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Are Brooks shoes good for nurses?


Brooks sports is an American company which is also named as Brooks running. It was founded in 1914, and originally it used to manufacture shoes for a wide range of sports activities. The company is known to be a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway is a well known and famous holding company for several businesses. The chairperson and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway are Warren Buffet.

This company wholly owns many well-known businesses and also has a significant minority holding in many famous companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Bank of America, American Express as well as Apple. It is well known for marketing and designing high-quality running shoes along with clothes and other sports accessories for men and women. Brooks is also one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway. Brooks products are available worldwide in more than 60 countries. The headquarters of Brooks is located in Seattle, Washington.

Brooks: best running shoes

The shoes by Brooks have been known and named as the “best running shoes” by several famous publications that include Sports Illustrated and Runner’s World. In 2011, Brooks turned to be the top-selling brand in the market of running shoes and, until 2017, remained to do so continuously, holding 25% of the market share.

Why do nurse shoes need to be perfect?

Nurses have a job of walking and mobilizing throughout the day to perform their job. Their job originally is to fulfill all the essential medication-related requirements of patients, and this requires them to keep their feet busy throughout the work hours. The work hours can be long enough and can extend up to even 12 hours a day. It is a must that they are provided with or have easy access to comfortable, supportive, and lightweight footwear for the working hours of their job.

Perfect footwear for this type of job essentially needs to provide its feet with excellent support and should be lightweight. It should essentially prevent tired feet and support the long shifts of the job. Also, it should necessarily be cost-efficient and should have a good value for money since the nurses are usually not known to be from the privileged parts of society.

Why are brooks shoes best shoes for nurses?

Brook’s shoes feel comfortable enough for this type of requirements right from the start. It is cushioned at all the correct and necessary places to give an experience as you are walking on air.  They are well equipped with technologies that combine BioMoGo DNA along with DNA LOFT for shoes that do not require any intervals between the working periods. It is available in a wide range of slip-on as well as laced shoes. You can slip them on your feet simply and go throughout the shift till the end without feeling any kind of foot pain.

The breathable mesh fabric used in the Brooks shoes ensures that your feet stay fresh and happy all along the long overnight working hours.  The cushion support guaranteed with every single step ensures a very smooth heel to toe transition that makes every step effortless. Brook’s shoes take care of every possible problem a nurse can be suffering from. The company has dedicated a variety of shoes for all different kinds of issues. Nurses going through the problems of foot aches or knee problems have shoes that are meant to solve this very specified problem by extra comfort and support. If a nurse suffers from flat feet or a high arch, then she has the option of a curved sole that offers an apt amount of stability. Shoes with removable insoles are also available for orthotic placements.

Brooks shoes are fashionable.

New innovative shoes with knit collar wrap which fit the heel and also include Achilles guard is quite effective in protecting the Achilles tendons from any kind of irritation due to continuous running or walking.  This collar wrap is also designed in shoes to give out a cool look that is rare to find in running shoes. The outsole made up of crystal rubber is built particularly to last long and offer extra durability along with stability.  The cushion used in the shoes is springy enough that uses minimum efforts in walking as well as running. This also ensures that you are safe sufficient while moving around at work.

Prevent blisters and injuries

A major drawback that can usually arise when you don’t choose your shoes wisely is uncomfortable blisters. Having blisters while you are on a stressful nursing job can be hectic to tackle, and should to be anyhow avoided. The Brooks shoes have a seamless design, and the upper part is built of mesh fabric. This ensures breathability along with a plush fit, and it completely fits to surround your ankle. The breathability ensures the prevention of sweaty and smelly shoes that may lead to foul stench in shoes or even bacterial growth in the feet and, thus, infections. The perfect fit prevents any sort of injuries and blisters or bumps that are uncomfortable in the job of a nurse.

Supportive and breathable

Brooks shoes are available in a wide range of cool color options, which include the basic shades of white and black too. If your foot is not in the correct alignment because of low arches, then long working shifts for the feet can create real havoc for the whole body. Brooks shoes are excellent in preventing such problems. The shoes are made up of environment-friendly material that breaks down much faster than the other similar running shoes. The laces provided in every shoe are ensured to be of the perfect length. The heel of these shoes has a crash pad that is segmented to allow a smooth movement as it absorbs any shock that appears in taking every step.  The outsole made up of rubber is designed to offer a superior grip while moving to be in excellent sync with the fast pace in a hospital. The proper arch support provided in the shoes ensures the prevention of sprained ankles, tight calf muscles, any kind of a pain in the knees, hips, lower back, or the case of plantar fasciitis.

Brooks shoes are waterproof.

Nurses may often come through situations where they have to clean vomit, blood, urine, medications, or other bodily fluids. These situations can be messy if they are not well equipped with water-resistant footwear. Brooks shoes are available in a wide variety of waterproof shoes that are essentially required in a nurse’s job. With waterproof shoes, only what you need to do is wipe off the shoes with disinfecting wipes or even soapy water. They can also be washed simply in washing machines for stains that are tough to remove.

Brook’s shoes have a perfect fit.

Proper sizing is critical while ensuring comfort in footwear. It is a crucial factor in avoiding foot pain during long working hours and afterward. Brooks shoes have size charts made with great precision so that you can visit any store to find the perfect fit for your feet. For ones with wide feet, even wide shoes are available to avoid any kind of possible discomfort. Having your toes packed and cramped while you are at work is the worst thing to suffer. The wide toe box offered in these shoes avoids and prevents cramped toes, blisters, and toe bleeding. The shoes provide your toes with plenty of space to breathe and make you comfortable enough when moving. Also, a hole is present in the shoes, and the problem of toe poking out can be avoided by opting for a shoe with reinforced toe. It extends the outsole made up of rubber in these shoes to past the toes to avoid holes appearing.



Nurses need to deal with a very long duration of work hours, and therefore they also do not need to worry that their feet feel very heavy. Heavy and clunky shoes for such long hours can make the nurses suffer from many temporary as well as permanent problems such as knee and ankle pains. They are also dangerous as they increase the probability of falling or tripping if you are not able to lift your feet off the ground easily. The mesh fabric used in these shoes, along with blown-in outsole made up of rubber and insole made up of foam, makes the shoes very lightweight, guarantees excellent comfort. Also, the midsole of the shoe is made up of biodegradable material, which is again a perk of owning Brooks shoes.


Therefore, Brook’s shoes are one of the best available options for nurses keeping in mind the long working hours, continuous movement, and all the other requirements of the nursing job. These shoes take great care of every need of the job, and there are different pairs of dedicated shoes available to solve every possible problem a nurse can suffer. This is the reason why Brooks has made such a big name when it comes to shoes that are specialized for nurses. Brooks ensures that the nurses focus more on their patients and do not have to care about painful feet or any other footwear related problem.

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