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Dental Nurse Shoes

What are dental nurse shoes?

If you are working as a nurse in a hospital, then you know the rigorous amount of strain that your foot has to experience throughout the day, whether you are standing or walking around the building performing your duties. Not only for nurses, but also other people working in medical institutions have to stand or walk around continuously for long periods without any kind of break. So for these people, regular shoes are not going to cut. These professionals require something more accurately suited to their needs.

Enter the nursing shoes or more commonly known as medical shoes. These shoes are specially designed to fit in with the correctness of the institution, look trendy, and also provide the much-needed support and comfort to the wearer. These shoes are equipped with medically approved soles and designs to provide support and encouragement to the user. Apart from being stylish and comfortable, the shoes also need to be protective. The shoe design should be slip repellent and protect the wearer from slipping on smooth surfaces.

Nurses have to spend a significant portion of their day either standing or walking around; this may cause a considerable amount of pain in the toes, the back of the foot, and especially the ankles. Nurse shoes have the aim of reducing this pain to a minimal level and provide the most comfortable experience to the user.

Medical shoes specially designed for professionals in the dental field are referred to as ‘Dental Nursing Shoes’. These shoes do not have much difference with the normal medical shoes other than their appearance, and sometimes not even that difference is visible. Many companies are providing a wide range of dental nurse shoes, and most of them are very comfortable and worth their price.

Now we look at the different shoes available from different companies and brands and objectively review them.

Nurse Mate’s Women Velocity

This is one of the most popular dental nursing shoes available in the market and is the most preferred choice for most women. These shoes are simple in design and are mostly similar to normal sports sneakers available in the market. The body of the shoe is arching upwards, and it may look normal, but it is carefully designed for every shoe size and is made to offer the feet sufficient support and reduce any kind of footsore and ankle pain that may be caused by their work.

The main attraction of these shoes is its shock-absorbing design. The insoles and tongue of the shoe are double padded to provide a firm grip and comfort to your feet. The pads are shock-absorbing in nature. The shoes are equipped with double intensity footbed and shock-absorbing soles, which provides more excellent resistance to any shock while running or walking.

The collar of the shoe is also lightly padded to provide greater support and comfort to the ankles of the wearer. The shoes have elastic laces equipped that help in providing a strong grip on the feet and feel light and comfortable at the same time.


  • Material- Leather
  • Heel- 1 and ½ inches height
  • Stain-resistant upper leather body
  • Insole made of latex/EVA and midsole made of EVA
  • EVA outsole and steel shank
  • Outer heel shell made of powerful ”Polyurethane” core to provide strong shock absorption
  • The shock-absorbing and slip-resistant rubber inserts are also made of EVA.
  • The shoes should be carefully cleaned only with a dry cloth or leather polish.


  • The shoes are very stylish and look trendy.
  • They are very comfortable and provide ample toe space, so there is no need for toe crunching.
  • They are a good bargain at their price range.
  • The shoes are easily wipeable of any kind of foreign substance falling on it, both wet and dry, and it does not affect the color or the material of the shoe and also would not have any effect on the feet of the wearer.
  • They are long-lasting and can last up to 2 years with regular usage.
  • The shoes are extremely comfortable for long periods of usage and are very helpful if you are experiencing any kind of feet or ankle pain.
  • The leather on the shoes is strong enough to prevent any sharp object from slicing through it.


  • Although most of the designs are quite attractive, there are some metallic enamel designs which have been known to develop cracks on the surface within a month of their usage.
  • Another problem that is common with these shoes is that they often start developing cracks at the bend of the foot after a rigorous 5 to 6 months of usage and therefore need replacing.
  • The shoes are extremely comfortable, but the soles are not very durable and often crack very soon, causing moisture to seep in and damage the material of the shoes. This problem is not there in all the models, but some users have faced this dilemma, and they have had to replace them.
  • The sole being shock-absorbent in nature can feel a little too firm for some users.
  • Some of the models have been known to develop cracks and split through the heels.

Skechers Performance Go-walk slip-on shoes

Skechers is another one of the most trusted brands for producing efficient medical shoes, which can keep the balance between trendy and comfortable effectively. The main attraction of the Skechers Go-walk slip-on shoes that makes it stand out from other brands producing similar products is the fact that the shoes come with a customized heel, which is equipped with shock absorbers and work as a foot stabilizer.

The insides of the shoes are made with memory foam that helps the foam to get accustomed to your feet and take its shape, thereby providing the best grip and comfort to your feet. The memory foam ensures that the stress experienced by your feet stays at a minimal level, and this helps in soothing any kind of ankle pain you might have.

The design of the shoe is upward arching and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. The particular product we are talking about comes in a laceless variant and has provisions for attaching external laces. However, these shoes are substantial and comfortable for you just to slip them on and leave for work.

The material of the shoe is made of breathable textile weaved in a mesh pattern. The breathable material helps in the exchange of air through the fabric and prevents any sweating of the feet. This makes the shoes extremely comfortable to use and wear.

The shoes are made of slip-resistant materials. These ensure that you have a good grip on the ground during extreme weather conditions and provide excellent traction for your feet. As a nurse, you might have to walk often on spilled fluids and medicines. The slip-resistant materials come in handy on such occasions.


  • The footbed of the shoes is lined with bamboo to prevent any kind of bad odor from spreading.
  • The upper body of the shoe is made of mesh fabric, and the construction of the shoe is made in a seamless style for the most comfortable fit for your feet.
  • The material of the shoe is a 100% mesh fabric and is extremely lightweight thanks to the light construction materials.
  • The sole is entirely made of rubber, and the insoles are equipped with memory foam to provide the best fit for your feet.
  • 12.5-inch heel consisting of stabilizing heel fabric overlay panels to provide the most comfortable wearing experience.
  • The shoes are composed of Goga max high rebound footbed to provide the maximum shock absorption.
  • The design is innovatively tapered at the midfoot to provide better arch support and reduce any kind of heel or ankle pain.


  • The shoes are extremely lightweight and provide efficient back support
  • The shoes are equipped with memory foam padding, but they do not require any kind of breaking in. Just wear a sock and the shoes will feel very comfortable on your feet.
  • The shoes are slip-resistant and provide a good grip on uneven or slippy terrains.
  • The shoes provide ample toe space, and no crunching of feet of any kind is necessary. Also, the innovative tapering design helps in smoothing the movement by bending with the curvature of the feet.
  • The total architecture of the shoes provides efficient support to the back of the wearer and is medically very helpful.


  • Due to the memory foam inside, the shoes might feel a little wide at sections and can feel uncomfortable for some people.
  • The insoles might feel a little awkward for some people, and people often replace it with some other insoles.
  • The soles might sometimes swell up due to seepage of moisture, but this is rare.

Timberland Pro Women’s Renova slip-on

Timberland is a brand that has always been known for producing professional quality boots for different sections of people. Apart from those, the company also has made a name for itself in the field of producing work shoes and especially dental nurse shoes.

This product is specially designed to offer the maximum comfort to the nurses and also protects their feet from the daily hazards they have to endure in their field of work.


  • The shoes have slip-resistant outsoles for providing a better grip on the surface.
  • Full leather material for extended durability.
  • The new design provides all-day standing support to the feet.


  • Durable leather material.
  • It is equipped with anti-fatigue technology.
  • Slip-resistant outsoles.


  • Develops cracks on rough usage.
  • Swells upon coming in touch with moisture.

New Balance 608

A new balance has always had a reputation for producing the most comfortable walking shoes for professionals. The New Balance 608 has been specially designed to offer comfort for professionals in the medical field.

The shoes come with an EVA padding on the insides and also offers arch support to maintain your posture and also reduces any kind of feet or ankle pain. The rubber outsoles also utilize a flex design to improve the flexibility of your feet.


  • It is equipped with IMEVA midsole.
  • It is made of 100% leather.
  • Complete rubber sole.


  • The IMEVA midsole offers great support for your ankles and reduces any pain.
  • The leather material ensures the durability of the shoes.
  • The rubber sole is perfect for increasing flexibility.


  • Bad quality of glue.
  • The upper material is not attached properly and peels away after short use.

Algeria Women’s Debra slip-on.

Algeria is a brand that has always been known to make highly comfortable shoes for professionals. The special Debra slip-on edition is tailor-made for women nurses who have to exert an immense amount of strain on their feet every day.

The shoes come with the insoles equipped with memory foam to provide better comfort, and the material of the shoes also have a stain-resistant quality to protect from any spill of fluids that are very common for nurses.


  • The sole is completely made of synthetic material.
  • The material is 100% leather.
  • The elastic goring makes it easier to slip on and off.


  • The memory foam provides a very comfortable wearing experience.
  • The leather material ensures extended durability of the shoes.
  • The contrasting stitches and elastic material makes it easier to take them on and off.


  • The material becomes too wide on regular use.
  • The sole is poorly glued and often comes off pretty soon.
  • The back material rubs off, and the inner material becomes prone to damage.


So the details mentioned above can help you intake all the crucial information you need to know about these Dental nurse shoes. The pros and cons of each type of shoe are listed in a very objective manner and will help you decide whether to purchase them or not. The shoes mentioned above are both of excellent quality and enjoy a large enough consumer base to be termed as prime models. Now that you know about all the necessary information about dental nurse shoes pack your shopping bags and go out on a limb to pick the best medical shoe for you.

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