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Softwalk Nursing Shoes

Our feet play an extremely important role in our daily lives. They act as the foundation of our whole body. If you want your body to achieve maximum efficiency, you need to give your feet the support they deserve. A huge part of our life is spent walking so we depend largely on our shoes. Buying a new pair of shoes seems quite easy but you have to be very careful. Not all pretty and attractive-looking shoes are going to be comfortable. You should consider more factors than appearance to buy good-quality footwear. Remember the causes and effects that come with every purchase. Plus, you wouldn’t want to spend a huge chunk of your money just to end up hurting your feet. So, how do you buy the best shoes for yourself?

Let’s discuss some important aspects to consider while shopping for new shoes. The first factor to consider is comfort. Pretty shoes may look amazing and boost your confidence, but comfortable shoes will protect your feet. You need to consider the adjustment of your shoes for the utmost comfort. Another great factor is the heel support which should prevent vertical or horizontal movement. Furthermore, a good-quality comfortable shoe always has enough room for your toes. Your feet spread out during walking which is why you should purchase shoes that are bigger than your longest toe by nearly your thumb’s width. Comfortable shoes become a necessity when your job requires long-hour standing or frequent walking. For instance, people who work in the healthcare sector need to feel comfy and pleasant because they work under tremendous pressure and spend most of their time on their feet. For such people, one of the well-suited shoes is Softwalk Women’s Meredith Sport Clog.

Softwalk Nursing Shoes – Review:

Softwalk – Shoe City

Softwalk Nursing shoes are inspired by the American medical drama television series “Grey’s Anatomy”. If you are a true fan of this series, you must have guessed it by the shoe’s name. The idea is to give you the exact amount of comfort that is needed for exceptional doctors like those of Grey’s Anatomy. As the sellers suggested, if you live the main character of Meredith, you’ll love the shoes too.

The soft walk is a footwear brand that comes under the umbrella of Phoenix footwear. Its mission is to create lightweight, flexible, and extremely comfortable shoes for working individuals. The brand claims to believe that working professionals deserve comfort along with style and they made such shoes to fir the purpose. All their shoes connect creative innovation that provides up-to-date and comfortable shoes. From creative details to premium material and maximum comfort, this brand covers it all. That’s what makes it unique; several individuals love its shoes. One of such wonderful shoes is Softwalk Women’s Meredith Sport Clog. It is manufactured to provide a special comfort level that healthcare workers and workers of other occupational fields require. These slip-on nursing shoes will get you through the never-ending long shifts. It has premium printed leather. To learn more about these shoes, let’s discuss their specifications.



The comfort level offered by any shoe directly depends on the material used. While buying the shoes, especially online, researching the material is extremely important. It will tell you a lot about the expected comfort level that the shoe would offer. As these nursing shoes from Softwalk are made especially for users’ comfort, they are made by using top-notch material. It is a lightweight shoe with an EVA sole. It contains oil slip and molded water-resistant rubber inserts to keep your feet safe from any possible danger. Its footbed comes with amazing cushioning and arch support. The footbed is removable for people who prefer using their orthotics. The sole of these shoes is quite flexible and ultra-lightweight. It has a classic clog design that is suitable for many professions that require ultimate comfort. It is roomy enough for your toe box. The padded collar offers elastic gore for comfortable fitting. This product is APMA approved.


These shoes are available in a range of attractive and pretty designs. You can pick any design according to your preference. All shoes come with a unique pattern ranging from vibrant floral to elegant pastel and many more. The variety of eye-catching designs make these shoes exceptional. It offers maximum comfort with a touch of fashion. You can wear these shoes on any kind of outfit. Thanks to its beautiful color combination, these shoes will likely go with all your outfits. Other than the workplace, you can also wear it casually to go for a walk or hang out with friends.

Available Sizes:

The available sizes on the official Softwalk shoes are:

  • ● 6.5
  • ● 7.5
  • ● 8.5
  • ● 9.5
  • ● 10

The available widths include medium (B) and wide (D).

Available Colors:

Since the designs of these shoes are different, the colors vary too. They are available in a huge variety of color combinations so everyone can pick their favorite one. A praiseworthy thing about these shoes is the versatility of designs and colors. On one hand, some shoes are filled with bright colors and large prints. On the other hand, they are also available in soft pastel colors with graceful designs. Hence, you can find your perfect for not only in terms of size but in terms of color and design too. No matter what your preferences are, you are most likely to find a design and color of your choice in these Softwalk nursing shoes.


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One of the most talked-about factors of these Softwalk nursing shoes is their comfort. Hence, it seems that the brand is delivering what it guarantees. We can safely say that the customers can expect high-level comfort by buying these shoes with good arch support. Whether you are an OR nurse or a doctor, comfortable shoes should be your high priority due to the work requirements. If you want to be productive and move fast on the floor, you need to be well-rested. Happy feet mean an efficient worker. These soft walk shoes are designed for long-hour duties that make them worth considering.


As we stated earlier, these shoes are special because they offer a blend of beauty with comfort. Even though there are numerous brands available on the market with utmost comfort, they might not be as stylish. However, if you choose soft walk nursing shoes, you can add a little confetti of vibrant designs to your soft and comfortable shoes. It’s a great opportunity, especially for healthcare workers to add some splash of colors to their stressful work.

Cushion Impact:

If you observe the customers’ feedback, you’ll notice that many of them praised these shows due to their cushion impact. The impactful cushion can be pretty important for nurses given their job requirements. Not only do they need to be on their toes, but they also might require to run during emergencies. Running fast in an emergency might cause severe damage to the feet. That’s where the cushion of a shoe saves you. It can protect your feet from potential accidents. Additionally, high-cushioned shoes can also improve leg stiffness. When your foot hits the pavement, cushioning can cause greater impact loading.


Amazon.com | Softwalk Women's Acton Clog | Mules & Clogs

Wears Off:

While you’ll find a lot of people being extremely happy and satisfied with these shoes, some cons need to be expressed as well. According to some customers, these shoes wear off quickly. It means that they didn’t last as long as expected. They were damaged shortly after buying which led to a bad experience. You can research further to be completely satisfied before buying. No matter how comfortable and stylish shoes are, if they are not durable, they are not worth the price.

Need Break-In:

Some shoes require extra time for break-in. It means that you are going to feel discomfort and even pain until you break in the shoes. Some customers raised their concerns about the break-in factor of these shoes. These shoes require some time to let your feet feel ultimate comfort. Users need to be patient and wait for some time before they start feeling comfortable. If you are planning to buy these Softwalk shoes, you should consider this factor as well. Are you willing to endure the pain and be patient? If you are okay with it, you’ll be pleased once your feet are comfortable. All in all, you can say that they’ll be worth the time and effort.


While running or walking fast, having flexible shoes is essential. If your shoes are too stiff or hard, they may never let you enjoy maximum comfort. Stiffness is another complaint that was raised by numerous customers. It indicated that they were not blendable and the users found it uncomfortable.


Is the footbed removable?

Yes. The footbed is completely removable. It is for the people who want to use orthotics.

Are they lightweight?

According to the seller as well as the customers, these shoes are lightweight. If you want to run and walk smoothly and fast, these shoes can be the right fit for you.

What is the material of its upper?

The upper is made of leather.

What is the heel height?

The height of the heels is 1 ¾

Can I wear it during the rain?

Yes, they can be worn during the rain. These shoes are water and oil-resistant. Hence, feel free to rick them on a rainy day or a wet floor.

Are these shoes breathable?

These Softwalk nursing shoes are made with high-quality material. They are also made by considering the maximum comfort for the users. You can say that they are quite comfortable and breathable.

Our Verdict:

By analyzing the performance and overall satisfied customers, we can say that these shoes are worth considering. Having high-quality shoes with funky styles is a winning combo. Not many brands come up with this excellent blend of comfort and style. Not to mention their association with the medical drama series. If you are a fan, you might love wearing footwear that has the show’s name on them. With good arch support and cushioning impact, these Softwalk nursing shoes can be your best bet.

However, as easy as it seems, shopping online brings its challenges. We have shared the possible cons that you might have to face after wearing the shoes. That’s why we suggest you research thoroughly so you can get the best deal.

Nursing shoes are a little more expensive than normal shoes. Be careful while placing the order and make sure you have all the information. You wouldn’t want your money to be wasted in comfortable shoes that lead to pain. However, Softwalk nursing shoes have many features that make them irresistible. They are made by using high-quality material, including leather. You can wear them at work or anywhere. They are pretty casual and cool designs that can go for numerous outfits easily.


When it comes to footwear, most people emphasize style and looks. Appearance becomes a high priority so that they can match their outfits. In the midst of pleasing everyone, including ourselves, we often forget to consider our health. Keeping our feet healthy is extremely important for you to get the job done. By wearing these Softwalk nursing shoes, you will feel the utmost comfort while doing your tasks easily. Even if you need to stand up for long hours, you won’t get stressed out. Furthermore, high-quality shoes can protect you from experiencing long-term health conditions. That’s why taking care of your feet is important. Happy and relaxed feet can work as a catalyst to increase your efficiency during work.

Forget about foot problems or discomfort because these shoes will let your feet relax with peace. Always remember that comfort depends on many factors, including stability, arch support, size, width, and room for toes. You cannot enjoy ultimate ease and support as long as you have the wrong size. Hopefully, you enjoyed and learned about the review of Softwalk nursing shoes.

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