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Top Nurse mates Align Velocity Shoes You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Nursing is a noble profession, and there must not come any obstacle in your way when your all set to take care of the ailing ones, ensure that you have the best shoes to support your seamless service every time. If you are looking for that perfect pair of nursing shoes that will keep you comfortable and easy on the run, make sure that you have glanced through Nursemates Align™ Velocity Shoe collection.

Here are some of the best nursing shoes that will keep your feet at rest, no matter how hard you walk for an entire day. The wide range features nursing shoes of varying colors, shapes, and designs. You can pick the pair according to your requirements.

Pennie Slip-on Nursing Shoes

Specially crafted for women, these Pennie Slip-on Nursing Shoes are perfect for those who do not wish to waste any additional time I putting the pair of shoes on. Being available in a slip-on style, these shoes can be worn easily just by sliding the feet inside it.

It features a Moccasin design that makes it look smart and precise. The exterior part of the shoe is stain-resistant and therefore looks tidy and clean for long hours. If you have long duty hours, your shoe will remain as fresh and clean as the very first hour. Here are some of the advantages of having this shoe.

Smart Features

  • It is highly comfortable
  • This shoe is made of premium grade material ensuring durability
  • Strong and fine stitching
  • It features a gripping sole

Chloe For Women

Besides ensuring a smart and crispy look, this Nursemate Chloe has a making that can hardly be ignored. It is crafted from excellent quality rubber, and the sole of the shoe has premium-grade PU. Comfort and ease come hand in hand with these shoes. It features a 2 inches heel that adds to the overall smartness of this shoe. Alongside, the flexibility of the exterior part of the shoe seems less when the interiors of the shoe provide a comfortable rest for the feet.

Smart Features

  • It provides top-notch comfort
  • It is durable and is made of rubber
  • It features an elegant design
  • It comes with a slip-resistant sole

Angel Lites Nursing Shoes By Nursemate

Another great addition to the gamut of high-end nursing shoes, these Angel Lites Nursing Shoes, can be an excellent addition to your nursing shoe wardrobe.  It features an elegant look and is made of superior quality leather.  The perfect shape, the right fitting, and the laced closure make its shoe ideal for those who stay busy attaining patients throughout the day. No matter what is the duration of your shift, your shoes are going to look as perfect as the first hour.

Smart Features

  • The sole is made of gripping material
  • This shoe can endure pressure and wear and tear for long
  • It comes in an intelligent design
  • It features a laced opening for snug fitting

Lydia Slip On For Women By Nursemate

If you are looking for flat nursing shoes with heels, this Lydia Slip On cam is a smart pick. It is made of synthetic material and has no heels at all. The exterior f the shoe is crafted from full-grain leather, and the sole is made of EVA. Once you wear this shoe, you will feel easy and comfortable to walk. The soft interiors make for a beautiful resting for your feet.

Smart Features

  • It is designed with pillow-top cushioning
  • It features slip-resistant traction that allows firm gripping
  • It has zero heels for complete rest of the feet
  • It provides a soft feeling to the feet

Chelsea For Women By Nursemate

Another nursing shoe that reflects the perfect blend of style and comfort is this Chelsea by Nursemate. Featuring rubber exterior, this shoe has approximately 2 inches heel that lends this pair a stunning look. You will also find decorative gunmetal below its sole, which makes it slip-resistant. If you are looking for best looking comfortable nursing shoes, opting for this shoe would be a smart pick.

Smart Features

  • It is a stain-resistant shoe that remains clean for long and demands less maintenance
  • It is made of premium-grade material
  • It has heels that add to its smart appearance

Libby Slip On By Nursemate

If you walk considerable for the entire day, you need a shoe that will support you throughout. The Libby Slip On by Nursemate is a shoe that offers utmost comfort for the wearer and a durable sole. Owing to its slip-on opening, you can wear it without any hassle. The griping of the sole is also commendable, which makes it one of the best to resist the wearer from any accidental fall. The crisp look and the quick make lend this shoe its signature appearance. Also, it is lightweight, which makes it comfort wear for all day long.

Smart Features

  • It has a superior grip and saves every wearer from accidental slips
  • It has been crafted from a premium-grade material
  • It has a snug fit and can be a perfect companion for anyone
  • Demands low maintenance as it remains clean for long hours a day

Dove Shoe For Women By Nursemate

Another excellent nursing shoe from the house of Nursemate is Dove. It belongs to the Lites collection of Nursemate. A perfect professional look and a stylish appearance blend to make this shoe. It is lightweight and can be worn for the whole day, minus any hassle.

Smart Features

  • It is extremely light in weight which makes it a perfect wear for professionals
  • It is durable and made of superior quality material
  • It comes in a slip-on style
  • It features a cushioned back for comfort

Nurses are required to wear shoes for the entire day. Hence, Nursemate takes special care in making the nursing shoes extra comfortable and feet-friendly. Choose any for your feet and stay assured of the utmost comfort.

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