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Nurses have to spend long hours on their feet, and they don’t know when their next break will come. As they have to stand much time on their feet, they should invest in quality and comfortable shoes to keep their feet fresh, dry, and comfortable. A good quality shoe will also keep them on the safe side while they are on duty. In that case, you may consider choosing Cherokee nursing shoes for purchase as it can provide the best comfort for their feet. The shoes are designed with maximum comfort and arch support, and the brand new insole will make you cover long distances easily.

All the Cherokee apparel is best known for its great style, comfort, and fashion since 1972. These shoes are famous for its ready to wear heritage shapes that have made their brand favorite to the healthcare workers everywhere. Cherokee nursing shoes claim to be dedicated to bringing fashion, comfort, and quality. The great design and divisive feature of  shoes will make you decide to buy this shoe whenever you remember something comfortable for working hours.

Tips for choosing the best nursing shoes

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Every profession is different, so their uniform and dresses should also be different from the others. For the nurses, who spend more than 12 hours long shift understand foot problems more than most. In that case, the wrong choice of footwear may lead them to foot pain or any other exacerbate problems. To help you in choosing the best nursing shoes, we have put together six tips. Follow these tips and choose the best nursing shoes for your long shifting duty.

Arch support and cushioning

You may have heard about the importance of good arch support and cushioning. These are not only necessary for your feet, but also with excellent arch support; you can improve your posture by preventing pain from your lower back. Right cushioning will help you in absorbing the impact of working for long day hours running. These will also keep your joints from becoming sore as wearing down.

Nursing shoes come with excellent arch support and right cushioning. These are the significant benefits of choosing these nursing shoes. With excellent arch support and cushioning, you can easily spend long hours in your long shifting duty.

Choose wide toe box

For all day long shifting, your toes want to spread out. You should choose a shoe that will give you a perfect feel throughput your shift. For avoiding this problem, you should choose a shoe that has a wide toe box. Don’t buy a shoe which is in a smaller size for your feet than the usual size.

Cherokee nursing shoe comes with reinforced toes, and with it, you can get protection for your feet.

Choose something non-slip

Most of the time, the hospital floors can become slippery that can be dangerous for both of you and your patient. If your shoes wear down and start getting slippery, then you can buy non-slip pads to stick in your soles for gaining traction back.

Cherokee nursing shoes come with rubber soles with good treads that will keep you protected from slippery floors. Except for that, this shoes come with non-slip pads, and these are specially made for the nurses who have to spend their days on slippery floors.

Mesh or leathers

Sneakers are an excellent choice for some of the active professions, but they also come with significant downsides for the nurses. If the shoes have mesh uppers, then they can be breathable and light but hard to clean. The nurses often have to contend with messy bodily fluids such as blood, urine, or vomit. In that case, the sneakers don’t offer much protection against these fluids.

But on the other hand, leather shoes are breathable, and they are also easy to clean. To clean it, you just need a quick wipe down with an antibacterial cloth. They can be a little heavier, but with the right style, you will look more professional. No doubt, leather shoes are a versatile option for the nursing profession. Nursing shoes come with good quality leather material so that you will get many benefits from it.

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Alternate footwear for different days

Leathers are no doubt breathable and easy to clean, but that doesn’t mean that it will not spread odor over time. If you have to spend long hours in sweaty shoes, then it may create foot infection. Your leather shoes can be worn out if it doesn’t have any chance of drying out between the uses. For keeping your feet healthy, you can give a quick spray there with any antiseptic cleanser. It will help you to cut down germs and bacterial infections from your foot. In that case, you can keep alternative options so that they both can dry out on their off days.

Design and shape

You can find a variety of nursing shoes with various designs and shapes for accommodating different types of feet and medical conditions. There are some casual shoes that the nurses prefer to wear, such as crocs, clogs, athletic sneakers, and tennis shoes. Every footwear has different advantages and disadvantages depending on your feet and medical conditions. You can also ask your co-workers about what type of shoes they prefer.

You can choose between nursing shoes, which are trendy and stylish. These shoes are extremely comfortable, and you will feel happy with these shoes for your long days of working hours.

Price and warranty

The price and warranty of any nursing shoe are highly influenced by the shoe material, design, features, and brands. When choosing higher-priced shoes, you should check that if this is offering this price for its significant benefits or its name brand. You should not be afraid to spend a little more money on a shoe that offers excellent benefits and can be an excellent option for your foot/back health.

nursing shoes can last you 2x or more, and these are something worth buying a pair of the shoe rather than purchasing many shoes within a short period.

These all are the tips that you should follow when choosing the best nursing shoes. You can go for  nursing shoes, which offer great benefits for your long hours shifting duty. Check this article for selecting the best nursing shoe for your job.

Top 5 most comfortable Cherokee nursing shoes

This is painful for any nurse to stand a whole day with a pair of uncomfortable nursing shoes.  Nursing shoes are considered as the best nursing shoes for the nurses because it offers the latest cushioning, right style, and comfort for the nurses. Here is a list of the best Cherokee nursing shoes that you should consider for your profession.

Anywear Women’s Zone Clog

These Anywear women’s zone clog is specially designed for nurses with special care. It has an entire rubber design and rubber sole that allows withstanding heavy moisture of all kinds. The heel of this shoe is about 1.75 inches, so that you can get an additional lift with this shoe. It will not put pressure on your arches so that you will get an improved posture with this shoe. These shoes are easy to clean, and here the synthetic heel strap will keep you secured during your long working day. The rubber feature rock absorbing in the heel will cut down any potential impact from your feet.


  • It has rubber design and rubber sole.
  • These are imported.
  • The heal measure is approximately 1.75.
  • It has molded removable insole

Cherokee Women’s Monk Strap shoe: POPPYSR

When you are looking for the best shoes for nurses, then Cherokee Women’s Monk Strap shoe POPPYSR can be an ideal option for you. The rubber sole of this shoe is extremely comfortable and slip-resistant. Additionally, the leather construction of this shoe is durable and gives a beautiful look for this shoe. The overhead strap of this shoe is easy for use, and it can best accommodate your feet as per the shape and design. The heel measurement of this shoe comes with 1.25 inches, and these can be an excellent option for the flatter feet shoes. It has a fabric lining that can manage moisture and odor from your feet. With buying this shoe, you will get a shoehorn that will help you in storage.


  • The material of this shoe is leather or rubber.
  • The heel measurement of this shoe is 1.25 inches.
  • The fabric lining feature of this shoe can manage odor and keeps the interior fresh.
  • It has a dual-density foam insole that can give you extra comfort.
  • This shoe is included with a shoehorn.
  • It has a slip-resistant outsole heel height of 1 ¼.

Anywear women’s Anywear Exact clogs

This is another excellent choice for you if you are searching for nursing shoes. It has a comfortable design that will keep you up on your feet. This is constructed with the polyurethane that is less expensive than the rubber and leather. These are durable, and it will resist water and other moisture from the shoes. It has a removable insole, so you can easily take off your  shoes and insert something that better fits your comfort.


  • This is constructed with polyurethane.
  • It has slipped on clog featured removable insole.

Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step padded collar shoe

This shoe is ideal for you when you are looking for something different but a little more elegant. You can say these shoes are excellent for any of your particular needs. The leather construction of this shoe gives fantastic visual touch, and the rubber sole will keep you secured from slipping. The heel measurement of this shoe is about 1.75 inches. It has a padded collar step design, and the moisture-absorbing feature of this shoe will keep your feet dry and comfortable for the whole day.


  • The material is leather
  • It has a rubber sole inside
  • The heel measurement is approximately 1.75″.
  • It has a padded collar step in.
  • It has a contemporary molded outsole.

Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe

People prefer shoes for their comfort level. If you also want something comfortable, then nothing can be better than Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe. These slip-resistant shoes have a heel measurement of 1.75″ that can give you added weight when needed. The lightweight outsole of this shoe can help you in reducing the wear and strain from your feet even after a long day working away. If you want comfortable working shoes for your profession, then you should consider this shoe first.


  • The platform measurement of this shoe is about 0.75″.
  • The heel measurement of this shoe is about 1.75″.
  • It has a breathable lining and leather upper.

These all are about the latest and most comfortable nursing shoes. If you are in this profession, then nursing shoes are great for you because these are ideal for you that can keep you secured all day long. Cherokee nursing shoes can be found for different ranges and different styles. Some of them are designed for wide feet, some of them are designed for flat feet, and some of them are specially designed for giving high support in arches. For choosing the best Cherokee nursing shoe for your feet, you can ask your doctor who will help you in choosing the best shoe for your feet.

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