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Best Sticky Nursing Shoes To Wear For Whole Day 

Nurses and healthcare professionals have our utmost respect. To take our care and provide us with the best health care nurses and health professionals have to stand on their feet for long hours. A normal nursing shift can run beyond 8 to 10 hours. As a nurse since you will be spending most of the time feeling fatigued and un comfort shifts your focus from performing your duties.

Wearing the right footwear helps to prevent pain and discomfort even when working for long hours. Also, let’s not just forget! Safety is yet another thing that you cannot ignore when getting nursing shoes. The major reason why this is so important is that as a nurse in a face-paced hospital environment you may face many unexpected situations. That’s why shoes should not only be comfortable but must provide adequate safety to the feet.  

Comfortable, durable, and non-slip shoes are a must-have for a nurse. The sticky nursing shoes come with all three factors combined. Not only this but the cute designs are surely going to complement and add a very stylish element to your overall look. Though, some people do prefer wearing traditional shoes like boots, sneakers and so on. But trust me once you wear Sticky shoes there is no going back from them. They are made specifically keeping the nature of the nursing profession in mind. 

We fully understand, as a nurse, you have a very hectic routine taking time out for choosing the best pair of shoes from the unlimited options available is not only difficult but an impossible task indeed. But, worry not! We have the perfect solution. Our list of the best sticky nursing shoes is going to be very useful for selecting the right pair. 

Greater comforts, strength, and safety are all three important aspects that a nurse wishes for from her shoe.

Always a nurse anticipates that her pair of shoes will protect her against dust, mud and make her secure on even and uneven surfaces and allow her to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Fascinatingly, all the manufacturers of the shoe make the shoes focusing on these aspects, and commonly, nurses aimlessly pick up from the available choices.

However, amongst the nurses, there is a group who wish for more relief from the shoe and they then pick up comfy instead of choosing heels, boots, and so on.

In addition to greater comforts, several aspects are there that pull them to choose sticky nursing shoes, like-

  •  light in weight
  • have more room for breathing
  • fast to remove and put on
  •  easy to clean and hygienic

To make the choice easier and help those nurses to find the comfortable and loving option for them, here we have some best alternatives that they can choose.

Here we have the best choices for nurses and come up with a complete buying guide. We hope that you will surely make a well-informed buying decision on the best shoes.

Dansko women’s XP 2.0 clog-

Buy Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs Online in Indonesia. B07MGVSDCC

This option is for those who make every effort to get the most from their life. From the time of development, they endeavor at enhancing the quality of individuals’ lives by introducing the great options with truthful zeal and pledge for an improved tomorrow. And a person can easily realize that their keenness after using the footwear.

The first pick from the list of the devoted footwear makers is Dansko. This pair of clog undoubtedly is an excellent combination of soothing and toughness which is the basic need for the nursing shoe. In addition to the aspect of hardiness and coziness, they also feature a Scotchguard protector that safeguards the clogs against stains. Consequently, a wearer’s best days with this pair of footwear are just an affair of time.

Key features-

Synthetic outsole-

The outsole is made up of synthetic and with a small leaf dot. Both help wearer to walk with proper stability. Between them, synthetic keeps the shoe strong and dots ensure smooth stable contact of you with the floor.

Comfortable to wear-

This pair of footwear is comfortable to wear choice and it is having a PU footbed and Dansko natural arch technology. PU footbed is having a dual-density which means an additional layer for the relaxation of the foot. Along with this, the footbed is made in such a way that it guarantees arch support for the foot. So as long as a wearer’s foot will be there into the clogs, they will be in a soothing mode.

Removable footbed-

The footbed provides wearer coziness throughout the day and she can take away them for cleaning or changing purposes. Usually, the footbed goes dirty and they also smell after several days of use, having this you can enjoy a fresh vibe around the month.

Plus points-

  • Shielding heel counter for heel safeguarding
  • Comfortable foam for cushioning and support
  • Approx .75” of platform

 Algeria keli women’s professional shoe-

Alegria Women's Keli Professional: Amazon.ca: Shoes & Handbags

Algeria begins with a straightforward mindset to come up with a cozier shoe that invokes happiness. Later on, they come up with the plan in real by crafting shoes using flexible leathers, vibrant prints, and lastly pairing each different creation with their original footbeds. Moreover, The footbed design provides comfortable arch and heel support to alleviate the strain of the hips, legs, and back through a long time on the feet. And these are the reasons why most nurses desire to choose Algeria’s shoes.

Despite it being a dress or shoe, we expect that less weight is always good. Any individual who loves lightweight shoes or feels discomfort wearing heavy shoes can opt for Algeria clogs. Additionally, the shoes are light in weight and will make you stable on the floor with the help of soles that are man-made.

Key features-

Casual look-

If you get the pair of shoes that you can guarantee to stay stress-free and happy at the hospital, at the same time maintain the chic appearance. The leather-made upper pane is made with snake print and at the outer side of every shoe sole is having butterfly printed. A combination of both provides a shoe modish look.

Leather made shoe-

Algeria nursing shoe is made using genuine leather which is highly durable and lasts long in terms of structure and looks. The whole shoe is made in such a way that those can be trusted for quality. If you are seeking better-quality shoes, enlist these in your cart.

Elastic instep-

Unlike most other clogs these shoes are having an elastic instep which is rubber ones. Having these, you can put on the shoes within several seconds and can take away faster. The elastic bands ensure the perfect fitting of the shoe with the feet.


  • Slip opposed outer sole for balancing
  • The shoe features a .25” platform
  • Have heel of 1.50”(in height)

Hawkwell women’s lightweight soothe Sticky Nursing Shoes-

Amazon.com: Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Slip Resistant Health Care Nursing Shoes: Shoes

According to the manufacturers, a great pair of shoes can make the whole look from flat to fantastic. They urge individuals to wear a shoe that defines their personas and for individuals hawk well make a different shoe with different styles so they ultimately resemble personas of the individual. A nurse spends 9-10 hours a day at the hospital and meanwhile, she has to walk around the hospital to serve numerous patients’ and therefore she needs a comfortable option. For the hardworking nurses, hawk well has come up with the standard and comfy pair of shoes. The shoe is lined with soft foam padding which ensures comfort for the whole day.

Key features-

Excellent grip-

The base of the shoe is crafted using EVA materials also crafted with hexagon doted structure. This combination keeps a wearer to stay table on various kinds of floors which includes slippery and wet grounds. If you choose the shoe, you can walk and run without any fear.

Smart design-

The shoe looks modish with plain white color and padded surroundings. There is a new design on the surface of the shoe and they look extraordinary because of straightforwardness. If you want you can pair up it with some other dress in addition to the working dress.

Secure fitting-

The shoe becomes greatly comfortable when they fit securely. Secured fitting pair of the shoe makes us feel confident to walk and run. Inside the shoe, there is foam padded and is having rubber insteps on tongues that ensure easy to wear and remove and secure fitting.


  •  Light in weight
  • Clean lines
  •  5” heel and .75” platform

Sticky shoe women’s cute nursing footwear-

Sticky Shoes - Women's Cute Nursing Shoes - Waterproof Slip-Resistant - Keep Nursing (8, Gray/Pink Stetho) - Home Sports Fitness

Brand sticky shoe believes that when a lady wears the best pair of shoes she can express confidently to others. This brand is aimful at making women’s shoes. Women can hope to get quality shoes from this brand.

Many of you might be in a dilemma seeing the pair of nursing shoes whether they are casual or nursing shoes. They in fact look good and refreshing. These shoes look elegant and are comfortable to put on. With the functional features, they have cute exclusive pins symbolizing healthcare specialists and will add an extra vibe to her duty.

Key features-

Non-slip outsole-

Hospital corridors, wards, and cabins are highly prone to wet, often by the unintentional drop of medicine or water or often regular cleaning. Wearing this shoe, a nurse can walk along with maintaining balance on any type of floor. The shoe is having a synthetic nonslip outsole.

Water-resistant shoe-

This is the best feature of sticky nursing shoes. When she wears it she can balance on the wet floor and also the shoe won’t get the jam to the floor’s wetness. This feature works very well, especially in the rainy season. Taken as a whole irrespective of climate and floor condition, you can always have dry and clean shoes.

Durable shoe-

Shoes are the result of rubber soles and synthetic materials and both of them are well known for their strong lifespan. Also, shoes don’t have any joints and parts are straightforwardly joint. Thus, one can hope for an interrupted and long-time service.

Easy to clean-

She as a nurse must be clean for all time. Her shoe can also help her to make clean. The shoe’s insoles are removable and you can easily clean them whenever required. Also as the shoes are waterproof, you can clean and dry them within several seconds. Overall taking care of shoes won’t consume much time.


  • Lightweight shoe
  • Absorbent material keeps it dry all-day
  • Shock absorber
  • Anti torsion system sole

Dansko Women’s Pro XP

The Dansko Women’s Pro XP shoes are just for those who want to get the best out of their life. These shoes come with the right combo of toughness and comfort. Along with featuring a Scotchguard protector to prevent the shoes from getting stained. While the outer sole of the shoe is made of synthetic material with a dotted surface. The dotted surface of the shoes gives you better traction and slip resistance to meet any challenges in the due course of work.

In addition, the Dansko Women’s Pro XP doesn’t make any compromises in being comfortable. For a nurse comfortable shoes go a long way, you don’t want to end up doing your shift with tired feet. So, If it’s a comfort that you want then the PU footbed of the Dansko Women’s Pro XP shoes makes them the right choice for you. Also, the footbed comes with arch support for a pleasant experience. While the dual-density in the PU footbed gives it yet another layer to make your feet feel more relaxed. 

So, in case you suffer from foot problems like flat feet or high arch, the additional arch support will give you a very cozy and snug walking experience. Also, it makes sure that the pressure is evenly divided along the length of the feet. So, you can say goodbye to tired and aching feet with these incredible shoes. 

Furthermore, the different eccentric patterns of the Dansko Women’s Pro XP make them stand out from the many other choices of nursing shoes. The patterns add a very distinctive and unique element to your overall persona. Also, if you are one of those individuals who love to experiment with new looks, then without any doubt you are going to love the different patterns of the Dansko Women’s Pro XP shoes.

Last but not the least, the Dansko shoes come with a removable inner sole. The inner sole not only gives you a very comfortable and snug fit. But, you can also take it out for deep cleaning, which is a very essential factor especially if you are a nurse or a medical professional. The reason why this is so important is that the footbed of shoes tends to get very dirty as you wear shoes for a long time in one go. It can even start to smell, so to keep them clean and give an overall fresh feel to the shoes. You can just remove the footbed and clean the shoes.

Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

The Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women won’t disappoint you in any way. They sure look like any other traditional nursing shoes. But, the modern twist to the traditional design will look chic. Also, the eleven different color options available will blow your mind with different color options with something to suit the taste of everyone. 

The hassle slip-on design is surely something that you are going to treasure as a medical professional or a nurse. Super easy to wear, you don’t have to spend time tying up laces. Besides, the lightweight design of the shoes feels super easy on the feet, as a nurse on a long shift lightweight shoes feel like Godsent. 

Furthermore, the shoes feature an inch platform design, which provides you with excellent arch support for standing on your feet for long hours. Besides, with the right arch support, you will feel invincible when performing your duties and helping patients out. Even after standing for an extended period your feet won’t feel tired or in pain. 

In addition, the shoes have a water-proof design including the upper part and the outer sole. It is a very important feature that nurses are surely going to find useful as you never know what you can step in during your shift. It also makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the shoes.

 All this combined with a non-slip outer sole is just what makes these shoes irresistible. At the same time, the inner bed of the shoes is made with moisture-absorbent materials to make your feet feel fresh all day long. Last but not the least, investing in the shoes won’t put a dent in your pocket as they come at a very reasonable price range. 

Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes with arch support

It won’t be wrong to say that the Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes with arch support are specifically made for nurses. The elegant and classic look of these shoes makes you confused whether these are casual shoes or they are work shoes. Not only do these shoes look super classy but they feel super comfortable at the same time. Besides, the cute symbolic pin featured on the shoes adds to your overall vibe. 

Many times you may have come across slippery damp floors. It may be due to the frequent cleaning or it may be due to any other reason. In such situations wearing a pair of non-slip shoes comes in handy. These comfortable Sticky shoes come with an anti-slip design that gives you the stability to move with speed even on damp floors. 

Furthermore, the synthetic durable rubber construction is not going to get damaged easily. Be assured the sturdy construction of this pair of shoes is going to last for a long time without getting damaged in any way.

Lastly, as a nurse, you know how important cleanliness plays an integral part in your overall hygiene, be it you or just your shoes. The shoes feature a removable innersole that you can take out for cleaning purposes. Even after giving these shoes a deep wash, you won’t have to wait for a long time for them to dry out. As they dry out easily within minutes, so you won’t have to spend too much of your precious time cleaning the pair of shoes.

Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes

Wearing the right pair of shoes not only affects your feet but also adds to the overall look you carry. A good pair of shoes defines your overall persona. The Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes come in different styles that are going to go well with your persona. For round-the-clock hard-working nurses, these shoes are no more than a blessing. 

Starting the shoes come with an EVA bottom, it features a hexagon dotted structure. It gives the shoes an enhanced grip and excellent non-slip capabilities for slippery hospital floors. It may not be wrong to say that with these pairs of shoes you can run or walk without having any fear of slipping and falling.

In addition, the shoes have a very modern yet practical design that comes with inner padded walls for maximum comfort. The textured surface of the shoes gives them a very unique and different look. Considering its style element, not only will this pair of shoes look good with your scrubs but you can pair them with any of your normal dresses.  

Furthermore, the secure fit of the shoes gives an enhanced feeling of comfort. It not only feels good but it also gives you the confidence to walk and perform your daily tasks with ease. Also, the inner foam pads and rubber tongue make it easy to wear, you just need to slip these shoes on and start walking. All things considered with Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes you just cannot get anything wrong. 

Buying Guide – How to choose Sticky nursing shoes?

You can only choose the right pair of nursing shoes only if you know what exactly you need to look for. Now the question that comes to mind is what exactly to look for? Our buying guide will aid you in finding the right option for nursing shoes. The kind of shoes that you end up getting depends on your work environment and also on how long you plan to stand on your feet. So just keep reading to find out more.                           

When looking for a nursing shoe the first thing that you need to look out for is the support and stability they offer. Since you will have to stand for a long time, the shoes you wear must provide an adequate amount of support. For determining the stability of the shoes, you may have to give close attention to their design, heel height, and overall shape of the shoes. 

Remember, shoes with proper back support and arch support help to reduce and eliminate fatigue or pain. Also, even if the shoe has a very appealing design but doesn’t feel comfortable then it may not be of much use to nurses. Because you may spend time mostly on your feet as a nurse, getting comfortable shoes is of utmost importance. 

The next factor that you need to consider when getting nursing shoes is how much they weigh. It can get very tiresome moving around in shoes that feel too heavy. It is especially true if you are a medical professional or a nurse. In the long run, heavy-weight shoes can impact your overall health, as you may end up putting too much effort into your movement. So, make sure that the shoes that you get have lightweight and don’t feel too heavy on the feet.      

Working in a hospital you must know that the shoes you wear in your shift tend to get dirty very fast. So, when getting the right pair of shoes, you should also check if they have an option of easy maintenance. Some shoes like sticky nursing shoes are super easy to clean, you can properly wash them without worrying about them getting damaged.                                  

We hope that you find the information in the article useful and help you in finding the right pair of shoes for yourself.

Ending words-

After analyzing some top e-commerce platforms, we got to know there is a huge proportion the buyers who are not happy with what they order for them. One of the primary reasons that their dissatisfaction is because they hardly know about the product before making any purchase of the shoe.

However, if you have gone through the options of the best shoes with which we have come up in this content, you will be able to make well-informed sticky nursing shoes buying decisions.

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