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nurse mates shoes clearance-Your Go-to Choice for Men’s Shoes Shopping

It is quite easy to pick out different styles of fashionable attires for women rather than men. However, with the advancement of fashion over the period, you can now find cool stuff for both men as well as women. Especially when it comes to shoes, you do not have to compromise with style anymore. Although it might sometimes seem like a tedious task, it is yet choosing the elegant designs is no longer a difficulty for the men.

With such a massive range of shoes available for men in the market, you can quickly figure out the best comfortable one for your feet. To make this task easier for you, here is a list of a wide range of Nursemates shoes to suit every requirement of the other gender without any hassle.

The Ultimate List of Comfort Shoes for the Men

Just like every other woman, a man also has the right to find the best comfortable shoes for their feet without compromising their style quotient. Here are few such styles which would provide you with maximum comfort along with enhancing your personality and your looks. Due to the ongoing Nursemates shoe clearance sale, you can even get amazing deals on some of these styles.


Slip-ons are classically low and lace-less shoes, which are also known as the loafer or slippers in the American culture. The slip-ons have a polished and sleek appearance and are quite a smart option to wear at your workplace. This shoe comprises of soft grain leather upper along with a cushioning around the collar, which allows for a comfortable slip-on experience. You can also find some exotic textured printed slip-ons to wear as casual footwear.

Slip-Resistant Shoes

Slip-resistant shoes are designed to offer the users with protection from slipping on any slippery surfaces. The soles of such shoes are made of rubber along with excellent tread patters. However, these shoes won’t guarantee to stop you from slipping but would lower the chances of such accidents.

The exterior of the shoe consists of flexible and durable leather material along with a sturdy rubber outsole. The soft padded interior of the shoe provides a cozy, snug-fit around the upper foot. The interior of the shoe has a moisture-wicking fabric lining that helps to keep the feet quite dry during the long days. These shoes are beneficial for running, walking, or moving on slippery floors. Due to such features, these shoes are quite helpful for using them in healthcare-related fields.

Lace-Up Shoes

The lace-up shoes happen to be one of the most common types of work shoes for males. As the name suggests, these shoes are closed by shoelaces which pass through the lugs or the eyelets. Two varieties are available in this range. One comes with closed lacing, and the other one comes with the open lacing system.

The shoes with open lacing have the side pieces lying on the top, which in turn flows in the tongue of the shoe. However, the shoes with closed lacing have the side pieces below and close by the sewn-in tongue of the shoe. However, all these shoes come in woven lace-up patterns, which provide a signature look to the person.

Available in fun colors, these shoes are fortified with a special kind of fluid-resistant lining. This lining helps to keep the liquids from the workplace like healthcare centers from entering into the shoe. Thereby, these kinds of shoes help the person keep their feet, clean and dry for an extended period.

White Shoes

White shoes are trending the fashion charts these days. There are a lot of reasons for this fashion trend. The most important one is that these kinds of shoes provide a classy and elegant look that to the wearer on his workdays.

It comes in a variety of designs; these shoes mostly have a sleek design with clean lines along with a sturdy outsole. Made from full-grain leather and adjustable stretch laces, the white shoes come with slip-resistant EVA bottom.

The sturdy sole helps to provide the ultimate comfort and support to one’s feet all through the day. That is the reason why many men love to team their uniforms up with these kinds of shoes for an elegant trendy look without compromising with their ultimate comfort quotient.

Black Shoes

Do not look boring during your duty hours. Add that chic to your style with the classic black shoes made with luxurious leather texture. You can find the exclusive black shoe designs made with a unique combination of versatility and style, which makes the design a massive hit among the hardworking men.

The sturdy and robust outsole with a slip-resistant rubber bottom makes it perfect footwear for healthcare professionals. However, initially wear these shoes for a few hours a day and slowly increase the wear time depending on one’s convenience. Find the best looking pair within your budget with the Nursemates shoe clearance sale.

A Special Note for the New Entrants in the Market

Apart from the styles discussed above, there are some new additions to the fashion industry, which would surely stand you out even in your work clothes. Among these styles, few that already have become the favorites among the consumers are:


Bryar happens to be one of the most loved footwear styles among the new entrants. The elegant lines on the exterior and the stout and robust support from the interior make it a total hit among the men. This pair of shoes comes with full support along with lightweight slip-resistant bottom to provide the men with maximum support and comfort.


Libby is the name given to the footwear style, which comes with clean and elegant lines along with a slip-resistant style. The overall chic look of the footwear adds a flair quotient to the wearer despite being the perfect work-shoes for the men. With such a footwear option, you can go on with your long hours of duty without worrying about the cleanliness of your feet. Stay clean and comfortable with the removable Pillowtop™ insole, which happens to be the central aspect of this footwear.


Darrah is another slip-on wedge styled shoes that are designed to provide the all-day comfort to the men. This shoe is made from full-grain leather upper along with slip-resistant soles meant for the ultimate grip and support of the user.

Apart from these styles, you can get many more options on the websites of the leading footwear companies like Nursemates.com. Such a company has a long list of a wide range of products solely made for the men within affordable price ranges. So, this festive season, do not compromise with your styles anymore. Get your hands on the best pairs without burning a hole in your pockets.

You can now buy all these styles within an affordable range with the Nursemates shoe clearance sale. So, go chic and elegant even at your workplace and choosing your style to accentuate your personality.

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