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Nurses just like soldiers fight to keep us alive, they endure the long-standing hours, their off days are usually when everyone else is at work, at times they are called to duty at odd hours of the night, to which they respond promptly. Some take extra shifts because a patient, especially kids, don’t want somebody else, and at times they have to treat patients suffering from contagious diseases, which also puts their lives at risk.

And with all the above duties, they have their feet to depend on, to carry them around without giving in to the pressure caused by the long-standing and walking hours. Let’s face it nurses rarely sit down, and even if they do, it might be during their tea/lunch break or in the evening at home, where they are also expected to take care of a few duties.

To this end, it is safe to say that the legs take the most pressure, and if coupled with some less effective shoe, then they would be predisposed to various ailments that normally result from improper footwear. And that is why we present you with the Koi Nursing shoes. Nurses are always on the go and don’t have time for a laced shoe that would take a lot of time to lace up.

Koi nursing shoe comes in many different designs and colors, some of which will match with your scrubs, while others do portray a professional outlook, but most of which are easy to slip on the feet, clean and comfortable on the footbed. Let us take a look at some of them.

Comparison table

Name of product Made of (material) Action
Sanita Women’s Lindsey Clog 100% leather Buy Here
Sanita Women’s Koi Zinnia Clogs Patent Leather Buy Here
Sanita Women’s Layla-Koi Lite Work Shoe 100% leather Buy Here
Sanita Koi 73457556 Women’s Demi Jane Leather Buy Here
Sanita Women’s Koi-Sasha 100% leather Buy Here
Sanita Women’s Professional Cabrio Clog 100% Leather Buy Here
Sanita Koi Fara Leather Buy Here

Sanita Women’s Lindsey Clog

Koi Sanita nursing shoes do feature a classy outlook, but don’t let the glossy finish deceive you into thinking that they are made of plastic. On the contrary, the clogs have been made with patent leather, which is a type of coated leather with a high gloss finish. From the image below, you might notice that the surface of the shoe seems hardy, well that is a characteristic of the patent leather that also contributes to stability.

The Koi clogs have incorporated a synthetic sole, that is known to retain their form no matter the type of stress or tension that you expose them to. They are also very durable and water-resistant, shoes made of synthetic sole normally come at an affordable price when compared to natural rubber. However, it does beat rubber when it comes to weathering properties and temperature resilience, factors that make it even more durable.

The inside step has been appropriately padded for comfort; the footbed tends to take on the shape of the foot and is also breathable. The Sanita clogs have incorporated all the features that will alleviate leg and lower back pain and also have a slip-resistant outsole; therefore, movement is not restricted, and wearers don’t have to slow down when walking on the slippery floor.


Certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association

Upper part made of durable patented leather

Incorporated a breathable footbed

Easy to slip the feet in and out


  • Not convenient for wide feet individuals
  • Wearers need to get a size up for a perfect fit

Sanita Women’s Koi Zinnia Clogs

Image result for Koi By Sanita Mary Jane Patent Leather Clogs NWOB amazon"


The Sanita Women’s Koi Zinnia clogs are quite fancy featuring some pretty black flowered prints. The clogs can be paired with scrubs and not look odd. About functionality, the insole is made of a cushioned leather material, and the heel counter is adjustable, allowing the heel to comfortably engage the up and down motions, while also offering lateral stability.

The collar of a shoe has a lot to contribute when it comes to movement and comfort; now, for the Sanita Women’s Koi Zinnia, the instep collar has been padded to offer support to your Achilles when you are walking. And the toe box area apart from being reinforced is also very spacious, to allow your toes to flex without necessarily removing your foot from the shoe.

The inside of the shoe has been fitted with a synthetic lining so that nurses can put them on for long hours without getting uncomfortable. There is also a protective heel cap, complete with a stabilizing insert that helps ensure your feet get maximum support.


  • The outsole has grooves that offer traction
  • Made of durable patent leather
  • Has a spacious toe box
  • The instep collar has been padded to offer comfort at the Achilles


  • The wearer has to get a size up

Sanita Women’s Laylah-Koi Lite Work Shoe

Image result for Sanita Women's Laylah-Koi Lite Work Shoe amazon"

Nurses will find these shoes quite accommodative, first because of the incorporated anti-fatigue heel insert, that will offer stability during the long-standing and walking hours. The sole is made of a synthetic material that is resistant to heat and does not retain water or any other fluid that one might come in contact with.

The inside of the shoe has been equipped with a removable memory foam sole that is not only well-cushioned but can be removed and replaced with orthotics. The outer sole is made of Eva rubber complete with grooves to offer traction on slippery and wet floors.

The shoes also do feature some interesting aesthetics on the upper part; it has, therefore, been printed and can be paired with either the scrubs or other official outfits. The heel has been enhanced to give the wearer some little push and a bouncy feel when walking.


  • The toe box is spacious
  • The shoes take to the shape of the feet, given the leather upper and the memory foam insole
  • The Laylah Koi Lite has been made to ease fatigue via the anti-fatigue heel insert
  • The sole is light in weight thus enables ease of movement


  • The traction feature is not very effective

Sanita Koi  73457556 Women’s Demi Jane

For the Sanita Koi women’s Demi Jane shoe, they are beautiful and challenging to find, as they don’t last long on the shelves. These types of Koi shoes have been constructed with a strap-like detail that not only enhances the comfort of the shoe but also ensures that it remains stable at the feet during movement.

The toe box is spacious enough to allow for the flexing of the toes and wide enough to fit the wide foot individuals. The outer sole is made of polyurethane, which is slip-resistant and durable, and the sole is made of synthetic material that is more resistant to stain and damage when compared to rubber and leather.

Given that nurses tend to interact with sloshing liquids and fluids, they need their footwear to be water-resistant both at the top and the bottom. Thus the Demi Jane shoes are a perfect choice because the sole is also water-resistant. The insole is cushioned for comfort, and upon purchase, you get interchangeable straps that add to the aesthetics of the shoe.


  • Made of leather material thus durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The incorporated upper detail offers stability in motion
  • Outer sole features grooves that offer traction on a slippery floor


  • Wearer’s need to pick a size up

Sanita Women’s Koi-Sasha

Comfort features abound in the women’s Koi-Sasha clogs, as the shoe has been equipped with a durable synthetic outer sole, complete with an easy to clean durable leather upper part. The insole has been made with a special arch support feature and has also been incorporated with a rocker bottom to offer support and reduce any chances of fatigue.

Sanita women’s Koi-Sasha is very comfortable, given that the toe box is spacious, and the instep is padded.


  • Easy to clean
  • Made with patented glossy leather which is durable
  • The outer sole has grooves to prevent slipping on a slippery floor
  • Has a spacious toe box and a padded instep


  • The shoe is a bit tight, might need breaking in or getting a size bigger

Sanita Women’s Professional Cabrio Clog

The Sanita Women’s Professional Cabrio clog has incorporated a padded insole to offer comfort to nurses who work for long hours on their feet; the shoe also has an inclined forefoot that ensures that it flexes with the feet during motion. The footbed has been designed in such a way that it cradles to the foot and the arch of the wearer.

The sole of the Cabrio clog is made of sturdy synthetic material, thus offering stability to the wearer and is also water-resistant. The outer sole is made of PU, which makes the shoe sturdy and flexible during motion. The outer sole also has grooves that offer traction when walking on a slippery or wet floor.

The professional Cabrio clogs can be paired with both the scrubs and the professional nursing outfits; they are easy to clean and maintain and can be worn on the go.


  • Easy to slip in and out of the feet
  • Are one of the clogs that feature a professional design
  • Are versatile can thus be paired with different nursing outfits
  • Have a cushioned footbed and a roomy toe box for comfort


  • The sole is not very durable

Sanita Koi Fara

The Koi Fara nursing shoes are, for sure, appealing, especially with the small silver button detail on the top strap that completes its elegant outlook. The upper part of the Koi Fara is made of textured coated leather, thus the cosmetic appearance. The shoes also feature a rocker bottom outsole that not only offers stability but ensures that your legs are supported during the long work hours.

The shoe toe box is spacious, complete with a cushioned instep for comfort; the inside sole has been well padded to offer the wearer comfort and stability. The shoes are also wide in the toe area. Thus the wide feet individuals can comfortably wear them.


  • The upper part is made of durable leather material
  • The outer sole has grooves for traction
  • Koi Fara can be paired with the different nursing outfit
  • The equipped sole offers stability and supports the feet during the long working hours


  • Can get easily stained
  • Retails at a very steep price

Qualities of a good nursing shoe

Posture –shoes often offer support from the foot up to the back, now given that nurses are in the business of walking, standing, and lifting patients, they need a type of shoe that can contend with their lifestyle. A good nursing shoe should, therefore, offer support to the legs and consequently to the back, so that they don’t suffer from pain at the lower back due to incorrect posture.

Arch support is also necessary to obliterate the chances of developing pain on the feet. The shoes should also be made of lightweight material so that they don’t weigh the nurses down when they have to move fast.

Easy to wear- we all know the nurses routine, they are always in a hurry and have to run from the ICU to the theater, and according to standard hospital procedures, they cannot enter with their working shoes into these sensitive places. They, therefore, need shoes that they can slip in and out of their feet with ease.

Traction – anytime that you choose your nursing shoes, always check on the outer sole, because if they don’t have grooves, then you will most probably slip when you wear them on the slippery or wet floor. Also, ensure that the top part is not only durable but can flex with your feet to facilitate ease of movement and are water-resistant.

Insole- The insole is where the footrests, and is also where you derive your stability as you engage the long-standing hours, to which end it should be well padded, complete with arch support. Some of the nursing shoes are made with a removable insole. Thus you can replace it with a more comfortable one or the one recommended by your doctor.


Koi nursing shoes might look the same, but they all come with unique features that are meant to enhance the comfort of the wearer’s feet. Most of the shoes are made of leather, so you don’t have to worry about durability, they are also very spacious at the toe box and versatile enough to be paired with different outfits, you just need to pick the one that suits your style or personality.

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