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The kind of work that nurses and other healthcare professionals are engaged in is one that is highly physically demanding and requires them to run around all day to different parts of the hospital. If they are not running, they are most probably required to be standing, ready to assist anyone that might need help. Thus, it is quite obvious to see why a nurse or any other health care professional must prioritize the kind of footwear they need to put on to be able to avoid any health issues in the future that are associated with the feet, hips, and spine that arise from long hours of standing and moving.

Why it is essential to choose the best nursing shoes:


Nurses and other healthcare professionals are generally engaged in long and strenuous shifts, and thus picking the right kind of shoe is of utmost importance. This will help them stay comfortable all through their shift and prevent any such related health issues in the future. B.O.C. Nursing Shoes can help nurses, and other healthcare professionals do just that.

Why B.O.C. Nursing Shoes are highly preferred:

B.O.C. Nursing Shoes aim to provide their customers with shoes that are not only highly comfortable but are also ridiculously good looking. This is quite important, especially for healthcare professionals and nurses who work in a formal environment and need to look as sharp as they are. B.O.C. Nursing Shoes have been created upon taking inspiration from the craftsmanship of BORN and have been designed in such a way that provides ultimate comfort, which is required for long hours of physically demanding work.

At B.O.C. Nursing Shoes place their primary emphasis on the support and comfort levels that their shoes provide, and to do so, they incorporate many attractive features into designing their shoes. These features include an outsole that is not only flexible but is also lightweight, a footbed on the sole of the shoe that is sufficiently cushioned, and to top it all; they include a fancy upper to the shoe to make it look great and suit the aesthetic of their customers.

B.O.C. Nursing Shoes offers a variety of designs, colors, and models for their shoes to best suit the needs of different kinds of customers and for varied purposes. They cater to the needs of both men and women, and besides offering nursing shoes, they also provide for clogs, which are the most common kind of footwear worn by nurses and other healthcare professionals—additionally, B.O.C. Nursing Shoes are moderately priced in comparison to a few other brands and should thus fit the budget of many nurses and other healthcare professionals.

What you should look for when buying the right nursing shoes:

  • O.C. Nursing Shoes provide clogs that are quite easy to slip on and slip off, making them a perfect suit for versatile hospital work and long hours of running around the hospital.
  • Further, B.O.C. Nursing Shoes make clogs that are highly comfortable and lightweight, which puts lesser stress on the feet and the body when compared to most other clogs that are generally quite heavy. B.O.C. Nursing Shoes’ clogs are easy to disinfect and are made out of faux leather and contain a synthetic sole.
  • O.C. Nursing Shoes contain outsoles that are designed to reduce fatigue and also drastically reduce the amount of strain that is put on your muscles and joints by such physically demanding work.
  • O.C. Nursing Shoes showcase brilliant ergonomics and fit the customer’s feet accurately to the size and also hold on and stay comfortable to the feet without slipping out often.
  • O.C. Nursing Shoes feature a uniquely designed sole structure that does an exceptional job of preventing the risk for joint aches and pains. Further, it promotes proper posture by providing for the right-back alignment.
  • One common observation is that the nursing shoes provided by B.O.C. shoes can be a little tight or snug-fitting when they are just out of the box, but their fitting does improve throughout continuous wearing the B.O.C. Nursing Shoes over the next few days.
  • Unlike most nursing shoes, with B.O.C. Nursing Shoes, customers can buy their regular size and do not necessarily need to go for a shoe that is one size above their regular shoe size.
  • One advantage of investing in B.O.C. Nursing Shoes is that they are highly resistant to slipping and falling over, which means higher standards of safety for the nurses and other healthcare professionals when working long shifts in such an environment that renders them susceptible to slipping or tripping over substances on the floors. B.O.C. Nursing Shoes have good gripping technology inbuilt into the soles of their nursing shoes that enable nurses and other healthcare professionals to nearly carefree when walking around the hospital—the soles of the B.O.C. Nursing Shoes are designed in such a manner that allows them to be just right without being too spongy, not too thin. This ensures ample protection for your feet, especially when these nursing shoes are going to be on for nearly an entire day.


Advantages of B.O.C. Nursing Shoes:

B.O.C. Nursing Shoes are made out of high-quality materials such as faux leather and synthetic as well as includes footwear engineering technology that provides for outsoles that are rubber traction, a footbed that is promptly cushioned, textile lining for easy disinfection as well as for a trendy look and an easy slip-on and slip-off style that makes these B.O.C. Nursing Shoes extremely durable, and thus they last quite long—some of B.O.C. Nursing Shoes also come with sufficiently padded shoe collars, which not only help in providing added levels of comfort but also reduce the risk of irritation of the skin of the feet that might arise as a result of shoe bites.

The versatility that comes with B.O.C. Nursing Shoes are a huge benefit in the sense that these nursing shoes do not necessarily have to be limited to the hospital for your nursing shifts. Still, they can also be worn to other events depending on the style and model you have purchased.

Since B.O.C. Nursing Shoes offers a multitude of styles, designs, models, and colors; each nurse or health care professional is bound to find just the right nursing shoe for themselves that suits their aesthetic.

Some models of B.O.C. Nursing Shoes also feature the highly coveted pillow top that is removable and a footbed that is E.V.A. contoured that comes along with arch support to facilitate shock absorption, which will prevent substantial damage to the feet when suddenly changing surfaces such as from a tiled smooth floor to a rough concrete flooring. They also provide for shock-absorbing to allow for rough movements which render the nurses and other healthcare professionals

to move around in the most carefree manner that they can.

Many models of B.O.C. Nursing Shoes come with the feature of a 100 % rubber outsole meant for traction, which renders them suitable for environments that are categorized as high fluid ones. Further, it also comes with a policy sock liner that is both anti-bacterial and moisture absorbent or wicking, which helps keep the feet dry and comfortable all day long while also preventing foul odor caused by excessive sweating.

Some notable features of B.O.C. Nursing Shoes are:

  • High technology midsoles: this is a layer that is between the inner and outer sole and is responsible for providing shock absorbency. B.O.C. Nursing Shoes are lightweight and reduces fatigue for the muscles and joints of the leg.
  • Rocker bottoms that are designed to prevent fatigue of the leg muscles: These help prevent fatigue, and this is especially important for nurses and other healthcare professionals that are required to stand or move around throughout long and strenuous work shifts.
  • Moisture-wicking linings: It would be a most unpleasant experience if you had to walk around and work with sweaty feet all day long. That’s why B.O.C. Nursing Shoes provide for moisture-wicking layers to allow for breathability, which will keep your feet dry.
  • Sufficient foot as well as arch support: O.C. Nursing Shoes have a protective heel to allow for natural, free movement of the toes and heel while also providing for lateral stability, which ensures correct posture.
  • Easy to wear and remove: This is a perfect feature for nursing shoes as nurses, and other healthcare professionals are constantly on the go and require something that can be put on and taken off in seconds both for sanitation and quickness.
  • Variety in the material of the shoes: O.C. Nursing Shoes come in many different material options, and according to your needs and aesthetics, nurses and other healthcare professionals can choose the material and model of nursing shoes that best suit their needs. B.O.C. Nursing Shoes can be made of leather, faux leather or patent leather, suede or fabric, canvas, and synthetic.
  • Variety in style and color: Most nursing shoes manufactured by B.O.C. Nursing Shoes come in various styling options and colors to choose from, besides their wide range of sizing options. This makes B.O.C. Nursing Shoes highly versatile in their usage.

Since there are so many models of nursing shoes offered by B.O.C. Nursing Shoes for men and women, some of them are listed below:

O.C Peggy for Men

B.O.C Peggy Nursing Shoes for Men are designed to snugly fit your feet and provide ample cushioning and support to improve posture. It is made out of synthetic material and is thus sturdy. They are also slip on to make it easier to take on and off.


  • Varied color and size options
  • Comfortable and provides stability
  • Provides ample cushioning


  • It is relatively not as durable.
  • Relatively expensive

Women’s B.O.C. Peggy Clogs

These easy slip-on B.O.C. Peggy Clogs for women are easy to disinfect, which is essential for a sterile hospital environment. They also provide high levels of comfort from the synthetic sole.


  • Easy to wear
  • Heel height of 2″
  • Provides support, cushioning and stability
  • Improves posture


  • Not versatile
  • Slightly expensive
  • Can get quite heavy if worn for long hours

B.O.C. Women’s Mossley Clog

These jazz styled clogs for women are versatile and are well suited for many occasions outside the hospital. They are heeled clogs and have a good grip on a synthetic sole to prevent slipping and falling. They are easy to wear too.


  • Versatile
  • Relatively more affordable
  • Provides support and improves posture


  • Heeled clogs may not be well suited for all
  • They are not durable and may have to be replaced often

B.O.C. Women’s Erna Faux Suede Buckle Loafers

The B.O.C. Women’s Erna Faux Suede Buckle Loafers for women are highly comfortable clogs that are slip-resistant and are easy to take off. They are made of synthetic material and are highly durable and provide ample cushioning.


  • They have leather tops, which make them versatile.
  • Has ample toe space
  • Improves posture and provides cushioning


  • Not many options in sizing
  • Can get a little heavy when worn for a long time

The B.O.C Eric shoes for men

These nursing shoes for men provide a lot of cushioning, which increases comfort and provides stability. It also helps in improving posture. Made of faux leather, it is versatile and durable.


  • Versatile use
  • Durable along with high levels of comfort
  • Good grip
  • Ample toe space


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not moisture absorbent

The Bottom Line

B.O.C. Nursing Shoes which are inspired from the nursing shoes created by BORN are thus a worthwhile investment given how important it is for nurses and other healthcare professionals to maintain proper body posture and take care of their legs, hips, and spine which may be affected due to long and strenuous hours of not only just standing but also involves lots of moving around. Such a physically demanding job type requires nurses and other healthcare professionals engaged in such activities to find themselves the perfect footwear that not only meets the requirements of their work environment but is also highly comfortable and provides the right amount of support to prevent any health risks that may be associated with such long and tiring hours of work shifts.

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