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Cherokee Nursing Shoes

Nursing is a challenging and demanding job on its own. Looking after patients, working alongside doctors, and meeting dozens of people throughout the day, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable and stiff pair of shoes and sore feet. Therefore, as a nurse being on your feet for the entire day, the Cherokee Nursing Shoes are an investment that is sure to make your life much easier.

Cherokee Nursing Shoes are not just comfortable, and they come in different colors and styles to match your fashion needs. Besides, you also don’t need to spend an arm and leg when getting a pair of Cherokee Nursing Shoes. Also, due to the versatile options of Cherokee Nursing Shoes, you won’t find it challenging to get a pair of shoes that keeps your feet feeling fresh and comfy all day long.

We know how difficult and strenuous your nursing job duties can be. On top of it, the whole process of finding the right pair of nursing shoes alongside your job can get very tiresome. To make the entire task of finding the right pair of Cherokee Nursing Shoes easy, we have reviewed the top choices.

Cherokee Nursing Shoes – Reviews

Amazon.com | Cherokee Women's NOLA Shoes | Mules & Clogs

Cherokee Women’s Privatelove Work Shoe

Cherokee is the most reliable brand that excels in manufacturing top-notch shoes for medical professionals. The Cherokee Women’s Privatelove Work Shoe is yet another fantastic pair of shoes that is not just comfortable, but its bright colors are sure going to catch your eye. The bright colors are sure going to fit the persona of your lively fashion sense. At first glance, the shoes may look like yet any other pair of sneakers. But don’t mistake it for an average pair of sneakers.

Before you splurge your money, let’s look at some details of the Cherokee Women’s Privatelove Work Shoe. These sneaker-type Cherokee nursing shoes have a breathable mesh upper to allow airflow for maxim breathability. The specific design of the shoes keeps your feet cool and comfy throughout the day. At the same time, the padded tongue of the shoes offers added support and cushioning to your feet. It comes pretty handily to ensure that your feet remain stable as you walk across performing your nursing duties.

Furthermore, the inner foam cushioning of the insoles provides added support to the foot arch making it an ideal pick for those people who have foot conditions like high arch and flat foot. Also, if you have broad feet, you will surely love the wide toe box, having adequate room for giving the toes just the space they need.

Lastly, the bright colors add a cheerful touch to your overall persona, having a fit that keeps your feet comfortable for the entire day. Besides, you can easily find different sizes of these Cherokee nursing shoes on Amazon.

Cherokee Women’s Maggie Health Care & Food Service Shoe

Easy to wear, the Cherokee Women’s Maggie is just what you need to perform your nursing duties with ease. These shoes are made specifically for those people who are primarily on their feet to fulfill their work requirements. When running up and down tending to patients while working shifts with doctors, you don’t have to worry about slipping on the floor. It is because the shoes come with an excellent slip-resistant outsole.

Furthermore, the Cherokee nursing shoes come with a 1.5″ heel featuring a PU foam insole for additional arch support. The specific design of the sole is sure to make you feel stable with a comfortable 1-inch platform so you cannot feel the hardness of the floor. Another great thing about these pairs of shoes is their smooth leather appeal. Its classic outlook is best suited for a professional work environment.

While the Leather outlay of the shoes not only makes them look appealing but also allows enhanced breathability and airflow to your feet. Besides, if your feet tend to get sweaty, you are sure to love the moisture-wicking insole. In short, the Maggie Cherokee Women’s shoes keep your feet cool and allow you to deal with your work pressures with ease.

Cherokee Women’s Harmony-W

Amazon.com: Cherokee Women's Patricia Step-In Shoe : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

The Cherokee Women’s Harmony-W shoes are yet another fantastic nursing shoe that you can invest in. No other shoes can beat them when talking about comfort. They may have a fundamental yet straightforward design. But, it is precisely what makes these shoes stand out. In an extensive nursing shift, wearing these shoes is super easy. Just slip your feet in the shoes, and you are good to go.

These shoes come in the design of leather clogs, with a padded inner sole to make sure your feet are super comfortable. At the same time, the padded collar of the shoes keeps your feet secure and gives the right fit that doesn’t feel too snug at the same time. But if you think it’s all there is to these shoes? Here you stand corrected as the shoes come with a lugged bottom to give a better grip and anti-slip resistance on the hospital floor.

The optimal comfort level these shoe offer feels like a breeze while performing your daily nursing duties. Along with this, the ventilation insert in the shoes allows maxim airflow to your feet, leaving them feeling cool and dry. Also, the ventilation insert is removable, so replacement is easy if you want to put it in your custom-made insole. These shoes come in black and white primary colors. You can quickly get different sizes of these shoes from Amazon.

Cherokee Women’s Toughlove Work Shoe

In case you are looking for a blend of comfort and affordability at the same time, then you just cannot go wrong with investing in the Cherokee Women’s Toughlove Work Shoe. These Cherokee shoes have a classic sneaker look to them and come in different striking colors. These are comfy yet colorful pairs of Cherokee Toughlove work shoes as their name suggests are sure to last for years and years.

The Toughlove Work Shoes have a typical sneaker outlook having a 5-inch long shaft height, a rubber sole, a capped toe, and a canvas upper portion oxford silhouette to top it. Moreover, they feature a textile lining for enhanced breathability and feel super light on feet. At the same time, the foam insole of the shoes gives you support and keeps your feet stable for extended hours.

The casual look of the shoes goes well with jeans combined with canvas outlook, and colored laces look very appealing. The lightweight of the shoes combined with the maximum comfort level the shoes provide gives you just the feeling as if you are walking on clouds.

Please don’t confuse these shoes with the ones offering ankle support despite having a high ankle design. Instead, the high ankled design of the shoes is just for aesthetics purposes only. These shoes are perfect for carrying a casual look while working your shift.

Anywear Women’s Zone-w

Harmony Nursing Shoes - Traditional Nursing Shoes

The Cherokee Anywear Women’s Zone-w is yet another excellent pair of nursing shoes. These clog-type shoes have a design to give you maximum comfort as you perform your nursing duties. The shoes have a rubber construction crafted using a durable DBL compound with a thick yet flexible rubber sole having impeccable moisture resistance capabilities. With these shoes you can now say goodbye to tired and sore feet, super light in weight, these pairs of shoes hardly have any weight. Even if you keep them on for long hours, you will barely feel any stress or fatigue on your feet.

In addition, the heel of these shoes has a height of 1.75 inches. It gives you an additional lift and also has impressive shock resistance capabilities. Besides, the slightly elevated heel takes the pressure off your heel and distributes it evenly to give you a comfortable walking experience every time. Similarly, these Cherokee Nursing shoes are perfect for people facing foot problems such as flat feet.

Keeping these shoes clean is straightforward. If the shoes get dirty, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe them down. Though the shoes’ body is made of rubber, you don’t have to worry about slipping as the outsole has an anti-slip surface. Also, the heel strap gives you a great fit and keeps the feet secure as you walk.

Lastly, the different designs and patterns available in Anywear Women’s Zone-w add an exciting element to your work persona and are surely going to make your day bright.

How to choose the best Cherokee Nursing Shoes?

A regular nursing shift can run even longer than 10 hours combined with an uncomfortable pair of shoes makes the whole ordeal of being on foot much worse to deal with. The limitless style and design options can likely leave you feeling perplexed. Therefore, you need to have some selection criteria to help you choose the best Cherokee Nursing Shoes.

To help and support you out in your quest to find the right pair of Cherokee Nursing Shoes. We have narrowed all the information down to the following essential points you need to consider when getting Cherokee Nursing Shoes.

The most essential thing you need to look for when getting nursing shoes is how comfortable they feel on your feet. The reason why Cherokee shoes are so popular amongst nurses is mainly because of their comfortability. No matter whichever design or style you choose, no shoes can beat Cherokee in their comfortability. They get specifically made to have an insole, to reduce undue stress on the feet even when standing or walking continuously for a long time. Remember, despite the shoes having the most classist design, your entire investment is in vain if they do not keep your feet comfortable.

Furthermore, the weight of the shoes on your feet also directly impacts your performance throughout the day. Silly as it may seem at first, but yes, we said it out loud. You cannot ignore how much your shoes weigh. Usually, Cherokee Shoes have a very lightweight construction. Therefore, in a demanding job of a nurse, even a minimalist difference of weight leaves a significant impact. But, mind you, as you cannot judge a pair of shoes on just their weight only. Instead, your selection criteria should include the lightweight and sturdy construction of the shoes

The flexibility of the shoes is also a significant factor that you cannot miss. Since the shape of our feet flex and bend as we walk. Therefore, the shoes that you get should naturally flex along with the feet you walk. Shoes with stiff soles feel very uncomfortable and leave your feet sore. Especially if you are a nurse who is on foot for extensive periods, repeatedly wearing stiff shoes can cause blisters to form on your feet, especially if you suffer from severe foot conditions like flat feet or high arch.

Last but not least, talking about the shoe’s outsole, we can say that it is yet another significant feature that you cannot overlook. Many people tend to think that an outsole is just an outer part of the shoe. But it has a much higher purpose than it. It defines how well you balance on feet with enhanced grip. Cherokee shoes come in many different shapes, designs, and textures of outsoles. A suitable outsole should have a durable design for maximum resistance to wear and tear.

The Cherokee shoes get specifically made, keeping the demanding nature of the medical profession in view. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick the right pair of Cherokee nursing shoes to match your persona to start walking with ease and comfort.

Top 5 most comfortable Cherokee nursing shoes

This is painful for any nurse to stand a whole day with a pair of uncomfortable nursing shoes.  Nursing shoes are considered as the best nursing shoes for the nurses because it offers the latest cushioning, right style, and comfort for the nurses. Here is a list of the best Cherokee nursing shoes that you should consider for your profession.

Anywear Women’s Zone Clog

These Anywear women’s zone clog is specially designed for nurses with special care. It has an entire rubber design and rubber sole that allows withstanding heavy moisture of all kinds. The heel of this shoe is about 1.75 inches so that you can get an additional lift with this shoe. It will not put pressure on your arches so that you will get an improved posture with this shoe. These shoes are easy to clean, and here the synthetic heel strap will keep you secured during your long working day. The rubber feature rock absorbing in the heel will cut down any potential impact from your feet.


  • It has a rubber design and rubber sole.
  • These are imported.
  • The heal measure is approximately 1.75.
  • It has molded removable insole

Cherokee Women’s Monk Strap shoe: POPPYSR

When you are looking for the best shoes for nurses, then Cherokee Women’s Monk Strap shoe POPPYSR can be an ideal option for you. The rubber sole of this shoe is extremely comfortable and slip-resistant. Additionally, the leather construction of this shoe is durable and gives a beautiful look for this shoe. The overhead strap of this shoe is easy to use, and it can best accommodate your feet as per the shape and design. The heel measurement of this shoe comes at 1.25 inches, and these can be an excellent option for flatter feet shoes. It has a fabric lining that can manage moisture and odor from your feet. By buying this shoe, you will get a shoehorn that will help you in storage.


  • The material of this shoe is leather or rubber.
  • The heel measurement of this shoe is 1.25 inches.
  • The fabric lining feature of this shoe can manage odor and keeps the interior fresh.
  • It has a dual-density foam insole that can give you extra comfort.
  • This shoe is included with a shoehorn.
  • It has a slip-resistant outsole heel height of 1 ¼.

Anywear women’s Anywear Exact clogs

This is another excellent choice for you if you are searching for nursing shoes. It has a comfortable design that will keep you up on your feet. This is constructed with polyurethane that is less expensive than rubber and leather. These are durable, and they will resist water and other moisture from the shoes. It has a removable insole, so you can easily take off your shoes and insert something that better fits your comfort.


  • This is constructed with polyurethane.
  • It has a slipped-on clog featured removable insole.

Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step padded collar shoe

This shoe is ideal for you when you are looking for something different but a little more elegant. You can say these shoes are excellent for any of your particular needs. The leather construction of this shoe gives fantastic visual touch, and the rubber sole will keep you secured from slipping. The heel measurement of this shoe is about 1.75 inches. It has a padded collar step design, and the moisture-absorbing feature of this shoe will keep your feet dry and comfortable for the whole day.


  • The material is leather
  • It has a rubber sole inside
  • The heel measurement is approximately 1.75″.
  • It has padded collar step-in.
  • It has a contemporary molded outsole.

Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe

People prefer shoes for their comfort level. If you also want something comfortable, then nothing can be better than Cherokee Women’s Peacock Work Shoe. These slip-resistant shoes have a heel measurement of 1.75″ that can give you added weight when needed. The lightweight outsole of this shoe can help you in reducing the wear and strain from your feet even after a long day working away. If you want comfortable working shoes for your profession, then you should consider this shoe first.


  • The platform measurement of this shoe is about 0.75″.
  • The heel measurement of this shoe is about 1.75″.
  • It has a breathable lining and a leather upper.

These all are about the latest and most comfortable nursing shoes. If you are in this profession, then nursing shoes are great for you because these are ideal for you that can keep you secured all day long. Cherokee nursing shoes can be found for different ranges and different styles. Some of them are designed for wide feet, some of them are designed for flat feet, and some of them are specially designed for giving high support in arches. For choosing the best Cherokee nursing shoe for your feet, you can ask your doctor who will help you in choosing the best shoe for your feet.

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