work as soon as you start wearing these shoes.
  • It will take about 6 hours to cure your foot pain completely.
  • These shoes are a bit expensive as compared to regular shoes.

Z-coil nursing shoes in the market

Z-coil pain relief footwear women’s freedom slip-resistant white leather tennis shoe

This shoe is one of the most famous shoes by z-coil. As the name suggests, it is a slip-resistant shoe that gives you comfort as well as safety.


  • Leather shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • A coil is provided in the heel that reduces stress on your legs.
  • It supports your foot and eliminates all the foot pain, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis.


  • The design of these shoes is not so appealing.
  • Half-size is not available in this category.
  • It is a bit on the expensive side.

Z-coil Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Toffler Slip Resistant Enclosed Coil Black Leather Clog Sandal

This model is designed to “slip” in the heel. It is extremely comfortable for all the nurses out there. It can also be worn by any other woman, not just nurses.


  • Leather shoes
  • It has a rubber sole
  • It can reduce the impact on your heels by up to 50%.
  • It is extra cushioning in the front of the shoe to protect your toes.


  • A bit expensive.
  • It is not available in white leather.

Z-coil Sidewinder Black

It is an original spring shoe that is engineered to provide every woman a comfortable walk. It provides you with more excellent stability, support, and balance.


  • Imported
  • Leather shoes
  • It has a rubber sole
  • A coil is provided in the heel to reduce the stress on the legs.
  • Extra cushioning is provided in the front to support your toes.


  • Half-size is not available for these shoes. If you are women who wear 8.5″ then you will have to order for 9.0″.
  • The seam on the shoe is too thick. It can be uncomfortable for some customers.
  • These shoes are not too stylish. You cannot wear them at parties and special occasions.

Z-coil Z-Breeze Black Leather Sandal

Like all other z-coil shoes, these are also made to help you with comfortable walking. These shoes can last 2-3 times longer than a typical shoe.


  • One inch thick heel to provide you comfort.
  • As the name suggests, these are leather shoes.
  • It has a coil in the heels that can reduce impact by up to 50 percent.
  • It is extra cushioning in the front of the shoe to support toes.


  • It is a bit expensive.

Here are some reviews from the customers:

1. “I am a nurse. I have to work for 12-hours in a day. Most of the time, I have to walk around the hospital. I bought these shoes about a year back. I had several orthopedic problems because of which I had to suffer severe pain. But thank God for these shoes. From the time I started wearing these shoes, I could feel the change. Within one month, my feet and knees started to show results. It has been a year now, and I can proudly say that I don’t feel any pain at all. It works. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone suffering from feet, knee, or back pain.”

2. “I work in the healthcare field. I had been under the treatment of a podiatrist for almost seven years without any relief. I have to work for 12 hours per day, which further escalates the pain. I have used orthotics for seven years of the treatment. For the last six months, I had been suffering from extreme pain and inflammation in my feet. I found a co-worker wearing z-coil shoes. She said that she had tremendous relief while using these shoes. So I went to the internet and searched for z-coil shoes. I also went to a nearby z-coil dealer and tried a pair of shoes. To my surprise, they were so comfortable. I did not want to part with them. Unfortunately, it was a demo, try!

These two reviews from the users are enough to tell you how helpful these shoes are. These shoes come in a variety of price range so that you can buy one as per your pocket. Moreover, z-coil takes proper care of your feet as well as your style. You do not have to compromise with your style for the sake of comfort. You also get various types of shoes – like formal, semi-formal, and casual. So you can wear them at home, at a party or in your work hours.

The Bottom Line

I would like to warn you that you will feel the difference in the first use itself. However, for your feet to be completely relieved from pain, you need to give it a few months. Two months are enough to cure the pain completely. No matter what type of pain, whether it is back pain, feet pain, or knee pain, it can cure everything.

So that was all about z-coil shoes. In the end, I would just say that I go to their website and check out for the nearest dealer. Go the dealer and try out these shoes. If you do not feel comfortable, you don’t have to buy these. Additionally, they provide a 30-day replacement policy. If you are not happy with these shoes, you can return it and get a 100% refund.

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