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All about Men’s Nursing Shoes

What are Nursing Shoes?

Shoes with immaculate non-slip technology, good grip and adhesion, and supreme comfort levels are imperative components of nursing shoes. They need to provide comfort and cushioning to your feet for as long as you stand on your feet since there are multiple hours of standing and movement required.

In a profession which requires you to be on your feet for the majority of the day and requires you to be swift, you must choose the correct suited shoes for your feet that will provide comfort, softness and will not strain your feet through the tedious and strenuous schedule of your day. Stability and support for the carriers of your body is an essential element. It is also indispensable to have shoes that have non-slip components. No nurse or doctor wants to slip in the aisle while running to save a patient or while delivering some essential tools to the operating room, or even blood for that matter. Thus, premium quality shoes hold extreme importance when you are faced with situations where you are needed to be on the top of your game always.

What are the qualities you need in good nursing shoes? Let us discuss some of them.


Safety is an essential aspect of any shoe you wear while you have a profession in nursing. It is not uncommon or unheard of that slippery and slick surfaces are in a hospital or nursing environment. When you encounter a very slippery surface, you must ensure that the shoes you wear are well able to counteract to it since slipping can not only be dangerous to you but also to any patients you may be helping to walk or taking them from one place to another. Often slips and falls can prove very dangerous and fatal, leading to brain hemorrhages and other critical conditions.


It is essential that the shoes you offer you the unprecedented support and a fit that is appropriately suited to your shoe size. It is only with the help of a supportive and comfortable pair of footwear that there will be minimum damage and lessened stress, which your feet will receive. Good and premium quality shoes don’t only ensure the comfort of your feet, but also look into supporting your back and knees since the latter two can be very detrimental to your overall health if not looked after properly. Thus, for the holistic benefits of the feet, the back, and the knees, it is essential for people like nurses or any people in professions which require final standing and running (anything requiring the person to be on his or her feet for most of the day), to research on a good pair of shoes and buys those. Compression socks are also proven to be beneficial for maintaining the comfort of the feet and should be invested in by people requiring them.

Reduced stress

Reduction of stress is a very pivotal part of any profession you are In a highly stressful and compressed workplace environment such as those of nurses; it is essential that the shoes you wear that reduce the amount of stress, which may be generally directed to your feet and your body holistically. It should provide the wearer the comfort to be able to work comfortably throughout those long work hours. A premium and a good pair of shoes will ensure that the body does not receive or have to go through a lot of stress in the midst of working and will drastically and significantly reduce levels of discomfort. This, in turn, will prevent pains and body aches and will allow the nurses to concentrate more on their patients and give a higher output, rather than being distracted by their discomfort, which may be present in their feet and body.

As you may have been able to gather from the above points and the discussion, a good pair of nursing shoes does indeed make a huge difference to how responsibilities are carried out by the individual. The selection of a correct pair will help the nurse in getting through a tiring and strenuous day without overthinking about the burden being carried by their feet. It will not be damaging to their feet, and the individual is highly unlikely to face any other factors of discomfort like body aches, back pains, and other ones. It will also ensure that the nurse is safe in an uncertain environment and does not end up tripping, falling or slipping during the day and does not end up hurting himself/herself badly.

Crocs as a Footwear for Nurses

When we think about Crocs, the colloquialism and the informality of footwear comes into our heads. Though it is not mandated or specified by hospitals for their nursing staff to wear Crocs, this type of footwear does provide one of the best benefits which are parallel to the requirements in a field like nursing. They are one of the most beautiful types of footwear, delivering non-slip technology and utmost comfort levels. Due to the factors mentioned above, Crocs are the most widely preferred means of footwear, and nurses are most likely to buy them when deciding upon appropriate footwear for their workplace environment. In addition to the already mentioned benefits, Crocs have an array of features that make it “the talk of the town” for comfortable footwear. They can provide an outdoor environment for your feet, along with making it a lot easier for nurses to get over a long day with less pain and less tiredness. They prove to be excellent footwear for nurses, and this vast range of benefits makes them one of the most favored types of footwear in the market.

Crocs have also been known to be easy to wear and remove too. They provide high levels of support, durability, comfort, and safety, which is all the nurses require a pair of footwear in such a time-crunched and stressful work environment. This is what makes Crocs an important and necessary buy for nurses. It is important to remember that these shoes are only the most preferred but not mandatory for nursing staff to wear.

Shoes Appropriate for Male Nurses

It is more common than not for male nurses to wear sneakers since they offer a variety of benefits. Sneakers provide all the qualities of the right shoe that can be used for nursing purposes and are known to be worn by people for purposes of the exercise, workouts, and outbound activities. Sneakers are a daily wear item and are worn mostly daily by people who are always on their feet. Some male nurses prefer wearing shoes like Crocs, in parallelism to their female counterparts. Irrespective of the gender, in a profession like that of nursing, it is highly essential for one to look into the support, comfort, and the alleviation of stress which shoe promises provide.

How to Choose the Right Pair for You

One must keep a few essential pointers in mind while buying a good quality shoe for nursing. These pointers will help you stay comfortable and will provide you with all of the qualities and benefits that a good shoe provides. It is important to know that if someone chooses the wrong type of shoe, implying a stiff sole, a larger or smaller size than required or a shoe which may bite the behind of your foot, it can give the user a heightened level of discomfort and pain during his workday. Below are a few essential things to consider when you wish to buy an excellent pair of footwear for nursing.

  • The comfort and weight of the shoe is something that holds the utmost importance when you go in for buying shoes. If the shoe doesn’t fit right, it can bite the back end of your foot and cause extreme discomfort. A bad fitting shoe can not only be a waste of money but also causes chronic pain in your feet and result in problems with nail growth.
  • Shoes that are heavier than you can carry also tend to cause a lot of discomfort, especially if you wear them for very long periods. Thus, a lighter shoe is always preferable. While buying a shoe, it is not only essential to look at its sole, but also the padding on its collar and tongue. In case you opt for the kind of shoes which lace-up, it is vital that the sole, collar, and tongue all add to the comfort levels while running or walking.
  • The right quality of stability and support in your shoe is essential for multiple reasons, but the main two reasons are for comfort and the health angles of it. The shape of the shoe, the type of material that the shoe uses, and also the height of the heel are essential factors to consider while making a shoe purchase, especially when it is for a reason for work-life dynamics and durability. A good quality shoe will also provide support to the back and the ankle, which in turn will help with the elimination of pains and aches after a long, tiresome day.
  • The shoe a nurse chooses to buy should have the eminence of being slip-resistant, especially because of the slippery nature of hospital floors. With liquids and other waters spilled on the floor, it is no one’s wish to dive into a skid and fall, resulting in hurting him/herself and the patient you may be treating.


Some of the Best Shoes for Nurses

Nursing is one such profession which is an amalgamation of many different streams of medicines with many varying specialties. Irrespective of the specialty, the search, and the requirement for quality shoes is paramount and should be the buyer’s priority. A great pair is that of comfortable, cushioned shoes and a pair of compression socks along with it. This power combo is likely to prevent your body from the stress that it may have had to take had the former not been a part of your attire.

After heavy research, these are a few pairs of shoes that I have eluded. It depends on this list and criteria that one may be able to find a pair that best aligns with their needs. Since all nurses may not be carbon copies of each other, it is important to know that there is no “one size fits all” scheme for everyone. Based on the categories of shoes, slip-on, Crocs, etc., I have detached the type of footwear as per the unique workplace environment, different anatomies of the foot, personal sense of style, and varying levels of comfort.

The guide I will be elaborating on below is unique because it has excerpts of important points provided to the internet by a nurse itself. When one decides on what footwear to opt for, for a nursing profession, it only aids the process of decision making when authorized personnel, especially a nurse, is present to give us tips and tricks of the same. A person from a parallel profession always has more valuable recommendations than someone from another profession which can be imbibed in our cause. Since many people who speak on and about this topic may not belong to the medicine industry, they do not always have authentic information about the same. Thus, a trustworthy source like a nurse who has the experience of being on his feet for long hours and sometimes even days is someone who should be considered credible. Shoes bought by nurses for their work environment fit differently, and this is some information that only a nurse would know about.

Some of the Top Picks for Male Nurses

1.Dansko Women’s Professional Mules

These particular mules are designed to lift the pressure and strain, which are evident on a nurse’s feet after long hours of standing. While regular canvas shoes or tennis shoes can increase the build-up of heat inside the footwear and cause a sensation of throbbing in the foot, these mules provide an open-aired and cooling effect to the feet even after multiple hours of wear. They also are slightly longer towards the front, which is an open space and allows the free movement of your toes for free blood circulation. This footwear ensures that all bacterial infections are kept at bay since it has a lining, which is made up of anti-microbial material.

2.Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

The footbed of this shoe is uniquely designed and can also be made per the custom requirements. The footbed is also replaceable and consists of a leather lining. This aspect highly increases the life of the shoe and does not, in any way, deteriorate the experience that the user has. It works towards preventing chafing, all thanks to its padded collar and instep. A wide insole ensures that nurses whose feet may be swollen due to long-wearing hours can sit comfortably within the shoe.

3.KLOGS Footwear Women’s Naples Leather Closed Back Nursing Clog

These shoes might be slightly more expensive than the others, but the strength they have and the comfort they provide is unparalleled. It has a polyurethane sole, which is removable and soft but also sturdy at the same time. This tends to hold the foot more into place.

4.Skechers Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip-On Work Shoes

These shoes are every nurse’s dream since they have all the qualities we discussed above. It is an all-in-one package deal and is designed for a day-long comfort level. They are attractive to look at too, which is a cherry on top. These shoes come with memory foam inside, which makes sure that the sole of the shoe adjusts to your feet. It is also inclusive of shock-absorbing properties, which aim to reduce the strain off of one’s feet. These qualities make these shoes a star performer.

5.Dansko Women’s Pro XP Mule Shoe

These shoes have been made, keeping into consideration the people who have slightly larger feet, be it longer or broader. They come with higher free space for the movement of toes and their non-constriction. The sole comes with removable and replaceable memory foam, which can be swapped for a gel padding if one wants to do so. It is very economically beneficial, too, because of its ability to merely replace the sole if and when the shoe gets ruined or if there is any odor. Due to superior support provided by the wide arch of the shoe, this shoe also prevents backaches and other back-related problems.

All these shoes are great and made specifically for people in professions requiring long hours on their feet like nurses. So, look through this guide for a premium buying and usage experience.

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