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10 Best Shoe Protector Sprays for White Shoes [2021 Guide]

Best Shoe Protector Sprays for White Shoes

White shoes are like that pair of branded denim jeans that may cost you a kidney, but you already know once it’s hanging in your closet, you probably wouldn’t ever wear them. You possibly can’t risk them getting stained or generally worn out, needless to say, we understand. It’s almost like all of us are living the same life!

However, on that note, we have just the solution for you which guarantees that you can not only show off your brand-new pair of white shoes but also not be worried about getting them ruined. Just in case you were wondering, no you aren’t dreaming and yes, we’re talking about shoe protector sprays. All that you need to do is get your hands on the right protector spray, the spray that you think was made for your white gems and their protection. In addition to this, these protective sprays can also help extend the life of your shoes by reducing the number of times they are thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned and rinsed.

What more could one possibly ask for? Don’t worry, that’s not a trick question. We know exactly what you need in this regard and that is; a guide to finding the perfect protector shoe spray. It can be quite a task to surf through countless options either at an online market or at your local market. It always ends the same way; feeling lost and unguided as to which protector spray is the key solution to all your problems. For this reason, we have rounded up the cream of all shoe protector sprays for white shoes to make it easy for you to choose from.

Having said that, let’s get right into it!

Scotchgard Water Fabric Water Shield

Amazon.com: NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray - Water Repellent/Waterproof Suede Shoes, Leather, Canvas, Nubuck & Fabric Boots. Latest Hydrophobic Nano-Tech Formula. Eco-Friendly. Stops Snow & Slush.: Home & Kitchen

Scotchguard water shield protective way is one of the most commonly used sprays for white shoes. It is a one-time long use investment that you will surely appreciate after use, not only on your shoes but also on other clothed in-door appliances such as curtains, pillows, luggage, backpacks, and other upholstery items. And just when you thought its multipurpose use can’t get any more diverse, let us give you a pleasant surprise; Scotchgard protective shoe spray can also be used on clothing items i.e., dresses, silk ties, suits, other outwear, and informal wear t-shirts, etc.

Moving further ahead, as far as purpose is concerned, just like the name suggests the protective spray perfectly guards the clothing item or your pair of shoes from stains. After wearing the shoes for a jog or a simple day at work, it may catch stains or change to a yellowish shade of white due to the exposure to dirt. However, if you have applied scotch guard water fabric shield spray on it, you can roam freely about your day without giving a second thought to your gorgeous pair of shoes (other than to admire them, of course). Its quality of protecting against water-based spills will do the job at its best.

P.s. if you have leather shoes that you need to keep stain-free and as good as new forever, you need not look any further away from where you are right now either. Scotch Guard Shoe Protective Spray can play an active role in repelling oil and other dirt stains from leather as well.

Another evident quality that will likely ensure that this is the spray you’ve been looking for is it being odorless. The use of a scotch guard will in no manner make your shoes look old or ‘cleaned up’ because it allows a great room for breathability and has no stinky or strong smell to them.

Lastly, depending on the quantity of need, the spray can be bought in a different total of quantities with different prices as well. For example, a 13.5-ounce spray bottle can be bought for $11.99. However, if you need it in bulk quantities (20-ounce, 40 ounces, and 60 ounces), Scotchgard protective shoe spray has got your back as well.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Art of Crep Protect Spray

Kiwi Sneaker Protector 200ml | Sainsbury's

In the list of best shoe protector sprays, the second we have on our hands is the ‘Art of Crep Protect Spray’.

If you are someone who can’t risk experiments, but also want your elegant white pair of sneakers to be spick and span, this shoe protective spray is all that you need. What makes this spray so different and better in comparison to a regular spray? Art of crep spray outlines your shoe with four protective layers instead of one like an average shoe spray that you may get your hands on easily. Similarly, all of its other features are twice as proactive and strong as well, for example, its stain repellent is sure to keep your shoes as clean as possible. Nonetheless, if a few stubborn muddy splutters tend to escape the notice of the crep protect spray, they will be removed easily through some cleaning. The spray has had maximum positive and encouraging reviews as well.

Over and above that, the muddy season can be a disaster when it comes to white shoes. They tend to get wrecked in mud and lose their glamour like it never was there in the first place. But fret not, if you have the art of crep shoe protective spray up your sleeve, you have nothing to worry about. It can have a strong repelling effect on liquids and water stains, turning your ‘bad shoe days’ into the best ones. Now, you can walk out of your house wearing your newly bought pair of white shoes feeling as confident as ever. You may think of it as being guarded by an invisible barrier.

The spray can also be used on several other surfaces for protection from spills and stains. A few examples of these include suede, canvas, and nubuck, etc. It can be bought in a five-ounce aerosol spray bottle, which is sure to last you for a longer period if used only as per need be.

Kiwi Sneaker and Shoe Waterproof

Best Shoe Protector Spray for White Shoes (2021 Guide)

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that shoe protector sprays are every shoe fanatic’s dream come true. Once you buy yourself kiwi spray, you might as well even experiment with your white shoes because they certainly aren’t going to lose their ‘new’ and ‘cool’. This is for the reason that nothing can beat this spray when it comes to protecting your shoes. You may spray it over them once before going out for a run and rest assured till you step back into the house. Another striking feature of this shoe protective spray is that it does not cut down the original color of your shoes (or any other material/object that it is sprayed upon). Constant use of sprays and other chemicals on a surface may negatively affect its coloring over time and dull its sparkle, but as far as the kiwi spray is concerned, it will never fail to fulfill your expectations of it.

Moreover, like all durable and effective sprays it is odorless as well (once it does). In this manner, no one will ever figure out your secret behind always having such a neat pair of shoes on your feet, even on days when it is raining cats and dogs. We know how irritating it can be to have a strong aura lingering onto your shoes after being cleaned, keeping this in mind, as we mentioned above, kiwi solves this problem as well.

Applying a single layer of kiwi shoe protective spray should easily be enough to last you a whole day (and more, if the season is dry and your shoes are less likely to come in direct contact with mud). Nonetheless, if you aren’t satisfied with a single layer, go ahead and apply another one. Not only will doing so satisfy your worried instinct towards it, but also give your sneakers a fresh and glamorous look.

The most common use of kiwi protective shoe spray is for Nike shoes, sneakers, and Jordans. Although, you may use it for other materials and shoes of different brands as per your liking. It is deemed to be suitable for full grain, patent leather, leather (both, synthetic and faux), canvas, nylon, fabric, and mesh, etc. From amongst a huge range of options to choose from, kiwi sprays are awarded for having the highest number of positive reviews by its loyal buyers and even those who are first-time buyers.

Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Waterproofing

Top 10 Best Shoe Protector Spray for White Shoes | Best waterproof mascara, Work sneakers, Shoes

If you are a shopaholic for shoes, particularly running shoes and sneakers, you are sure to be at least slightly familiar with Nikwax. Nonetheless, if you aren’t, allow us to introduce you to one of the best and most renowned brands of protective sprays and cleaners for in-door as well as outdoor home appliances. In addition to this, you may rightfully assume that the Nikwax shoe protective system is less likely to disappoint as it is unlikely for the sun to rise from the west.

While the protective spray does provide guarding against dust and other particles in the environment that may ruin the outlook of your shoes, it’s most appreciated for its excellent waterproofing. In case you are someone who lives in a rainy part of the world, or your work routine involves exposure to muddy grounds and standing war, Nikwax protector spray was made just for you. Aside from cleaning your shoes, waterproofing will also make sure your feet don’t get wet due to condensation and keep them sweat-free. Now you can easily wear socks inside your shoes without worrying about them being ruined as well!

On the contrary, if that isn’t your circumstance, we are sure you could still use some extra waterproofing along with cleaning and protection from stains and everyday accidental spills. Let us explain why, if your white shoes have dirt on their surface or are unclean, water is naturally attracted to the footwear. Thus, no matter what, your shoes will soak up water…unless you use Nikwax protective spray. Waterproofing your footwear (and other items of use) can distance it from dirt and in turn from getting messy every once in a while.

And as if that isn’t already enough, breathability is another one of its most credible features which is an extension of waterproofing as well. If the outer fabric of a shoe or cloth absorbs water, its breathability is gravely decreased, making it unpleasant for the shoe to be worn continuously for a stretched period. Therefore, when such a situation arises, Nikwax shoe protective spray being the hero that it is, will do its job and save the day (by increasing and then ensuring breathability)!

Last but not least, like most other shoe protector sprays, this one is strictly odor-free as well, no matter how many times you use it over and over. Direct exposure of footwear to a shoe can lead to an unpleasant smell settling inside the shoe and in some cases may aid in the growth of bacteria. In such a circumstance, a deodorant is exactly what is required, and not too surprisingly, the spray is a deodorizer as well. It possibly couldn’t get any better!

You can get the Nikwax shoe cleaner either in the form of a spray or a sponge, both of which are equally affordable. However, as far as using it to clean your shoes is concerned, we would advise you to stick with spray. It is less time-consuming to apply and there is a lesser risk of overusing it or applying it disproportionately.

Sneakers Lab Shoe Protector Spray

Best Shoe Protector Spray for White Shoes – Savvy About Shoes

As the name suggests, lab shoe protective spray will provide you the ultimate security that you are on the lookout for. This spray is exclusively manufactured to keep your shoes spotless and give you a lifetime experience of what it feels like to always have your white pair of sandals as good as new. For this reason, if there is any product you can rely on when it comes to cleanliness, it is the famous sneakers lab shoe protector spray.

Moving further ahead let us introduce you to the hallmark of this particular shoe protective spray, its formula contains special sunscreen to keep your shoes safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Wearing white shoes out on a particularly warm and sunny day might cause them to lose their shine and eventually start to (prematurely) fade, other times, off-white or greyish spots may also start to appear on your pair of footwear without any reasonable cause. If that is the case, your shoes are probably being affected by the sun’s harsh and harmful rays. Nonetheless, as you may have already figured out, sneakers lab shoe protective spray is the solution to this problem as well, along with many others. Now, your shoes will never retain their glam and color for as long as they are under the shade of this shoe spray.

Just to add to the many wonders of sneakers lab shoe protective spray, what if we told you there is a way to add to the alluring aura of your expensive new white sneakers? Would you be willing to spend some cash on it? If yes, read on! Sneaker’s lab spray is known for adding to the beauty of any footwear that it is applied on. Not only will it bring you all the benefits of a regular defensive tool, but a lot more. Using this spray will surely have your shoe fanatic peers trying to figure out the mysterious formula behind your shoes always giving off a pristine look.

Are you someone who is constantly cautious towards the environment and would be delighted to play a part in cutting down pollution? That’s perfect! Sneaker’s lab shoe protective sprays try their utmost best to reduce any harmful impact on the environment. It is one of the few manufacturing companies that are kind towards the earth and take the growing rate of pollution across the globe into accountability. For this reason, the protective formula sold by the sneaker’s lab is almost 100% environment-friendly and biodegradable. They also make use of no soap. And if all of this wasn’t already enough, the spray bottle used by the company is completely recyclable as well (made up of HDPE plastic).

Finally, sneakers lab protective spray provides a layer of added protection to your shoes upon use, keeping any water spills or stains from making their home inside the fabric of your footwear (with the help of a polymer-based formula). It is deemed fit for use on the following shoe materials; suede, nubuck, leather, mesh, canvas, and several other commonly used shoe fabrics.

P.s. if you buy from a sneakers lab, a good portion of your purchase revenue will also go towards charity in underdeveloped parts of the world such as South Africa and plantations of trees to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

Sof Sole Water Proofer Spray

The Best Shoe Protector Spray Options For Your Footwear - Bob Vila

Last on our list is the sole waterproofer spray which will fulfill your expectations of it like no other. The spray has received countless positive reviews, and this can be proven from its 4.6 ratings on Amazon as well. Don’t be fooled by its pocket size or harmless outlook, it will guard your shoes against stains of all sorts with no compromise. The spray formula contains extra waterproofing chemicals that won’t allow for even a droplet of water to stay persistent on your footwear, even if you are standing in a puddle of water.

Similarly, the soft sole spray is also unbeatable when it comes to repelling other stains, etc. on the shoe fabric. It is no surprise that taking care of white shoes can prove to be quite a task in comparison to other shoes, every muddy spill or stain comes with the danger of being left uncleaned even after thorough washing. Owing up to this reason, we would advise you to spend your money on a fruitful product and free yourself of any worry about having your new white joggers look old and worn out.

Furthermore, breathability should be a must-have feature of all shoe protective sprays, otherwise, it may cause bacteria from growing and making the wearer uncomfortable through condensation, etc. Despite this, the soft sole spray has exemplary breathability as well. After having sprayed this, you may confidently go out for a jog or a run even in the harshest of weather, be it the rainy season or an exceptionally sunny day in the summers, your shoes are going to be as loyal to you as possible.

The spray is ideal for use on not only shoes but also other fabric products like boots, hats, jackets, dresses, and much more. Its lifespan for protection is as long as two complete months. You can get your hands on the spray in a 7.5-ounce old blue-colored bottle at an extremely reasonable price ($2.74 per ounce, making it a total of $13.16 on amazon).

The only drawback of soft sole protective is its strong scent unlike other protective sprays on this list. You might want to give the spray some time to rest and dry off before you wear your pair of shoes and head out. Plus, if your shoes are of vinyl material or patent leather, you might want to opt for some other alternative that suits your shoes best.

The Right Way to Use Shoe Protective Sprays on White Shoes

10 Best Shoe Protection Sprays In 2020 [Buying Guide] – Shoe Hero

The most common mistake, naïve shoe owners tend to make is to use a shoe protective spray on an already unclean shoe. Doing this will protect the dirt that is on the pair of shoes from being cleaned, therefore, before you use any protective spray, make sure your shoe is clean.

Afterward, you can follow the steps mentioned below to use a protective spray.

  • Put the pair of shoes either on cardboard or on a surface that you can afford to be slippery (preferably outdoors)
  • Shake the can before spraying
  • Keep a safe distance between the shoe and the spray (preferably 20 cm)
  • Spray the shoe according to your requirement (avoid spraying inside the sole)
  • Wait for 10 – 15 minutes to let the shoes dry
  • Apply a second layer (as per your need)

It is preferred to spray your shoes every 3 – 4 weeks, although you may use your spray often depending on how frequent you wear your shoes and if they have extra exposure to dirt etc.

What Are Some Other Ways to Keep Your White Shoes Well Ordered and Clean?

The Best Shoe Protector Spray Options For Your Footwear - Bob Vila

First and foremost, the best and most unmatchable way to protect your white shoes is to make use of shoe protective sprays. Not only are they developed and manufactured to suit your needs best but are also easy to apply. Buying a shoe protective spray from amongst the list mentioned above for your footwear is an investment you won’t live to regret, we can promise you that!

Secondly, this one might sound a little unexpected and weird, but trust us when we say, you’ll be surprised by its impressive results. All you need is a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a clean cloth, and your white shoes. Apply some toothpaste (especially on the toe caps and midsoles) and scrub it with the help of your toothbrush. Once you are satisfied with the scrubbing, use the piece of cloth you found earlier to rinse off the paste, lightly damping the cloth will help with the wiping off procedure. Prepare to be flabbergasted by the final product.

If you aren’t satisfied with the previously mentioned two methods, fret not, there are multiple other ways to go about this. This one is the simplest of all; throw your shoes into the washing machine and let it do the rest. Having said that, if you have leather or suede white sneakers, you should probably cross out this method, it will only make a negligible difference between the prior state of your footwear and that after being washed and rinsed.

P.s. you might want to give the toothpaste technique a try before you toss them into a machine for improved results.

Lastly, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser indeed is magic! If you are a shoe lover and have quite a collection of sneakers, or even if you have one beloved pair of shoes, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a must-have for you. Get hold of your white shoes and swipe the eraser on the spot that requires cleaning a few times. Although make sure that you do not forget to soak the eraser in warm water before use, a dry magic eraser will fail to give you any satisfactory results. After a few scrubbing and cleaning attempts, you will start to see the stain gradually disappearing into the thin wind.

Congratulations, your sneakers are back to new!

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