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best nursing shoes for women

All you need to know about the best nursing shoes for women

Working for long hours, running around the wards, and looking after your patients can only be easy when your feet are happy. The best nursing shoes for women should be comfortable, lightweight, and a perfect fit for the shape and size of your feet.

With all the nursing shoes in the market today, it can be difficult to know the best nursing shoes is for women that will provide you with the best value for your money. If you’re working long hours, you need a comfortable shoe that is designed for rigorous work that comes with your profession. A good pair of nursing shoes can affect your comfort as you work during the day that’s why it’s important to get proper footwear. There are things you can do to reduce the pressure on your feet and improve the health of your feet, including investing in foot accessories and improve your fitness. This will ensure you’re comfortable and healthy as you spend hours on your feet.

You can take regular breaks from standing to reduce pressure on your feet, back, and joints, regular exercise to build muscle, sole inserts, and compression socks. You can also see a podiatrist to help diagnose and prevent serious injuries and maintain your foot health. Being a nurse, you spend most of your time walking, standing, lifting, and running regularly, which can affect your body in the future, so you need to take care of your feet, legs, and back and in turn, they will take care of you.

How to improve your comfort and foot health

A pair of premium insoles

Insoles are an essential part of your shoe because they’re in direct contact with your feet, and they provide cushioning and even arch support. They help in protecting your feet against foot fatigue by providing an extra layer of cushioning between your feet and the ground, provide extra support, and improve shock absorption. Some quality insoles can even prolong the life of your shoe by eliminating friction when you walk and providing antimicrobial properties to fight bacteria and bad smell.

If your shoes feel uncomfortable with their original insoles, you feel you need extra arch support, or if you walk on very hard surfaces, a quality insole will improve your comfort and reduce the pressure by absorbing the impact of your feet when you walk on hard surfaces. However, before you buy an insole, you need to determine your problem, which will help you know whether you need an insole for arch support, running, plantar fasciitis, or gel-infused. If you aren’t sure, you can visit a podiatrist to measure your feet and recommend the right insole taking into account your medical condition.

Take regular breaks

This is very beneficial over time. Taking regular breaks to get off your feet can help relieve some of the pressure from your feet, legs, joints, and ankles. Sitting down a few minutes each hour can improve your comfort drastically. While you may think that working non-stop will help you get more work done, over time, it will take a toll on your legs, foot, and back, which will affect your effectiveness and efficiency at work. Just sitting for a few minutes will help your feet and back relax and recover.

Visit an orthodontist

Getting your feet checked by a foot specialist can help improve your foot health if you have any medical issues or foot discomfort. Even if you aren’t in pain or have any medical conditions, it’s good to see an orthodontist who can help you prevent future injuries or medical problems. A foot expert will give you a proper measurement of your feet and determine if any issues could create problems if you wear normal shoes. This will help in recommending the right shoes or even provide you with special inserts that go with the shape of your feet. An orthodontist will help in determining your foot arch, identify if your feet are narrow, wide, or normal, and if you have any abnormalities to help recommend the proper shoes for your foot type.

Invest in quality compression socks

Compression socks are very common with nurses to help improve your comfort during the long hour shifts. They help in improving blood flow to your lower body and increasing support for your ankles, calves, and knees. A good pair of these socks will help in preventing blisters, reduce swelling, and increase the recovery process of other physical ailments. They also help in keeping you warm during the cold season and protect your feet and legs. The compression socks you buy shouldn’t be too tight to avoid affecting blood flow, especially if you have issues with your heart.

Soak blistered and soar feet

Soak your feet in a mixture of hot or warm water with Epsom salt to help reduce swelling and blisters and improve circulation to your legs and feet. Soaking feet is a natural remedy that has been used for generations to take care of blisters, cons, foot fungus to hydrate your feet and skin as well as soothing your muscles. By adding this to your daily or weekly routine, it will help in relaxing you after a long day at work. You can also add essential oils for better results or just use plain hot water to soothe your feet, relax tight muscles, and reduce certain ailments.

Regular stretching and exercising

Have a routine where you stretch and exercise regularly to improve the muscles in your body, which will, in turn, improve your posture and form and reduce injuries and some medical conditions. When you take your health and exercise seriously, it will help improve your bone strength and many other benefits to your body. For you to have a healthy and active life, you have to exercise, and if you don’t look after your body, you will notice a decline in your health, which will make it harder to complete tasks that you could easily do before. By combining a good workout routine, proper rest, and a healthy diet, your life will be better, and you can enjoy it whether you’re working or not.

Features of the best nursing shoes for women


As a nurse, you spend most of your time on your feet, walking, standing, lifting, or running, which can cause discomfort and foot fatigue. Wearing comfortable nursing shoes can significantly improve your overall comfort and the way you feel throughout the day. Get proper measurements of your feet to help you identify your feet type.


The right nursing shoes should offer good leg and back support. They should improve your comfort as well as be safe to wear and have excellent stability during your entire shift, especially when it comes to lifting patients and heavy machines. Get shoes with a thick sole, durable material, strong, and flexible to help you move around easily and lift objects thought any injuries or accidents.


You may be working in a station where there are heavy machinery and objects that can potentially fall on your feet. In such a situation, you should wear nursing shoes that offer protection against such hazards by fully covering your toes and feet. You can even get two pairs of shoes that you can swap to ensure overall protection and comfort throughout the day.


When buying the best nursing shoes for women, make sure the soles are made with slip-resistant material. This will be of great use when walking on wet or slippery floors so that you don’t end up falling and getting injured. Also, ensure that the sole is flexible enough to walk comfortably in, but not too soft or thin to avoid increasing your chances of hurting yourself.


Choose a shoe that is both comfortable and appropriate for your workplace. You may work in a place with specific guidelines on the color, design, and material of the shoes. Once you have the appropriate shoe, you should also think about the fit and finish of the shoe, its flexibility, stain resistance, and design touches. Even though you’re following specific clothing guidelines, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some flair, fun, and personality to your wardrobe.

Review: Comparison table for the best nursing shoes for women

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Alegria women’s Debra slip-on

Debra slip-on

These are popular nursing shoes that are lightweight and comfortable from their construction and synthetic sole. This is a closed-heel shoe that will fit you perfectly thanks to the double elastic gores. It’s a comfortable slip-on clog that you can easily wear to work or for your personal use and take off at the end of the day without any discomfort. The front of the clog has a roomy toe box that provides enough space for your toes, so they don’t feel squished together all day.

The replaceable memory foam insole can be easily swapped with customized ones, and the elastic goring contours with your feet for added comfort. The soft upper leather material and the padded heel make sure you’re comfortable when walking or standing. The upper leather is stain resistant, which makes it easy to clean in case of spillage and offers your feet protection. The sturdy and supportive footbed is designed to contour with your feet for maximum comfort.

The clog has a lightweight sloping rocker bottom with a 1.5-inch heel that makes it easy to move forward without using a lot of energy, and it helps reduce foot fatigue. The outsole is made with slip-resistant material and grooving to give you more grip on many surfaces you walk on and offer protection and stability.


  • Very roomy toe box for your toes
  • Great for people with foot problems
  • Keeps your feet comfortable during long hour shift
  • Sturdy structure and comfort


  • Cracking and peeling in the printed designs
  • The top might be too tight on your feet


This shoe is a popular alternative nursing clog that comes in a wide variety of designs you can choose from to suit your taste. Very comfortable and lightweight and made with a stain-resistant material that you can easily clean. Your feet will be comfortable and happy throughout your shift, and there will be less foot fatigue or foot pain.

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TOISEBON women’s athletic walking shoes

athletic walking shoes

These walking shoes have a unique sleek design that is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, which makes them look good on you whether you’re wearing scrubs, gym clothes, or skinny jeans. They’re designed with a mesh upper which is durable and breathable and an elastic mouth, so there is less irritation and friction when you wear or take off the shoes.

The open mesh material on the upper part of the shoes offers superior breathability to keep your feet dry from sweating throughout the day. The insole is made with pigskin, which provides quality cushioning for comfort. In contrast, the pigskin lining adds to the breathability of the shoe to ensure your feet are happy and well ventilated. It also has latex arch inserts that offer excellent support for your feet when walking or standing.

The soft cushion outsole is highly elastic, durable, and slip-resistant and also helps in absorbing shock as you walk. The midsole is lightweight and durable and is made with a unique material that gives you a bounce-back effect, so you don’t use a lot of energy when walking.


  • Very comfortable when walking
  • The inserts are comfortable and easy to remove
  • They have a great fit, so there is no rubbing
  • Breathable, so your feet don’t sweat


  • Doesn’t have enough arch support
  • The stretchy material doesn’t provide great overall support


Very comfortable and stylish sneakers that will keep your feet comfortable throughout your long shift and ensure your feet are well protected as you walk. Made with durable, unique, and flexible materials that add to your comfort and support.

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Sloggers women’s waterproof shoes

waterproof shoes

Sloggers waterproof shoes are the perfect shoes to wear if you don’t like shoes that are made of fabric tops. They’re made with 100% recyclable material and are completely waterproof, which makes them very easy to clean once they come into contact with fluids at work. Just use a damp cloth to wipe them clean and your set to go.

They also protect your feet. They come in many attractive designs from solid colors to floral prints, so you won’t have a hard time selecting a pair that suits your personality and style. They come with a removable insole that you can easily remove and clean and also customize to suit your needs. The bottom has an outsole with heavy-duty rug tread that provides excellent traction and grip on any surface you walk on while the insole provides cushioning for all-day comfort and support.


  • Easy to slip on and off your feet
  • Offer your feet protection from fluids
  • The sole has very deep rubber tread for good grip
  • Very comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • Keeps your feet dry


  • They’re a bit heavy
  • Sizing might be a problem


These are excellent shoes for a nurse to wear to work since they will protect your feet and, at the same time, keep you comfortable all day. You won’t have to worry about your feet sweating as the insoles will keep them dry, and the outsole will give you excellent stability and protection as you walk on any surface.

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Softwalk women’s Meredith clog

The softwalk Meredith is a clog specially designed to meet the footwear needs of nurses and other medical professionals. It has an elegant clog design that offers a fashionable style as well as useful functionality. It’s made of leather with a waterproof finish, which makes it easy to clean off fluids that spill on your feet at work. The padded footbed keeps your feet comfortable, especially if you’re looking for added arch support or nursing shoes that will help your plantar fasciitis, then these will be perfect.

Even after wearing them for a long shift, your feet will still feel great, and you will have no knee or ankle pain. They’re also great nursing shoes for people with overpronation problems. The sole is made of lightweight rubber material with padding that helps to absorb shock and enough recoil, which makes it easier to walk with limited effort. The rubber sole is also slip-resistant, which provides stability and support with excellent traction on any surface.


  • Perfect nursing shoes for people with wide feet
  • Provide a lot of padding for added support and comfort
  • They have cute designs
  • Your feet don’t hurt after a long shift


  • Take time to break-in
  • They’re not very breathable


These soft walk shoes are stylish and comfortable with classic designs and lightweight, durable material that makes sure you’re feet are comfortable, well supported, and protected throughout the day as you work.

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Nurse mates angle lites nursing shoes

Nurse mates nursing shoes are specifically designed to deliver comfort and support that you need throughout the long demanding hours you spend working. These shoes come with a lace-up design and a leather upper for maximum comfort and durability. The leather has a stain-resistant finish, which makes it easy to clean up any messy fluids that may spill on them as you go about your work. The EVA rubber outsoles provide excellent grip, traction, and slip resistance on wet or slippery surfaces you walk on keeping you stable and protected from accidental falls and slips.

The cushiony footbed and flexible platform offer overall comfort from all the walking and standing and keeps away moisture and sweat, keeping your feet dry all day. So you don’t have to worry about having stinky feet at the end of your shift. The lightweight composite shanks provide excellent arch support and stability while walking.


  • Easy to clean and wipe off any dirt
  • They have a bounce when you walk which helps to absorb the impact
  • Lightweight shoes you can wear all-day
  • Have great support
  • Durable shoes


  • The sides can stretch quickly
  • The toe box is too wide


A white design nursing shoe that is durable and offers excellent comfort and support during the long hours at work. It has a stylish yet athletic design that will look good with any uniform. These shoes will keep your feet dry and supported all day while providing excellent traction and grip on any slippery floor.

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Skechers for workwomen’s slip-resistant clog

slip-resistant clog

Skechers for work clogs are lightweight nursing clogs that are made with leather. They have a rounded toe box that keeps your toes happy and comfortable and memory foam for comfort while walking and extra cushioning, which may at times affect your balance and make you feel like you’re wearing sandals instead of clogs.

The 1-inch platform and the slightly larger heel and a removable padded insole offer great medium size arch support. The rubber sole and the heel stabilizers help to absorb your feet’s impact from the hard surfaces for a smoother, comfortable stride. The non-slip, flexible rubber outsole provides great traction and grip on wet or slippery floors, so you’re stable and protected while walking.


  • Very comfortable to wear all-day
  • Super cushiony memory foam
  • They’re well-constructed
  • Great arch support


  • The sizes run bigger than your standard shoe size
  • May be too soft to balance your walking


Designed as a traditional nursing clog, this shoe is meant to offer maximum comfort and support while making sure you’re stable when walking. The extra cushioning makes your feet comfortable when walking or standing, and the slip-resistant, durable rubber outsole ensures you don’t slip or fall on wet or slippery floors.

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Nurse mates women’s velocity

Nurse mates women’s velocity are nursing shoes with a sneaker style slip-on design to provide attractive shoe patterns and adequate comfort. It’s a well-constructed leather shoe that you can easily slip on and off with stretch laces that you can adjust the tightness you prefer. You will find colorful and fun that will add to your personality and professional look. Although it has a mesh look, you can easily clean off any basic stains, and light spills will not seep through the material.

Despite the size of the shoe its lightweight thanks to the unique lightweight bottom sole. It’s also slip-resistant and provides excellent grip and traction on wet slippery floors, so you’re assured of stability as you walk around. The lightly padded tongue and collar and the soft, breathable cotton lining offer extra cushioning and comfort and leave your feet feeling happy and well ventilated all day. The flexible, dual-density foam footbed helps to absorb your foot impact while the built-in arch support keeps you comfortable and supported all day.


  • Very comfortable and your feet don’t hurt after a long day
  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight shoes which reduce knee and ankle pain
  • Adjustable shoelaces for a perfect fit


  • Not a good choice for people with flat feet
  • May trap in heat


Nurse mates velocity is a great shoe to wear all day at work, and it offers you comfort and arch support. It’s a stylish shoe that is well-designed for a comfortable casual and professional look that you can wear all day without your feet complaining.

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Leader show women’s slip-on walking shoes

slip-on walking shoes

These women’s slip-on walking shoes provide adequate cushioning for your feet while still providing feet flexibility to help you walk as you work. They’re designed with a soft, breathable upper and lining for a comfortable foot fit with a slip-on closure that makes it easy for you to wear and take the shoes off after a long tiring shift.

A thicker sole and a slightly larger platform, which increases the heel height and superior cushioning makes it durable and flexible. The non-slip outsole offers excellent grip, arch support, and traction on various surfaces you walk on all day to reduce pressure on your ankles and knees and provide stability.


  • Very stylish and has a sleek look
  • Very cushiony and comfortable
  • Keeps your feet dry
  • The sole has good grip and traction


  • Too tight for people with a high arch
  • Doesn’t offer toe protection


Very comfy and cushiony shoes you can wear to work all day and not feel tired at the end of your long shift. They provide your feet with great arch support, comfort, and stability so that you can go about your work with no worries.

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Final thoughts

There are many nursing shoes in the market from various popular brands with different styles you can choose from. However, the best nursing shoes for women should be able to provide you with great comfort, adequate support, and overall protection and grip to help you work better without worrying about your feet. The Alegria women’s Debra slip-on are excellent shoes that have all these features.

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