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Aerosole Sandals: Zappos Nursing Shoes

Zappos Nursing Shoes

Let’s face the truth; most of us want to look our very best every time. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we need our style of dressing to be on the top. However, no matter how well we dress, the whole look will be incomplete without classic footwear. Wearing shoes that suit perfectly with a dress feels amazing. All the hard work that you do to look marvelous pays off when your shoes match the dress perfectly. Our desire to look gorgeous and flaunt our fashion sense remains the same in our personal as well as professional lives. That’s the reason why there are plenty of world-famous designer shoes from Tom Ford to Gucci.

Even though no one can doubt the importance of aesthetically attractive footwear, that’s not all there is. Your shoes should be easy and durable to flaunt all day. If you want to impress your surroundings and stand out in the crowd, your shoes must be of excellent quality. The level of comfort and relaxation speaks about the craftsmanship of any shoe. If you are getting premium-level comfort and durable material in a shoe, they should be your priority. Even if the pair looks mediocre, comfort should always be your priority while buying new shoes. The problem, though, is that funding shoes with a perfect combination of comfort and beauty are difficult. If you feel the same, let us introduce you to the nursing shoes. This type of shoe is especially recommended to people who want reliable and relaxing footwear.

Zappos Nursing Shoes:

Nursing shoes women + FREE SHIPPING | Zappos.com

Today, we are going to review nursing shoes by Zappos. If you have experience buying footwear online, you might know about this brand already. Zappos.com is a well-known online American brand of shoes and clothing. It was founded by Nick Swinmum in 1999. The owner of this company decided to enter this business after he failed to find brown Airwalks shoes in his local shopping mall. Back in those days, its name was not Zappos.com. At the time of their launch, this brand was called Shoesite.com. Later in 2009, this brand was acquired by Amazon. Today, Zappos.com is a famous online store for shoes and clothes. The current location of this brand is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevertheless, it has become one of the world’s largest online shops.

Alegria Debra Professional:

These shoes by Zappos are specifically designed for nurses due to their extremely tiring job. A majority of their day is spent walking, running, or simply standing for hours. A professional nurse cannot afford to wear shoes that cause discomfort to their feet. For such people, these nursing shoes can be extremely useful and important.


Available Colors and Design:

This beautiful pair of shoes is available in only one design. However, this design is quite impressive for nursing shoes. It consists of numerous colors that combine to form a beautiful piece of art. The major colors of these shoes are orange and brown, while green is used to provide attractive contrast. Other designs contain several colors including black, blue, brown, and multi-color. The overall look of this shoe is eye-catching and can make you stand out in the crowd. A cute addition of a tiny butterfly can melt hearts!


Since these shoes are made for extra comfort, a premium-quality material is used for its manufacturing. These shoes are made of stain-resistant leather that lasts long and provides a pretty look. The shoe’s interior is also breathable, which helps in removing moisture from your feet and keeps you comfortable.


Nursing shoes and clogs + FREE SHIPPING | Zappos.com

The measurements of this item were taken by using 38 sizes (8-8.5 for US women) and regular width. Keep in mind that measurements may or may not vary by size. The weight represents a single shoe and not a pair. Here are the measurements of this shoe.

  • Weight: 13 oz.
  • Height: 1 ¼ inch.
  • Platform height: ¾ inches

Arch Support:

You might be wondering how these shoes will reduce your pain. Well, the designers have created these shoes for maximum arch support. You can keep your feet healthy and safe with shoes like these that offer arch support. The breathable leather interior helps in kicking away the moisture from users’ feet.


Another great thing about these shoes is their non-slip properties. The overall structure of these shoes is designed to have more stability. Heel and metatarsal pressure are reduced with the help of the non-slip PU outsole. You can easily roam around by putting on these shoes without worrying about falling from slippage. For nurses, this feature is extremely important because of their job’s requirements.


Amazon.com: nurse shoes

Ultimate Comfort and Support:

You’d fall in love with the level of support and comfort offered by the shoes. Nurses who feel tired due to work pressure can wear these shoes to reduce stress. These shoes perform far more impressively than other typical shoes. When it comes to relaxation and comfort level, these Zappos shoes are one of the best alternatives to typic shoes with mediocre support.


The high-quality material that is used for these shoes makes them more durable. You don’t have to worry about the potential damage or reduction in the quality. These Zappos nursing shoes are going to stay with you for a good amount of time.

Suitable for Many Occasions:

These shoes are specifically made for the nursing profession. But they can be used for numerous purposes as well. The eye-catching aesthetic visuals give these shoes a unique look. Not only can nurses wear them at work, but also at gatherings. Furthermore, these shoes can also be a good choice for walking with your dog in the park. All in all, people who need shoes to rest their feet and walk with comfort can opt for these Zappos nursing shoes.

Quality Material:

As stated above, the leather of these shoes provides numerous qualities. It offers stain resistance, which means you can clean the shoes with a few wipes. All you need is a damp cloth to clean the shoes effectively. Due to easy cleaning material, these shoes can remain shiny and fresh always.


Zappos Is Now Selling Single Shoes or Pairs in Different Sizes | Glamour

Fitting Problem:

One of the common concerns that were raised by the customers is the fitting issue. Some customers complained that they had loose-fitting. On the other hand, some raised the concern about the shoes being tight. It might happen to people with wide feet or high arches. To enjoy the premium level of comfort, the shoes have to be the right size. Otherwise, the same shoes that provide comfort will cause discomfort and pain. However, the brand provides a size guide for users’ ease. You can go through the size chart to select the right size. But you need to be careful as online shopping may not provide you with similar accuracy as in-store shopping.


Squeak is another common complaint shared by some users while reviewing these shoes. According to these users, these Zappos nursing shoes have started making noises while walking. While this is a considerably big issue, it’s not more important than comfort. However, some users may find it quite annoying. Hence, the decision depends on what the users prefer. If you like the overall features including the health benefits and squeaks that don’t matter much to you, this footwear item can be your best choice. For people who do not want to tolerate useless noises constantly coming out of their shoes, these shoes might not be a great option.


You may also experience sweating in the feet while wearing these shoes. Even though this can be annoying, avoiding these amazing shoes for the sake of sweating would not be wise. You can try using a foot powder to tackle this issue.

Zappos Nursing Shoes – FAQs

hoka shoes zappos Promotions

We have shared some frequently asked questions that might be helpful for you. You are suggested to read them carefully for clarification.

My feet are wider and the heel area is normal/narrower. Are these shoes wide on the heels area?

These shoes are wider in the toes area. The heels area should feel comfortable and secure.

I use a 39 W size in Dansko Pro Xp. What size should I buy for these shoes?

Both of the brands are quite similar. Hence, you may opt for 39 W in Zappos nursing shoes too. Hopefully, they’ll fit perfectly on your feet.

Do these shoes provide removable insoles?

Yes, these shoes contain removable insoles. You can also purchase the replacements.

How high are the heels of these shoes?

These shoes contain heels of 1 ¼ inches.

Will the morning glory white get dirty easily? Is it texture print?

Yes, the outer side of these shoes is textured. However, no such complaint was observed about these shoes getting dirty. As mentioned in the review, these shoes are quite easy to clean. Just wipe the dirt by using a damp cloth.

Do these shoes provide a firm sole?

Yes, the sole is quite firm.

Will my socks slide down from these shoes?

Yes, this can be possible with certain types of socks. Some customers pointed out this issue as well. To solve this problem, you can wear a little thicker socks or opt for compression socks.

Are these shoes true in size?

Due to their wide structure, these shoes might be a little large. Ordering true size would more likely result in extra wiggle room.

Our Verdict:

All in all, the Zappos nursing shoes are offering a great deal to nurses. You can wear these shoes all day long in your job without feeling pain. Walking and running will become extremely easy, smooth, and effortless thanks to these high-quality shoes. The nurses who are struggling to perform well due to stress and fatigue, these shoes can be a game-changer. The best thing about these shoes is the beautiful combination of performance and style. Not only will you feel comfortable and pain-free throughout your job, but these shoes will look pretty on your feet too. They have multiple designs to choose from, so you can wear your style. The comfort and support are amazing but that’s not all. These shoes are remarkable in terms of durability and versatility.

By looking at the online reviews and observing customers’ feedback, we can safely say that most customers love these shoes. Even though there were some concerns raised by some users, the amount of praise this item gets is wonderful. Honest customers’ feedback is always essential before placing an order. From easy cleaning to comfortable walking, this impressive pair of shoes is offering a wide range of features. We also recommend doing in-depth research about the right size. Some customers stated that the size of these shoes was bigger than their true size. While some also complained about tight fitting. Make sure to check the size before buying yourself these shoes. Perfect fitting is extremely important for maximum support and comfort.


Being a nurse is a great responsibility. Healing the sick and sending them home healthy requires countless efforts. Nurses have no option but to keep doing their jobs. However, maintaining health and taking care of themselves is very important for nurses to perform well. Start with buying good-quality nursing shoes.

While choosing the right shoes, we all tend to prefer beauty over comfort. Refusing attractive and eye-catchy footwear seems to be one of the hardest decisions of our lives. Even though these footwears beautify our personality, they might have worse effects on our lives. On one hand, we cannot wear our pretty but uncomfortable shoes for hours. On the other hand, plain designs and dull colors don’t seem attractive enough. You can find the balance between fashion and comfort in some shoes. However, searching for ideal shoes may require much time and energy.

To save your time and energy in the short term, and money in the long term, we have reviewed one of the best Zappos nursing shoes. These shoes provide everything that your feet deserve. Remember, if you keep avoiding the pain and stress on your feet, you may develop major health issues. So, treat your feet right and invest in good-quality nursing shoes. The comfort level of your shoes is directly connected to your performance.

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