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How to Get Creases out of Leather Shoes

Leather shoes have a distinct patina and color that makes them stand out from all other types of materials. They also develop a texture that is unique to them.

But as they age, leather also tends to develop a crease. This is quite contrary to popular misconception. Most people tend to assume that leather does crease or leather that creases are cheap quality. However, this is not the case at all.

Nonetheless, creasing on a leather shoe, especially on a dressier show, can be quite unsightly and make you look unkempt and shabby.

This post will help you get rid of creases in your leather shoe so you can confidently wear them the next time.

What causes creases in a leather shoe?

Several reasons cause leather shoes to the crease. These include:

  • The shoe design – Some shoe designs are more prone to creasing than others.
  • Type of leather – This does not mean cheap leather or otherwise. However, leather that comes from the underbelly of an animal is loose and tends to wrinkle a lot.
  • Lasting – For the uninitiated, mounting the shoe on the shoe mold is called lasting. When a shoe has lasted for a short amount of time, the leather will crease.
  • Poor shoe fit –A poor fitting shoe has a lot of room in it. This creates an ideal environment for the leather to crease.

How to remove crease from a leather shoe

Fortunately for us, there are ways to get rid of these unsightly creases from leather shoes.

Typically, the methods used for removing the creases will depend on the severity of the crease. It will also depend on whether the crease is a recent development or is an old one.

How to get rid of new creases on a leather shoe

There are two ways you can remove a recently developed crease.

  • One, massage the crease with high-quality leather oil. It is best to use a soft cloth and applying the oil with slight pressure.

After the oil is sufficiently massaged into the crease, put it on a shoe tree, and leave it to rest overnight before wearing it.

  • Two, mount the creased leather shoe onto a shoe tree and leave it untouched for at least two weeks. The crease will be smoothed out very nicely.

How to get rid of a deep and old crease in a leather shoe

If the crease in your leather is rather old or looks like a stubborn one, you need to try other methods.

Method one –Ironing.

Although this may sound invasive, it works great on deep creases.

Wrap the creased leather shoe with a damp cloth. Next, use a cloth iron set on medium heat to gently iron the crease. Check to see if the crease has been ironed repeatedly through the process.

Before you do this, make sure to conduct a heat test. The heat can change the color of the leather to a certain extent.

After you are satisfied with the appearance of the crease, mount the shoe on a shoe tree and leave it undisturbed for a few days.

The appearance of the crease should have improved a lot. You can then condition the leather and continue to use it.

Method two – Use rubbing alcohol.

You will need some water as well as a spray bottle for this method.

Mix water and rubbing alcohol in equal parts and put it in a spray bottle. Getting the measurement right is paramount as too much alcohol can dry out the leather.

Spritz the creased area of the shoe with the solution. Gently massage the solution into the leather and allow it to dry.

After the leather dries, use a good quality cream or conditioner to condition the leather. Next, mount it onto a shoe tree and let it rest for a couple of days.

This method works equally on both old and new creases on leather shoes.

Method three – Use a heat gun or a blow dryer.

This method works great even for creases that are of considerable size and depth. However, careful execution is essential as excessive heat can stretch out the leather and make the condition worse.

Mount the creased leather shoe onto a shoe tree, also called a shoe stretcher.

Next, hold a heat gun or a blow dryer to the creased area. Make sure to hold the blower or the gun at a distance of at least six inches away from the shoe. Move the heat source continuously so that you don’t burn the shoe.

When the leather gets heated, there are two ways to you can work on the crease.

You can either massage the crease using your hands. Alternatively, you can also rub the creased part of the shoe against the shoe tree. This will stretch out the leather and reduce the appearance of the crease.

Continue doing the heating and massaging process until you are satisfied with the appearance of the crease.

After the shoe has cooled down completely, use a leather cream to condition it. For best results, leave it on the shoe tree for a couple of days before you wear the shoe.

Note: Whether you use the iron or the heat gun or the blow dryer, heat can cause the leather to darken. So before you perform the method on the visible parts of the shoe, test it out on an inconspicuous part of the shoe such as the tongue. If your leather shoe is black, then the patch test won’t be necessary.


Leather shoes will develop wrinkles and creases with age, no matter how well you take care of it. It is skin, after all. But unlike wrinkles on a person’s face that gives it character, wrinkles on shoes can look ugly.

The methods that we have suggested above are easy to perform. You also do not require multiple items to remove the creases. They are straightforward and are effective. We hope you can get remove the creases and enjoy wearing your leather shoes again.



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