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Savvy Nursing Shoes

Shoes can either make or break the deal in various ways; first, they will impact your health negatively if they don’t resonate with the geometrics of your foot, and second, they might spoil your overall look and send the wrong message about your personality. So the type of shoes that you choose to wear should portray a professional look, appeal to some sense of fashion, or just be simple but classy.

Functionality is essential with regards to your occupation, various aspects such as comfort and flexibility are necessary to help reduce discomfort in your overall body, sole traction will help prevent slipping or falling, and cushioning is necessary for shock absorption. The savvy Nursing shoes not only offer all the above but are easy to put on when in a hurry.

Savvy Nursing Shoes

Product Features Amazon Link
Savvy women slip-on clogs Made with a synthetic sole for traction, spacious toe box, removable footbed features a certified non-slip sole. Amazon
Savvy Women’s Slip Resistant Nursing & Professional Slip-on Clogs Features a roomy toe box, non-slip sole, high-density Insole Amazon
Savvy Women’s Slip-Resistant slip-on Clogs High platform shoe, features a certified anti-slip synthetic sole, Insole has arch support. Amazon
Savvy Women’s Slip Resistant Nursing & Professional Slip-on Clogs Made with a non-slip feature on the outer sole, the toe box is spacious with a slightly enhanced heel Amazon

Savvy women slip-on clogs

Here, are a type of shoe that you are most likely going to forget is on your feet and even use when not working. The savvy slip-on clogs have been made with an easy-to-clean upper part, such that you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning instead of resting during the weekends. The incorporated roomy toe box offers comfort to your toes, and you can even flex them a little while in the shoe.

The footbed of the savvy slip-on clogs is removable, meaning that if you don’t get enough support for your arch type, you can swap with the recommended orthotic. The sole is made of synthetic material, so you don’t have to worry about slipping, as it is also a certified non-slip outsole. With this type of slip-on clogs, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort because they come in a variety of bright / fun and dark professional colors.


  •  Comfortable for different foot types
  •  The slip-on clogs are durable
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Comes in an assortment of colors
  • Verdict

The savvy women slip-on clogs is a certified non-slip shoe that should give you the confidence of walking on different types of floors. They feature a durable synthetic outsole that offers good traction and a roomy toe box that enhances your comfort.

Savvy Women’s Slip Resistant Nursing & Professional Slip-on Clogs

The slip-resistant Savvy women’s shoe only comes in one color, which is brandy blue paisley. They are easy to clean, given the material that has been used in the construction of the upper part. The inside of the shoe is roomy up to the toe box, thus allowing room for movement of the toes and the foot in general.

The outer sole is a bit high for those who prefer flat-heeled shoes, but are nonetheless comfortable with high traction, so you don’t have to worry when walking on the different types of floors. The dark color used can be combined with different scrubs or outfits without standing out abnormally and are therefore good professional shoes.


  • Roomy and comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • They are easy to clean
  • Are durable with excellent traction


  • Does not come in fancy colors


The slip-resistant professional clogs are your shoes on the go, and an interesting fact about them is that you just need a wet cloth, and in a few seconds, your shoes will bear the professional look.

Savvy Women’s Slip-Resistant slip-on Clogs

The savvy women anti-slip slip-on clogs are in the J Pewter crocodile color, they feature a certified non-slip synthetic sole, and the upper design is a little bit different from your normal slip-on clogs. This particular type has a strap and a button embellishment, which gives it a more professional and fun outlook.

Cleaning the shoe will not eat up your time and has enough space for your toes to flex; the sole is a type of platform that offers good balance and comfort when worn. It also has provisions for inserting an orthotic insole. That is if the already provided Insole does not offer enough arch support. The slip-on clogs are specially made for platform lovers, given the size of the heel.


  • Are easy to clean
  • Features a high platform that offers comfort
  • Made with a strap that enhances stability
  • Incorporated roomy toe box offers comfort


  • The sole features a high platform


Platform lovers have been well accommodated with savvy slip-resistant slip-on clogs, as they are easy to clean and maintain. They are also functional on different types of floors, given the traction feature on the outsole.

Savvy Women’s Slip Resistant Nursing & Professional Slip-on Clogs

The faith black Onyx has incorporated an anti-slip sole, and just like the others in its family, it comes with a high platform. They are easy to put on given the lack of laces. The black color favors it as a professional shoe, and cleaning has to be done with care, especially on the upper part for longevity. The hind sole is a little bit raised to enhance comfort in the heel area.

With wide feet, individuals can use the shoe because of its spacious width and toe box.


  • Easy to slip in and out
  • Top embellishment gives it a professional outlook
  • The outsole offers excellent traction
  • Incorporated a spacious toe box which enhances comfort


  • Highly-priced compared to shoes of the same standard


For the strict professional look, nurses can adopt the savvy, 7.5 Faith Black Onyx, and still be able to carry out their duties with confidence without changing to other shoes in search of comfort and traction. The roomy toe box accommodates different foot types, and the high hind heel enhances comfort and stability, especially when involved in a lot of movement.

Factors to Consider when choosing nursing Footwear

Weights of the shoe- Lightweight shoes enable mobility to the point that you will barely remember them as you go about your duty. A heavyweight shoe, on the other hand, will slow you down as more effort is required to be able to get things done, productivity can, therefore, be affected. The material used for the construction of the upper part and the sole are what contribute to a shoe’s heavyweight.

Rubber soles have been established to make the shoe heavy when compared to the EVA sole, but if light, durable material is used on the upper part, then the shoe won’t bear much weight. Nurses require lightweight shoes that are also durable because of the constant movements.

Inserts- Insoles serve two purposes in the shoe; one is to offer comfort with regards to the density of the insert, which is also used to facilitate aeration, a factor that is mostly dependent on the type of material used in the construction of the advertisement. The second function is to support the foot by incorporating arch support during manufacture.

A breathable insole makes the feet cool, thus enhancing comfort and preventing the possibility of developing a bad odor. Some inserts are removable, which makes it easy to alternate with orthotics or to clean, and that is why some of the Savvy nursing shoes feature removable insoles.

Lacing – there are different types of laces; we have the stretchy laces, the rubber flyers, and the normal laces that you have to lace up whenever you put on your shoes. Lacing up takes a lot of time when compared to wearing shoes without laces such as the savvy nursing shoes, rubber flyers are easy to wear and even flex with the foot during movement.

Shoes that require you to lace up offer much more stability, especially if they are size more prominent; it, therefore, helps you to get the correct type of fitting for your feet. The savvy nursing shoes rarely have laces, a fact that makes them easy to wear on the go.

Sole- a good outer sole should offer traction and stability. Since nurses work on different surfaces, shoes with a solid grip are a necessity, failure to which balance will not be guaranteed given the heavy movements. A rubber outsole offers excellent traction even when walking on steep or sloppy surfaces; nurses, therefore, need to find a shoe with a well-textured outsole such as the EVA sole.

Comfort- Many a time, we sacrifice style for comfort; however, with savvy nursing shoes, you get both comfort and style. The savvy shoes come in different slip-on designs, some are printed, and others have embellishments, so you can still be professionally fashionable. They are also comfortable and light in weight, thus ease of movement.


The savvy nursing shoes have a few similar features that make them very functional as regards the profession. They are spacious, comfortable given the arch support insole, and are also easy to clean and slip in or out of the foot. Nurses who love the professional look have been catered for as well as those who love being professional but in a fancy and comfortable manner. With the savvy nursing shoe, you will never have to sacrifice style for comfort.

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