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This section features nursing shoes product information, ratings, and reviews

All about Men’s Nursing Shoes

What are Nursing Shoes? Shoes with immaculate non-slip technology, good grip and adhesion, and supreme comfort levels are imperative components of nursing shoes. They need to provide comfort and cushioning to your feet for as long as you stand on your feet since there are multiple hours of standing and …

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How to disinfect nursing shoes


If you work in the health care industry, you know that exposure to germs is an occupational hazard that is inevitable, and as a nurse, you need to manage it. During your shifts, your uniform and shoes collect a lot of bacteria that can remain on them for more than …

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best shoes for nurses with high arches

best shoes for nurses with wide feet

As a nurse, it can be hard getting the best shoes for nurses with high arches, and it can even get harder if you have high arches since most of the shoes are made for people with narrow feet. So the shoes end up becoming too tight and hurt your …

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Can nursing shoes have laces?

Can nursing shoes have laces

One great thing about the nursing profession is the excellent range of specialties that are within the field. However, you will still need to wear comfortable nursing shoes, regardless of your specialty. Without comfortable shoes and combining them with great compression socks, the long hours you spend in the hospital …

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Are nursing shoes comfortable?

Are nursing shoes comfortable

If you are a nurse, then you probably know that the most important thing is to maintain as high comfort levels as possible as you work and attend to patients. Your work is already demanding enough since you are taking care of the sick, so you do not have things …

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Are nursing shoes non-slip?

Are nursing shoes non-slip

Did you know that some studies reveal an average nurse to walk almost 3.5 miles every day, especially when they are working a shift of 10 hours? Yes, nurses never seem to sit down really – therefore, having a pair of comfortable shoes is essential to the job. Particularly, it …

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Are Keds good nursing shoes?

Are Keds good nursing shoes

You can never go wrong with the right shoes, regardless of where you work or what your job entails. For nurses, this statement could not be any clearer – the job requires constant standing, walking around the hospital grounds and floors, attending to patients, participating and helping doctors in medical …

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