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How Do You Become a Physical Therapist? - Sports Management Degree Guide

Can Nurses Become Physical Therapists?


In the healthcare profession, physical therapists and nurses are considered the same and are among the most common career options. However, it is seen that some things are different for both health care professionals. These include salaries, education, and other responsibilities. Physical therapists work with patients to help them gain or regain their strength, movement, and flexibility. On the other hand, nurses take care of patients inside a hospital and care for their health and other things.

Also, nurses work in a hospital and not any other workplace. Physical therapists work in many different places, including patients’ homes, sports and fitness places, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and outpatient clinics.

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

A physical therapist has the ability to work with many different patients in various environments. They help patients with everything related to their health issues. They help patients recover from any kind of injuries and illness and make them do regular exercise and activities. Additionally, they guide them with their illnesses. Moreover, they assist those patients who are recovering from any illness or injury like strokes, broken bones, heart attacks, and other serious health conditions.

People will have to see a physical therapist whether they have fallen from somewhere or if they are suffering from any kind of strain. Suppose they had any kind of surgery or have gone through an accident. In that case, a physical therapist will be the person who can help people with their injuries or surgeries and assist individuals in rehabilitation.

These physical therapists are considered as someone who is an expert in helping people with their body movements. Moreover, they guide individuals to improve their meaning of life by making them do different exercises and various activities, which makes the patients physically and mentally strong.

Also, the physical therapist works with every type of patient, from children to adults, from postpartum women to stroke sick people, professional athletes, and much more. They also assist patients who are having any kind of disabilities and other health conditions which will require the treatment. However, a physical therapist guides or helps those individuals who want to become healthier or improve their way of living to simply avoid health problems in the future.

These professionals carefully look into each patient’s problems that are mainly related to their health. They develop and provide a different treatment plan for every individual. This helps them improve their movement ability, even helps them in managing the pain and avoid disability. These therapists have a big impact on an individual’s life because they direct and help them have a healthy lifestyle.

What Does a Nurse Do?

Nursing is the most important part of the health care system. They take care of every family, group, and individuals collaboratively. Nurses help people with their illness, any kind of health problem, and take care of people in their sickness or when they are dying or who suffer a disability. The important responsibilities of nursing are education, a secure environment, inpatient, and any kind of health management policymaking.

Can Nurses Become Physical Therapists?

This question has a straightforward answer. Physical therapists can be nurses, too. Nurses are free to do or learn anything they like. They have already completed complex math and other science courses as part of their nursing programs. That indicates that they are competent in becoming physical therapists.

Physical therapy is an excellent profession, but they have to complete all of the prerequisites for physical therapy school first. They also have to get accepted into the program and make sure that they must complete all of their mandatory classes. Most importantly, they need to pass their physical therapy licensure exam.

A doctorate, also known as a DPT, is the first degree in physical therapy. This necessitates three years of full-time study in addition to the four-years of science degree. If you want to be a physical therapy nurse, you need to have some previous work experience that will further help you become a therapy nurse.

There is numerous kind of jobs for physical therapy nurses, and those jobs require experienced staff nurse. Also, many individuals previously have worked as a nurse and are now working as a physical therapist. So, it is believed that nurses can become physical therapists.

Benefits Of Being A Physical Therapist

There are many things to enjoy when you are a physical therapist, and there are many benefits in this career.

Excellent Pay

Being a medical professional, money isn’t always what you think about. The first thing you will always have in mind is empathy for those who require your assistance. However, it is good to know that salary is one of the benefits that a physical therapist will have. That means that you can have a peaceful and good work-life.

The Balance Between Work and Personal Life

It entirely depends on the type of workplace you select for yourself. You will have a flexible routine that will create a balance between your work and personal life. However, it is seen that many medical professionals sometimes don’t have those luxuries when they tend to work long hospital shifts.

For a physical therapist, there are many different perks. You can choose your working hours, set your practice, and set your own lunch and break schedule.

Different Working Environment

Physical therapists have many different work environments when it comes to their work. This is one of the important benefits that physical therapists have.

Medical Knowledge

Physical therapists are well aware of the entire body and its system, and they are experts to work with. These medical professionals have great knowledge about every body part. These therapists are highly skilled full, have great knowledge, and are extremely professionals.


Physical therapists have the most important and demanding work that helps people with their lifestyle. And yes, obviously, a nurse can become a physical therapist. However, they have to go through some mandatory things like education and professional experience to qualify as a physical therapist. We have mentioned everything in more detail above. Lastly, therapists will have many different advantages that nurses can not have.

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