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New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoe review

Women of this century have a lot on their hands, since life is way too hectic, and there are plenty of things to do each day. With hectic routines and long weeks of work and stress, women also try to maintain their health to live and strive more. Health prioritization has been noticed in modern-day women and has also become a trend right now, which is why a lot of women invest in sports and running shoes and opt for daily jog sessions.

There are many specifications for shoes related to sports and health; the shoes need to be practical, easy to wear, comfortable, and must look good as well. This is why a lot of brand manufacturers release running shoes that can cater to practical needs as well as look good on the feet as well. One of those shoes that have been gaining positive attention is the New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoes. 

This range of shoes has been in the market for almost a few years and has been received very well by the customers. 

These shoes are also stylish as well as practical. Speaking of the version W990v4, it surely has been gaining popularity since the release, and a lot of people have their eyes on it. Below is a detailed review of New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoes, so keep scrolling.

Feature to look out for in the New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoe

New Balance Women's w990v4 Running Shoe- Buy Online in Andorra at andorra.desertcart.com. ProductId : 27579749.

As known to many, the new balance 990v4 is very comfortable and stylish. There have been multiple occasions where women have killed these shoes on versatile occasions, giving them the name of the most versatile shoes in the running shoe collection for women. Following are some features of New balance w990v4:

  • The shoes are light and have no such weight that could contribute to hurting your feet while running or walking in general. 
  • These shoes are also very durable and are made of pseudo material. 
  • The sole is the main supporting and comforting element of the shoes as it is stirring yay, very relaxing, and soft. 
  • The drop from heel to toe is about 12mm.

Support Specifications of New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoes

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The shoe itself is very durable and sturdy which provides grip and support to your feet. However, there is a variety of support w990v4 provides to the feet. Following are the support Specifications provided by the shoes.

  1. Arch Support:  the arch of the shoes is what decides the grip of the shoes on your feet hence contributing to the support factor in general. These w990v4 shoes have a minimal range of protraction, hence assisting in pain relief on the lower feet areas. For people who have frequent foot burns and arch pain, these shoes can provide a good grip and help you runny faster and easily.
  2. Heel/Ankle support: The W99v4 women’s shoes consist of a support ring around the ankle area known as the ENCAP PU. The other factor that helps in supporting the ankle is the core of the shoes, also known as the EVA. Both EUCAP PU and EVA help in providing the needed grip on your ankle areas.

Why choose The New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoes?

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Following are some solid reasons why you should invest in New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoes:

  1. Provide ease and support: These shoes provide massive support to important areas like mid feet and ankle, which contributes to ease of walking and massive support. These shoes have a lot of giving, so you wear them at sports events, and they will keep your feet comfortable and make you run faster as well.
  2. Durable: as compared to other shoes in the market, these New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoes are proven to be more durable. The material is the main reason why the shoes stay intact for a long time. The insoles and other parts are constructed with pseudo material, which is known for stability.
  3. the Best choice for people with foot pain/ plantar fasciitis: most people have frequent pain issues or have medical conditions like plantar fasciitis; these shoes can help ease the pain and contribute to enhancing balance. The stability of the shoes helps in maintaining good posture and deal with ankle pain as well. The people who require a change in the sole can easily change the sole of New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoe as it is removable as well. 

Pros and Cons of the New Balance Women’s w990v4 running shoes

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The performance and durability of the shoe are implacable. However, there are still some pros and cons to consider. Following are some pros one should know.

  • The soft feel of the insoles.
  • Pseudo material-based shoes. 
  • Variety in sizes to choose from 
  • Good for short and long runs.
  • It can be worn for trekking and hiking as well.
  • Designed and created by a US manufacturing company.
  • Insoles can be removed. 
  • Insoles replacement is possible if spoiled with gradual use 

Cons :

  • It can be bulky for people with small feet.
  • The Outsole may seem a bit rough than normal shoes.
  • Low flexibility due to sturdy Outsole.
  • Sizing issues may occur, so try ordering your half feet size.
  • For people with higher arches, the shoes might not be as comfortable as for people with low arches.


The shoes are highly recommended for people who run on frequent days as it is very durable. The looks of the shoes are also very appreciative and can be pair with any yoga set of yours if you are going to the gym. All in all, it’s a good pair to invest in as it provides pain relief as well as good arch support of the heel areas. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pair now and enjoy long runs and hiking with your pals with the worry of getting blisters, foot pain, and sour feet.

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