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Mary Jane nursing shoes

Mary Jane nursing shoes are one of the essential choices for the nursing profession women as these premium quality shoes offer the most significant benefits for them. You can get exceptional protection for the soles from these shoes. As a nurse, you may have to work for 12 hours or sometimes more than it. Most of the Mary Jane shoes are made with soft cushions inside that will give you comfort all day long. One of the greatest advantages of this shoe is that these are extremely lightweight if compared to other traditional nursing shoes.

Mary Jane is an American shoe company who offer low cut shoe and professional-looking shoe for the people. Some of these Mary Jane shoes are great for nurses who have to walk a lot on their feet. If you are also in this profession, then follow this article and know what the extraordinary benefits that you will get from these nursing shoes are.

Essential characteristics of a good nursing shoe

When checking the list of best nursing shoes, one question may confuse you that what makes a nursing shoe good. With that said in mind, here is a list of some essential things that you should check when choosing any nursing footwear.

High-quality materials

Material is one of the essential things that you should look for when choosing the best nursing shoe. The best combination of the nursing shoe is made of leather upper and rubber sole. Leather is, no doubt, a great material that can last longer than any synthetic material. For the nurses, durable material is essential very much as it can give them flexibility in walking.

Mary Jane shoes come with good quality leather material, and it can save up your money and can give you much and more comfortable experience.


You can find two different styles of nursing shoes, such as clogs and sneakers. But do you know what the most significant difference between them is? With clogs, you can simply pop your foot in and out of the shoe, and here you don’t need to think about tripping the laces. You can tighten and loosen them as per your comfortability.

The sneakers can be more challenging to wipe down and to keep clean, just like the smooth clogs. You can see most of the nurses prefer to wear clogs, and sneakers are the typical choices for the peoples from different professions.

Most of the Mary Jane shoes are clogs or non-slip shoes. So when choosing the best nursing shoe, you can easily pick the name Mary Jane nursing shoes.

Great traction

As a nurse, most of the time, you need to walk on wet floors, and that increases the chance of slipping. Your job is to help the injured and sick patient, but it will not make any sense if you fail and hurt yourself. This is the reason that you should choose a shoe that has excellent traction.

Thankfully most of the Mary Jane nursing shoes are specially designed so that it can withstand with slippery floors. When choosing the best nursing shoe, have a look in the description to see if it is ‘no-slip soles’ or not.

Water-resistant upper

Most of the day, a nurse has to contend with blood and other bodily fluids. In that case, make sure to choose a shoe that can repel water rather than absorbing it. In that case, leather and rubber shoes are ideal. Be cautious about choosing breathable sneakers because a mesh upper may or may not be waterproof.


Remember how much durability you need when choosing the best nursing shoe. You need to walk along regularly. In that case, if you want your shoes to last longer than a couple of months, you should seek something durable. Take reviews from other people in the same profession. If you have chosen any particular shoe, then try to collect feedback about that. Don’t forget to think about the material because the leather will generally last longer.

Mary Jane’s nursing shoes come with excellent durability in their products. The material and design of this shoe are no doubt impressive. So choose Mary Jane’s nursing shoes and save up your money for long days.


Depending upon your profession, you should choose your shoe. As a nurse, you may have to walk along for the whole day. In that case, you will not want something that puts extra weight on your feet. Always remember that finding the right pair of light shoes will make you think about walking on clouds rather than trudging down.

Mary Jane’s nursing shoes come with a lightweight, and it will feel you better while you are on duty.

Reasonable price

No doubt, nurses make a handsome salary, but they are not rich. As a nurse, you may not want to buy something too costly. Price is an important consideration when choosing the right shoes. In that case, this is not a matter of shame to choose something cheap.

Mary Jane shoes are exactly that for what you will pay. It comes with super quality materials at a reasonable price. So consider choosing Mary Jane shoes for your nursing profession.

Choose something comfortable

Do you know as a nurse, you have to work more than 4 hours in your 12 hours shift? Just for this reason, you need something comfortable. You may get two options when searching for comfortable shoes – either find a pair with excellent built-in arch support or cushioned insole or find something that has removable insoles so that you can customize that as per your foot shape.

You can get Mary Jane’s nursing shoes both in two forms. So consider choosing something worth investing for your feet’ condition.

Easy to clean

You have no idea about how you will end your day after 12 hours. If you pay a good amount of money for nice shoes, you will not want them ruined just after one spill. In that case, rubber shoes or nursing clogs can be a better option for you because it can be easily cleaned.

These all are the essential characteristics that you should check in your nursing shoes. When choosing any nursing shoe, keep these characteristics mentioned above in your mind, and consider buying the best one for your performance.

Top 5 best Mary Jane nursing shoes

Nurse Mates Willow Mary Jane Shoes

These are one of the classic and stylish shoes where you can feel a touch of modern styling and comfort. These shoes are specially designed as lightweight and durable so that the nurses can wear them while they are on duty. It has supreme comfortable interior construction that will keep your feet comfortable for the whole day. The insole of this shoe is cushioned in the right way, and the outsole of this shoe is made from molded rubber that provides the greatest traction and secure ride. This shoe is available in both black and white.


  • These shoes are lightweight, and it weighs 10 ounces for the size 6.5
  • It looks stylish and modern
  • The outsole is made with super quality rubber material
  • Available in both white and black color

Hush Puppies Trope Mary Jane shoes

Such an elegant and attractive looking shoe will no doubt make you unique in your workspace. You can wear this shoe for both purposes, such as professional and casual. Thanks to the ZeroG technology, that has made this shoe lightweight and sleek. This technology further adds shock absorption what will make you comfortable all day. The upper of this shoe is made of patent leather what will make your shoe looking stylish, and the prominent stitching details of the upper portion ensure it’s a great activity. The stylish strap of this shoe will give you a secure fit.

The inner lining of this shoe is made from super soft leather material, which ensures to keep your feet dry and fresh for the whole day. The footbed of this shoe is made from EVA, and it enhances and minimizes stress from your leg and spine. The wedge style heel of this shoe is one ¼ inch high, and it weighs 7 ounces for six sizes. You will get this shoe in two fantastic colors, such as red patent and black patent.


  • The heel measurement of this shoe is one ¼ inch.
  • It weighs 7 ounces for size 6.
  • ZeroG technology adds shock absorption for the shoe.
  • Available in two different colors, such as red patent and black patent.

Mephisto Abbie Mary Jane Shoes

Mephisto Abbie is, no doubt, one of the most stylish and comfortable nursing shoes. Such an elegant looking shoe can also be used with a casual outfit, and the lightweight construction of this shoe will keep you comfortable for the whole day. The upper of this shoe is made of bucksoft leather that provides smooth and soft touch in your foot. The upper strap of this shoe is made from the crinkle patent, which adds further comfortness in your foot. The footbed of this shoe is made with Air Jet technology, and it can be removed as per your preference.

The interior lining of this shoe is made from soft leather that can keep your feet dry and fresh. The outsole of this shoe is made of super quality rubber, and it provides traction in several inches. The heel measurement of this shoe is 1 ½ inch, and it weighs 10 ounces for size 5.5.  You can get this shoe in various colors such as Mauve Crinkle patent/ Purple Bucksoft, Navy Bucksoft, Dark Grey Bucksoft, Dark brown Bucksoft, and crinkle patent.


  • These shoes are lightweight
  • Available in various colors
  • Can be used with a casual outfit
  • Removable footbed

Mephisto Feline Mary Jane Shoes

These modern-looking Mary Jane shoes offer trendy look along with athletic shoe comfort. The upper of this shoe is made of super quality leather material, which is durable and offers excellent breathability for your feet. The upper strap of this shoe is stylish very much that can give you an attractive look along with elegance. The inner lining of this shoe is made of soft ability that will keep your shoe dry and fresh for the whole day. Excellently cushioned footbed and super Air Jet technology can push air inside of this shoe while walking.


The outsole of this shoe is pure natural rubber, and it provides traction from every surface. The heel measurement of this shoe is ½ inches, and it weighs 10 ounces for the size 6.5.  You can get this shoe in different colors such as red Bucksoft, purple buckle soft, Chianti Imperial leather, Black imperial leather, and black Bucksoft.


  • Available in different colors
  • The inside is excellently cushioned, and Air Jet technology featured.
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Lightweight

Bass Campus Mary Jane Shoes

This decent and attractive shoe is perfect for professional and casual use. The attractive and prominent color design leather made the upper offer smooth and soft experience for the people. The exclusively made upper strap allows a personalized fit. The insole of this shoe is well cushioned, and it provides comfort for all day long. The outsole is rubber made that offers excellent traction. You will get here the heel size 1 inch, and it weighs 11 ounces for size 6. You can get this shoe in various colors such as cognac brush off leather, Herringbone patent/black, and black brush off leather.


  • It has a decent and attractive look
  • The upper is made from high-quality leather
  • The insole is well-cushioned
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colors

These all are exclusive Mary Jane nursing shoes that will offer great comfort and support when you will be on duty. These nice-looking, comfortable Mary Jane shoes can go with both professional and non-professional outfits. You can also get customer reviews for these shoes, and the nurses recommend these shoes as one of the best shoes. If you are also in this noble profession, then you also deserve these comfortable and fantastic shoes on your feet.

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